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This file "Verified to the original pages" (October 2005 - by Mary Rawlinson)


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Davis Inlet
Voisey Bay
Tilt Cove
Seal Cove
Big Bight
Makkovik Bay
Kipokak Bay
Island Harbour
Island Bay
Allotok Bay
Big Bay
Flower's Bay

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These Natives Lived in Davis Inlet in the Summer only. Anywhere in Labrador for the Remainder of the Year
PAGE 119
    RICH Sam Head M M 52
    RICH Margaret Wife F M 60
    RICH George Son M S 17
    RICH Napipan Son M S 6
    RICH David Son M S 3
    RICH Edward Head M M 68
    RICH Maui Wife F M 55
    RICH Edward Head M S 25
    RICH Shushep Head M M 34
    RICH Agatha Wife F M 34
    RICH Matthew Son M S 7
    RICH Benjamin Son M S 20
    RICH Nap??t Son M S 9
    RICH Monick Daughter F S 11
    RICH Michen Son M S 4
    RICH Leon Son M S 2
    RICH Sinapest Head M M 28
    RICH Marish Ann Wife F M 27
    RICH Matini Daughter F S 8
    RICH Penashuell Son M S 4
    RICH Penamish Daughter F S 2
      Pasheshhrat Head M M 40
      Maui Matineen Wife F M 30
      Maui Niatimeen Daughter F S 5
      Sabahiste Son M S 3
      James Head M M 28
      Maui Wife F M 24
      John Son M S 9
      Sheewam Son M S 5
      Mahinee Daughter F S 8
      Penashuell Daughter M S 11 Mons
      Pein Head M M 26
      Annish Wife F M 25
PAGE 120     Mauitiu Daughter F S 9
DAVIS INLET              
      Saul Head M M 25
      Maui Anjelik Wife F M 28
      Etien Son M S 7
      Maui Atin Daughter F S 6
      Sheemum Head M M 21
      Martha Wife F M 22
      Shusep Son M S 1
      Penash Mother F W 55
      Katini Sister F S 12
      Charles Head M M 32
      Mumick Wife F M 30
      Amira Daughter F S 16
      Katini Daughter F S 12
      Martha Daughter F S 8
      Genevieve Daughter F S 5
      Spashian Son M S 2
    MICHIMAGAUA Apinani Head M M 45
      Maui Wife F M 45
      Matini Daughter F S 12
      Shuaep Son M S 6
      Charlotte Daughter F S 3
    MISHIMAPU Epashian Head M M 43
      Mauish Ann Wife F M 50
      Pien Head M M 68
      Maui Ann Wife F M 30
      Rick Head M M 30
      Maui Ann Wife F M 23
      Suachem Son M S 8 mons
      James Head M M 18
      Janet Wife F M 17
      Shau Shusepa Son M S 9 mons
DAVIS INLET     William Head M M 30
PAGE 121     Annis Wife F M 31
      Shusep Son M S 9
      William Son M S 4
      Charles Head M M 28
      Penash Wife F M 25
      Manish Daughter F S 2
      Luma Head M M 20
      Alice Wife F M 18
      Manish Widow F W 55
      Matthew Son M S 20
      Pien Penin Head M M 33
      Maui Ann Wife F M 28
      Yali Son M S 10
      Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
      Penashuie Son M S 4
40 51 SAUNDERS Gilbert Head M M 38
    SAUNDERS Eliza Ann Wife F M 40
    SAUNDERS William Maxwell Son M S 12
    SAUNDERS Samuel Clifford Son M S 11
    SAUNDERS Gilbert Walter Howard Son M S 9
    SAUNDERS Archibald Gordon Alfred Son M S 7
    SAUNDERS Donald Hector MacMillian Son M S 5
    SAUNDERS Isabella Elfreda Andrea Daughter F S 3
    SAUNDERS Reginald John Frank Son M S 6 mons
These Natives Lived in Voisey's Bay and Davis Inlet in the Summer only. Anywhere in Labrador for the Remainder of the Year
      Sam Head M M 75
      Manilcauld Wife F M 70
      Luma Pana Head M M  
      Maui Pinane Wife F M  
      Kanari Daughter F S  
      Shoshep Son M S  
      Shanis Head M M 50
      Maui Katinin Wife F M  
      Maui Daughter F S  
      Shushau Daughter F S  
      Atstemik Daughter F S  
      Luma Son M S  
      Shinaprin Poris Head M M 20
      Anpinanen Wife F M  
      Anis Daughter F S  
      Panisopiuas Head M M 22
      Marian Wife F M  
      Cajelan Head M M  
      Maui Wife F M  
      Cajimame Daughter F S  
      Ramona Pinkanit Daughter F S  
      Manik Son M S  
      Lenes Daughter F S  
      Etwust Son M S  
      Kanikwe Head M M 75
      Ani Wife F M  
      Mimi Daughter F S  
      Mishapet Daughter F S  
      Shau Son M S  
      Jimmi Son M S  
      Ann Widow F W  
      Manim Head M M  
      Nast Wife F M  
PAGE 123              
      Mauis Daughter F S  
      Telatehis Head M S  
      Maniathen Widow F W  
      Luma Okran Son M S  
      Pinamin Daughter F S  
Indians Under Voisey's Bay were not at the mission in Davis Inlet this year (Unable to read the next 6 words) They did not "come out" as the saying goes.
