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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. George's Bay

Pages 37 - 54

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 37              
52 53 FIANDER Isaac HEAD M M 46
    FIANDER Ethel Wife F M 38
    FIANDER Dorothy Daughter F S 16
    FIANDER George Son M S 14
    FIANDER Ruth Daughter F S 9
    FIANDER Jack B. Son M S 7
    FIANDER Vera Daughter F S 5
    FIANDER Elizabeth Daughter F S 3
    FIANDER Howard V. Son M S 5 Mos
    COLLIER Charlotte Step Mother F W 67
    MARTIN Elijah HEAD M M 48
    MARTIN Stella Wife F M 34
    MARTIN Robert Son M S 14
53 54 ANTHONY William HEAD M M 63
    ANTHONY Charlotte Wife F M 60
    ANTHONY John Son M S 19
    ANTHONY William Son M S 16
54 55 ANTHONY George HEAD M M 28
    ANTHONY Pheobe Wife F M 22
    ANTHONY Malvin (sic) Son M S 3
    ANTHONY Ronald Son M S 1
55 56 GALPIN Anne HEAD M W 42
PAGE 38              
    GALPIN Arthur Son M S 20
    GALPIN James Son M S 14
    GALPIN Blanche Daughter F S 13
56 57 GALPIN John S. HEAD M M 40
    GALPIN Gertrude Wife F M 29
    GALPIN Winnifred Daughter F S 7
57 58 KENDALL William HEAD M M 51
    KENDALL Mary A. Wife F M 47
    KENDALL James W. Son M S 17
    KENDALL Pheobe Daughter F S 15
    KENDALL Mary K. Daughter F S 10
    PARSONS Pheobe Mother F W 72
58 59 KENDALL George HEAD M M 54
    KENDALL Mary Wife F M 56
    KENDALL Stephen Son M S 20
    KENDALL Gordon Grand Son M S 9
59 60 KENDALL John W. HEAD M M 40
    KENDALL Elizabeth Wife F M 39
    KENDALL Cecil Son M S 15
    KENDALL Hector Son M S 13
    KENDALL Lena Daughter F S 6
    KENDALL Gladys Daughter F S 2
    KENDALL Edna Daughter F S 2 Mos
    MOORE William Father in Law M W 66
60 61 KENDALL William H. HEAD M M 72
    KENDALL Sarah Anne Wife F M 68
61 62 GALPIN Israel HEAD M M 65
    GALPIN Mary A. Wife F M 63
    SAMMS Benjamin A. Step Son M S 23
    SAMMS Pearl Step Daughter F S 21
PAGE 39              
67 (sic) 68 (sic) LOMOND Isaac HEAD M M 63
    LOMOND Jane Wife F M 61
PAGE 40              
    LOMOND John No Entry M S 27
    LOMOND Dave Son M S 33
    LOMOND George Son M S 20
    LOMOND Rachel Daughter F S 18
    GALE Willfred Grand Son M S 14
    GALE Gerald Grand Son M S 11
68 69 HARDING Charles HEAD M M 48
    HARDING Effie Wife F M 40
    SAMMS Kathleen No Entry F S 11
69 70 BRAGG Keneth (sic) HEAD M M 32
    BRAGG Edith Wife F M 32
    BRAGG Edjer (sic) T. Son M S 7
    BRAGG Henry Son M S 5
    BRAGG Mira Daughter F S 3
    BRAGG Mildred Daughter F S 2
    BRAGG Vilioa (sic) Daughter F S 3 Mos
70 71 PARSONS Alfred HEAD M M 38
    PARSONS Sady (sic) Wife F M 38
    PARSONS Jack Son M S 16
    PARSONS Albert Son M S 12
