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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 829-842 & 907

Community of
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 907              
585 637 BULGIN Joseph B Head M M 42
    BULGIN Louisa Maud Wife F M 39
    BULGIN Augustus Roy Son M S 13
    BULGIN Shirley Rowena Daughter M S 10
    BULGIN Everett John Son M S 7
    BULGIN Laura Pearl Daughter M S 4
    BULGIN Pansy H R Daughter M S 2
586 638 DALLEY John Head M M 54
    DALLEY Mary E Wife F M 53
PAGE 929              
    DALLEY Frank Son M S 24
    DALLEY Levi Hardy Son M S 15
587 639 WHITE Edward Head M M 39
    WHITE Christina Wife F M 39
    WHITE Marion Daughter F S 16
    WHITE Lloyd Son M S 12
    WHITE Sarah Laurenda (sic) Daughter F S 11
    WHITE E Douglas Son M S 10
    WHITE Arthur James Son M S 8
    WHITE Calla (sic) Susannah Daughter F S 7
    WHITE Saul Son M S 6
    WHITE Annie E M Daughter F S 4
    WHITE Walter G A Son M S 2
    WHITE Francis Thomas Son M S 1
    WHITE Maizie G M Daughter F S 4 mons
588 640 BLAKE Lewis Head M M 31
    BLAKE Pearl Wife F M 31
    BLAKE Gladys Daughter F S 9
    BLAKE John Son M S 8
    BLAKE Annie Beatrice Daughter F S 6
    BLAKE Edward George Son M S 2
589 641 BLAKE Frazer Head M M 31
    BLAKE Rachel L Wife F M 31
    BLAKE Daisy Daughter F S 7
    BLAKE Irene E Daughter F S 5
    BLAKE Edith Cavelle Daughter F S 3
    BLAKE Ethelwyn Inez (sic) Daughter F S 2
  642 BLAKE George Head M M 60
    BLAKE Joannah Wife F M 60
    BLAKE Emily Daughter F S 24
    BLAKE Beninda (sic) Janet Daughter F S 14
    BLAKE Ruth Grand Daughter F S 2
590 643 BLAKE William J Head M M 28
PAGE 930              
    BLAKE Fannie S Wife F M 25
    BLAKE Rowena B Daughter F S 1
    BLAKE Pleamon Brother M S 25
    BLAKE James Brother M S 22
591 644 BLAKE William Head M M 70
    BLAKE Emily Wife F M 62
    GLEASON Edith Step Daughter F S 20
  645 BLAKE Stanley Head M M 34
    BLAKE Lucy B Wife F M 31
    BLAKE Doris A Daughter F S 10
    BLAKE Beatrice K Daughter F S 8
    BLAKE Raymond Son M S 6
592 646 BLAKE Samuel G Head M M 36
    BLAKE Muriel Doris Wife F M 33
    BLAKE Donald Son M S 9
    BLAKE Gloria C Daughter F S 1
    HILLIER Pearl Lodger F S 27
593 647 HILLIER Joseph E Head M M 77
    HILLIER Annie Wife F M 69
    HILLIER Charlie Son M M 42
    HILLIER Emily Daughter in Law F M 20
594 648 HILLIER Stanley Head M M 47
    HILLIER Janet Wife F M 43
    HILLIER Maude Daughter F S 6
    COLLINS George Nephew M S 22
  649 HULL Arthur Head M M 24
    HULL Daisy Wife F M 23
    HULL Harvey Son M S 3
595 650 WHITE Saul Head M M 49
    WHITE Martha Wife F M 49
    WHITE Augustus Son M S 19
    WHITE Frederick Son M S 17
  651 WHITE Jonathan Head M M 30
PAGE 931              
    WHITE Florence Wife F M 31
596 652 MAIDMENT Andrew Head M M 53
    MAIDMENT Kate Wife F M 53
    MAIDMENT Doyle E Son M S 23
    MAIDMENT Wallace Son M S 19
    MAIDMENT Lloyd Son M S 19
    INGS Gladys Domestic F S 23
597 653 DALLEY Elias Head M M 55
    DALLEY Susannah Wife F M 44
    DALLEY Victor Son M S 21
    DALLEY Maggie Daughter F S 17
    DALLEY Samuel Son M S 15
  654 DALLEY Robert J Head M M 26
    DALLEY Anna Belle Wife F M 24
    DALLEY Ellen Lucy Daughter F S 5
    DALLEY Gertie E Daughter F S 3
