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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. Barbe

Pages 182 - 191

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
Page 182              
109 117 GRAHAM Mrs Head F S 39
    SIMMS G. W. No Entry F S 54
    DUNCAN John No Entry M S 45
110 118 DIAMOND John Head M M 63
    DIAMOND Abigail Wife F M 66
    WILTSHIRE Jessie Step Daughter F S 36
    GAULTON Timothy Adopted M S 17
111 119 LAITE C. H. Head M M 29
    LAITE Eliz F. Wife F M 29
    LAITE Reginald Son M S 5
    LAITE Randolph Son M S 3
112 120 ROSE John Head M M 57
PAGE 183              
    ROSE Rachel Wife F M 52
    MOORES J. Wilson Adopted M S 10
    MOORES C. Marmaduke Adopted M S 8
113 121 RICHARDS Rev. J. G. Head M M 60
    RICHARDS E. Dora Wife F M 44
    RICHARDS Ellen Adopted F S 20
114 122 ROSE Arthur Head M M 38
    ROSE Jane Wife F M 32
    ROSE Barbara Daughter F S 9
    ROSE Samuel Brother M M 36
    ROSE Jane Sister in Law F M 28
    ROSE Vera Niece F S 3
    ROSE Robert Nephew M S 1
    ROSE Maud Niece F S 4 Mos
115 123 GENGE Henry Head M M 38
    GENGE Dorcas Wife F M 31
    GENGE Mary Ann Daughter F S 12
    GENGE Joanna Daughter F S 10
    GENGE William E Son M S 7
    GENGE Garfield Son M S 4
    GENGE Julia Daughter F S 2
    GENGE Cosmos (??) C. Son M S 7 Mos
    GENGE Israel Brother M S 52
    LAWLESS Madeline D. Servant F S 19
    LAWLESS Mary D. Servant F S 17
116 124 PILGRIM Eli Head M M 58
    PILGRIM Catherine Wife F M 60
    PILGRIM Leslie Son M W 27
    PILGRIM William J. Son M M 23
    PILGRIM Cicely Daughter in Law F M 19
117 125 NORMAN Agustus Head M M 56
    NORMAN Elizabeth Wife F M 50
    NORMAN Archibald Son M M 23
PAGE 184              
    NORMAN Sarah Fanny Daughter in Law F M 24
    NORMAN Lawrence Son M S 19
    NORMAN Agustus C. Son M S 8
118 126 NORMAN Richard Head M M 36
    NORMAN Susanna Wife F M 33
    NORMAN Gladys Daughter F S 15
    NORMAN Juanita Daughter F S 10
    NORMAN Abraam sic) Son M S 8
    NORMAN Shirley Son M S 6
    NORMAN Alex Son M S 3
    NORMAN Ethel Daughter F S 1
119 127 WHALEN William C. Head M M 44
    WHALEN Caroline Wife F M 39
    WHALEN Frank Son M S 18
    WHALEN Hedley Son M S 16
    WHALEN Wallace Son M S 15
    WHALEN Irene Daughter F S 13
    WHALEN Maud Daughter F S 11
    WHALEN Sybil Daughter F S 8
120 128 WHALEN Henry W. Head M M 48
    WHALEN Chatfield E. Wife F M 36
    WHALEN Hazel Daughter F S 17
    WHALEN Hilda Daughter F S 9
    WHALEN Jessie Daughter F S 3
    WHALEN Ross Son M S 9 Mos
121 129 WHALEN Wallace Head M M 32
    WHALEN Beatrice Wife F M 34
122 130 WHALEN William Head M W 67
    WHALEN Stephen Son M M 39
    WHALEN Lydia Daughter in Law F M 32
    WHALEN Harold Grand Son M S 11
    WHALEN Susy Grand Daughter F S 7
    ELLIOTT Dora Servant F S 15
PAGE 185              
123 131 WHALEN Hayward W. Head M M 50
    WHALEN Mary Jane Wife F M 45
    GARDNER Stanley Nephew M M 28
    GARDNER Virginia Niece F M 29
    GARDNER Nancy M. Daughter F S 2
    GARDNER Mildred M. Daughter F S 7 Mos
124 132 KEAN R. C. Head M M 47
    KEAN Amelia * Wife F M 36
* NOTE: Amelia was the original entry. Later crossed out and Ju8lia written in beside.