Above information was furnished by a Davis Inlet Indian and it was impossible to get further details. Their life is a nomadic one and it would be futile to go look for them.
1 1 BROOMFIELD John Head M M 54
    BROOMFIELD Julia Wife F M 65
    LUCY Nancy Teresa Neice F S 28
2 2 COVE Samuel Head M M 58
    COVE Lucy Wife F M 63
    COVE John Thomas Son M S 27
    COVE Martha Daughter F S 22
    COVE Emily Jane Daughter F S 18
    COVE Sara Teresa Daughter F S 16
    COVE Mary Gladys Daughter F S 20
3 3 EDMUNDS William Head M M 45
    EDMUNDS Elizabeth Wife F M 40
    EDMUNDS Lavinia Daughter F S 18
    EDMUNDS John Charles Son M S 17
    EDMUNDS Sarah May Elizabeth Daughter F S 13
    EDMUNDS Jane Daughter F S 11
    EDMUNDS Alice Nancy Daughter F S 9
    EDMUNDS Thomas Son M S 6
    EDMUNDS Robert Wilfred Son M S 4
    EDMUNDS Bella Bertha Daughter F S 1
4 4 LUCY John Thomas Head M M 39
    LUCY Mary Wife F M 38
    LUCY Susan Ethel Daughter F S 17
    LUCY Thomas Joseph Son M S 15
    LUCY Sarah Ann Daughter F S 13
    LUCY Elizabeth Harriet Daughter F S 11
    LUCY Thomas Samuel Son M S 8
    LUCY Sarah Julia Daughter F S 2
    ALLEN Elizabeth Domestic F S 38
    VOISEY David Nephew M S 12
5 5 ACCUPIOK John Head M M 58
    ACCUPIOK Sarah Lavinia Wife F M 64
    MONAMIE Benjamin Nephew M S 21
PAGE 125   EDMUNDS Sarah Grand Daughter F S 17
6 6 BROOMFIELD Charles Thomas Head M M 39
    BROOMFIELD Gladys Rhoda Wife F M 35
    BROOMFIELD Fanny Daughter F S 16
    BROOMFIELD Walter John Son M S 15
    BROOMFIELD Bridget Carry Rose Daughter F S 12
    BROOMFIELD Susan Grace Daughter F S 9
    BROOMFIELD Ellen Mary Gladys Daughter F S 6
    BROOMFIELD Lavinia Doris Daughter F S 4
    BROOMFIELD Annie Christina Daughter F S 3
7 7 ANDERSON Henry Edward Head M M 57
    ANDERSON Isabella Caroline Wife F M 64
    ANDERSON John Edgar Son M S 19
    BROOMFIELD Bertha Ann Domestic F S 32
10 10 ANDERSON Abram Anton Head M M 37
    ANDERSON Mary Ann Wife F M 29
    ANDERSON James Alfred Son M S 10
    ANDERSON Mary Ann Daughter F S 7
PAGE 126   ANDERSON Robert Son M S 9
    ANDERSON Margaret Ellen Daughter F S 3
    ANDERSON Albert Torston Son M S 2
8 8 BROOMFIELD William Head M M 60
    BROOMFIELD Elizabeth Wife F M 65
    BROOMFIELD Ida Jane Daughter F S 30
    BROOMFIELD Wilson Arthur Son M S 26
    BROOMFIELD Charles Edward Son M S 22
    BROOMFIELD Winnie Jessie Daughter F S 20
    BROOMFIELD Charlotte Grand Daughter F S 7
    BROOMFIELD Thomas Grand Son M S 4
    MANAK Selina Lizzie Grand Daughter F S 13
9 9 BROOMFIELD Samuel Head M M 41
    BROOMFIELD Margaret Wife F M 36
    BROOMFIELD Susan Daughter F S 7
    BROOMFIELD Eldred Son M S 5
    BROOMFIELD Harriet Mary Daughter F S 4
    BROOMFIELD Elsie Daughter F S 1
11 11 ANDERSON Albert John Head M M 61
