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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 400 - 404 & 336

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 400              
1 1 BUTT Bernard Head M M 49
    BUTT Mary Jane Wife F M 38
    BUTT Samuel Son M S 19
    BUTT Andrew Son M S 16
    BUTT Genevieve Daughter M S 14
    BUTT Clarence Son F S 10
    BUTT Leo Son M S 8
    BUTT John Son M S 6
    BUTT Mary Daughter F S 3 mos
2 2 BUTT Felix R. Head M M 35
    BUTT Sarah Wife F M 35
    BUTT Mary Ellen Daughter F S 13
    BUTT Isaac Son M S 9
    BUTT Richard Felix Son M S 5
    BUTT Frances Dorene Daughter F S 1
3 3 CLARKE John of Rich'd Head M M 37
    CLARKE Elizabeth Mother F M 78
    CLARKE Richard L. Father M M 76
    CLARKE Jemima Wife F M 32
    CLARKE Richard Lockard Son M S 9
    CLARKE Hayward Burden Son M S 6
4 4 CLARKE Arthur Wesley Head M M 47
    CLARKE Clara Belle Wife F M 37
    CLARKE Fred'ck Son M S 18
    CLARKE Jessie L. Daughter F S 16
5 5 CLARKE George Albert Head M W 78
6 6 NICHOLL Richard B. Head M S 53
    NICHOLL Prudence Mother F W 77
    BLAKE William H. Cousin M S 65
7 7 NICHOLL John Charles Head M W 85
8 8 DEAN Sarah Jane Head F W 78
    MOORES Clifford Son Adopted M S 22
    MOORES Robert Son Adopted M S 19
PAGE 401              
    MOORES Florence Daughter Adp. F S 16
9 9 EVELEY James Head M M 44
    EVELEY Ida May Wife F M 41
    EVELEY Fred'ck Son M M 20
    EVELEY Wilbert Son M S 17
    EVELEY Clara May Daughter F S 14
    EVELEY James Son M S 9
    EVELEY Reginald P. Son M S 4
    EVELEY Mary Daugher-in-law F M 18
10 10 BUTT William Head M M 65
    BUTT Marion Wife F M 35
    BUTT Ellen Mary Daughter F S 1
    SOPER John Step-son M S 13
    SOPER Sadie May Step-daughter F S 12
    SOPER Leonard Step-son M S 10
    SOPER George Step-son M S 8
11 11 NICHOLL Douglas Head M M 40
    NICHOLL Hazel Mother F W 60
    NICHOLL Maleana (sic) Wife F M 34
    NICHOLL Mildred Sister F S 21
    NICHOLL Mary Ann Daughter F S 10
    NICHOLL Hazel Daughter F S 2
12 12 MCCARTHY Eugene Head M M 50
    MCCARTHY Elsie P. Wife F M 40
    MCCARTHY James Son M S 19
    MCCARTHY John Son M S 17
    MCCARTHY Jane Daughter F S 14
    MCCARTHY Delordes Daughter F S 10
    MCCARTHY Richard Son M S 9
    MCCARTHY Eugene Son M S 3
13 13 MERRIGAN Terrence Head M M 40
    MERRIGAN Sarah Wife F M 40
    KENNEDY William Uncle M S 67
    MERRIGAN Mary Daughter F S 13
    MERRIGAN Patrick Son M S 10
    MERRIGAN Terrance Son M S 9
    MERRIGAN Clarence Son M S 6
PAGE 402              
NOTE: The first four individuals on this page were duplicated from the previous page on the original pages.