    PARSONS Gordon Daughter (sic) F (sic) S 10
    PARSONS Llewellyn Son M S 9
    PARSONS Beatrice Daughter F S 6
    PARSONS Benjamin Son M S 4
    PARSONS Hilda Daughter F S 18 Mos
71 72 ANTHONY Norman HEAD M M 32
    ANTHONY Voilet (sic) Wife F M 30
    ANTHONY Georgina Daughter F S 10
    ANTHONY Edgar Son M S 9
    ANTHONY Leona Daughter F S 5
    ANTHONY Leslie Son M S 5
    KENDELL Benjamin HEAD M M 49
    KENDELL Julia Wife F M 36
    KENDELL Aiden Son M S 21
PAGE 41              
    KENDELL Reuden (sic) Father M W 81
72 73 KENDELL John W. HEAD M M 50
    KENDELL Susen (sic) Wife F M 30
    KENDELL Levi Son M S 6
    KENDELL Susan Mother F S (sic) 75
73 74 HULAN William HEAD M M 53
    HULAN Helen Wife F M 50
    HULAN James Son M S 16
    HULAN Emma Mother F W 75
74 75 FIANDER Wallace HEAD M S 28
    FIANDER Amelia Sister F S 24
75 76 PARSONS Ambrose HEAD M M 43
    PARSONS Parsons (sic) Wife F M 35
    PARSONS James Son M S 15
    PARSONS Llewelyn Daughter F S 10
    PARSONS Philis (sic) Daughter F S 7
    PARSONS Clarance (sic) Son M S 3
76 77 MUGFORD James HEAD M M 35
    MUGFORD Leila (sic) Wife F M 41
    MUGFORD Minne (sic) C. Daughter F S 14
  78 HARDING James Father in Law M M 80
    HARDING Elizabeth Mother in Law F M 73
77 79 CARTER William HEAD M M 35
    CARTER Cathryn (sic) Wife F M 26
    CARTER Ella Daughter F S 8
    CARTER Dorothy Daughter F S 7
    CARTER Kathleen Daughter F S 5
    CARTER Vera Daughter F S 3
    CARTER Fred Son M S 2
    CARTER Cassie Daughter F S 11 Mos
78 80 MORE (sic) William HEAD M W 67
79 81 REID James HEAD M M 35
    REID Ida Wife F M 26
PAGE 42              
    REID Thomas E. Son M S 9 Mos
80 82 ANDERSON Eli HEAD M M 64
    ANDERSON Jane Wife F M 61
    ANDERSON Robert Son M S 24
    ANDERSON Paul Son M S 19
81 83 MARKS John H. HEAD M M 41
    MARKS Mildred W. Wife F M 37
    MARKS Mary C. Daughter F S 11
    MARKS Angela M. Daughter F S 10
    MARKS Jack A. Son M S 8
    MARKS Arthur H Son M S 6
    MARKS Llewelyn Son M S 2
82 84 BRAKE William J. HEAD M W 77
    GILLIS Wallace W. No Entry M S 55
    HARDING John W. Brother M S 62
83 85 BRAGG John HEAD M M 67
    BRAGG Catherine Wife F M 63
  86 BRAGG Ernest Son M M 34
    BRAGG Mary Son's Wife (sic) F M 28
    BRAGG Percy Grandson M S 4
84 87 KENDELL Henry HEAD M M 48
    KENDELL Francais (sic) Wife F M 40
    KENDELL Walter Son M S 13
    KENDELL John Son M S 10
    KENDELL Ellen Daughter F S 8
    KENDELL Herbert Son M S 5
    KENDELL Elize (sic) Son M S 4
    KENDELL Earnest Son M S 5 Mos
85 88 KENDELL William T. HEAD M W 52
    KENDELL Bertha Daughter F S 27
    KENDELL Noa (?) Son M S 25
    KENDELL Isaac Son M S 16
86 89 REID Joseph HEAD M M 56 (?)