    ANDERSON Susan Mary Wife F M 61
    ANDERSON Edward Wilfred Son M S 26
    ANDERSON Elsie Ingeburg Daughter F S 21
    ANDERSON James Robert Son M S 16
    LUCY Muriel Domestic F S 16
12 12 ANDERSON Torston Wilson Head M M 52
    ANDERSON Harriet Christine Wife F M 49
    ANDERSON Mary Andrea Daughter F S 23
    ANDERSON Violet Christine Daughter F S 19
    ANDERSON William Alfred Son M S 16
    ANDERSON Ruth Peace Daughter F S 13
    ANDERSON Bertha Andrea Sister F S 63
    ANDERSON Christine Maud Neice F S 32
    ANDERSON Viola Maud Grand Neice F S 2
    ANDERSON Mary Ann Neice F S 22
    ANDERSON Samuel Nephew M S 6
    BROOMFIELD Henry Servant M S 26
13 13 ANDERSON Torston Head M M 30
    ANDERSON Alice Wife F M 27
    ANDERSON Edgar Anson Son M S 4
    ANDERSON Emma Mary Daughter F S 3
    ANDERSON Bertha Andrea Daughter F S 1
    BROOMFIELD Ellen Domestic F S 28
14 14 ATSATATAJUK Josua Head M W 58
15 15 MITCHELL Albert Head M M 40
    MITCHELL Lilian Sarah Wife F M 40
    MITCHELL Robert Son M S 12
    MITCHELL David Andrew Son M S 11
    MITCHELL Bertha Daughter F S 9
    MITCHELL Wilson Son M S 7
    MITCHELL Edward Son M S 5
    MITCHELL Mary Elizabeth Neice F S 15
    JACQUE George Gordon Servant M S 28
    LUCY Simon William Help F W 63
    MITCHELL Nancy Susanne Mother F W 65
16 16 WINTERS Alfred Head M M 31
    WINTERS Bridget Ann Wife F M 31
    WINTERS Albert Son M S 9
    WINTERS William Herman Son M S 6
    WINTERS Susan Charlotte Daughter F S 7
    WINTERS James Thomas Son M S 5
    WINTERS Edward Allen Son M S 2
    WINTERS Katie Ingeburg Daughter F S 11 Mons
    COVE Dorothy Caroline Domestic F S 16
17 17 PERRAULT Andrew Thorwald Eric Head M S 34
    PERRAULT Martha Patience Sister F S 31
    PERRAULT Susan Ellen Andrea Sister F S 25
18 18 PARSONS Edward Head M M 33
    PARSONS Isabella Maria Wife F M 25
    POTTLE Peter Nephew M S 10
19 19 WHITE Edwin Newton Head M S 29
20 20 JACQUE Samuel Joseph Head M M 51
    JACQUE Lavinia Wife F M 34
    JACQUE Malcolm David Son M S 16
    JACQUE Bessie Bridget Ann Daughter F S 13
    JACQUE Edward Joseph Son M S 10
    JACQUE Susan Gertrude Daughter F S 7
    JACQUE John Thomas Harvey Son M S 4
    JACQUE Ellen Mary Daughter F S 2
21 21 SACH George William Head M M 30
    SACH Lilian Mabel Wife F M 31
    SACH Ernest William Son M S 1
  6679 FLOWERS Susan Mary Eliza Domestic F S 21
    PERRETT Alice Rhoda Lodger F S 36
    PASCOE Annie Elizabeth Lodger F S 33
22 22 CHARD Joseph Head M M 59
    CHARD Ethel Wife F M 54
    CHARD Samuel Son M S 27
    CHARD Gladys Charlotte Daughter F S 22
    JACQUE Harriet Christine Margaret Domestic F S 13
23 23 MANAK John William Head M M 37
    MANAK Priscilla Rosila Wife F M 31
    MANAK Isabella Mary Daughter F S 4
