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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twillingate

Pages 785-786, 601-802 & 821-823

Community of
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 821              
577 654 RIDEOUT Cadiz Head M M 38
    RIDEOUT Elsie wife F M 38
PAGE 822              
    RIDEOUT Pauline Daughter F S 13
    RIDEOUT Oswald Son M S 3 mos
578 655 KING Mary Jane Head F W 72
579 656 MOORES Elihu Head M M 65
    MOORES Selina Wife F M 61
  657 MOORES Chesley Head M M 25
    MOORES Amanda Wife F M 23
    HOSKINS George Lodger M S 23
580 658 KING Lewis Head M M 28
    KING Theresa Wife F M 24
    KING Bruce Son M S 4
    KING Wallace Son M S 2
581 659 KING Stanley Head M M 42
    KING Elsie Wife F M 32
    KING Percy Son M S 14
    KING Gladys Daughter F S 10
    KING Joyce Daughter F S 8
    KING Herbert Son M S 6
    KING Valeta (sic) Daughter F S 4
    KING Joan Daughter F S 2
    KING Philip Son M S 8 mos
582 660 KING Samuel Head M M 71
    KING Rosalie Wife F M 62
    KING Arthur Son M S 15
583 661 ANSTEY Levi Head M M 54
    ANSTEY Hilda Wife F M 48
    ANSTEY Lewis Son M S 22
    ANSTEY Violet Daughter F S 21
    ANSTEY Meta Daughter F S 18
    ANSTEY Oliver Son M S 16
    ANSTEY Melvin Son M S 13
584 662 ANSTEY Eli Head M M 62
    ANSTEY Mynia (sic) (?) Wife F M 61
PAGE 823              
    ANSTEY Walter Son M S 21
  663 ANSTEY Andrew Head M M 35
    ANSTEY Eva Wife F M 28
    ANSTEY Maxwell Son M S 9
    ANSTEY Gideon Son M S 7
585 664 ANSTEY Arthur Head M M 44
    ANSTEY Bessie Wife F M 36
    ANSTEY Evelyn Daughter F S 16
    ANSTEY Georgina Daughter F S 15
    ANSTEY Norman Son M S 13
    ANSTEY Hubert Son M S 11
    ANSTEY Pearce Son M S 9
    ANSTEY Myrtle Daughter F S 6
    ANSTEY Edgar Son M S 4
    ANSTEY Margaret Daughter F S 2
586 665 RIDEOUT Claude Head M M 39
    RIDEOUT Meta Wife F M 26
    RIDEOUT Reuben Son M S 6
    RIDEOUT Lillian Daughter F S 4
    RIDEOUT Clarence Son M S 2
    RIDEOUT Bernice Daughter F S 3 mos
587 666 PRYOR Thomas Head M M 81
    PRYOR Mary Wife F M 76
588 667 PRYOR John Head M M 49
    PRYOR Annie Wife F M 47
    PRYOR Robert Son M S 24
    PRYOR Harvey Son M S 19
    PRYOR Elmo Son M S 15
    PRYOR Wallace Son M S 11
    PRYOR Margery Daughter F S 8
589 668 PRYOR Augustus Head M M 43
    PRYOR Minnie Wife F M 38
590 669 WATKINS Lloyd Head M M 29
PAGE 785              
    WATKINS Violet Wife F M 23
    WATKINS Madeline Daughter F S 3
591 670 FLIGHT James Head M M 28
    FLIGHT Nora Wife F M 22
    FLIGHT Zehedie{sic} Son M S 2
592 671 WATKINS John Head M M 53
    WATKINS Mary Wife F M 52
    WATKINS Eliza Daughter F S 18
    WATKINS Peter Son M S 13
593 672 COOPER Fred Head M M 45
    COOPER Maud Wife F M 43
    COOPER Jessie Daughter F S 20
    COOPER Mabel Daughter F S 13
    COOPER Gordon Son M S 11
    COOPER Selina Daughter F S 9
    COOPER Wallace Son M S 7
594 673 FLIGHT Joseph Head M M 59
    FLIGHT Susan Wife F M 57
    FLIGHT Edward Son M S 26
    FLIGHT John Son M S 25
    FLIGHT Annie Daughter F S 15
  674 FLIGHT Donald Head M M 22
    FLIGHT Netta Wife F M 22
595 675 PHILPOTT James Head M M 46
    PHILPOTT May Wife F M 39
    PHILPOTT Ralph Son M S 20
    PHILPOTT Lloyd Son M S 18
    PHILPOTT Charles Son M S 15
    PHILPOTT Ruth Daughter F S 13
    PHILPOTT Ronald Son M S 11
    PHILPOTT Marie Daughter F S 8
    PHILPOTT Harry Son M S 5
PAGE 786              
    PHILPOTT Geraldine Daughter F S 3
    PHILPOTT Woodrow Son M S 1
596 676 PHILPOTT Mark Head M M 45
    PHILPOTT Clara Wife F M 50
    PHILPOTT Hazel Daughter F S 18
    PHILPOTT Malcolm Son M S 15
597 677 RIDEOUT Kenneth Head M M 31
    RIDEOUT Louie (sic) Wife F M 29
    RIDEOUT Samuel Son M S 3
    RIDEOUT Myra Mother F W 71
598 678 RIDEOUT George Head M M 40
    RIDEOUT Phoebe Wife F M 26
    RIDEOUT William Son M S 2
599 679 RIDEOUT Hedley Head M M 43
    RIDEOUT Della Wife F M 33
    RIDEOUT Leslie Son M S 11
    RIDEOUT Clarence Son M S 9
    RIDEOUT Wycliffe Son M S 4
PAGE 801   FLIGHT Samuel No Entry M M 20
    HOBB Sandy No Entry M M 24
PAGE 802   CROUCHER Vera Ruth   F S 10

Transcribed by Irene Petten (February 2006)

Verified to Original Pages (February 2006 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 Don Tate

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