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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 254-255 & 291-295

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 291              
115 129 HISCOCK Richard Head M M 32
    HISCOCK Emily Wife F M 31
    HISCOCK Ronald R. Son M S 1
    HISCOCK Rhoda Daughter F S 8
    HISCOCK Julia C. Daughter F S 6
    HISCOCK Dorothy Daughter F S 5
    MULLINS Bertha Neice F S 15
  130 DEERING Thomas Head M M 48
    DEERING Carrie Wife F M 48
    DEERING William J. Son M S 17
    DEERING Graham Son M S 10
    DEERING Thomas Son M S 7
    DEERING Mary Daughter F S 23
    DEERING Dollie Daughter F S 14
    DEERING Elizabeth M. Daughter F S 11
    DEERING Carrie Daughter F S 6
  131 DEERING Jordon Head M M 27
    DEERING Hazel M. Wife F M 23
    DEERING Melina J. Daughter F S 5
    DEERING Alfreda Daughter F S 2
PAGE 292              
    DEERING Talma M.  (sic) Daughter F S 2 Wks
118 132 DEERING Henry C. Head M M 49
    DEERING Elsie Wife F M 30
    DEERING Arthur Son M S 8
    DEERING Henry Son M S 13
    DEERING John Son M S 18
    DEERING Elisa Daughter F S 16
  133 DEERING William Head M M 23
    DEERING Jessie L. Wife F M 19
    DEERING Joyce Daughter F S 8 mos.
119 134 BUTT Jabez Head M M 58
    BUTT Ellen Wife F M 57
    BUTT Dorcas E. Daughter F S 17
120 135 BUTT William Head M W 63
    BUTT George Son M S 25
  Twin Sisters BUTT Druscilla Daughter F S 20
  BUTT Minnie Daughter F S 20
121 136 BUTT Benjamin Head M M 54
    BUTT Cicily Wife F M 48
    BUTT Cyril Son M S 16
    BUTT Doris Daughter F S 15
122 137 CLARKE Eleazar Head M M 40
    CLARKE Emma Wife F M 38
    CLARKE R. Francis Son M S 19
    CLARKE Hazel I. Daughter F S 16
    CLARKE John T. Son M S 12
    CLARKE Joseph R. Son M S 10
    CLARKE Rosalie Daughter F S 8
    CLARKE Eleazar Son M S 5
123 138 CLARKE Catherine Head F W 49
    CLARKE Julia P. Daughter F S 16
124 139 HISCOCK John Head M M 62
    HISCOCK Elizabeth Wife F M 54
PAGE 293              
    HISCOCK Wilfred Son M S 18
    HISCOCK George Son M S 16
125 140 POTTLE Gilbert Head M M 47
    POTTLE Lily B. Wife F M 42
    POTTLE Clarence Son M S 19
    POTTLE Clayton Son M S 15
    POTTLE Eugene Son M S 10
    POTTLE Maxwell Son M S 3
    POTTLE Viola Daughter F S 8
    FORWARD Fannie Sister-in-law F S 44
126 141 EVELY Stanley Head M S 41
    EVELY Cyril Brother M M 34
    EVELY Catherine Sister-in-law F M 27
    EVELY John Nephew M S 6
    EVELY Roy Nephew M S 1
    EVELY Mary Neice F S 3
    EVELY Ella Sister F S 28
127 142 EVELY Benjamin Head M M 53
    EVELY Martha Wife F M 50
    EVELY Graham Son M S 18
    EVELY Eva Daughter F S 16
    EVELY Marian Daughter F S 14
  143 EVELY Gordon Head M M 25 (?)
    EVELY Mollie Wife F M 25
    EVELY Everett Son M S 7 Mo
    EVELY Jean Daughter F S 2
128 144 EVELY Sarah Head F W 66 (?)
    EVELY Millie Daughter F S 25
    EVELY George Grand Child M S 15
    EVELY Raymond Grand Child M S 12
    EVELY Melven (sic) Grand Child M S 9
129 145 HISCOCK Henry Head M M 48
    HISCOCK Ellen Wife F M 42
PAGE 294              
    HISCOCK Eleson (sic) Son M S 16
    HISCOCK Clayton Son M S 7
    HISCOCK Irene Daughter F S 20
    HISCOCK Sadie Daughter F S 18
    HISCOCK May * Daughter F S 14
* NOTE:A line has been drawn through the above entry (May).Included here for reference.
    HISCOCK Eva Daughter F S 11
    HISCOCK Mildred Daughter F S 9
    HISCOCK Ula (sic) Daughter F S 6
    HISCOCK Effie Daughter F S 3
    HISCOCK Elsie Daughter F S 11 mos.
130 146 EVELY Francis Head M M 67
    EVELY Susanna J. Wife F M 62
    EVELY Susanna Daughter F S 24 (?)
    EVELY John A. Son M M 20
    EVELY Elizabeth Daughter-in-law F M 20
    EVELY Ruby M. Grand-daughter F S 7 mos.
