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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of St. George's

Microfilm Reel # M-8050.
Pages 17 - 19 and 24 - 63.

Deer Lake
Part 2



Abbreviations: S=Single, M=Married, W=Widow, Wid=Widower, Hsekpr=Housekeeper.
Where writing in the original is difficult to decipher, the word is placed in brackets with a question mark to indicated that that's what it looks like. Where place of birth is readable, it will be noted only when it is other than Nfld.

Column Headings: DH= Dwelling House #, FAM= Family #, HSE=House Owned or Rented, AMT=Value of house or amount paid in rent, RMS=Number of rooms occupied by the family, RAD=Does this family have a radio?, REL=Relationship to Head of household, STA=Status, AGE=Age at last birthday.

Note that some files have been divided for easier access

Name Relationship Status Age
LEGGE, Isaac Head S 25
LEGGE, Herbert Nephew S 1-
BYRNE, Mary Ann Head W 57
BYRNE, Aggie Mary Dau S 2-
GREEN, Eli Head M 5-
GREEN, Carrie Wife M 5-
GREEN, James Son S 2-
GREEN, Arthur Son S 2-
GREEN, Susie Dau S 2-
GREEN, Jessie Dau S 1-
GREEN, Sadie Dau S 1-
GREEN, Cyril Son S 1-
PARSONS, James Father in Law W 8-
KING, John Head M 5-
KING, Isabella Wife M ?
KING, Kathleen Dau S 1-
KING, Cyril Son S ?
KING, Leonard Son S ?
KING, Gerald Son S ?
KING, Philip Son S ?
LUCAS, William* Head M ?
LUCAS,Jessie Wife M ?
LUCAS, Ella Dau S ?
LUCAS, Marion Dau S ?
LUCAS, Eric* Son S ?
LUCAS, Louise* Dau S ?
LUCAS, Irma* Dau S ?
LUCAS, Bert Son S 4
NEAL, Lima (sic) Dau - 2
KING, William Head M 3-
KING, Susie Wife M 2-
KING, Gordon Son S ?
KING, Walter Son S ?
KING, Evelyn Dau S ?
LEROUX, Ralph Head M 3-
LEROUX, Emma Wife M 2-
CAINES, John T. Head M 6-
CAINES, Alice Wife M 4-
CAINES, Edna Dau S 1-
CAINES, Bryant Son S 1-
CAINES, Annie Dau S 1-
CAINES, John Jr. Son S 1-
TULK, Samuel Head M 5-
TULK, Hettie Wife M 3-
TULK, Scott Son S 1-
TULK, allister Son S 1-
TULK, Calvin Son S ?
TULK, Doris Dau S ?
TULK, Malcom (sic) Son S ?
JANES, Robert Head M ?
JANES, Kathern (sic) Wife M 5-
JANES, Norris * Head M ?
JANES, Elizabeth Wife M ?
JANES, Howard Son S ?
JANES, Emma Dau S ?
BROWN, Elisa Head M ?
BROWN, Valda* Dau S ?
BROWN, William Son S ?
BROWN, Gilbert Son S ?
BROWN, Joseph Son S ?
JEFFERIES, William Head M 3-
JEFFERIES, Maude Wife M 3-
JEFFERIES, Otto Son S 1-
JEFFERIES, Pearl* Dau S 1-
JEFFERIES, Bruce Son S 1-
JEFFERIES, Elli-- Dau S ?
JEFFERIES, Clyde Son S ?
HAYDEN, Robert Head M 2-
HAYDEN, Elizabeth Wife M 2-
HAYDEN, Cyril Son S 1-
HAYDEN, Gordon Son S ?
HAYDEN, John Head W 6-
HAYDEN, Eli Son S 1-
BROWN, William Head M 3-
BROWN, Blanche Wife M 2-
BROWN, Oswald Son S ?
BROWN, Arthur Son S ?
BROWN, H---m-nd Son S ?
