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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 250 - 257

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 250              
188 219 LODER John HEAD M M 43
    LODER Christina Wife F M 35
    LODER Seymore Daughter F S 16
    LODER Robert Son M S 14
    LODER Sadie Daughter F S 12
    LODER Harvey Son M S 5
    LODER Ida Daughter F S 3
189 220 SAUNDERS George HEAD M M 35
    SAUNDERS Diana Wife F M 38
    SAUNDERS Bessie Daughter F S 17
    SAUNDERS Hellen (sic) Daughter F S 14
    SAUNDERS Kesire (sic) Daughter F S 10
    SAUNDERS Elizabeth Daughter F S 8
    SAUNDERS Rebecca Daughter F S 6
    SAUNDERS Gladys Daughter F S 3
    DECKER John Uncle M W 84
190 221 ALLINGHAM Robbert HEAD M S 50
    ALLINGHAM William Father M W 76
    PUDDICAN James Nephew M S 26
191 222 SHORT Albert HEAD M M 63
    SHORT Emily Wife F M 56
    SHORT Roland Son M S 17
192 223 SHORT James HEAD M M 50
    SHORT Mary Wife F M 44
    SHORT Chesley Son M S 27
    SHORT Walter Son M S 25
    SHORT Stanley Son M S 15
    SHORT Emily Daughter F S 11
    SHORT Bertha Daughter F S 9
    SHORT Absalom Son M S 5
PAGE 251              
  224 COATES George HEAD M M 25
    COATES Kathleen Wife F M 24
    COATES John Son M S 9 Mos
193 225 BARRET Henry HEAD M M 50
    BARRET Susanna Wife F M 45
    BARRET Joseph Son M S 22
    BARRET Blanche Daughter F S 19
    BARRET Eliza Daughter F S 13
    BARRET John Son M S 11
    BARRET Henry Son M S 3
194 226 DECKER John C. HEAD M M 64
    DECKER Caroline Wife F M 59
    DECKER Amelia Daughter F S 18
    DECKER Carrie A. Daughter F S 9
  227 DECKER Charles HEAD M M 27
    DECKER Pearl Wife F M 27
    DECKER Maud Daughter F S 9
    DECKER Fredrick Son M S 7
    DECKER Lewis Son M S 5
    DECKER Carrie Daughter F S 2
195 228 FIELD James Jr. HEAD M M 29
    FIELD Violet Wife F M 31
    FIELD Marjorie Daughter F S 7
    FIELD Mildred Daughter F S 5
    FIELD Cyril Son M S 3
    FIELD Hellen (sic) Daughter F S 2
196 229 FIELD George Sr. HEAD M M 53
    FIELD Jane Wife F M 50
    FIELD Percey Son M S 25
    FIELD William Son M S 23
    FIELD Beatrice Daughter F S 21
    FIELD Frank Son M S 19
    FIELD Lenora Daughter F S 17
PAGE 252              
    FIELD Hurbert Son M S 14
    FIELD Jaunita Daughter F S 11
197 230 ELLIOTT Erastus HEAD M M 36
    ELLIOTT Beatrice Wife F M 30
    ELLIOTT Ella Daughter F S 11
    ELLIOTT Ruben (sic) Son M S 9
    ELLIOTT Phoebe Daughter F S 7
    ELLIOTT William Son M S 5
    ELLIOTT Jessie Daughter F S 3
    ELLIOTT Alice Daughter F S 12 Days
198 231 ELLIOTT Leonard HEAD M S 29
    ELLIOTT Harrison Brother M S 27
    ELLIOTT Benjamin Brother M S 23
    ELLIOTT Rose Sister F S 22
    ELLIOTT Naomi Mother F W 65
  232 ELLIOTT Absalom HEAD M W 38
    ELLIOTT Wilfred Son M S 9
    ELLIOTT Dora Daughter F S 5
199 233 WARREN Isaac HEAD M M 66
    WARREN Eliza Wife F M 66
    WARREN Irene Grand Daughter F S 17
200 234 WARREN Harrison HEAD M M 39
    WARREN Flossie Wife F M 30
    WARREN Bertram Son M S 11
    WARREN Rita Daughter F S 6
    WARREN Clayton Son M S 2
201 235 WARREN Caleb HEAD M M 37
    WARREN Rosanna Wife F M 35
    WARREN Jessie Daughter F S 15
    WARREN Whyman (sic) Son M S 13
    WARREN Isaac Son M S 11
    WARREN Violet Daughter F S 9
    WARREN Carrie Daughter F S 7
PAGE 253              
    WARREN Ford Son M S 6
    WARREN Hazel Daughter F S 3
202 236 ELLIOTT Bertram HEAD M M 38
    ELLIOTT Maud Wife F M 18
    ELLIOTT Gladys Daughter F S 18
    ELLIOTT Caleb Son M S 12
  237 COATES Henry HEAD M M 47
    COATES Mary J. Wife F M 23
    COATES Andrew Son M S 2
203 238 PATEY David HEAD M M 67
    PATEY Alice Wife F M 56
    PATEY Alexander Son M S 20
    PATEY Bennet (sic) Daughter F S 6
204 239 PATEY William HEAD M M 35
    PATEY Emma Wife F M 21
    PATEY Victoria Daughter F S 4
    PATEY Albert Son M S 2
    PATEY Clara Daughter F S 3 Mos
205 240 PITTMAN William HEAD M M 42