    KEAN Cecil Son M M 23
    KEAN May Daughter in Law F M 27
    KEAN Marjorie Daughter F S 17
    KEAN Selina Daughter F S 15
    KEAN Amelia Daughter F S 12
    KEAN E. J. K. Father M W 70
125 133 WHALEN Lorenzo Head M M 49
    WHALEN Martha Wife F M 43
    WHALEN Caleb Son M M 23
    WHALEN Stella Daughter in Law F M 22
    WHALEN Henry Son M S 22
    WHALEN David Son M S 19
    WHALEN Adolphus Son M S 14
    WHALEN Lorenzo Son M S 10
    WHALEN Claude Son M S 7
    WHALEN Sybil Daughter F S 3
126 134 WHALEN John S. Head M M 41
    WHALEN Eliza Wife F M 39
    WHALEN Eric Son M S 15
    WHALEN Josie Daughter F S 12
    WHALEN John G. Son M S 10
    WHALEN Clyde H. B. Son M S 4
    APPLIN Mary Cousin F S 31
127 135 WHALEN James Head M M 69
    WHALEN Agnes Wife F M 59
PAGE 186              
    WHALEN Catherine Daughter F S 27
    WHALEN Henry Son M S 26
    WHALEN John Son M S 23
    WHALEN Laura Daughter F S 21
128 136 WAY Stephen Head M M 34
    WAY Alice Wife F M 33
    WAY Gordon Son M S 10
    WAY Julia Daughter F S 6
    WAY Benjamin Son M S 4
    WAY Raymond L. Son M S 2
    WAY Sarah Mother F W 69
129 137 WHALEN Jenette Head F M 54
    WHALEN McLean Edward Adopted M S 17
130 138 CARNELL John Head M M 53
    CARNELL Pearl Wife F M 35
    CARNELL Fredrick Son M S 23
    CARNELL Woodrow W. Son M S 14
    CARNELL Norman Son M S 11
    CARNELL Alma Daughter F S 7
    CARNELL Ann Mariah Daughter F S 4
    CARNELL Edith May Daughter F S 1
    HODGE Grace Sister F W 63
131 139 GENGE Isaac J. Head M M 33
    GENGE Margaret Wife F M 27
    GENGE Hazareth (sic) Daughter F S 10
    GENGE Henry Son M S 9
    GENGE Montrose Son M S 7
    GENGE Cicely Daughter F S 6
    GENGE Asaph (sic) (?) Son M S 5
    GENGE Caroline Sister in Law F S 18
132 140 CARNELL Charles Head M M 51
    CARNELL Mary Wife F M 47
    CARNELL Sydney J. Son M S 19
PAGE 187              
    CARNELL Stephen Son M S 12
133 141 GENGE Angus Head M M 50
    GENGE Minnie Wife F M 49
    GENGE Selina (sic) Daughter F S 28
    GENGE Oreilla (sic) (?) Daughter F S 26
    GENGE John Son M S 19
    GENGE Mabel Daughter F S 14
    GENGE Howard Son M S 9
    GRANDY Eliz.   F S 30
134 142 ROSE Herbert Head M M 61
    ROSE Mary A. Wife F M 58
    ROSE Thomas Son M S 25
    ROSE Eliza H. Daughter F S 22
135 143 ROSE Leonard Head M M 30
    ROSE Rosanna Wife F M 28
    ROSE Melita M. Daughter F S 7
    ROSE John W. Son M S 6
    ROSE Laura C. Daughter F S 4
136 144 LAVALLEE Emile (sic) Head M M 31
    LAVALLEE Nora Wife F M 22
    LAVALLEE Genieve (sic) Daughter F S 3
    LAVALLEE Gideon Son M S 1
    LAVALLEE Adelard (sic) Son M S 5 Mos
137 145 ROSE Archibald Head M M 34
    ROSE Agnes Wife F M 28
    ROSE Norman R. Son M S 10
    ROSE Rosalind C. Daughter F S 8
    ROSE Norma E. Daughter F S 4
    ROSE Estelle (sic) Daughter F S 1
138 146 ROSE Walter Head M M 41
    ROSE Lily V. Wife F M 43
    ROSE John Son M S 16
    ROSE Geneive Daughter F S 14
PAGE 188              
FLOWER'S COVE (Continued)
    ROSE Harold Son M S 12
    ROSE Winnie Daughter F S 10
    ROSE George Son M S 8
    ROSE Bertha Daughter F S 3
139 147 ROSE Joseph Head M M 29
    ROSE Evelyn Wife F M 20
140 148 ROSE Albert S. Head M W 41
    ROSE Flora Mother F W 68
    ROSE Virtue Daughter F S 14
    ROSE Susy Daughter F S 11
    ROSE Donalda (sic) Daughter F S 8
    ROSE Flora Daughter F S 6
    COLONEL Boyde (sic) D. Servant F S 19