RUMBOLT, Ezekiel Sr. Head M 4-
RUMBOLT, Rosa Wife M ?
RUMBOLT, William Son S ?
RUMBOLT, Ezekiel Son S ?
RUMBOLT, Eric Son S ?
BRIDGER*, Arch Head M ?
BRIDGER*, Winnie Wife M ?
BRIDGER*, Gerald Son S ?
BRIDGER*, Vivian* Dau S ?
BRIDGER*, Ian Son S ?
BRIDGER*, Betty Dau S ?
SMITH, Emelia * Mother W ?
COOPER, Bert Head M 2-
COOPER, Renie* Wife M 2-
COOPER, Robert Son S ?
COOPER, Elizabeth Dau S ?
RICE, William Head M 2-
RICE, Elsie Wife M ?
RICE, Mable Dau M ?
RICE, Mitelda (sic) Dau S ?
RICE, Allister Son S 4
BAILEY. George Head M ?
BAILEY, Mary Wife M ?
BAILEY, Sarah Mother in Law W 6
CRITCH, William Head M ?
CRITCH, Deborah Wife M 4-
CRITCH, Winnie Dau S 1-
CLARKE, Margrett (sic) Domestic S 2-
CRITCH, Moses Head M 3-
CRITCH, Eunice Wife M 2-
CRITCH, Eloese* Dau S ?
CRITCH, Watson Son S ?
CRITCH, Joan Dau S 9
HODGE*, Joan Domestic S 1-
CRITCH, Samuel Head M ?
CRITCH, Rebecca Wife M ?
CRITCH, Leslie* Son S ?
CRITCH, Fay Dau S ?
REID, James Head M ?
REID, Ethel* Wife M ?
REID, Ella Dau S ?
CRITCH, William Jr. Head M ?
CRITCH, Rebecca* Wife M ?
CRITCH, ? Dau ? ?
St------ss, Clayton* - ? ?
DEWEY, Samuel Head M 5-
DEWEY, Susana Wife M 5-
DEWEY, Theresa* Dau M ?
DEWEY, Frederick* Head M 3-
DEWEY, Stella Wife M 2-
DEWEY, Fern Dau S ?
DEWEY, David Son S 7
COLE, Nim----i Head M 5-
COLE, Marion Wife M 6-
COLE, Ross Son S 2-
CHAPMAN, Walter Head M 3-
CHAPMAN, Elsie Wife M 3-
CHAPMAN, Agustice (sic) Son S 1-
CHAPMAN, Myrt---- Dau S 1-
CHAPMAN, Olive Dau S ?
CHAPMAN, Majory (sic) Dau S ?
CHAPMAN, Ruby Dau S ?
CHAPMAN, Elisa Mother W 6-
CHAULK, William Head M 4-
CHAULK, Maggie Wife M 3-
CHAULK, Steward Son S 1-
CHAULK, Wesley Son S 1-
CHAULK, Eric Son S ?
CHAULK, Lavinia Dau S ?
CHAULK, Effie Dau S ?
BALL, Ward Head M ?
BALL, Dulcie Wife M ?
BALL, Ralph Son S ?
BALL, Dempsey Son S ?
BALL, Mina* Dau S ?
BALL, Dulcie* Dau S ?
BALL, Grace Dau S ?
BALL, Harold Son S ?
SPENCE*, Wilfred Head M 4-
SPENCE*, Dora Wife M 3-
SPENCE*, Connie* Dau S 1-
SPENCE*, George Son S 1-
YOUNG, Calvin Lodger S 1-
STUCKLESS, Thomas Head M 5-
STUCKLESS, Lenora* Wife M 5-
STUCKLESS, Archable A1126 Son S 2-
STUCKLESS, Garfield Son S 2-
STUCKLESS, Joseph Son S 2-
STUCKLESS, ----mine Dau S 1-
HANCOCK, John* Head M 2-
HANCOCK, Lilian Wife M 2-
JANES, Samuel Head W 5-
JANES, Hollis Son S 2-
JANES, Audrey Dau S ?