    MANAK Evelyn Andrea Daughter F S 23 Mons
    MANAK Doris Susan Daughter F S 1
24 24 EVANS Stanley Head M M 40
    EVANS Elizabeth Wife F M 37
    EVANS Margaret Daughter F S 17
    EVANS Edna Eleanor Daughter F S 12
    EVANS Mary Elizabeth Daughter F S 10
    EVANS Thomas Albert Son M S 6
    EVANS Lilian Gladys Daughter F S 2
    BROWN Sarah Annie Domestic F S 43
25 25 GOUDIE Charles Henry Head M M 61
    GOUDIE Ellen Rosina Wife F M 54
    GOUDIE Warren Son M S 22
    ADAMS Elizabeth Jane Sister in Law F S 68
26 26 JACQUE William Alexander Head M M 56
    JACQUE Louisa Annie Wife F M 47
    JACQUE Amos Anthony Son M S 23
    TOMASE Mary Ellen Elizabeth Adpt Daughter F S 1
27 27 JACQUE George Alfred Head M M 52
    JACQUE Mary Nancy Wife F M 43
    JACQUE Beatrice Gertrude Daughter F S 19
    EDMUNDS David Alfred Adpt Son M S 16
28 28 JACQUE Fredrick Anthony Head M W 59
    JACQUE Graham William Son M S 27
    JACQUE Emily Emma Daughter F S 34
29 29 JACQUE Henry Hans Abraham Head M M 43
    JACQUE Sarah Wife F M 42
    JACQUE William Wilson Freeman Son M S 16
    JACQUE Louise Jessica Daughter F S 15
    JACQUE Nancy Phyllis Daughter F S 11
    JACQUE Elizabeth Lavinia Daughter F S 8
    JACQUE Edgar Son M S 6
    JACQUE Douglas Son M S 3
    JACQUE Herbert Clifford Son M S 1
30 30 MORGAN Margaret Ellen Head F W 70
    MORGAN Jonathan Daniel Adpt Son M S 26
    LUCY John Solomon Thomas Servant M S 22
    ANDERSON Caroline Charlotte Niece F S 23
    ANDERSON Henry Nephew M S 10
    FLOWERS Bella Lydia Servant F S 46
31 31 BROOMFIELD Sarah Margaret Head F W 60
    BROOMFIELD Arnold Elmo Son M S 34
    BROOMFIELD Walter Wilfred Son M S 30
32 32 LANE Richard ??ise Head M M 35
    LANE Bertha Mary Wife F M 35
    LANE Thomas Arnold Anthony Son M S 13
    LANE George Andrew Son M S 10
    LANE Donald Wilfred Ian? Son M S 4
33 33 SHEPHARD Wilson Head M M 48
    SHEPHARD Susan Wife F M 52
    SHEPHARD George Albert Son M S 25
    SHEPHARD Thomas ???? Son M S 18
34 34 GOUDIE ????? Donald Head M M 27
    GOUDIE Mary Elizabeth Wife F M 23
    JACQUE Florence Marion Adpt Daughter F S 7
35 35 MCNEILL Charles Head M W 78
    ANDERSON Eliza Charlotte Sister in Law F W 60
    FORD Arthur Alden Walter Grand Son M S 26
36 36 MCNEILL James Fredrick Head M M 48
    MCNEILL Harriet Lavinia Wife F M 45
    MCNEILL Samuel James Leonard Son M S 17
    MCNEILL Rupert Donald Son M S 15
    MCNEILL Elizabeth *1Wilthanes Ann Daughter F S 12
    MCNEILL Louis Charles Lawrence Son M S 5
37 37 LYALL Ernest McNeill Head M M 59
    LYALL Elizabeth Wife F M 61
    LYALL George William Son M S 32
    LYALL Ethel Annetta Daughter F S 28
    ANDERSON Rhoda Adpt Daughter F S 11
38 38 LYALL Thomas Alexander Head M M 23
    LYALL Margaret Louisa Wife F M 21