    PITTMAN Rachel Wife F M 39
    PITTMAN Ralph Son M S 17
    PITTMAN Naomi Daughter F S 14
    PITTMAN Gordon Son M S 12
    PITTMAN Roy Son M S 10
    PITTMAN Glauston (?) Son M S 3
  241 DROVER George HEAD M M 26
    DROVER Edna Wife F M 21
206 242 PENNEY George HEAD M M 74
    PENNEY Naomi Wife F M 67
    COATES William Servant M S 34
  243 PENNEY Willis HEAD M M 33
    PENNEY Edna Wife F M 26
    PENNEY Adlaid (sic) (?) Daughter F S 6
PAGE 254              
    PENNEY Fredrick Son M S 4
  244 PENNEY Edward HEAD M M 26
    PENNEY Elizabeth Wife F M 27
    PENNEY Thomas Son M S 4
    PENNEY Rosemond Daughter F S 2
207 245 PENNEY John HEAD M M 47
    PENNEY Lucy Wife F M 50
    PENNEY Raymond Son M S 23
    PENNEY Evelyn Daughter F S 20
    PENNEY Viola Daughter F S 17
    PENNEY Harvey Son M S 14
208 246 KEATS Levi HEAD M M 66
    KEATS Eliza Wife F M 72
209 247 ELLIOTT Aaron HEAD M M 82
    ELLIOTT Isbella Wife F M 66
    SCANLON William Servant M W 63
210 248 PITTMAN John HEAD M M 35
    PITTMAN Eliza Wife F M 33
    PITTMAN Isbella Daughter F S 12
    PITTMAN Ronald Son M S 10
    PITTMAN Stella Daughter F S 6
    PITTMAN Deborah Daughter F S 3
    PITTMAN Ivy Daughter F S 1
  249 STEPHENS Charles HEAD M M 32
    STEPHENS Elizabeth Wife F M 22
    STEPHENS Amelia Daughter F S 6
    STEPHENS Hayward Son M S 4
    STEPHENS Josephine Daughter F S 2
211 250 PITTMAN Abram HEAD M M 54
    PITTMAN Edith Wife F M 52
    PITTMAN Sydney Son M S 21
    PITTMAN Andrew Son M S 16
  251 PITTMAN Ambrose HEAD M M 26
PAGE 255              
    PITTMAN Abram Son M S 4
    PITTMAN Bertha Daughter F S 2
    PITTMAN Lenora Wife F M 24
212 252 STRANGEMORE Hayward HEAD M M 27
    STRANGEMORE Lillian Wife F M 24
    STRANGEMORE John Father M M 56
    STRANGEMORE Eva Mother F M 48
    STRANGEMORE May Sister F S 19
213 253 ELLIOTT Thomas HEAD M M 36
    ELLIOTT Effie Wife F M 34
    ELLIOTT Garland Son M S 11
    ELLIOTT James Son M S 10
    ELLIOTT Lottie Daughter F S 8
    ELLIOTT Raymond Son M S 6
    ELLIOTT John Son M S 4
    ELLIOTT Leonard Son M S 2
214 254 ELLIOTT Aaron HEAD M M 43
    ELLIOTT Emma Wife F M 47
    ELLIOTT Wilfred Son M S 17
    ELLIOTT Mary Daughter F S 11
    ELLIOTT Ethel Daughter F S 8
    ELLIOTT Rita Daughter F S 4
215 255 DECKER Eric HEAD M M 34
    DECKER Edna Wife F M 24
    DECKER Rhoda Daughter F S 6
    DECKER Sybil Daughter F S 3
    DECKER Julia Daughter F S 4 Mos
216 256 DECKER William H. HEAD M M 67
    DECKER Edith Wife F M 56
    DECKER Sienie (?) Daughter F S 18
    DECKER Alice Daughter F S 16
    DECKER Ernest Son M S 25
  257 DECKER Mark HEAD M M 29
PAGE 256              
    DECKER Eliza Wife F M 28
    DECKER Clement Son M S 16
    DECKER Ernest Son M S 14
    DECKER Prescilla Daughter F S 5
    DECKER Mable Daughter F S 3
    DECKER Able Son M S 1
217 258 DECKER Garland HEAD M M 30
    DECKER Dorcas Wife F M 35
    DECKER Reginald Son M S 8
    DECKER Maxwell Son M S 6
    DECKER Margaret Daughter F S 4
    DECKER Myrtle Daughter F S 2
    DECKER Duglas (sic) Son M S 7 Mos
218 259 HALLINGHAM William Jr. HEAD M M 42
    HALLINGHAM Gladys Wife F M 35
    HALLINGHAM Olive Daughter F S 15
    HALLINGHAM Dresilla Daughter F S 13
    HALLINGHAM Thomas Son M S 11
    HALLINGHAM Alma Daughter F S 10
    HALLINGHAM Grace Daughter F S 8
    HALLINGHAM Bazil Son M S 6
    HALLINGHAM Edgar Son M S 3
    HALLINGHAM Harris Son M S 9 Mos
219 260 FIELD James Sr. HEAD M M 50
    FIELD Lillian Wife F M 36
    FIELD Arthur Son M S 27
    FIELD Sandy Son M S 25
    FIELD Rhoda Daughter F S 23
    FIELD Virtue Daughter F S 18
    FIELD George Jr. Son M S 16
    FIELD Cassanda Daughter F S 15
    FIELD Amela (sic) Daughter F S 13
    FIELD Annie Daughter F S 7
PAGE 257              
    FIELD Dora Daughter F S 5
    FIELD Wesley Son M S 10 Mos
    BRADBURY Frances Mother F W 86

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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