    DALLEY Harry R Son M S 2
    DALLEY Frederick S Son M S 8 mons
598 655 HICKS John Head M M 61
    HICKS Harriett Wife F M 61
    HICKS Harry Son M S 28
    HICKS Wesley Son M S 20
  656 HICKS Elmo Head M M 26
    HICKS Annie Wife F M 20
599 657 HICKS Samuel Head M M 73
    HICKS Rosannah Wife F M 68
    ROBERTS Olive Cousin F S 15
600 658 DALLEY Obadiah Head M M 40
    DALLEY Eliza Ann Wife F M 33
    DALLEY Lloyd Son M S 10
    DALLEY Clarence Roy Son M S 6
601 659 MINTY Orpah (sic) Head F S 54
    MINTY Elizabeth Mother F W 89
PAGE 932              
602 660 ROGERS Samuel Head M M 32
    ROGERS Flossie Jane Wife F M 31
    ROGERS Ralph Son M S 10
    ROGERS Hilda R Daughter F S 8
    ROGERS Walter G Son M S 6
    ROGERS May Louise Daughter F S 4
    ROGERS Phillys Eliza Daughter F S 1
603 661 MINTY Mariah A Head F W 83
    MINTY Phoebe P Daughter F S 49
604 662 ROGERS Walter Head M M 43
    ROGERS Rose Wife F M 41
    ROGERS Kate Daughter F S 21
    ROGERS Carl James Son M S 15
    ROGERS Wilfred Geo Son M S 5
605 663 BLAKE Norman Head M M 40
    BLAKE Elizabeth Wife F M 38
    BLAKE Pierce Son M S 8
606   VACANT          
607 664 ROGERS Obed Head M W 62
    ROGERS Flossie Daughter F S 24
    ROGERS Annie Daughter F S 22
    ROGERS Frank Son M S 20
608 665 ROGERS Martin Head M M 27
    ROGERS Annie L Wife F M 25
    ROGERS Eleanor R Daughter F S 4
    ROGERS Alvin Donald Son M S 2
    ROGERS Everett Bertram Son M S 6 wks
609 666 ROGERS Azariah Head M M 52
    ROGERS Maggie Wife F M 44
    ROGERS Eliza Maud Daughter F S 23
    ROGERS Garfield Son M S 21
    ROGERS Alma Dorothy Daughter F S 16
  667 OSMOND Walter Head M M 20
PAGE 933              
  667 OSMOND Mabel B Wife F M 18
    OSMOND Victor Son M S 3 wks
610 668 WATERMAN Lily Head F W 46
    WATERMAN Harold Son M S 20
    WATERMAN Sadie Daughter F S 17
    WATERMAN Carrie Daughter F S 14
    WATERMAN Cyril Son M S 10
  669 WATERMAN Hubert Head M M 22
    WATERMAN Annie Wife F M 20
    WATERMAN Audrey Daughter F S 11 mons
611 670 PELLEY William J Head M M 60
    PELLEY Dorcas Wife F M 53
    ROBERTS Eliza Adpt Daughter F S 20
  671 PELLEY Walter J Head M M 28
    PELLEY Grace A Wife F M 24
    PELLEY Eric Stephen Son M S 5
    PELLEY E M Louise Daughter F S 3
    PELLEY Marina Rose Daughter F S 9 mons
612 672 WALSH Andrew Head M M 47
    WALSH Caroline Wife F M 57
    WALSH Willie T Son M S 27
    WALSH Albert Son M S 24
613 673 INGS Theophilus Head M M 63
    INGS Mary E Wife F M 63
    BLAKE Ruby Mildred Grand Daughter F S 8
614 674 HORWOOD James Head M M 69
    HORWOOD Rose Wife F M 63
    HORWOOD Robert Son M S 28
    HORWOOD Violet Daughter F S 19
  675 HORWOOD Frederick J Head M M 26
    HORWOOD Lillian Wife F M 26
    HORWOOD Maxwell F Son M S 4
    HORWOOD Ernest Lloyd Son M S 1
PAGE 934              
615 676 HORWOOD Roland John Head M M 31
    HORWOOD Annie C Wife F M 29
    HORWOOD Harvey James Son M S 6
    HORWOOD Melvin Junior Son M S 4
    HORWOOD Isaac Ralph Son M S 2
    HORWOOD Ruby Daughter F S 2 mons
616 677 HORWOOD Hubert H Head M M 37
    HORWOOD Hilda B Wife F M 36
    HORWOOD Roy Clarke Son M S 8
    HORWOOD Harold F Son M S 5
    HORWOOD Mildred J Daughter F S 3
    HORWOOD Annette L R Daughter F S 11 mons
617 678 GEDGE Joseph Head M M 70
    GEDGE Sarah C Wife F M 55