JANES, Shirley Dau S ?
JANES, Roland Head M ?
JANES, Lucy Wife M ?
JANES, Waldow (sic) Son S ?
JANES, Margrett (sic) Dau S ?
JANES, Betty Dau S ?
BAILEY, Agustice (sic) Head M ?
BAILEY, Flossie Wife M ?
BAILEY, E dgar Son S ?
BAILEY, Oliv- Dau S ?
OCONNEL, Nellie Domestic S ?
ROLF, William Head M ?
ROLF, Mitelda (sic) Wife M ?
ROLF, Herman* Son S ?
ROLF, Olive Dau S ?
ROLF, William Son S ?
ROLF, ? Dau ? ?
OATES*, William Head M 39
OATES*, Ella Wife M 34
OATES*, Malcolm Son S 16
OATES*, Frederick Son S 14
OATES*, Walter Son S 12
OATES*, Bessie Dau S 10
CAINES, Alexander Head M 48
CAINES, El---- Wife M 4-
CAINES, Eric Son S 1-
CAINES, Newman Son S 1-
CAINES, Harvey Son S ?
CAINES, Lilian Dau S 6
WILLIAMS, M-lin-- Domestic S 2-
REG------, Albert Head M 3-
REG------, Katie Wife M 3-
REG------, Dorathy (sic) Dau S 16
REG------, Pansy Dau S 14
REG------, Reginal (sic) Son S 10
REG------, Ry-------s Son S 8
REG------, Wendell Son S 7
REG------, Leonard Son S 6
REG------, -ly--ton Son S 4
HISCOCK, G------n Lodger S 2-
HISCOCK, Thomas Lodger S ?
BALL, Sarah Head W ?
BALL, Sylvia Dau S ?
BALL, Edna Dau S ?
BALL, Arthur Head M ?
BALL, May Wife M ?
BALL, Myrna Dau S  
Dou---, Joseph Head M ?
Dou---, Margrett (sic) Wife ? ?
G--N, Joseph ? ? ?
GRIFFIN, John Step Son S 2-
MILLS, Maxwell* Head M 33
MILLS, Carrie Wife M 27
MILLS, Cyril Son S 7
MILLS, Myrtle Dau S ?
MILLS, Ada Dau S 6
WHITE, Alberta Head W 46
WHITE, Ethel Dau S 2-
WHITE, Harry Son S 1-
WHITE, Ruben Son S 16
WHITE, Gl---by Son S 1-
WHITE, James Son S 9
WHITE, Edith Dau S 7
WHITE, Allen Son S 3
WHITE, Edward Head M 26
WHITE, Lucy Wife M 2-
WHITE, Chesley Son S ?
ROBERTS, John Head M 3-
ROBERTS, Leah Wife M 2-
PILLEY*, Doris Domestic S 2-
EVANS, Frederick Head M 6-
EVANS, Charlotte Wife M 5-
EVANS, Benson * Son S ?
EVANS, Venessa Dau S ?
EVANS, Clayton Head M ?
EVANS, Hazel Wife M ?
EVANS, Hoover (sic) Son S ?
OAKE, William Head M ?
OAKE, Susan Wife M ?
BALL, Cecil Head M ?
BALL, H-- Wife M ?
BALL, William ? ? ?
BALL, ? Dau ? ?
YOUNG, Hazel Domestic S -8
BALL, Steward Head M 47
BALL, Dulcie Wife M 42
BALL, Raymond Son S 2-
BALL, Otto Son S 18
BALL, Hedley Son S 16
BALL, B-y---- Son S 1-
BALL, Phyllis Dau S 12
BALL, Ruby Dau S 8
BALL, Louis Son S 6
BALL, Doris Son S 6
BALL, Evylin (sic) Dau S 5
BALL, Edna Dau S 3
BALL, Enid Dau S 3
BALL, Lawrence* Head M 2-
BALL, Mary Wife M 2-
BALL, Clariss (sic) Dau S ?
BALL, Frank Lodger S ?