    LYALL Cora Goldstone Daughter F S 7 mons
39 39 ANDERSON Clara Bertha Head F W 32
    ANDERSON Anders Son M S 13
    ANDERSON Mildred Daughter F S 8
5 8 BROOMFIELD Henry Head M M 54
    BROOMFIELD Mary Augusta Wife F M 49
    BROOMFIELD Olav Leonard Adpt Son M S 17
    DICKER Mary Alvida Neice F S 15
    ANDERSON Irvin William Nephew M S 9
  9 DICKER John Son in Law M M 22
    DICKER Hildegard Mabel Daughter F M 24
1 1 PERRETT Walter Wheatley Head M M 65
    PERRETT Ellen Wife F M 63
    PERRETT Beatrice Edna Daughter F S 32
    PERRETT Gladys Helen Daughter F S 22
  2 COBB William Joseph Head M S 26
2 3 Stevenson Robert Louis Head M S 36
3 4 BOASE Bartolomew Head M M 52
    BOASE Matilda Wife F M 56
    BOASE Julianna Daughter F S 17
    BOASE Julianna Mother F W 80
  5 BOASE Ross Head M M 31
    BOASE Ketura Wife F M 36
    BOASE Verona Daughter F S 9
    BOASE Rosina Daughter F S 4
    BOASE Aliva Gustav Adpt Son M S 3 mons
4 6 ABEL Wilhardus Head M M 58
    ABEL Mary Ann Wife F M 57
  7 ABEL Josua Head M M 35
    ABEL Emily Wife F M 41
    ABEL Mary Ann Daughter F S 13
    ABEL Wilhardus Son M S 10
    ABEL Katarina Daughter F S 8
    ABEL George Son M S 5
    VOISEY Albert Son M S 19
6 10 WINTERS William David Head M M 40
    WINTERS Kristina Wife F M 36
    WINTERS Job Alfred Son M S 16
    WINTERS Jeremiah Son M S 14
    WINTERS Thomas Amos Son M S 12
    WINTERS Natan Son M S 8
    WINTERS Abel Son M S 6
    WINTERS Charlotte ???????? Daughter F S 4
7 11 TUTAUK Abia Head M M 29
    TUTAUK Magdalena Wife F M 23
8 12 TUTTU Samuel Filippus Head M M 64
    TUTTU Rachel Wife F M 20
    IGLOLIORTE Natanael Ross Grand Son M S 1
    NAGUARTAULINRAJOK Aaron Dependent M W 78
  13 TUTTU Freidrich Head M M 36
    TUTTU Justina Wife F M 45
    TUTAUK Ketura Adpt Daughter F S 2
9 14 FRIEDA Friedrich Head M M 39
    FRIEDA Mary Christine Wife F M 27
    FRIEDA Nancy Daughter F S 11
    FRIEDA Nancy Mother F W 73
    FRIEDA Frances Charlotte Daughter F S 6
    FRIEDA Michael Son M S 10
    SOLOMON Michael Servant M S 21
10 15 AGGEK Amos Head M W 69
    AGGEK Levi Son M S 19
  16 AGGEK Amos Head M M 44
    AGGEK Maria Wife F M 31
    AGGEK Berta Daughter F S 3
    AGGEK Josef Son M S 2
11 17 AUN Edward Head M M 41
    AUN Johanna Wife F M 32
    AUN Edward Son M S 11
    JEFFERY Alice Emma Adpt Daughter F S 4
12 18 MITSUK Abia Head M M 35
    MITSUK Mary Ann Wife F M 29
    MITSUK Susan Frances Daughter F S 6
    MITSUK Abigail Matilda Daughter F S 1
    MITSUK Harry Benjamin Son M S 8 mons
    WEBB John Eric Wife's Son M S 9
13 19 NITSMA Teopilus Simeon Head M M 55
    NITSMA Sabina Wife F M 56
    NITSMA Berta Martha Adpt Daughter F S 6
    TUTTU Sara Servant F S 16
    NITSMA Elias Adpt Son M S 24
14 20 UISUK Heinrich Head M M 42
