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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. Barbe

Pages 6 - 11 & 46 -47

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 46              
1 1 PARSONS Joseph Head M M 62
    PARSONS Eva Wife F M 45 (?)
    PARSONS Eldon C. Son M S 27 (?)
    PARSONS Thomas Son M S 23
    PARSONS William L. Son M S 20
    PARSONS Maud Daughter F S 17 (?)
    PARSONS John E. Son M S 16 (?)
2 2 PARSONS William Head M M 54
    PARSONS Emma Wife F M 51
    PARSONS Sarah J. Daughter F S 25
    PARSONS Samuel Son M S 21
    PARSONS Donald Son M S 17
    PARSONS Maria Daughter F S 16
    PARSONS Edna Daughter F S 13
    PARSONS Harold Son M S 11
    PARSONS Baxter Son M S 7
    PARSONS Glades (sic) Daughter F S 6
3 3 HALFYARD Frederick G. Head M M 60
    HALFYARD Amy Wife F M 56
    HALFYARD Jessie I. Daughter F S 24
    HALFYARD Julia C. Daughter F S 20
    HALFYARD Amy E. Daughter F S 18
    HALFYARD Samuel Brother M S 72
  4 BLANCHARD Steward E. Head M M 28
    BLANCHARD Alma D. Wife F M 27
    BLANCHARD Harold S. Son M S 4
    BLANCHARD Frederick Son M S 3
    BLANCHARD Sidney W. Son M S 1
PAGE 47              
4 5 SHANES Francis S. Head M W 68
    SHANES William Son M S 27
    SHANES Emma Daughter F S 18
    SHANES Mary Daughter F S 10
5 6 NOEL George E. Head M M 48
    NOEL Annie Wife F M 37
    NOEL Georgia Daughter F S 13
    NOEL Bertram Son M S 10
    NOEL Richard E. Son M S 8
    NOEL Edith M. Daughter F S 4
6 7 WILTON Frederick Head M M 45
    WILTON Ethel Wife F M 45
    ROBERTS Richard S-son M S 18
    WILTON Elizabeth Daughter F S 12
    WILTON Mary Daughter F S 10
    WILTON Ada Daughter F S 8
    WILTON Thomas Son M S 6
    WILTON Ethel Daughter F S 4
7 8 BLANCHARD Albert Head M M 33
    BLANCHARD Edith Wife F M 22
8 9 ELLIOTT Fredrick Head M M 32
    ELLIOTT Jane Wife F M 31
    ELLIOTT Cyril Son M S 7
    ELLIOTT Philis (sic) Daughter F S 5
    ELLIOTT Eric Son M S 1
    RIDEOUT Alfreda Servant F S 20
    WILTON Norman * Head M M 52
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry. Included here for reference
PAGE 6              
9 11 HALFYARD Alfred Head M M 76
    HALFYARD Elizabeth Wife F M 66
    HALFYARD John Son M S 37
    HALFYARD Jessie Daughter F S 33
    BUTT Edith Head F W 26
    BUTT Leona Daughter F S 1
10 12 HALFYARD Alfred E. Head M M 40
    HALFYARD Leah Wife F M 27
    HALFYARD James S. Son M S 4
    HALFYARD Mirah (sic) Daughter F S 1
11 13 HALFYARD Charles E. Head M M 42
    HALFYARD Sarah W. Wife F M 28
    HALFYARD William Son M S 5
    HALFYARD Gordon Son M S 1 (?)
12 14 HALFYARD George H. Head M M 44
    HALFYARD Elizabeth Wife F M 41
    HALFYARD George M. Son M S 11
    HALFYARD Marguerite Daughter M S 10
    HALFYARD Thomas Son M S 7
    HALFYARD Joby (sic) Son M S 4
13 15 PARSONS Samuel F. Head M M 38
    PARSONS Mahalla M. (sic) Wife F M 24
    PARSONS George G. Son M S 4
    PARSONS Dorothy M. Daughter F S 2
14 16 MARTIN Charles H. Head M M 32
    MARTIN Melida (sic) Wife F M 33
    GREEN June Daughter F S 12
    GREEN Albert Son M S 9
PAGE 7              
14 16 MARTIN Beulah Daughter F S 4
    MARTIN Margy (sic) Daughter F S 2 (?)
15 17 PARSONS James H. Head M M 29
    PARSONS Blanche Wife F M 30
    PARSONS Herbert Son M S 4
16 18 ROBERTS Stephen R. Head M M 54
    ROBERTS Bertha Wife F M 49
    ROBERTS John Son M S 21
    ROBERTS Edith Daughter F S 16
    ROBERTS Wooroe (sic) Son M S 14
    ROBERTS Vivian Daughter F S 11
    ROBERTS Bertha Daughter F S 9
17 19 MARTIN William Head M M 39
    MARTIN Mabel Wife F M 28
    MARTIN Carl Son M S 1
    MARTIN Calvin Son M S 2 Mos.
18 21 MARTIN James J. Head M M 69
    MARTIN Elizann (sic) (?) Wife F M 62
    MARTIN Audrey Adopted Daughter F S 13
    MARTIN Roy Adopted Son M S 10
    MARTIN Jean Daughter F S 8
    MARTIN Anston (sic) Head M M 26
    MARTIN Dinana (sic) Wife F M 25
    MARTIN Nathaniel Brother M W 38
19 22 PARSONS Ormsby (sic) (?) A. Head M M 32
