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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 27 - 30

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
Dwelling Family Surname Name Relation Sex Status Age
PAGE 27              
1 1 SENIOR Wilson Head M Married 56
    SENIOR Hester Wife F Married 54
    SENIOR Charles Son M Single 27
    SENIOR John Richard Son M Single 23
  TWINS SENIOR Albert Son M Single 19
  SENIOR Lucy Daughter F Single 19
    SENIOR Rachel Daughter F Single 25
2 2 SENIOR Richard Head M Widower 70
  3 SENIOR John Head M Married 36
    SENIOR Emelia Wife F Married 36
    SENIOR Herbert Stanley Son M Single 16
    SENIOR Archibald Son M Single 13
    SENIOR Jessie Ella Daughter F Single 8
  TWINS SENIOR Chesley Son M Single 4
  SENIOR Borthwith (sic)Guy Son M Single 4
3 4 BAILEY John Head M Widower 67
    BAILEY Lily Daughter F Single 27
4 5 KEEPING John William Head M Married 64
    KEEPING Elizabeth Wife F Married 63
5 6 PEACH Leander Head M Married 56
    PEACH Cecilia Wife F Married 56
    PEACH Walter Son M Single 17
    PEACH Minnie Olive Daughter F Single 16
    PEACH Leander Son M Single 13
    PEACH James Son M Single 10
    PEACH Gabriel Son M Single 7
  7 PEACH William Henry Head M Married 21
    PEACH Louisa Wife F Married 22
    PEACH Evelyn Blanch Daughter F Single 1
6 8 MILLER James Head M Married (sic) 60
  9 MILLER Albert Head M Married 27
    MILLER Effie Mabel Wife F Married 23
    MILLER Effie Jean Daughter F Single 4
PAGE 28              
    MILLER Mollie Doris Daughter F Single 1
  10 MILLER James Wilson Head M Married 21
    MILLER Sarah Wife F Married 23
    MILLER Manuel Son of James (Sr.) M Single 19
7 11 KEEPING Samuel Head M Widower 77
  12 KEEPING Ashton Head M Married 42
    KEEPING Jessie Elanor (sic) Wife F Married 32
    KEEPING Hubert Clem Son M Single 13
    KEEPING Eugene Ashton Son M Single 5
    KEEPING Mary Beulah Daughter F Single 3
8 13 COLLINS Henry Head M Married 49
    COLLINS Mary Selina Wife F Married 45
    COLLINS Leonard Raymond Son M Single 19
  14 DICKS Maxwell Head M Married 28
    DICKS Laura Bell Wife F Married 25
    DICKS Winnie Alma Daughter F Single 7
    SNOW Azariah Chesley Lodger M Single 24
9 VACANT DICKS Maxwell Under Construction
10 15 SENIOR George Head M Married 43
    SENIOR Janet Wife F Married 41
    SENIOR Ralph Son M Single 20
    SENIOR Dolph Son M Single 19
    SENIOR Beatrice Daughter F Single 17
    SENIOR George Son M Single 15
    SENIOR Minnie Daughter F Single 9
    SENIOR Nellie Daughter F Single 6
    SENIOR Rita Daughter F Single 4
    SENIOR Edith Daughter F Single 1
11 16 MILLER George Head M Married 52
    MILLER Rachel Wife F Married 50
    GORDON Wilfred Gordon Son M Single 28
12 17 DICKS James Head M Married 44
    DICKS Ida Wife F Married 29
PAGE# 29              
    LOUGHLIN James Foster Son M Single 7
    SENIOR John Samuel Adopted M Single 19
13 18 JOYCE Edward Head M Married 42
    JOYCE Caroline Wife F Married 43
    JOYCE Rendell Son M Single 15
    JOYCE Ina Daughter F Single 13
    JOYCE Lloyd Son M Single 9
    JOYCE Jean Daughter F Single 6 Mos
14 19 DICKS Reuben Head M Married 57
    DICKS Katherine Wife F Married 56
  20 DICKS Hubert Head M Married 31
    DICKS Lily Wife F Married 28
    DICKS Edgar Raymond Son M Single 5
    DICKS Cecil Pretty Son M Single 2
15 21 MILLER Robert Head M Married 46
    MILLER Martha Rachel Wife F Married 44
    MILLER Herbert Son M Single 15
    MILLER Reginald Noah Son M Single 4
16 22 MILLER Rebecca Head F Widow 80
17 23 MILLER Nelson Head M Married 40
    MILLER Annie Wife F Married 39
    MILLER Gordon Son M Single 13
    MILLER Grace Daughter F Single 6
    COLLINS Harold Head M Married 22
    COLLINS Minnie Wife F Married 19
18 24 MILLER Oliver Head M Married 36
    MILLER Elsie Pearl Wife F Married 30
    MILLER Leonard Son M Single 5
    MILLER Ethel Marie Daughter F Single 6 Mos
19 25 MILLER Reuben Head M Married 46
    MILLER Levinia Wife F Married 41
    MILLER Earnest Son M Single 19
    MILLER Gerald Son M Single 17
PAGE 30              
    MILLER Ronald Son M Single 4
20 26 DICKS Albert Head M Married 59
    DICKS Eleanor Wife F Married 59
    BROOMFIELD William Albert Adp. M Single 9
21 27 KEEPING Nelson Head M Married 35
    KEEPING Cecilia Ann Wife F Married 31
    KEEPING Marguerite Joyce Daughter F Single 9
    KEEPING Charles Cyril Son M Single 10 mos
22 VACANT KEEPING Nelson Under Construction
23 28 DICKS Frank Head M Married 54
    DICKS Sarah Jane Wife F Married 50
    DICKS Archibald Son M Single 25
    DICKS Ada Maud Daughter F Single 21
    DICKS Willis Roy Son M Single 15
    LOUGHLIN Ann Eliza Mother F Widow 80
No Entry No Entry HOLLANDS Howard No Entry M Single 23

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