    UISUK Lippora Wife F M 41
    TUTTU Susanna Tabea Niece F S 5
  21 LILLIT Jeremiah Head M M 25
    LILLIT Ester Wife F M 22
    LILLIT Lilpa Daughter F S 3
    LILLIT Tamar Salome Daughter F S 11 mons
15 22 LIKUJAK Jeremias Head M M 52
    LIKUJAK Ulrika Wife F M 62
    BOASE Justina Adpt Daughter F S 17
    ASSA Berta Aunt F W 40
    LIKUJAK Matilda Sister in Law F W 33
    LIKUJAK Lukus Nephew M S 6
    LIKUJAK Ulrika Neice F S 9
16 23 PUKAK Jafta Head M M 55
    PUKAK Sibilla Wife F M 57
    LIKUJAK Lydia Adpt Daughter F S 21
  24 TORARAK Zacharias Head M M 32
    TORARAK Sibilla Wife F M 29
    TORARAK Matilda Daughter F S 8
17 25 MITSUK Benjamin Head M M 61
    MITSUK Franziska Wife F M 65
    MITSUK Mary Salome Daughter F S 21
  26 MITSUK Johannes Adam Son M M 26
    MITSUK Ida Ruth Daughter in Law F M 26
    MITSUK Benjamin David Grand Son M S 1
18 27 BROWN Adolf Head M M 53
    BROWN Augusta Wife F M 70
19 28 AMUARTULIK Kristofor Head M M 63
    AMUARTULIK Sabina Wife F M 52
    DANIEL Sofia Adpt Daughter F S 11
20 29 TERRIAK Lukas Head M M 58
    TERRIAK Eleonora Wife F M 29
    TERRIAK Ambrosius Trofilus Son M S 17
    TERRIAK Ketura Sabina Daughter F S 12
    TERRIAK Titus Son M S 10
    TERRIAK Samuel Son M S 2
21 30 WINTERS Thomas Amos Head M M 63
    WINTERS Chaarlotte Wife F M 61
    WINTERS Clara Elizabeth Daughter F S 37
    WINTERS Edward John Son M M 35
    WINTERS Robert James Son M M 22
    WINTERS Margaret Annie Grand Daughter F S 11
22 31 NOGGESAK Michael Head M M 51
    NOGGESAK Barbara Wife F M 49
    NOGGESAK Francis Daughter F S 16
    NOGGESAK Markus Son M S 9
    PIJOGGE Fredricka Niece F S 5
  32 KEMAKUJAK Daniel Ambrose Head M M 31
    KEMAKUJAK Bertha Edith Wife F M 29
23 33 WINTERS David Jarvis Head M M 35
    WINTERS Martha Wife F M 27
    WINTERS Benjamin Issac Son M S 8
24 34 NOGGESAK James Head M M 48
    NOGGESAK Justina Wife F M 55
    NOGGESAK Barbara Francis Daughter F S 17
    TERRIAK Daniel Nephew M S 8
    KARPIK Justine Agnes Clara Grand Daughter F S 4
25 35 DANIEL Jeremias Head M W 52
26 36 NOA Justine Head F W 54
    TULLAK Emma Daughter F S 22
    NOA Daniel Son M S 20
  37 TULLAK Joel Head M M 27
    TULLAK Persida Wife F M 26
    TULLAK Ross Josef Son M S 3
    TULLAK Emma Daughter F S 2 mons
27 38 PIJOGGE Markus Head M W 58
    PIJOGGE Manasse Son M S 14
    PIJOGGE Renatus Son M S 12
    PIJOGGE Regina Daughter F S 10
    TORARAK Samuel Adpt Son M S 20
28 39 FRIEDA Nathan Head M M 47
    FRIEDA Louise Wife F M 32
    FRIEDA Amos Son M S 20
    FRIEDA James Son M S 5
    FRIEDA Not Baptized Daughter F S 1 week
29 40 MITSUK Salomo Head M M 43
    MITSUK Mary Emily Selina Wife F M 45
    MITSUK Susan Daughter F S 18
    MITSUK David Lukas Adpt Son M S 3 mons
    LIKUJAK Helena Daughter F S 4