141 149 APPLIN Richard Head M M 55
    APPLIN Isabella Wife F M 50
    APPLIN Nathaniel Son M S 20
    APPLIN Ralph Son M S 16
    APPLIN William Son M M No Entry
    APPLIN Ellen Daughter in Law F M No Entry
    APPLIN Mary Eliz. Grand Daughter F S 1
    APPLIN Dora Daughter F S 11
    APPLIN Julia Daughter F S 16
142 150 MOORES Stephen Head M M 42
    MOORES Selina Wife F M 29
    MOORES George R. Son M S 11
    MOORES Sarah F. Daughter F S 9
    MOORES Rose Daughter F S 8
    MOORES Eli Son M S 7
    MOORES William Son M S 4
143 151 ALLINGHAM James Head M M 46
    ALLINGHAM Ann Mariah Wife F M 42
    ALLINGHAM Anthony John Son M S 17
    ALLINGHAM David Son M S 15
PAGE 189              
    ALLINGHAM Gordon Son M S 10
    ALLINGHAM George W. Son M S 8
    ALLINGHAM Rebecca L. Daughter F S 6
    ALLINGHAM Dola Freelane (?) Daughter F S 4
    BROWN Sarah Mother F W 88
144 152 ALLINGHAM S. George Head M M 60
    ALLINGHAM Sarah Wife F M 68
    WARREN Philip Nephew M S 21
145 153 WAY Agustus Head M M 47
    WAY Susy Wife F M 40
    WAY J. Stewart Son M S 20
    WAY Aubrey Son M M 19
    WAY Caroline Daughter in Law F M 23
    WAY Clifton Grand Son M S 1
    WAY Lavina P. Daughter F S 17
    WAY Piercy Son M S 15
    WAY Abraham Son M S 14
    WAY Maxwell Son M S 13
    WAY Alma Daughter F S 7
    WAY Henry Son M S 6
    WAY Bertha Daughter F S 4
146 154 WAY Susanna Head F W 68
    WAY Hubert Grand Son M M 21
    WAY Vera Grand Daughter. in Law F M 21
    WAY Chesley Great Grandson M S 1
147 155 WAY Mary Ann Head F S 16
    WAY Grenfell Brother M S 9
    WAY Ann Mariah Grand Mother F W 47
148 156 KENNEDY Nicholas Head M W 40
    KENNEDY John Son M S 6
    WAY Beatrice Servant F S 24
    LAWLESS Leo Head M M 35
    LAWLESS Alice Wife F M 34
PAGE 190              
    LAWLESS Marie Daughter F S 13
    LAWLESS Lizzie Daughter F S 11
    WALSH John Nephew M S 48
149 157 LAWLESS Thomas Head M M 60
    LAWLESS Alice Wife F M 60
    LAWLESS Patrick Son M S 28
    LAWLESS Ronald Son M S 19
    LAWLESS John Son M S 17
    WALSH Eugene Brother in Law M W 59
150 158 LAWLESS Michael Head M M 55
    LAWLESS Susanna Wife F M 50
    LAWLESS Michael Son M M 24
    LAWLESS Juanita Daughter in Law F M 23
    LAWLESS Lucy Grand Daughter F S 3
    LAWLESS Elizabeth Daughter F S 10
    LAWLESS Harriet Daughter F S 18
151 159 LAWLESS Mark Head M W 40
    LAWLESS Bridgett Mother F W 87
    LAWLESS Bridgett Daughter F S 15
152 160 SCANLON Jeremiah Head M M 47
    SCANLON Annie Wife F M 37
153 161 BURKE William Head M M 45
    BURKE Julia Ann Wife F M 42
    BURKE Marjorie Daughter F S 17
    BURKE James Son M S 15
    BURKE Benedict Son M S 14
    BURKE Patrick Son M S 11
    BURKE William Son M S 9
    BURKE Ellen Daughter F S 7
    BURKE Clarence Son M S 5
    BURKE Cecelia Daughter F S 3
    BURKE Veronica Daughter F S 2
154 162 BURKE James Head M M 45
PAGE 191              
  CARNELL BURKE Roy Step Son M S 16
    BURKE Fanny H Wife F M 40
  CARNELL BURKE Gilbert Step Son M S 14
  CARNELL BURKE Jessie Step Daughter F S 9
    BURKE Mary M. Daughter F S 5
    BURKE James E. Son M S 4
    BURKE Lucy Daughter F S 2
    BURKE Amelia Daughter F S 1 Mo

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (November 2004)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (Left Page Only) (November 2004 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 09, 2016

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