    MERRIGAN Mary Daughter F S 13
    MERRIGAN Patrick Son M S 10
    MERRIGAN Terrance Son M S 9
    MERRIGAN Clarence Son M S 6
14 14 ASH Harold Head M M 34
    ASH Gladys Wife F M 26
    ASH Melvin Son M S 3
15 15 ASH Joseph Enos Head M M 44
    ASH Alfreda Mother F W 72
    ASH Margaret Wife F M 39
    ASH Julia Daughter F S 20
    ASH Alma Daughter F S 18
    ASH Margaret Daughter F S 16
    ASH Mary Daughter F S 13
    ASH Alfreda Daughter F S 10
    ASH Georgina Daughter F S 7
    ASH Stella Daughter F S 4
    ASH Joshlyn (sic) Daughter F S 1
16 16 MCCARTHY Ellen Head F W 74
    MCCARTHY Elizabeth Daughter F W 50
    MCCARTHY Nellie Granddaughter F S 21
17 17 MCCARTHY Florence Head M M 60
    MCCARTHY Bridget Wife F M 60
    MCCARTHY Edward Son M S 23
    MCCARTHY Agatha Adptd daughter F S 16
18 18 BUTT Joseph Head M M 51
    BUTT Frances Wife F M 41
    BUTT William J. Son M S 17
19 19 SIMMS Joseph Head M M 52
    SIMMS Mary Ann Wife F M 46
    SIMMS James Son M S 20
    SIMMS Lewis Son M S 18
    SIMMS Elizabeth Daughter F S 16
PAGE 403              
19 19 SIMMS Jonathan Son M S 15
    SIMMS Ada Daughter F S 13
    SIMMS Mary Daughter F S 12
    SIMMS Hubert Son M S 6
    SIMMS Marjorie Daughter F S 4
    SIMMS Dorothy Daughter F S 1
    SIMMS Amelia Mother F W 80
20 20 ASH Joseph Head M W 84
    ASH Emma Wife F M 75
    ASH George of Jos Son M S 25
21 21 MCCARTHY Felix Head M W 66
22 22 ASH Ernest Head M M 41
    ASH Zipporah Wife F M 39
    ASH Eva Daughter F S 19
    ASH William E. Son M S 16
    ASH Hazel Daughter F S 13
    ASH Ernest Son M S 10
    ASH Marlene Daughter F S 4
23 23 MCCARTHY James W. Head M M 36
    MCCARTHY Mary Ellen Wife F M 34
    MCCARTHY Reta Daughter F S 15
    MCCARTHY Jennieve (sic) Daughter F S 12
    MCCARTHY Beatrice Daughter F S 10
    MCCARTHY Agustion (sic) (?) Son M S 9
    MCCARTHY William Son M S 8
    MCCARTHY Vera Daughter F S 6
    MCCARTHY Vincent Son M S 5
    MCCARTHY James Son M S 3
    MCCARTHY Kathrine Daughter F S 7 mos
24 24 MCCARTHY William Head M M 66
    MCCARTHY Mary Wife F M 60
    MCCARTHY John Son M S 24
PAGE 404              
    MCCARTHY Thomas Son M S 21
    MCCARTHY Leo Son M S 19
    MCCARTHY Mary Eliza Daughter F S 15
25 25 BUTT George Head M W 66
    REARDON Bridget Daughter F M 32
    BUTT John Joseph Son M S 14
    BUTT Richard Son M S 15
    BUTT Angela Daughter F S 10
26 26 MCCARTHY Charles Head M M 43
    MCCARTHY Elizabeth Ann Wife F M 33
    MCCARTHY Helen Daughter F S 7
    MCCARTHY Reginald Son M S 4
    MCCARTHY Mary Daughter F S 3
    MCCARTHY Geraldine Daughter F S 1
27 27 FORWARD Mark Head M M 33
    FORWARD Elsie S Wife F M 33
    FORWARD Melvin Son M S 12
    FORWARD Frank Son M S 10
    FORWARD Elsie Daughter F S 8
    FORWARD Phyllis Daughter F S 4
    FORWARD Alfred Son M S 2
28 28 FORWARD John H. Head M M 42
    FORWARD Phoebe Wife F M 39
    FORWARD Nelson F. Son M S 19
    FORWARD Helena M. Daughter F S 16
    FORWARD Mary Mother F W 75
29 29 MCCARTHY George W. Head M M 40
    MCCARTHY Mary Mother F W 75
    MCCARTHY Mary Wife F M 36
    MCCARTHY Gerald Son M S 11
    MCCARTHY Charles Son M S 8
    MCCARTHY George Son M S 5
    MCCARTHY Kathleen Daughter F S 3
PAGE 336              
169   RC Board Education Seating 30 Children  
170   UC Board Education Seating 30 Children  
171   VATCHER Estate No Information Available      
172   GEORGE Samuel No Information Available Owner living on Bell Island  
173   SOPER John No Information Available Owner died - Widow and children removed  
174   BRANDFIELD Felix No Information Available Owner Absent  
175   BUTT Robert No Information Available Owner living in the United States  

Transcribed by Norma Elliot (May 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (May 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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