    GEDGE Harry Son M S 28
    POTTLE Douglas Niece F S 17
    FROUDE Cyril Servant M S 14
618 679 GEDGE James Head M W 76
  680 GEDGE Gerald Head M M 42
    GEDGE Susie Wife F M 40
    GEDGE Isaac A J Son M S 5
    GEDGE Marjorie H Daughter F S 1
619 681 VINEHAM Frederick Head M M 50
    VINEHAM Maggie Wife F M 49
    VINEHAM John Son M S 24
    VINEHAM Dulcie Daughter F S 19
    VINEHAM George Son M S 13
620 682 VINEHAM Roland Head M M 29
    VINEHAM Kate Wife F M 30
    VINEHAM Ethel Louise Daughter F S 3
621 683 SMITH John Head M M 73
    SMITH Helen Wife F M 73
    SMITH Ralph B Nephew M S 35
PAGE 935              
  683 SMITH Isaac Head M M 63
    SMITH Rebecca Wife F M 59
622 684 BURTON Levi Head M M 74
    BURTON Harriett Wife F M 68
    BURTON Thurza Daughter F S 22
623 685 WEIR Herbert Head M M 44
    WEIR Lavinia Wife F M 42
    WEIR Kenneth Son M S 16
    WEIR Blanche Daughter F S 12
    WEIR George Son M S 8
624 686 WEIR Willie Head M S 21
    WEIR Elizabeth Grandmother F W 89
625 687 BURTON Thomas Head M W 62
    BURTON Stewart Son M S 21
    BURTON Wilson Son M S 19
  688 BURTON Herbert Head M M 28
    BURTON Edna Wife F M 22
    BURTON Clayton Son M S 3
626 689 BURTON Gordon Head M M 34
    BURTON Elsie Wife F M 33
    BURTON May Daughter F S 11
    BURTON Ronald Son M S 7
    BURTON Harold Son M S 4
627 690 BURTON John Head M M 41
    BURTON Margaret Wife F M 39
628 691 DALLEY Mark Head M M 58
    DALLEY Janet Wife F M 48
    DALLEY Janie Daughter F S 21
    DALLEY Sylvia Daughter F S 17
    DALLEY Mary H Daughter F S 14
    DALLEY Hilda M Daughter F S 10
    DALLEY Martin M Son M S 7
629 692 DALLEY George Head M M 68
PAGE 936              
  692 DALLEY Susannah Wife F M 68
    DALLEY Edward George Grand Son M S 8
  693 JENKINS Claude Head M M 36
    JENKINS Lydia Jane Wife F M 36
630 694 SIMMONS John Head M M 51
    SIMMONS Beatrice Wife F M 30
    SIMMONS Frederick Son M S 23
    SIMMONS Florence Daughter F S 21
    SIMMONS Ida Daughter F S 14
    SIMMONS Marjorie Rose Daughter F S 4
631 695 SIMMONS George Head M M 40
    SIMMONS Dulcie Wife F M 40
    SIMMONS Stewart Son M S 15
    SIMMONS Eric Son M S 11
    SIMMONS Annie Daughter F S 8
    SIMMONS Willie Son M S 2
632 696 JENKINS Elijah Head M M 65
    JENKINS Susan Wife F M 54
    JENKINS Melita Daughter F S 28
    JENKINS Mark Son M S 24
    JENKINS Daisy Daughter F S 19
    JENKINS Frank Son M S 15
    JENKINS Doris Grand Daughter F S 9
    JENKINS Clayton Grand Son M S 4
    JENKINS Elizabeth Sister F S 60
633 697 JENKINS Adolphus Head M M 52
    JENKINS Lucretia Wife F M 48
    JENKINS Eli Son M S 20
    JENKINS Gertie Daughter F S 16
    JENKINS Stewart Son M S 13
    JENKINS Leah Daughter F S 10
    JENKINS Hazel Maud Daughter F S 7
634 698 DALLEY Henry Roland Head M M 44
PAGE 937              
  698 DALLEY Lucy Wife F M 44
    DALLEY Mildred Kate Daughter F S 18
    DALLEY Violet Daughter F S 13
    DALLEY Pansy Daughter F S 2
    EARLE Thomas Nephew M S 21
635 699 DALLEY Joseph Head M M 38
    DALLEY Flossie Belle Wife F M 38
    DALLEY Florence Louise Daughter F S 16
    DALLEY Ralph Son M S 12
    DALLEY Hilda May Daughter F S 1
    ROGERS Gladys Annie Step Daughter F S 17
636 700 EARLE Eli Head M M 44
    EARLE Dulcie Wife F M 39
    EARLE Harvey Son M S 15
    EARLE Samuel Son M S 11