HULL, Viola Domestic S ?
MARCH, D-------S Head M ?
MARCH, Effie Wife M ?
MARCH, D-------S, Jr. Son S ?
HUTCHCROFT*, William Head M 4-
HUTCHCROFT*, Flora Wife M 3-
HUTCHCROFT*, Arthur Son S ?
HUTCHCROFT*, Audrey Dau S ?
BOONE, Garland Brother in Law S ?
GINN, Edna Domestic ? ?
RIDEOUT, Peter * Head ? ?
RIDEOUT, Evelyn * Wife ? ?
RIDEOUT, ? ? ? ?
JEFFERIES, Arthur Head M 3-
JEFFERIES, Dorcas Wife M 31
JEFFERIES, Marion Dau S 11
JEFFERIES, Merle* Dau S 8
JEFFERIES, Grace* Dau S 6
JEFFERIES, Earle* Son S 5
JEFFERIES, George Son S 1
KING, Lot Head M 5-
KING, Tryph---- Wife M 57
MAY, Charles Head M 34
MAY, Beatrice Wife M 35
MAY, Laura Dau S 9
MAY, Myrtle Dau S 8
MAY, Raymond Son S 6
MAY, Florance* Dau S 5
MAY, Mable Dau S 3
MAY, Margrett (sic) Dau S 1
MILLS, Ambros* Head M 6-
MILLS, Jessie Wife M 5-
MILLS, Raymond Son S 1-
MILLS, Doyle* Son S 1-
ROSE*, George Head M 3-
ROSE*, Mable Wife M 2-
ROSE*, Mil--- Son S ?
GOODYEAR, Theophilus Head M ?
GOODYEAR, Mary Wife M ?
GOODYEAR, Raymond Son S 1-
GOODYEAR, Margrett Dau S ?
GOODYEAR, George* Brother ? ?
BRIDGER*, Samuel* Head M ?
BRIDGER*, ? Wife M ?
B-TTL--, ? Lodger ? ?
ROBERTS, Stephen Head M -9
ROBERTS, Alma Wife M 33
ROBERTS, Marg----t-- Dau S 11
ROBERTS, Charles Son S 10
ROBERTS, Miriah Mother W 70
GOOSNEY*, William Head W 35
GOOSNEY*, Clifton Son S 11
GOOSNEY*, Laura Dau S 9
GOOSNEY*, Gerald Son S 7
GOOSNEY*, Calvin Son S 5
GOOSNEY*, Catherine Mother W 76
SCOTT, Harriet Domestic S 1-
COLES, Maxwell Head M 22
COLES, Margrett (sic) Wife M 22
COLES, Shirley Dau S 1
BURRIDGE, Ruben Head M 64
BURRIDGE, Maude Wife M 59
BURRIDGE, An---- Dau S 1-
BURRIDGE, Leonard Son S 9
BURRIDGE, George Head M 3-
BURRIDGE, Sarah Wife M ?
BURRIDGE, Cecil Son S ?
GE--, William Head M 4-
GE--, Irene* Wife M ?
GE--, Calvin Son S ?
GE--, Murry* Son S ?
GE--, Louise Dau S ?
GE--, Emma Mother W ?
H--------T, Theophilus* Head M ?
H--------T, Beatrice* Wife M ?
H--------T, G-- ? ? ?
H--------T, -- ? ? ?
SNELGROW, Ruben Head M 5-
SNELGROW, Alice Wife M 51
SNELGROW, John Son S 21
GILLEY*, John Head M 39
GILLEY*, Lizzie Wife M 28
GILLEY*, Samuel* Son S 13
GILLEY*, Hazel Dau S 11
GILLEY*, Sadie Dau S 9
GILLEY*, Connie* Dau S 7
GILLEY*, Betty Dau S 5
GILLEY*, Enos* Son S 3
GILLEY*, Minnie Dau S 6mos
SAUNDERS, Ronald Head M 40
SAUNDERS, Emily Wife M 40
SAUNDERS, Alice Dau S 18
SAUNDERS, Bridgett Dau S 16
SAUNDERS, Joseph Son S 14
SAUNDERS, Ronald Jr. Son S 11
SAUNDERS, Allen+A1342 Dau (sic) S 9
SAUNDERS, Richard Son S 1
KING, William Sr. Head M 6-
KING, Annie Wife M 6-
DIAMOND, Le--- Lodger W 3-
DIAMOND, Madge Dau S 1-
DIAMOND, Nelson Son S 1-
REID, Richard Head M 4-
REID, Emily Wife M ?