    PARSONS Hazel Wife F M 31
    PARSONS Maigold (sic) Lodger F S 7
    TAYLOR Elizabeth Servant F S 18
PAGE 8              
20 23 COOMBS Annie M. Head F W 54
    COOMBS Wallace Son M S 29
    COOMBS Charles L. Son M S 26
    COOMBS Georgina Daughter F S 14
    COOMBS Ida Daughter F S 4
    COOMBS Dapheny (sic) Daughter F S 1
21 24 MARTIN Selby G. Head M M 33
    MARTIN Nellie M. Wife F M 28
    MARTIN Frederick Son M S 3
    MARTIN Norma Daughter F S 1
22 25 GILLAM John C. Head M M 50
    GILLAM Linda Wife F M 45
    GILLAM John R. Son M S 20
    SIMMONDS George Step-Son M S 21
    SIMMONDS Samuel Son M S 18
    SIMMONDS Selina Daughter F S 16
    GILLAM Hebber (sic) Son M S 14
    GILLAM Joice (sic) Daughter F S 12
    GILLAM Thomas Son M S 9
    GILLAM Annia (sic) Daughter F S 7
    GILLAM Arthur Son M S 5
24 26 BROWN Joseph Head M M 62 (?)
    BROWN Hariett Wife F M 58
    BROWN Stanley J. Son M S 15
    BROWN Annie M. Daughter F S 14
    BROWN May R. Daughter F S 14
    BROWN James Son M S 10
PAGE 9              
25 27 BURDEN Howard Head M M 54
    BURDEN Lillian Wife F M 47
    LUNDERCAN Amos Step-son M S 25 (?)
    BURDEN Bessie Daughter F S 19
    BURDEN Donald Son M S 16
    BURDEN Auglas (sic) Son M S 14
    BURDEN Ralph Son M S 8
    BURDEN Emma Daughter F S 6
    BURDEN Marigold Daughter F S 3
26 28 BROWN George E. Head M M 31
    BROWN Dora A. Wife F M 28
    BROWN Bryant S. Son M S 6
    BROWN Dorthy (sic) R. Daughter F S 4
    BROWN Clarence M. Son M S 2
    REID Dorthy (sic) M. Servant F S 16
27 29 PIKE William T. Head M W 58
    PIKE John C. Son M S 21
28 31 MUDGE William H. Head M M 72
    MUDGE Mary E. Wife F M 62
    MUDGE Leslie W Head M M 32
    MUDGE Priscilla Wife F M 31
29 32 BUTT Peater (sic) Head M M 40
    BUTT Sarah H. Wife F M 35
30 33 EARL John A. Head M M 42
    EARL Patients (sic) H. Wife F M 36
    EARL Lillian Daughter F S 16
    EARL Georgina Daughter F S 14
    EARL Chesley Son M S 11
PAGE 10              
30 33 EARL George R. Son M S 6
31 34 MERCER Sarah Head F W 60
    MERCER James Son M S 16
    MERCER William Son M S 8
32 35 PARSONS George W. Head M M 33
    PARSONS Lillian P. Wife F M 27
    PARSONS Olive Daughter F S 5
    PARSONS Mona Daughter F S 2
    PARSONS Susie Daughter F S 1
33 36 TAYLOR Octavus (sic) E. Head M M 46
    TAYLOR Mary E. Wife F M 46
    TAYLOR George Son M S 14
    TAYLOR Dorothy Daughter F S 12
    TAYLOR Joseph Son M S 9
    TAYLOR Kenneth Son M S 7
    TAYLOR Herbert Son M S 4
34 37 TAYLOR Elvina (sic) Head F W 70
    TAYLOR Douglas Son M M 35
    TAYLOR Ethel F. Wife F M 24
    SPINDLER Herbert A. Son M S 11
35 38 TAYLOR Obediah Head M M 65
    TAYLOR Isibella (sic) Wife F M 62
    TAYLOR Chesley W. Son M S 22
36 39 PIKE Hemmans (sic) Head M M 31
    PIKE Violet M. Wife F M 27
    PIKE Marion Daughter F S 2
PAGE 11              
37 40 TAYLOR Samson E. Head M M 32
    TAYLOR Clara Wife F M 32
    TAYLOR Violet Daughter F S 7
    TAYLOR Pandora Daughter F S 8
    TAYLOR James Son M S 3
    TAYLOR Clyde G. Son M S 2
38 41 CULLIHALL Edward Head M M 68
    CULLIHALL Ida Wife F M 50
39 42 TUFF Jabez H. Head M M 60
    TUFF Annie Wife F M 58
    TUFF Albert Brother M S 62
40 43 TUFF William H. Head M W 73
    TUFF Rowland A. Son M M 42
    TUFF Sarah Wife F M 39
    TUFF Bertram Son M S 14
    TUFF William C. Son M S 10
    TUFF Mildred Daughter F S 5
41 45 TUFF Stephen Head M M 58
    TUFF Lucy Wife F M 54
    TUFF Linda Daughter F S 19
    TUFF William W. Head M M 23
    TUFF Caroline Wife F M 22
    TUFF Milton M. Son M S 2
42 46 PIKE Stephen Head M M 33
    PIKE Valcie (sic) Wife F M 23
    PIKE Olga Daughter F S 6
    PIKE Eric Son M S 3
    PIKE Gordin (sic) Son M S 1

Original transcriber is unknown.

Re-Transcribed by Wendy Andres (November 2004)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (November 2004 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 09, 2016 (Don Tate)

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