    EARLE Martin Son M S 9
    EARLE Cecil Son M S 7
    EARLE Josephine Daughter F S 5
    EARLE Gordon Son M S 1
637 701 ADAMS Arthur Head M M 66
    ADAMS Martha Wife F M 63
    ADAMS Althea Grand Daughter F S 14
638 702 JENKINS Nathaniel Head M M 76
    JENKINS Jane Wife F M 70
    JENKINS Bertram Son M S 26
639 703 JENKINS Manuel Head M M 38
    JENKINS Hilda May Wife F M 34
    JENKINS June Daughter F S 8
    JENKINS Cyril Son M S 3
640 704 JENKINS Edward John Head M M 53
    JENKINS Rosetta Mary Wife F M 50
    JENKINS Wilson Son M S 22
    JENKINS Alfred Son M S 17
PAGE 937              
  704 JENKINS Grace Daughter F S 16
    JENKINS Harold Son M S 8
641 705 DALLEY William Head M M 55
    DALLEY Mary Wife F M 51
    DALLEY Flossie Daughter F S 23
    DALLEY George Son M S 20
642 706 VINEHAM Sidney Head M M 45
    VINEHAM Bessie Wife F M 39
    VINEHAM Elizabeth Daughter F S 20
    VINEHAM Annie Jane Daughter F S 18
    VINEHAM Georgina Maud Daughter F S 16
643 707 JENKINS Theodore Head M M 35
    JENKINS Sadie Wife F M 34
    JENKINS Joyce Daughter F S 12
    JENKINS Marion Daughter F S 10
    JENKINS Willie Son M S 9
    JENKINS Raymond Son M S 8
    JENKINS Everett Son M S 5
    JENKINS Lester Son M S 2
    JENKINS Ilene Louise Daughter F S 7 mons
645 708 STUCKLESS George Head M M 45
    STUCKLESS Dulcie Wife F M 42
    TROAKE Stanley Adopted M S 19
646 709 JENKINS Arthur Head M M 42
    JENKINS Kate Wife F M 36
    JENKINS Lewis Son M S 17
    JENKINS Ronald Son M S 9
647 710 JENKINS Robert Head M M 45
    JENKINS Phoebe Wife F M 35
    JENKINS Elmo Son M S 10
    JENKINS Frank Son M S 6
    JENKINS Frederick Brother M S 47
PAGE 938              
648   VACANT          
649 711 MARSH William Head M M 49
    MARSH Edith May Wife F M 44
    MARSH Susie Daughter F S 23
    MARSH Gladys Daughter F S 14
    MARSH Mildred Daughter F S 8
    MARSH Olive Grand Daughter F S 5
650 712 DALLEY Thomas Head M M 68
    DALLEY Louisa Wife F M 66
    DALLEY Emma Daughter F S 43
  713 DALLEY Dorman James Head M M 33
    DALLEY Edna Wife F M 33
    DALLEY Melinda Daughter F S 8
    DALLEY Larry Thomas Son M S 7
    DALLEY Effie Daughter F S 4
    DALLEY Hardy Son M S 2 mons
651   VACANT          
652 714 ROGERS George Head M M 50
    ROGERS Rose Wife F M 49
    ROGERS Baxter Son M S 20
    ROGERS Raymond Son M S 16
    ROGERS Clarence Son M S 12
653 715 JENKINS Elias Head M M 65
    JENKINS Elizabeth A Wife F M 56
  716 JENKINS Allan J Head M M 28
    JENKINS Mabel Wife F M 26
    JENKINS Walter M Son M S 5
    JENKINS Maxwell A Son M S 1
654 717 JENKINS Herbert J Head M M 32
    JENKINS Lydia Wife F M 32
    JENKINS Ruby G Daughter F S 3
    JENKINS Lauretta Daughter F S 1
    JENKINS Roy Son M S 1 month
PAGE 939              
655 718 JENKINS Archibald E Head M M 30
    JENKINS Ivy P Wife F M 28
    JENKINS Pansy Louise Daughter F S 8
    JENKINS Clarence C Son M S 5
    JENKINS Marjorie L Daughter F S 3
    JENKINS Wallace Jack Son M S 1
656 719 STUCKLESS Samuel Head M M 48
    STUCKLESS Dinah E Wife F M 40
    STUCKLESS Edward J Son M S 23
    STUCKLESS Minnie L Daughter F S 13
    STUCKLESS Maggie Daughter F S 11
    STUCKLESS Samuel G Son M S 8
    STUCKLESS Harry Son M S 5
    STUCKLESS Elliot Norman Son M S 2
    STUCKLESS Maxwell T Son M S 1
