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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 225 - 231

Community of
Cottrells Cove

Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age
PAGE 225              
240 275 BUDGELL Joseph HEAD M M 43
    BUDGELL Leah Wife F M 38
    BUDGELL Marion Daughter F S 15
241 276 BUDGELL William HEAD M S 56
PAGE 226              
No Entry Noi Entry YATES S. L. H. No Entry M M 28
PAGE 227              
128 102 MANUEL Norman HEAD M M 49
    MANUEL Ida Wife F M 34
    MANUEL Harold Son M S 12
    MANUEL Lulu Daughter F S 11
    MANUEL Beatrice Daughter F S 10
    MANUEL Marjorie Daughter F S 5
129 103 HORWOOD Fredrick HEAD M M 57
    HORWOOD Janet Wife F M 48
    HORWOOD Claude Son M S 23
    HORWOOD Albert Son M S 19
    HORWOOD Glenora ? Daughter F S 12
    HORWOOD Joyce Daughter F S 9
    HORWOOD Neil Son M S 11
130 104 CLARKE Martin HEAD M M 52
    CLARKE Hannah Belle Wife F M 42
    CLARKE Effie Daughter F S 18
    CLARKE Bramwell Son M S 16
    CLARKE Andrew Son M S 14
    CLARKE Clarence Son M S 13
    CLARKE Ivy Daughter F S 7
    CLARKE Reginald Son M S 5
    CLARKE Sterling Son M S 3
    CLARKE Loreen  (sic) Daughter F S 4 Months
131 105 CLARKE William HEAD M M 35
    CLARKE Amy Wife F M 31
    CLARKE Madge Daughter F S 12
    CLARKE Vivian Daughter F S 10
    CLARKE Harris Son M S 8
    CLARKE Hollie Son M S 6
    CLARKE Leslie Son M S 2
PAGE 228              
    CLARKE Olga Daughter F S 10 Months
132 106 CLARKE John F HEAD M M 62
    CLARKE Mariah Wife F M 61
133 107 BUDGELL Heber HEAD M M 63
    BUDGELL Margie Wife F M 62
    BUDGELL Phillip Son M S 24
134 108 WHITE Reginald HEAD M M 26
    WHITE Rosie Wife F M 22
    WHITE Ray Son M S 3
    WHITE Dorothy Daughter F S 1
135 109 BUDGELL Pearce HEAD M M 26
    BUDGELL Harriet Wife F M 19
    BUDGELL Hilda Daughter F S 2 yrs
136 110 WHITE Victor HEAD M M 33
    WHITE Elsie Wife F M 30
    WHITE Joyce Daughter F S 10
    COX Mark Father in Law M S (sic) 65
137 VACANT COX Maxwell Brother in Law M S 28
138 111 BUDGELL William HEAD M M 42
    BUDGELL Elsie Wife F M 31
    CROUCHER Avis Cousin   S 5
139 112 BOONE William HEAD M M 53
    BOONE Fannie Wife F M 46
    BOONE Edgar Son M S 23
    BOONE Herbert Son M S 21
    BOONE Nina Daughter F S 19
PAGE 229              
    BOONE Hayward Son M S 13
    HUTCHINGS Janey Niece F S 12
140 113 WHITE Selby HEAD M M 60
    WHITE Minnie Wife F M 53
    WHITE Fred Son M S 17
    WHITE Eugene Son M S 15
    WHITE Edwin Son M S 12
    WHITE Solphie Daughter F S 18
    WISEMAN Elizabeth Mother in Law F W 77
141 114 BOONE Isaac HEAD M M 51
    BOONE Mary Ann Wife F M 38
    BOONE Aubrey Son M S 20
    BOONE Rufus Son M S 13
    BOONE Alfreda Daughter F S 16
142 115 BOONE Samuel HEAD M M 59
    BOONE Jane Wife F M 52
    BOONE Joseph Son M S 17
    BOONE Warrick Son M S 11
143 116 BOONE James HEAD M M 43
    BOONE Selina Wife F M 34
    BOONE Melvin Son M S 14
    BOONE Hedley Son M S 12
    BOONE Wilfred Son M S 5
    BOONE Reta Daughter F S 4
    BOONE Freeman Son M S 1
144 117 BOONE John S HEAD M M 70
    BOONE Nellie Wife F M 65
PAGE 230              
    BOONE Selby Son M S 25
    BOONE Florence Adopted Daughter F S 1 yr
145 118 WALL James HEAD M S 28
    WALL Mary Ann Mother F W 55
    WALL Melvina Adopted Daughter F S 6
146 119 BOONE Mark HEAD M W 48
    BOONE Ernest Son M S 22
    BOONE Harvey Son M S 20
    BOONE Dora Daughter F S 18
    BOONE Lilly Daughter F S 15
    BOONE Roland Son M S 13
    BOONE Clhoe Daughter F S 10
147 120 YATES Allan HEAD M M 38
    YATES Minnie Wife F M 35
    YATES Naida ? Daughter F S 11
    YATES Otto Son M S 8
148 121 WALL George HEAD M M 57
    WALL Rebecca Wife F M 45
    WALL Dora Daughter F S 21
    WALL Samuel Son M S 16
    WALL Gertrude Daughter F S 11
149 122 YATES Walter HEAD M M 60
    YATES Annie Wife F M 56
    YATES Mamie Daughter F S 25
    YATES Arthur Son M S 21
    YATES Lloyd Son M S 16
PAGE 231              
150 123 YATES Sidney S HEAD M M 49
    YATES Clara J Wife F M 47
    YATES Albert O Son M S 20
    YATES Roosevelt N Son M S 18
    YATES Eugene W Son M S 17
    YATES Olive A Daughter F S 15
    YATES Masie L Daughter F S 13
    YATES Audrey E Daughter F S 8

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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