REID, Annie Dau S ?
REID, Violet Dau S ?
REID, Alma Dau S ?
REID, Gordon Son S ?
REID, Lucy Dau S ?
REID, Andrew* Lodger ? ?
PILLEY, Archibald Head M 40
PILLEY, Luba* Wife M 32
PILLEY, Ada Dau S 11
PILLEY, Alfreda Dau S 9
PILLEY, Marie Dau S 6
PILLEY, Lilian Dau S 1
GILLARD, Hubert Head M 29
GILLARD, Mamie Wife M 25
SIMMS, Frank Lodger S 19
FIFFIELD, Barbara* Lodger S 16
SIMMS, William Head M 22
SIMMS, Edna Wife M 20
SIMMS, Harold Son S 1
SIMMS, Cecil Lodger S 22
SMALL, Joseph Head M 63
SMALL, Berthoma Wife M 63
SMALL, Garland Son S 2-
BURT, Mary Domestic S 2-
R-T--, Olford* Lodger S 2-
SMITH, Ishmael Head M 2-
SMITH, Melora (sic) Wife M 2-
SMITH, Ada Dau S 2
FUDGE, Samuel Head M 5-
FUDGE, Sarah Wife M 5-
FUDGE, Emma* Dau S 2-
FUDGE, Joyce Dau S 1-
FUDGE, George Son S 1-
BINGELL(sic), James Hwad M ?
BINGELL(sic), Blanche Wife M ?
BINGELL(sic), Eli Son S ?
BINGELL(sic), Henry Son S ?
BINGELL(sic), Vera Dau S ?
DICKS, ? ? ? ?
DICKS, Ella Wife M 44
DICKS, Edwin Son S 21
DICKS, Vera Dau S 13
VINEHAM, George Head M 60
VINEHAM, Dorcas Wife M 54
VINEHAM, Eva Dau S 19
CHALK, Lemuel Head M 43
CHALK, Erma Wife M 38
CHALK, ---iah Son S 16
CHALK, Amad--- Son S 14
CHALK, Sterling Son S 10
CHALK, Bruce Son S 9
CHALK, Ruby Dau S 7
CHALK, Ella Dau S 5
CHALK, Cora Dau S 3
CHALK, Bern---- Dau S 1
CURLEW, James Head M 48
CURLEW, Ida Wife M 27
CURLEW, Bertha* Dau S 11
CURLEW, Harold Son S 5
CURLEW, Raymond Son S 4
CURLEW, Calvin Son S ?
CARAVAN, Adolph Head M 4-
CARAVAN, Dora Wife M 4-
CARAVAN, Percie* Son S 1-
CARAVAN, Grace Dau S 1-
CARAVAN, Herbert Son S ?
CARAVAN, Maxwell Son S ?
CARAVAN, Ruby Dau S ?
TULK, Charles Head M ?
TULK, Emma Wife M ?
TULK, ? ? ? ?