PAGE 43              
    REID Mary Wife F M 47
    REID Edith Daughter F S 18
    REID Mary K. Daughter F S 14
    REID Jane Daughter F S 17
    REID Hellen (sic) Daughter F S 12
    REID Monica Daughter F S 11
    REID Mike Son M S 9
    REID Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
    REID George Son M S 5
    REID Tersa (sic) Daughter F S 2
86 89 CARTER John W. HEAD M M 77
    CARTER Mary J. Wife F M 63
  90 CARTER John N. Son M M 25
    CARTER Rita Son's Wife (sic) F M 22
    CARTER Charles Son M S 4
    CARTER James H. Son M S 1
87 90 MORE (sic) Millie HEAD F W 50
    MORE Edwin Son M S 24
    MORE Cassie Daughter F S 17
    MORE Winnie Daughter F S 15
88 91 PATTEN Charles R. HEAD M M 49
    PATTEN Anne Wife F M 29
    PATTEN Paul Son M S 9
    PATTEN William Son M S 7
    PATTEN Charles L. Son M S 6
    PATTEN Mary Daughter F S 4
89 92 ELLIS John W. HEAD M M 50
    ELLIS Elizabeth Wife F M 46
    ELLIS Edith M. Daughter F S 15
    ELLIS George Son M S 13
    ELLIS Beatrice Daughter F S 8
    ELLIS Emiline (sic) Mother F W 81
90 93 MORE (sic) Abe W. HEAD M M 49
PAGE 44              
    MORE (sic) Sarah Wife F M 36
    MORE Mary Daughter F S 16
    MORE Lena Daughter F S 14
    MORE Howard Son F S 12
    MORE William Son M S 9
    MORE Herbert Son M S 7
    MORE Sylvia Daughter F S 3
    MORE James Son M S 1
91 94 GILLIS Edwin Jr. HEAD M M 58
    GILLIS Margaret Wife F M 65
    GILLIS Wallace Son M S 25
    GILLIS Michael Son M S 19
    GILLIS Alfred Son M S 17
    GILLIS Leila Daughter F S 21
92 95 YOUNG Howard A. HEAD M M 32
    YOUNG Evelyn Wife F M 24
    YOUNG Vivian Daughter F S 6
    YOUNG Harvey Son M S 4
    YOUNG Thalma (sic) Daughter F S 2
93 96 YOUNG Bertram HEAD M M 42
    YOUNG Ethel Wife F M 36
    YOUNG Gordon Son M S 15
    YOUNG William Son M S 14
    YOUNG Clifford Son M S 13
    YOUNG Lorraine Daughter F S 4
94 97 SAMMS John A. HEAD M M 35
    SAMMS Charlotte Wife F M 34
    SAMMS Fred Son M S 15
    SAMMS Mary B. Daughter F S 7
  98 ANDERSON Levina Aunt F M 63
    ANDERSON Alex Uncle M M 69
95 99 EVANS William HEAD M M 53
    EVANS Mary Wife F M 45
PAGE 45              
    EVANS Ralph Son M S 24
    EVANS John Son M S 21
    EVANS Clara Daughter F S 19
    EVANS Chesley Son M S 16
    EVANS Raymond Son M S 14
    EVANS Millie Daughter F S 12
    EVANS Terrance Son M S 9
    EVANS George Son M S 7
    EVANS Clarence Son M S 6
    EVANS Harriet Mother F W 83
96 100 YOUNG George W. HEAD M M 63
    YOUNG Sarah Wife F M 53
    YOUNG Frank Son M S 27
    YOUNG Fred Son M S 26
    YOUNG Hilda Daughter F S 20
    YOUNG Henry Son M S 17
    YOUNG Bert Son M S 9
97 101 REID John B. HEAD M M 41
    REID Ethel Wife F M 39
    REID James Son M S 8
    REID Ruth Daughter F S 6
    REID Evelyn Daughter F S 4
    REID Charlotte Niece F S 20
98 102 GALLOP Alice HEAD M W 72
  103 SAMMS Mabel Cousin F W 36
    SAMMS Meta Niece F S 17