30 41 JEFFERY Benjamin Head M M 35
    JEFFERY Magdalena Wife F M 38
    JEFFERY Elizabeth Johanna Daughter F S 7
    JEFFERY Thomas Elias Mattias Son M S 2
    ORIDJAN Hilda Aunt F W 72
31 42 MITCHELL William James Head M M 52
    MITCHELL Matilda Alvida Wife F M 52
    MITCHELL Harriet Daughter F S 19
    MITCHELL Jane Adpt Daughter F S 8
    DICKER William Servant M S 43
    GEAR Richard James Nephew M S 19
32 43 OLDFORD William Head M M 39
    OLDFORD Leah Wife F M 30
    TOMAU Charlotte Domestic F S 24
    MORRIS Warren George Servant M S 19
    ANDERSON Blanche Violet Inga Adpt Daughter F S 2
33 44 GEAR Nathanael Head M M 52
    GEAR Augusta Wife F M 28
    GEAR Alma Daughter F S 11
    GEAR Norman Gerald Son M S 2 mons
34 45 GEAR Alexander Head M M 58
    GEAR Frances Elizabeth Wife F M 44
    GEAR John Amos Son M S 25
    GEAR Emily Lavinia Daughter F S 23
    GEAR Henry Edward Son M S 16
    GEAR William Chesley Son M S 12
    GEAR Lily Daughter F S 10
    GEAR Solomon Job Son M S 7
    GEAR Elizabeth Bridget Daughter F S 3
    GEAR Wilson Mitchell Son M S 1
35 46 LANE Thomas Andrew Head M M 35
    LANE Mabel Matilda Wife F M 21
    LANE Ann Mother F W 70
36 47 LANE James Head M M 20
    LANE Olivia Wife F M 31
    LANE George Goodland Step Son M S 12
    LANE Adelaide Selina Daughter F S 11 mons
37 48 LANE Solomon John Head M M 46
    LANE Lavinia Mary Wife F M 53
    DICKER Fredrick David Step Son M S 24
    LANE Samuel George James Son M S 19
    LANE Solomon Arthur Son M S 11
    LANE Abraham Son M S 17
    LANE Lily Ann Rhoda Daughter F S 14
38 49 BROOMFIELD Samuel Walter Head M M 41
    BROOMFIELD Catherine May Wife F M 34
    BROOMFIELD Eliza Jessie Alice Daughter F S 9
    BROOMFIELD Grace Mildred Lily Ethel Daughter F S 7
    BROOMFIELD Mary Jane Daughter F S 6
    BROOMFIELD Samuel James Son M S 5
    BROOMFIELD Ebert Joseph Abraham Son M S 3 mons
    BROOMFIELD Lily Alice Rhoda Sister F S 35
    BROOMFIELD Samuel James Father M W 82
    BROOMFIELD John Alfred Nephew M S 26
39 50 FLOWERS David Chesley Head M M 45
    FLOWERS Clara Wife F M 40
    FLOWERS Chesley Herbert Son M S 19
    FLOWERS Violet Clara Daughter F S 17
    FLOWERS William Henry Son M S 15
    FLOWERS Sarah Elizabeth Phyllis Daughter F S 13
    FLOWERS George Son M S 10
    FLOWERS Louisa May Christine Daughter F S 8
    FLOWERS Millicent Harriet Olive Daughter F S 6
    FLOWERS Albert Robert Son M S 3
40 51 SAUNDERS Reginald Head M S 27

Transcribed by Floyd Letto (October 2005)

Updated by Patty Way (January 2006)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (October 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

McNEILL*1 Wilthanes should be spelled as Wealtheness
Patty Way

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