? , Pearl Domestic S 15
TULK, Stanley Head M -9
TULK, Dina Wife M 33
TULK, Aubrey Son S 9
TULK, M--y Dau S 7
TULK, Clive Son S 5
TULK, Gerald Son S 4
TULK, Joan Dau S 3
TULK, Shirley Dau S 4mos
WHITE, John V. Head M 25
WHITE, Bertha Wife M 27
WHITE, Norman Son S 3
WHITE, Marion Dau S 1
STUCKLESS, Mark Lodger S 15
COOPER, Thomas Head M 44
COOPER, Carrie Wife M 39
COOPER, Herbert Son S 1-
COOPER, Muriel Dau S 16
COOPER, Ward Son S 13
COOPER, Bruce Son S 11
COOPER, Milton Son S 11
COOPER, Carol (sic) Son S 9
COOPER, Pansy* Dau S 7
COOPER, Lilian* Dau S 6
COOPER, Evelyn* Dau S 1
WHITE, Dot Domestic S 2-
DALLEY, Bennett* Head M 2-
DALLEY, Josephine Wife M 3-
DALLEY, Marie Dau S ?
DALLEY, Pansy Dau S ?
DALLEY, Raymond Son ? ?
DALLEY, Calvin* Son ? ?
DALLEY, Eric* Son ? ?
DALLEY, Robert Adopted Son S 1-
GILLARD, Robert Head M 55
GILLARD, Ellen Wife M 47
GILLARD, Charlett (sic) Dau S 19
GILLARD, Louis* Son S 14
GILLARD, Reta (sic) Dau S 10
RINGER, Clarence* Head M 43
RINGER, Julia Wife M 40
RINGER, Nina Dau S 18
RINGER, Wilbert Son S 16
RINGER, Reginal (sic) Son S 14
RINGER, Myrtle Dau S 6
SMITH, William Lodger S 26
MANUEL, Victor Head M 56
MANUEL, May Wife M 57
MANUEL, Bulah Dau S 18
MANUEL, Nelson Son S 15
LANGDON, Ralph Head M 23
LANGDON, Kate Wife M 21
LANGDON, Raymond Son S ?
LANGDON, Edna Dau S 1
THROKE, George Head M 6-
THROKE, Eliza Wife M 5-
THROKE, Ettie* Dau S 1-
THROKE, Violet Dau S 1-
THROKE, Minnie* Dau S 10
LANGDON, Archibald Head M 5-
LANGDON, Louise* Wife M 4-
LANGDON, Selby* Son S 1-
LANGDON, Ivy Dau S 1-
LANGDON, Norman Son S ?
LANGDON, Robert Son S ?
LANGDON, B---- Son S ?
LANGDON, Eileen* Dau S 7
LANGDON, Gladyas (sic) Dau S 5
LANGDON, Newman Son S 4
LANGDON, Lovenia * Dau S 2
LANGDON, Cora Dau S 10mos
GILLARD, Walter Head M 49
GILLARD, Elsie Wife M 52
GILLARD, Maude Dau S 1-
CHIN*, George Head M 34
CHIN*, Prudence Wife M 29
CHIN*, Girtie (sic) Dau S 9
CHIN*, Kenneth Son S 6
CHIN*, Dulcie Dau S 4
CHIN*, Laura Dau S 2
CHIN*, Jennett* Dau S 3 mos
GOULDING, Walter Head M 32
GOULDING, Julia Wife M 27
GOULDING, Myrtle Dau S 8
GOULDING, Mitilda (sic) Dau S 7
GOULDING, Walter Jr. Son S 6
GOULDING, ---lma Dau S 4
GOULDING, Garfield Son S 3
GOULDING, Blossom Dau S 1
ROUSELL, Joseph Head M 26
ROUSELL, Kate Wife M 37
ROUSELL, Doyle (sic) Son S 1-
ROUSELL, --gl-- Dau S 9
ROUSELL, Lucy Dau S ?
ROUSELL, Effie Dau S ?
ROUSELL, Florence * Dau S ?
OXFORD, William Head M ?
OXFORD, Annie* Wife M ?