    SAMMS Reginald Nephew M S 15
    SAMMS Eli Nephew M S 13
    SAMMS Kathleen Niece F S 11
    SAMMS Evelyn Niece F S 8
99 104 PATRY Alfred HEAD M M 52
    PATRY Catherine Wife F M 48
    PATRY Antois (?) Son M S 27
PAGE 46              
    PATRY Edwin Joe Son M S 26
    PATRY Gustave Son M S 24
    PATRY Gerard Son M S 22
    PATRY Leurier (sic) Son M S 18
    PATRY George Son M S 13
    PATRY Lorette (sic) Daughter F S 20
    PATRY Marguerite Daughter F S 15
    PATRY Dolorose (sic) Daughter F S 14
100 105 SAMMS George HEAD M W 47
    SAMMS William Son M S 20
    SAMMS Leona Daughter F S 17
    SAMMS Eric Son M S 16
    SAMMS Asenath (sic) Daughter F S 13
    SAMMS Gertrude Daughter F S 9
    SAMMS Ronald Son M S 7
101 106 SAMMS Edith HEAD M W 40
    SAMMS James Son M S 18
    SAMMS William Son M S 16
    SAMMS Vincent Son M S 11
    SAMMS Edward Son M S 9
    SAMMS John Son M S 7
    SAMMS Howard Son M S 2
    SAMMS Nora Daughter F S 15
    SAMMS Mary Daughter F S 13
    SAMMS Marguerite Daughter F S 11
    SAMMS Regina Daughter F S 4
102 107 SAMMS Fred HEAD M M 45
    SAMMS Mary Wife F M 42
    SAMMS Walter Son M S 17
    SAMMS Jessie Daughter F S 15
    SAMMS Reginald Son M S 14
    SAMMS Max Son M S 12
    SAMMS Susie Daughter F S 10
PAGE 47              
    SAMMS Eileen Daughter F S 7
    SAMMS Lucretia Daughter F S 5
103 108 FRANK George HEAD M W 78
104 109 SAMMS Philip HEAD M M 75
    SAMMS Jane Wife F M 74
    SAMMS George Son M S 24
105 110 SAMMS Jim HEAD M W 64
    SAMMS William W. Son M S 13
    SAMMS Elizabeth Daughter F S 10
    SAMMS George Son M S 18
106 111 SAMMS Howard HEAD M M 44
    SAMMS Elsie Wife F M 38
    SAMMS John Son M S 15
    SAMMS Henry Son M S 13
    SAMMS Etta Daughter F S 10
    SAMMS Myrtle Daughter F S 8
    SAMMS Genevieve Daughter F S 2
107 112 PARSONS William HEAD M M 37
    PARSONS Lillian Wife F M 38
    PARSONS Harold Son M S 10
    PARSONS James Son M S 8
    PARSONS Jane Daughter F S 4
    PARSONS Charles Son M S 2 Mos
108 113 GALE James W. HEAD M S 27
    GALE Thomas P. Brother M S 25
    GALE Archibald M. Brother M S 18
    PARSONS Wm. A. Step Father M M 67
    PARSONS Elizabeth Mother F M 60
    GALE Hazel Niece F S 9
    PARSONS Willes (sic) J. Step Brother M S 25
109 114 MacLELLAN Mary HEAD F M 58
    MacLELLAN John Husband M M 66
    MacLELLAN John A. Son M S 26
PAGE 48              
    MacLELLAN Leo Son M S 24
    MacLELLAN Joe Son M S 20
    MacLELLAN Nathaniel Son M S 18
    MacLELLAN Angus Son M S 14
    NOSEWORTHY Jane Mother F W 79
110 115 TIBBS Henry HEAD M W 68
    TIBBO Mabel * Daughter F S 34
    TIBBO John * Son M S 28
    TIBBO Dorothy * Grand Daughter F S 10
    TIBBO Lloyd * Grand Son M S 9
* NOTE: These four members were found on the original transcription page but are not on this original page of the census. The missing members show up on page 49 and have been added here with the original entry for the family.