131 147 EVELY George W. Head M M 42
    EVELY Susanna M. Wife F M 42
    EVELY Chesley Son M S 22
    EVELY Clifford Son M S 18
    EVELY Daymond (sic) (?) Son M S 16
    EVELY Gilbert Son M S 11
    EVELY Warrick Son M S 4
    EVELY William Son M S 2
    EVELY Leah P. Daughter F S 21
    EVELY Vera Daughter F S 9
    EVELY Margaret Daughter F S 5
132 148 EVELY James Head M M 75
    EVELY Johanna Wife F M 73
133 149 EVELY Joseph Head M M 49
    EVELY Elisa Wife F M 42
    EVELY Max Son M S 22
    EVELY Harold Son M S 20
PAGE 295              
    EVELY Boyd Son M S 18
    EVELY Donald Son M S 6
    EVELY Beatrice Daughter F S 14
    EVELY Dorothy Daughter F S 11
    EVELY Minnie Daughter F S 5
134 150 POTTLE Albert Head M M 60
    POTTLE Alice M. Wife F M 45
    POTTLE Kenneth Son M S 15
    POTTLE Reuban W. Son M S 13
    POTTLE Oliver J. Son M S 9
    POTTLE Lester A. Son M S 5
    POTTLE Nina Daughter F S 22
    POTTLE Florrie M. Daughter F S 21
    POTTLE Annie Daughter F S 20
    POTTLE Kathleen Daughter F S 19
    POTTLE Ada Daughter F S 17
    POTTLE Lavinia Daughter F S 12
    BUTT Ernest Brother-in-law M S 39
135 151 POTTLE George Head M M 66
    POTTLE Mary Wife F M 60
    POTTLE Harrrison Son M S 32
    POTTLE Millie Daughter F S 22
136 152 BUTT Edward Head M M 75
    BUTT Mary A Wife F M 70
137 153 BUTT George E. Head M M 36
    BUTT Susannah Wife F M 30
    BUTT George H. Son M S 9
    BUTT Mary A. Daughter F S 12
138 154 SOMERS Abraham Head M M 28
    SOMERS Harriet (sic) Wife F M 27
    SOMERS Gordon Son M S 7
    SOMERS Reuban Son M S 5
    SOMERS Ralph Son M S 3
PAGE 254              
    SOMERS Lloyd Son M S 1
139 155 SOMERS Reuben Head M M 54
    SOMERS Catherine Wife F M 47
    SOMERS George Son M S 17
    SOMERS Harold Son (Twin) M S 10
    SOMERS Mary Daughter F S 15
    SOMERS Doris Daughter F S 13
    SOMERS Vivian Daughter (Twin) F S 10
    SOMERS Chesley Son M M 23
    SOMERS Minnie Daughter-in-law F M 19
    SOMERS Hayward Grandson M S 1
140 156 POTTLE Arthur J. Head M M 50
    POTTLE Minnie J. Wife F M 50
    POTTLE William A. Son M S 16
    POTTLE Marjorie Daughter F S 22
    POTTLE Florence Daughter F S 19
    POTTLE Annie Daughter F S 14
141 157 POTTLE William T. Head M M 75
    POTTLE Patience Wife F M 69
    POTTLE Maxwell Son M M 25
    POTTLE Phyllis Grand-daughter F S 1
142 158 POTTLE James N. Head M M 59
    POTTLE Fanny Wife F M 59
    POTTLE Thomas E. Son M S 19
143 159 SOMERS Edward Head M M 62
    SOMERS Jessie L. Wife F M 65
    SOMERS Horatio Brother M S 66
144 160 SOMERS Robert Head M M 71
    SOMERS Emily Wife F M 61
    SOMERS William Son M M 27
    SOMERS Anna Daughter-in-law F M 20
    SOMERS Muriel Grand-daughter F S 1
145 161 MARSHALL Harold Head M M 31
PAGE 255              
    MARSHALL V. May Wife F M 25
    MARSHALL Calvin F. Son M S 5
    MARSHALL Benjamin Son M S 1
    MARSHALL Myrtle Daughter F S 3
    MARSHALL Abigail Mother F W 65
146 162 BUTT Henry Head M W 70
    BUTT Benjamin Son M S 23
147 163 BUTT William Head M M 64
    BUTT Laura A. Wife F M 52
    BUTT Elsie Daughter F S 18
148 164 BUTT Arthur Head M M 59
    BUTT Emma Wife F M 53
    BUTT Henry C. Son M S 22
    BUTT Gerald Son M S 18
    BUTT Blanche Daughter F S 16
    BUTT Stella Daughter F S 14
    BUTT Emma M. Daughter F S 9
149 165 EVELY Hedley Head M M 34
    EVELY Gertrude Wife F M 32
    EVELY Harry J. Son M S 8
    EVELY Adeline E. Daughter F S 6
No Entry No Entry POTTLE Elsie Wife of Maxwell Pottle,
Line 20,Page 254
F M 23

Transcribed by Wendy Andres (November 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (November 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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