OXFORD, Margrett Dau S 6
OXFORD, Wilfred Son S 4
OXFORD, Mary Dau S 2
OXFORD, Gordon Son S 9mos
HEWLETT, Willis Head M 40
HEWLETT, Pearl Wife M 38
HEWLETT, Leonard Son S 9
HEWLETT, Allen* Son S 7
HEWLETT, Willis Jr. Son S 5
LOCKE, Abram* Head M 45
LOCKE, Flosie Wife M 42
LOCKE, Morry (sic) Head M 23
LOCKE, Winnie Wife M 20
REGULAR*, Dorman (sic) Head M 40
REGULAR*, Jane Wife M 38
CONNERS*, Mikle (sic) Head M 60
CONNERS*, Tammy Wife M 54
CONNERS*, Frank Son S 32
CONNERS*, Garrett Son S 30
CONNERS*, Ronald Son S 21
CONNERS*, Katheling Dau S 17
WHALEN, Samuel Head M 58
WHALEN, Clara Wife M 50
WHALEN, Llewellyn Son S 24
WHALEN, William Son S 1-
WHALEN, Emma Dau S ?
HART, James Lodger S 3-
KENNEDY, Leo Head M ?
CURTIS, Stella* Domestic S ?
HOLLOHAN, George Head M ?
HOLLOHAN, Beatrice Wife M ?
GIBS, Theophilus Head M ?
GIBS, Elsie Wife M 52
GIBS, Victor Son S 12
SCHUMP, Patrick Head Widower 46
SCHUMP, Mary Dau S 24
SCHUMP, John Son S 18
SCHUMP, Joseph Son S 17
PINK----, Arthur Head Widower 34
PINK----, Lena Dau S 9
PINK----, Harold Son S 7
KRA---Y, Louise Domestic S 33
KRA___Y, Myrtle Lodger S 9
MULLET, Pearce* Head M 42
MULLET, Sarah Wife M 38
MULLET, Chesley Son S 18
SNOW, Clarence Head M 31
SNOW, Minnie Wife M 2-
SNOW, Jean Dau S 5
SNOW, V---ice Dau S 2
SNOW, Joyce Dau S 5mos
KEATS, Samuel Head M 3-
KEATS, Phipilime (sic) Wife M 2-
KEATS, Beulah Dau S 9
KEATS, John Son S 5
KEATS, Harvey Son S ?
KEATS, Doreene (sic) Dau S ?
KEATS, Mota (sic) Dau S ?
BELGIN*, George Lodger S 1-
WILLON*, Dorothy Lodger S 2-
WILLON*, William Jr. Lodger S ?
JOSEPH, Sali--- Head M ?
JOSEPH, Diamond (sic) Wife M ?
JOSEPH, Josephine Dau S ?
JOSEPH, Frances* Dau S ?
JOSEPH, Daniel Son S 14
JOSEPH, Raymond Son S 13
BA------, Daniel Nephew S 25
RANDELL, William Head M 50
RANDELL, Charity Wife M 4-
RANDELL, Phebe (sic) Dau S 24
GOODYEAR*, Roland Lodger S 52
SAUNDERS, John Head M 48
SAUNDERS, Mary Wife M 4-
SAUNDERS, Sidney Son S 17
SAUNDERS, Eli Son S 16
SAUNDERS, Louis Son S 14
SAUNDERS, Edith Dau S 12
SAUNDERS, Nelson Son S 9
SAUNDERS, Isabel Dau S 8
SAUNDERS, Lena Dau S 7
SAUNDERS, R-ta Dau S 5
SAUNDERS, R---ia Dau S 4
WATKINS, Samuel Jr. Head M 4-
WATKINS, Ettie Wife M 3-
NICHOLS, Mary Domestic S 2-
FLYNN, Ambrose Lodger S 2-
RICHARDS, Howard Lodger S ?
BOYDE, Ronald Lodger S ?
BUTLER*, James Head M 4-
BUTLER*,, Delilah Wife M 4-
BUTLER*,, Hurbit (sic) Son S 1-
BUTLER*,, Murial (sic) Dau S 1-
BUTLER*,, Vivian Dau S 1-
BUTLER*,, Clarence Son S ?
BUTLER*,, Raymond Son S ?
BUTLER*,, Allister Son S ?
STUCKLESS, Robert Head M ?
