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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Placentia & St. Mary's

Pages 337 - 340

Community of

PAGE 337                      
1 1 JARVIS Robert Head M M 66 O 50 3 No
    JARVIS Mahala Wife F M 52        
    JARVIS Charley Son M W 30        
    JARVIS Filip (sic) A Son M S 23        
    JARVIS Gorge Son M S 10        
    JARVIS Wilhelinne (?) Dau F S 16        
    JARVIS Pearl Dau F S 14        
2   COLLETT Earnest Head M M 29 O 100 2 No
    COLLETT Mildred Wife F M 24        
    COLLETT Norman Son M S 1        
    COLLETT Breta (sic) Dau F S 3        
3   CRANN Gorge (sic) Head M M 35 O 100 3 No
    CRANN Villet (sic) Wife F M 31        
    CRANN Gerild (sic) Son M S 1        
    CRANN Shirley Dau F S 9        
    CRANN Effey (sic) Dau F S 4        
4   JARVES Richard Head M M 58 O 150 2 No
    JARVES Mary Wife F M 56        
    JARVES Clerance Son M S 16        
5   CRANN Robert Head M M 46 O 200 4 No
    CRANN Carrie Wife F M 39        
    CRANN John Son M S 23        
    CRANN Earel Son M S 19        
    CRANN Irra (?) Son M S 17        
    CRANN Ronald Son M S 15        
    CRANN Albert Son M S 9        
    CRANN Julia Dau F S 12        
    CRANN Mildred Dau F S 6        
    CRANN Winford Dau F S 4        
6   SMYTH Joseph Head M M 48 O 250 5 No
    SMYTH Sara Wife F M 42        
    SMYTH Cecilia Son M S 7        
    SMYTH Eittle (sic) Dau F S 18        
PAGE 338                      
    SMYTH Trica (?) Dau F S 15        
7   SMYTH Margret Mother F W 80 O No Entry 4 No
    SMYTH William Son M S 33        
8   PICK Gorge Head M M 40 O 700 4 No
    PICK Allice Wife F M 30        
    PICK Dora Dau F S 8        
    PICK Gladis (sic) Dau F S 6        
    PICK Villet (sic) Dau F S 3        
    PICK Carline (sic) Dau F S 10 Mos        
9   WITE O B Ed (sic) Father in Law M W 70        
10   GARVES Charles Head M M 55 O No Entry 3 No
    GARVES Asenath (sic) Wife F M 52        
    GARVES Walter Son M S 21        
    GARVES John Son M S 18        
    GARVES Maxwell Son M S 15        
    GARVES Howard Son M S 14 (?)        
    GARVES Anie (sic) Dau F S 6        
11   GARVES Albert Head M M 50 O 80 4 No
    GARVES Emley (sic) Wife F M 30        
    GARVES Sue (?) Son M S 8        
    GARVES Allat (sic) Son M S 5        
    GARVES Gorge (sic) Son M S 3        
    GARVES Mary Dau F S 10        
12   COLLETT Gorge (sic) Head M M 32 O 200 6 No
    COLLETT Beartie (sic) Wife F M 27        
    COLLETT Edgar Son M S 2        
    COLLETT Mable Dau F S 3        
13   COLLETT Joseph Head M M 30 O 50 2 No
    COLLETT Jessie Wife F M 28        
    COLLETT Chesley Son M S 8        
    COLLETT Merie (sic) Dau F S 6        
    COLLETT Verna Dau F S 1        
14   COLLETT John No Entry M M 57 O 250 7 No
PAGE 339                      
    COLLETT Seara (sic) Wife F M 55        
    COLLETT Stanley Son M S 16        
15   COLLETT Sue Allen Head F M 24 No Entry No Entry 1 No
    COLLETT Irene Wife F M 22        
16   COLLANS (sic) Robert Head M M 47 O No Entry 5 No
    COLLANS Florance Wife F M 41        
    COLLANS Moses Son M S 21        
    COLLANS Hemon (sic) Son M S 15        
    COLLANS Claten (sic) Son M S 3        
    COLLANS Hazel Dau F S 9        
17   REED William Head M M 64 O No Entry 5 No
    REED Malloha (sic) (?) Wife F M 51        
    REED John W. Son M S 16        
    REED Harry Son M S 14        
    REED Walse (sic) Son M S 8        
    REED Winford Dau F S 12        
18   TOREN Richard Head M M 52 O No Entry 5 No
    TOREN Lissa (sic) Wife F M 49        
    TOREN Heaver (sic) Son M S 25        
    TOREN Errick (sic) Son M S 21        
    TOREN Muley (sic) Dau F S 19        
    TOREN Pereld (?) Dau F S 16        
    TOREN Elsey (sic) Dau F S 13        
    TOREN Viven (sic) Dau F S 9        
    CRANN Richard Father in Law M M 78        
    CRANN Julia Mother in Law F M 77        
19   GILBERT Robert Head M M 44 O No Entry 4 No
    GILBERT Batrice (sic) Wife F M 43        
    GILBERT William Son M S 16        
    GILBERT Mertil (sic) (?) Dau F S 13        
    GILBERT Janet Dau F S 7        
20   MASTERS Walter Head M M 41 O No Entry 3 No
    MASTERS Eva Wife F M 41        
PAGE 340                      
    MASTERS Samuel Son M S 15        
    MASTERS Marion Dau F S 13        
    MASTERS Letae (sic) (?) Dau F S 11        
    MASTERS Villet (sic) Dau F S 8        
    MASTERS Mildred Dau F S 6        
21   REED Henry Head M M 30 O No Entry 6 No
    REED Eva Wife F M 26        
    REED Albert Ralph Son M S 4        
    REED Eva Dau F S 5        
    REED Ethal (sic) Dau F S 1        
22   CRENN Edward Head M M 55 O No Entry 5 No
    CRENN Elisabeth (sic) Wife F M 50        
    CRENN Milrose (sic) Son M S 15        
    CRENN Hester Dau F S 20        
23   CRENN Caleb Head M M 28 O No Entry 2 No
    CRENN Miriam Wife F M 25        
    CRENN Freeman Son M S 1        
24   CRENN Robert Head M M 24 O No Entry 2 No
    CRENN Edna Wife F M 19        
    CRENN Annie Dau F S 7 Mos        

Transcribed by Anne Keating (January 2006)

Page Revised: March - 2003 (Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Thursday August 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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