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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 59 - 65

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 59              
173 173 BRUSHETT Fred Head M M 28
    BRUSHETT Daisy Wife F M 28
    BRUSHETT George E. Son M S 5
    BRUSHETT Elroy Son M S 4
    BRUSHETT Alfred Son M S 2
    BRUSHETT Beulah Son M S 2 Mos
    BRUSHETT Leah Mother F W 64
174 174 BRUSHETT George R. Head M M 23
    BRUSHETT Beatrice Wife F M 21
    MURLEY Isabella Head F W 77
175 175 MURLEY Samuel Head M M 57
    MURLEY Gertie Wife F M 54
176 176 HODDER Albert Head M M 41
    HODDER Lousia (sic) Wife F M 31
    HODDER Norman Son M S 14
    HODDER Olive Daughter F S 11
    HODDER Ella Daughter F S 9
177 177 BOWLES Oliver Head M M 24
    BOWLES Beatrice Wife F M 27
    BOWLES Iona Daughter F S 1
    BOWLES Harold Son M S 1 Mo
178 178 PIKE Ernest Head M M 65
    PIKE Minnie Wife F M 53
179 179 EMBERLEY Joseph Head M M 36
    EMBERLEY Winnie Wife F M 33
    EMBERLEY Blanche Daughter F S 15
    EMBERLEY Charlie Son M S 14
    EMBERLEY James Son M S 10
    EMBERLEY Joseph Son M S 5
    EMBERLEY Chesley Son M S 3 Mos
180 180 EMBERLEY William Head M M 65
    EMBERLEY Emily Wife F M 62
    EMBERLEY Rosella Daughter F S 29
PAGE 60              
181 181 FIZZARD William Head M W 65
    FIZZARD Willias (sic) Son M M 31
    FIZZARD Julia Daughter in Law F M 21
182 182 KEEPING Emanuel Head M M 59
    KEEPING Mary Wife F M 58
    KEEPING Mary Ann Daughter F S 18
183 VACANT            
184 183 MCCARTHY Richard Sr. Head M M 76
    MCCARTHY Elizabeth Wife F M 68
    MCCARTHY Sarah Sister F S 78
  184 MCCARTHY Richard Jnr. Head M W 47
    MCCARTHY Elizabeth Jnr. Daughter F S 16
185 VACANT            
186 185 BRAKE George Head M W 57
    BRAKE John Son M S 23
    BRAKE Annie Daughter F S 22
    BRAKE William Son M S 15
    BRAKE George Son M S 14
187 186 BRAKE Philip Head M M 60
    BRAKE Annie Wife F M 58
    BRAKE Bella* Daughter F S 27
* NOTE: Bella was crossed out on the page. Included here for reference.
    BRAKE Thomas Son M S 25
    BRAKE Philip Son M S 22
    BRAKE Lizzie Daughter F S 20
    BRAKE Robert Son M S 13
188 187 BRAKE William Head M M 63
    BRAKE Mary Wife F M 63
189 VACANT            
190 188 COLLINS Samuel Head M M 45
    COLLINS Maggie Wife F M 52
    FIZZARD Emona?* Step Daughter F S 21
*Transcriber's Note: the entry for Emona? was crossed out on the original census return. Included here for reference
PAGE 61              
191 189 FIZZARD Lenord Head M S 21
    FIZZARD Cecil Brother M S 17
  190 CLEAL Charlie Head M M 29
    CLEAL Doris Wife F M 25
192 191 FIZZARD George Ser. Head M M 58
    FIZZARD Pollie (sic) Wife F M 56
    FIZZARD James Son M S 20
    HARDING Wesley Step Son M S 16
193 192 FIZZARD James Jur. Head M M 38
    FIZZARD Flora Wife F M 33
    FIZZARD Viola Daughter F S 3
    FIZZARD John P. Son M S 1
194 193 FIZZARD Richard Head M M 65
    FIZZARD Martha Wife F M 55
    FIZZARD Morgan Son M S 19
195 194 FIZZARD Mary J. Head F W 68
    HODDER Stephen Grand Son M S 19
  195 FIZZARD Samuel Head M M 36
    FIZZARD Annie Wife F M 29
    FIZZARD Eugine (sic) Son M S 10
    FIZZARD Stella P. Daughter F S 3
    PIKE Charlie Step Son M S 7
    FIZZARD Louis Son M S 3 Mos
196 VACANT            
197 196 FIZZARD George Jnr. Head M M 43
    FIZZARD Bessie Wife F M 38
    FIZZARD Armina* Daughter F S 20
    FIZZARD Phyllias (sic)* Daughter F S 16
* NOTE: Both entries were crossed out on the page. Included here for refeence.
    FIZZARD Ada Daughter F S 12
    FIZZARD Emily Daughter F S 7
    FIZZARD Willias (sic) Son M S 2 1/2 Mos
PAGE 62              
198 197 FIZZARD James Ser. Head M M 66
    FIZZARD Alvina Wife F M 55
    BRUSHETT Donald Grand Son M S 17
  198 FIZZARD Philip Head M M 35
    FIZZARD Lily Wife F M 32
    FIZZARD Lloyd Son M S 13
