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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. Barbe

Pages 116 - 122

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
Page 116              
5 5 HUMBER Henry Head M M 23
    HUMBER Mary Wife F M 21
6 6 PERRY George Head M M 70
    PERRY Susannah Wife F M 69
    PERRY Henry Arthur Son M S 41
    PERRY Herbert Son M S 32
7 7 PERRY Norman Head M M 35
PAGE 117              
    PERRY Serena Cora Wife F M 32
    PERRY Henry Howard Son M S 13
    PERRY Catherine Daughter F S 11
    PERRY Curtis Son M S 9
    PERRY Fanny Serena Daughter F S 7
1 1 PAYNE John Peter Head M M 68
    PAYNE Arbella Levina Wife F M 63
  2 THORNHILL Phillip Head M M 29
    THORNHILL Ellen Wife F M 31
    THORNHILL Cyril Son M S 8
    THORNHILL Maggie Daughter F S 6
    THORNHILL Levina Jane Daughter F S 4
2 3 PAYNE Samuel Head M M 72
    PAYNE Jemima Wife F M 67
    PAYNE Hilda Daughter F S 14
3 4 WILTON Charles Head M M 31
    WILTON Irene Wife F M 28
    WILTON Freda Daughter F S 6
    WILTON Raymond Son M S 4
    WILTON Hannah Daughter F S 2
4 5 PAYNE Jesse Abraham Head M M 45
    PAYNE Edith Elizabeth Wife F M 39
    PAYNE Emma Daughter F S 14 (?)
    PAYNE Gordon Son M S 19
    PAYNE Samuel Son M S 17
    PAYNE Mary Daughter F S 16
    PAYNE Gorman Benj. Son M S 12
    PAYNE Beatrice Daughter F S 10
    PAYNE Thomas Son M S 7
    PAYNE Hayward Son M S 4
    PAYNE Greta Daughter F S 3
5 6 BENNOIT Alex Head M M 34
    BENNOIT Jane Wife F M 32
PAGE 118              
    BENNOIT Emily Ruby Daughter F S 4
1 1 BENNETT John William Head M M 65
    BENNETT Ann Wife F M 58
    BENNETT Margaret Daughter F S 14
2 2 GUINCHARD Fred Head M M 27
    GUINCHARD Millicent Wife F M 23
    PAYNE Doreen Adopted Daughter F S 3
3 3 BENNETT Angus Head M M 38
    BENNETT Myra Maud Wife F M 43
    BENNETT Grace Evelyn Daughter F S 12
    BENNETT Angus Trevor Son M S 8
    BENNETT Barbara June Daughter F S 5
4 4 HOUSE Freeman Head M M 37
    HOUSE Ada Wife F M 36
    HOUSE Olive Mary Daughter F S 13
    HOUSE Olga Regina Daughter F S 10
    HOUSE Roland Carol Son M S 7
    HOUSE Rexwell Hollis Kingford Son M S 4
  5 BIGGIN Isaac Head M M 20
    BIGGIN Marion Wife F M 15
    BIGGIN Mildred Lillian Daughter F S 8 Mos
5 6 HUMBER Levi Head M M 52
    HUMBER Cornelia Wife F M 51
    HUMBER Gerald Grand Son M S 5
6 7 HUMBER Wilson Head M M 30
    HUMBER Ethel Wife F M 25
    HUMBER Cassie Daughter F S 6
    HUMBER Audrey Daughter F S 2
7 8 MOSS George Head M M 56
    MOSS Dorcas Elizabeth Wife F M 53
    MOSS George Henry Son M S 19
    MOSS John House Son M S 26
    MOSS Michael Christopher Son M S 18
PAGE 119              
    MOSS Hazel Geraldine Daughter F S 15
    STORKS Marjorie Josephine Grand Daughter F S 4
1 1 MOSS Charlie W Head M M 35
    MOSS Fanny Lavina Wife F M 31
    MOSS Emma Daughter F S 12
    MOSS Harvey Son M S 10
    MOSS Edith Daughter F S 8 Mos
2 2 INGRAM William Robert Head M M 45
    INGRAM Maud Wife F M 48
    INGRAM Henry Clyde Son M S 21
    INGRAM Peter Son M S 15
    HOUSE Mary Jane Domestic F S 18
3 3 PEARCE Emmanuel Head M M 65
    PEARCE Kate Wife F M 48
    PEARCE Abner Son M S 21
    PEARCE Caroline Daughter F S 16
    PEARCE Emmanuel Son M S 13
    PEARCE Sabina Daughter F S 10
    PEARCE Ena Alice Daughter F S 8
4 4 PEARCE Joseph Head M M 31
    PEARCE Elizabeth Wife F M 25
    PEARCE Ellen Daughter F S 7
    PEARCE Morea (sic) Daughter F S 5
    PEARCE Lonzo (sic) Son M S 1
5 5 HOUSE James Head M M 68
    HOUSE Hannah Stach Wife F M 59
    HOUSE Charlie Son M S 35
    HOUSE James Son M S 20
    HOUSE Sydney Son M S 17
6 6 GUINCHARD James Ulric (?) Head M M 32
    GUINCHARD Freda Wife F M 24
    GUINCHARD Shirley Ulric (?) Son M S 6
    GUINCHARD Rendell Heber Son M S 5