657 720 MITCHELL James Head M M 68
    MITCHELL Mary A Wife F M 65
    MITCHELL Cecil Son M S 34
    MITCHELL Bertram W Son M S 22
658 721 MITCHELL Joseph Head M M 33
    MITCHELL Jessie Wife F M 22
    MITCHELL Elsie Daughter F S 5
    MITCHELL Harry E Son M S 3
    MITCHELL Ruby Daughter F S 11 mons
    NIPPARD George Nephew M S 20
659 722 MITCHELL Sidney Head M M 40
    MITCHELL Mary E Wife F M 34
    MITCHELL Aeriel Cecil (sic) (?) Son M S 9
660 723 JENKINS Peter Head M M 70
    JENKINS Emily Wife F M 72
  724 JENKINS Ernest Head M M 28
    JENKINS Flora Wife F M 27
    JENKINS Donley George Son M S 5
PAGE 940              
  724 JENKINS Eric M Son F M 4
    JENKINS Stanley I S Son M S 2
661 725 PRIMMER John H Head M M 47
    PRIMMER Josephine Wife F M 47
    VINEHAM Stanley Adopted M S 14
662 726 PRIMMER Richard Head M M 78
    PRIMMER Agnes Wife F M 72
    PRIMMER Kate Daughter F S 49
    PRIMMER Frederick Grand Son M S 18
663 727 VINEHAM James Head M M 48
    VINEHAM Emma Wife F M 42
    VINEHAM William J Son M S 18
    VINEHAM Gordon C Son M S 12
    VINEHAM Violet M J Daughter F S 10
    VINEHAM Doris E B (?) Daughter F S 8
    VINEHAM Pansy Daughter F S 4
    VINEHAM Melvin H Son M S 1
664 728 MITCHELL Solomon Head M M 30
    MITCHELL Carrie Wife F M 24
    MITCHELL Sadie Daughter F S 6
    MITCHELL James Son M S 4
    MITCHELL Shirley Daughter F S 2
665 729 VINEHAM Martin Head M M 47
    VINEHAM Lucy Wife F M 49
666 730 TROAKE James Head M M 61
    TROAKE Elizabeth Wife F M 50
    ANSTEY Mabel Niece F S 16
    WHYATT Nellie Adopted F S 17
667 731 TROAKE Peter Head M M 54
    TROAKE Amelia Wife F M 48
    TROAKE Manuel Son M S 21
    TROAKE Wilfred Son M S 18
    TROAKE Hardy Son M S 14
PAGE 941              
  731 TROAKE Nina B Daughter F S 11
668 732 TROAKE Robert Lewis Head M M 50
    TROAKE Thurza Wife F M 47
    TROAKE Peter Son M S 27
    TROAKE Andrew Son M S 24
    TROAKE Allan E Son M S 16
    TROAKE Ira Son M S 14
    TROAKE Elizabeth Daughter F S 11
669 773 BURTON Joseph Head M M (sic) 50
    BURTON Violet A Daughter F S 18
    BURTON Lily May Daughter F S 14
    BURTON Raymond J Son M S 13
    BURTON Gladys P Daughter F S 11
    BURTON Harris G Son M S 10
    BURTON Joseph E Son M S 9
    BURTON Muriel M Daughter F S 7
    BURTON Edith Louise Daughter F S 1
670 734 DALLEY Elijah Head M W 39
    DALLEY Marian Daughter F S 16
    DALLEY John Son M S 12
    DALLEY Agnus (sic) Daughter F S 10
PAGE 942              
No Entry No Entry THOMAS Mildred No Entry F M 35
No Entry No Entry THOMAS Eleanor No Entry F S 3
No Entry No Entry BAKER Bessie M No Entry F M 46
No Entry No Entry STUCKLESS Lucy No Entry F W 51
No Entry No Entry STUCKLESS Eleanor No Entry F M 25
No Entry No Entry STUCKLESS Rose Daughter F S 1
No Entry No Entry FACEY Glenn Head M M 27
No Entry No Entry FACEY Hazel Wife F M 25
No Entry No Entry FACEY Harriett Son (sic) M (sic) S 4
No Entry No Entry FACEY Albert Glenn Son M S 2
No Entry No Entry VIET Dulcie (sic) No Entry F M 44
No Entry No Entry MANUEL Mildred No Entry F S 30
No Entry No Entry LOCKWOOD Lauretta No Entry F S 37
No Entry No Entry Me??? Beatrice No Entry F M 38

Transcribed by Floyd Letto (February 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

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