    FIZZARD Thelma Daughter F S 4
199 199 HODDER John C. Head M M 54
    HODDER Emily Wife F M 51
    HODDER Hayward Son M S 20
    HODDER Clyde Son M S 14
    HODDER Byron Son M S 12
    HODDER John Son M S 4
    HODDER Charlotte Mother in Law F W 87
200 200 HODDER Mary Ann Head F W 50
    HODDER Violet Daughter F S 18
    HODDER Ernest Son M S 11
    HODDER Frances Grand Daughter F S 1
  201 HODDER Lester Head M M 24
    HODDER Mildred Wife F M 21
    HODDER Georgina Son M S 1
    HODDER Elias Son M S 4 Mos
201 202 HODDER Bert Head M M 27
    HODDER Lily Wife F M 25
    HODDER Sadie Daughter F S 2
    HODDER George Son M S 3 Mos
PAGE 63              
202 203 MURLEY John Head M M 54
    MURLEY Jemmima (sic) Wife F M 41
    MURLEY Ambrose Son M S 25
    MURLEY Gordon Son M S 19
    MURLEY Ella* Daughter F S 18
*Transcriber's Note: the entry for Ella was crossed out on the original census return. Included here for reference.
    MURLEY William R. Son M S 15
    MURLEY Pearl Daughter F S 14
    MURLEY Bella Daughter F S 11
    MURLEY Jenette (sic) Daughter F S 8
    MURLEY Joseph Son M S 5
    MURLEY Susie Daughter F S 1
  204 MURLEY Samuel Head M M 27
    MURLEY Minnie Wife F M 22
    MURLEY Ruby Daughter F S 12 Days
203 205 HODDER Thomas J. Head M M 53
    HODDER Hannah Wife F M 47
    HODDER William Son M S 25
    HODDER John Son M S 23
    HODDER Samuel Son M S 22
    HODDER Benjamin Son M S 18
    HODDER Edna Daughter F S 11
    HODDER Thomas Son M S 8
    HODDER Hurbert Son M S 4
204 206 BRUSHETT Lizzie Ann Head F W 41
    BRUSHETT George H. Son M S 13
    BRUSHETT Vivian* Daughter F S 17
*Transcriber's Note: the entry for Vivian was crossed out on the original census return. Included here for referece.
205 207 WITHERS Joseph Head M M 68
    WITHERS Mary Wife F M 57
206 208 KING George Head M M 57
    KING Dorcas Wife F M 56
    KING Lesley Son M S 19
    KING Gabriel Son M S 16
PAGE 64              
207 209 KING Margret Head F W 77
    KING Esther Daughter in Law F W 29
208 210 HODDER Robert Head M M 30
    HODDER Fanny Wife F M 29
    HODDER Hosito (sic) (?) Son M S 10
    HODDER Roland Son M S 8
    HODDER John S. Son M S 5
    HODDER Bella Daughter F S 2
    HODDER Mary Daughter F S 6 Mos
    HODDER Rebecca Servant F S 21
209 211 MAYO Gabriel Head M M 55
    MAYO Jessie Wife F M 52
    MAYO Samuel Son M S 32
    MAYO John G. Son M S 23
    MAYO Mildred Daughter F S 21
    MAYO Marion Daughter F S 17
    MAYO William Son M S 15
    MAYO Melinda Daughter F S 12
    MAYO Minnie* Daughter F S 25
* NOTE: Minnie was crossed out on the page. Included here for reference
210 212 HODDER Frederick Head M M 66
    HODDER Selina Wife F M 67
211 213 MAYO Reginald Head M M 28
    MAYO Jessie Wife F M 25
    MAYO Ella May Daughter F S 7
    MAYO Wesley Son M S 5
    MAYO Priscilla Daughter F S 2
212 214 MAYO William Head M W 47
    MAYO Leah Daughter F S 14
    MAYO Walter Son M S 17
    MAYO William Son M S 12
PAGE 65              
213 215 BROWN George Head M W 57
    BROWN Mary* Daughter F S 30
* Transcriber's Note: the entry for Mary was crossed out on the original census return. Included here for refeence
    BROWN Eugine (sic) Daughter F S 26
    BROWN James Son M S 25
    HODDER Ralph Nephew M S 17
214 216 BRAKE Bernard Head M M 36
    BROWN Frances Wife F M 32
    BROWN Edna Daughter F S 12
    BROWN Beulah Daughter F S 9
    BROWN Chesley Son M S 5
    BROWN Murial Daughter F S 1
215 217 BRUSHETT Samuel Head M M 57
    BRUSHETT Annie Wife F M 57
    BRUSHETT George Son M S 27
    BRUSHETT Samuel Son M S 17
  218 BRUSHETT Wallace Head M M 22
    BRUSHETT Bessie Wife F M 17
216 219 MURLEY Isabella Head F W 75

Transcribed by Susan Clark-Williams (October 2004)

Verified to Original Pages(October 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

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