STUCKLESS, Marjorie Wife M 2-
BALL, Wilfred Head M 29
BALL, Evlyn Wife M 28
BALL, Flora Dau S 2
BALL, Samuel Son S 1
BALL, Wilfred Jr. Son S 4mos
BALL, Joyce Sister S 20
PRITCHETT, Dawson Head M 32
PRITCHETT, Mildred Wife M 2-
WELLS, Alfred Head M 51
WELLS, Mary Wife M 43
WELLS, Ma----- Neice S 19
DOOR*, George Head M 2-
DOOR*, Alfreda Wife M 4-
HARRIS, -orman Step Son S 2-
HARRIS, Eldon Step Son S 2-
HARRIS, Beyrl (sic) Step Dau S 17
HARRIS, Doris Step Dau S 1-
HARRIS, Clifford Step Son S 1-
HARRIS, Aubrey Step Son S ?
BALL, Donald Head M 27
BALL, Annie Wife M 25
BALL, Lucy Dau S 5
BALL, Malcom Son S 4
BALL, Stratt (sic) Son S 2
The following group is transcribed here just as is was recorded by the census taker.      
BENNOIT, Adolph Head M 5-
HIBBS, Elizabeth Domestic S 2-
BLOOMFIELD, George, Boards at Mrs Sarah Ball's S 20  
RICE, Gordon, Boards at Mr. William Rice's S 29  
BARRY, Rondelf (sic), Boards at Mr. William Rice's S 29  
FORD, Stephen, Boards at Mrs Samuel Eastman's S 27  
ABBOTT, Edwin, Boards at Mr. James Abbott's S 20  
TIZZARD, Earl, Boards at Mrs Sarah Ball's S 33  
DOOLEY, Mike, Boards at Mrs. Cl--- Saunders S 2-  
COLEBORNE, Arthur, Boards at Mr. John Saunders S 2-  
STYLES, William, Boards at Mr. Art Jefferies S 5-  
WARFORD, -ziah, Boards at Mr. Ch-s Warford's S 3-  
W_LCOTT, B-rt, Boards at Mr. Byrne's S 3-  
QUIRKE, William, Boards at Mr. John Tucker's S 4-  
COX, Edward, Boards at Samuel Watkin's S 3-  
PATEY, Eliza, Boards at Edwars White's S 4-  
RANDLE*, Hezrkiah (sic) Head M 3-
RANDLE*,, Gwendolyn Wife M ?
RANDLE*,, Rita Dau S ?
RANDLE*,, Ronald Son S ?
RANDLE*,, Clarice Dau S ?
RANDLE*,, Barbara Dau S ?
RANDLE*,, Calvin Son S ?
RANDLE*,, Fredrick Son S ?
DECKER*, Majorie Domestic S ?
LAVERS*, Sherlock Head M 29
LAVERS, Minnie Wife M 18
B-W---IDGE, Reginal Head M 28
B-W---IDGE, Eil-l Wife M 28
B-W---IDGE, Eric Son S 8mts
Transcriber's Note: The above name might be Bowdridge.      
BASHA, John Head M 24
BASHA, Eileen Wife M 19
HAYDEN, Lenora S 19  
Dau of John Hayden      
LODGE, Samuel, Boards at Geo Throke's W 4-  
LODGE, Gordon, Boards at Geo Throke's S 21  
LODGE, Wilfred, Boards at Geo Throke's S 19  
LODGE, Adolph, Boards at Geo Throke's S 16  
MA-, Jesse   S 24
EDMUNDS, Rachel Maid S 16
LAFITTE, Remi (sic) Miad S 24
PATEY, Thomas   S 29
ALEXANDER, Joseph Head M 2-
JANES, Marion Wife M 3-
JANES, Violet Dau S 2mos
WELLS, Elizabeth   M 54
ALEXANDER, Manuel Sr. Head M 5-
ALEXANDER, Manuel Jr.   S ?
ALEXANDER, Charlie   S 1-

Contributed by Ron St. Croix, January, 2001

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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