PAGE 120              
1 1 GUINCHARD Joseph Head M M 59
    GUINCHARD Mary Wife F M 57
  2 GUINCHARD Thomas Head M M 23
    GUINCHARD Hannah Wife F M 15
2 3 GUINCHARD Rufus Head M M 35
    GUINCHARD Prudence Wife F M 31
    GUINCHARD Cornelius Son M S 13
    GUINCHARD Joyce Daughter F S 10
    GUINCHARD Nora Daughter F S 8
    GUINCHARD Blanche Daughter F S 5
    GUINCHARD Lawrence Son M S 9 Mos
3 4 BIGGIN Thomas Head M M 24
    BIGGIN Hannah Wife F M 21
    BIGGIN Ronald Son M S 4
    BIGGIN Enos Melvin Son M S 2
4 5 PAYNE Gordon Micaiah (sic) Head M W 40
    PAYNE Ethel Daughter F S 16
    PAYNE Evelyn Daughter F S 15
    PAYNE Alice Daughter F S 13
    PAYNE Daisy Daughter F S 10
    PAYNE Earnest Douglas Son M S 7
5 6 BROPHY James Head M M 69
    BROPHY Susan Jane Wife F M 64
    BROPHY Gordon Son M S 23
    BROPHY Reginald Grand Son M S 8
6 7 BROPHY John Head M M 35
    BROPHY Cassie Wife F M 26
    BROPHY Kathleen Daughter F S 11
    BROPHY Margaret Daughter F S 9
    BROPHY Calvin Son M S 3
    BROPHY Virtue Daughter F S 1
7 8 HOUSE Samuel Head M M 52
    HOUSE Martha Jane Wife F M 44
PAGE 121              
    HOUSE Grant Son M S 23
    HOUSE Edward Son M S 20
    HOUSE Edgar Son M S 15
    HOUSE Leslie Son M S 9
    HOUSE Clifford Son M S 7
    HOUSE Harvey Son M S 1
1 1 HOUSE Grant Head M M 43
    HOUSE Charollotte (sic) Wife F M 42
    HOUSE Ralph Son M S 19
    HOUSE Hiram Harris Son M S 13
    HOUSE Loyd sic) Henry Son M S 11
2 2 PERRY George William Head M M 45
    PERRY Susannah Wife F M 39
    PERRY Emily Daughter F S 17
    PERRY Alvena (sic) Daughter F S 14
    PERRY John William Son M S 12
    PERRY Rhoda Daughter F S 9
    PERRY Iris Daughter F S 7
    PERRY Edmund Lewis Son M S 4
    PERRY Pearl Regina Daughter F S 8 Mos
3 3 PERRY Reuben Head M M 32
    PERRY Charolotte (sic) Matilda Wife F M 29
    PERRY Clarence Son M S 10
    PERRY Christopher Son M S 8
    PERRY Donald Son M S 7
    PERRY William Son M S 6
4 4 HOUSE Augustus Head M M 41
    HOUSE Caroline Wife F M 36
    HOUSE Clayton Son M S 11
    HOUSE Winifred Daughter F S 8
    HOUSE Rilla (sic) (?) Daughter F S 6
    HOUSE Doris Daughter F S 3
    BENNETT Eunice Sister F S 15
PAGE 122              
1 1 BIGGIN (?) Cornelius Head M M 48
    BIGGIN Hannah Wife F M 47
    BIGGIN John Charles Son M S 22
    BIGGIN Cornelius Son M S 17
    BIGGIN Leonard Son M S 13
    BIGGIN Esme Daughter F S 10
2 2 BENNETT Elsie May Head F W 26
    BENNETT Adrian Son M S 5
    BENNETT Collins Son M S 3
3 3 BIGGIN Ann Head F W 74
4 4 BIGGIN William Head M W 43
    BIGGIN Archibald Son M S 22
    BIGGIN Howard Son M S 16
    BIGGIN Fanny Daughter F S 14
    BIGGIN Alice Daughter F S 11
    BIGGIN Elsie Daughter F S 7
    BIGGIN Eli Son M S 5
    BIGGIN Edith Daughter F S 2
5 5 BIGGIN Abner Head M M 68
    BIGGIN Melina Wife F M 60
  6 BIGGIN Stewart Head M M 33
    BIGGIN Catherine Wife F M 28
    BIGGIN Eileen Daughter F S 11
    BIGGIN Lionel Son M S 9
  7 COMBDEN Hiram Head M M 29
    COMBDEN Vera Wife F M 25
    COMBDEN Harley (?) Son M S 8
    COMBDEN Warren Son M S 4
6 8 HOUSE Hardy Head M M 25
    HOUSE Myrtle Wife F M 27 (?)
    HOUSE Charles R. Son M S 3
    HOUSE Herman Stanley Son M S 1
7 9 BROPHY Cornelius Head M M 67
PAGE 123              
    BROPHY Mary Ann Wife F M 63
    PEARCE Charles Son M S 30
    HEWLIN George Labourer M S 19
    WENTZELL Sophia Domestic F S 32
    PEARCE Malcolm Son M S 23

Original transcriber is unknown and the file has been re-formatted and verified for present posting on site.

Re-Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (January 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (January 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 09, 2016

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