111 116 NOSEWORTHY William HEAD M M 55
    NOSEWORTHY Alice Wife F M 42
    NOSEWORTHY Mary Daughter F S 16
    NOSEWORTHY Jane Daughter F S 13
    NOSEWORTHY John Son M S 12
    NOSEWORTHY Ada Daughter F S 10
    NOSEWORTHY Stephen Son M S 9
    NOSEWORTHY Susie Daughter F S 7
    NOSEWORTHY James Son M S 3
    NOSEWORTHY Charles Son M S 3
112 117 SAMMS Firzmen (?) HEAD M M 33
    SAMMS Margaret Wife F M 27
    SAMMS Jacob Son M S 9
    SAMMS James W. Son M S 7
    SAMMS George Son M S 5
113 118 REID Thomas HEAD M M 79
    REID Sarah Wife F M 77
  119 REID Clement Son M M 33
    REID Anne Son's Wife F M 28
    REID Elizabeth W. Grand Daughter F S 9
    REID Mildred Grand Daughter F S 7
    REID Henry Grand Son M S 5
    REID Cecil Grand Son M S 3
    REID Thelma Grand Daughter F S 11 Mos
114 120 REID George HEAD M M 52
    REID Lilian Wife F M 42
    REID William T. Son M S 22
PAGE 49              
    REID John W. Son M S 16
    REID Freeman G. Son M S 9
    REID Julia D. Daughter F S 4
    REID James W. Son M S 3
115 121 JANES Dorcey HEAD M M 54
    JANES Miria (sic) Wife F M 40
    JANES George Son M S 19
    JANES Arthur Son M S 17
    JANES Clara Daughter F S 14
    JANES Walter Son M S 12
    JANES Alice Daughter F S 10
    JANES Fred Son M S 8
    JANES John Son M S 6
    JANES Ralph Son M S 2
116 122 BRAKE Maurice HEAD M M 29
    BRAKE Elizabeth Wife F M 27
    BRAKE William Son M S 2
117 123 COLLIER John T. HEAD M W 59
    COLLIER William J. Son M S 31
    PARSONS Mary Cousin F W 48
    SAMMS Bessie Cousin F S 27
    SAMMS James No Entry M S 18 Mos
118 124 COLLIER Henry HEAD M M 46
    COLLIER Anne Wife F M 41
    COLLIER Jim Son M S 23
    COLLIER Thomas Son M S 20
    COLLIER Charles Son M S 17
    COLLIER Joe Son M S 13
    COLLIER Clifford Son M S 8
PAGE 50              
    COLLIER Lizzie Daughter F S 15
    COLLIER Pearl Daughter F S 11
    COLLIER Susie Daughter F S 5
    COLLIER Alma Daughter F S 3
    COLLIER Vivian Daughter F S 3 Mos
    COLLIER John H. Father M W 84
119 125 COLLIER James HEAD M M 55
    COLLIER Levinia Wife F M 47
    COLLIER James W. Son M S 20
  126 COLLIER George W. Son M M 23
    COLLIER Rose Son's Wife F M 23
    COLLIER James F. Grand Son M S 2
    COLLIER John W. Grand Son M S 6 Mos
    COLLIER Sarah J. Daughter F S 14
120 127 BALL George HEAD M M 71
    BALL Emeline Wife F M 70
    BALL Emeline Grand Daughter F S 12
121 128 GALLOP George HEAD M W 56
    GALLOP George Son M S 17
122 129 GALLOP Morgan HEAD M M 26
    GALLOP Levina Wife F M 25
    GALLOP Marcella Daughter F S 3
    GALLOP Mildred Daughter F S 2
    GALLOP Bert Son M S 8
    GALLOP Daisy Daughter (sic) F S 28
    GALLOP Margaret Mother F W 60
123 130 ?ALOR Wm. H. HEAD M S 68
  131 KENDELL Frank HEAD M M 24
    KENDELL Ada Wife F M 22
124 132 PARSONS Ambrose HEAD M M 77
    PARSONS Clara Wife F M 72
  133 PARSONS Archibald Son M M 34
    PARSONS Leath (sic) Son's Wife (sic) F M 32
PAGE 51              
    PARSONS John E. Grand Son M S 10
125 134 GILLIS John HEAD M M 62
    GILLIS Mary Wife F M 53
    GILLIS Anne Daughter F S 24
    GILLIS Clara Daughter F S 22
    GILLIS Lersa (sic) Daughter F S 18
    GILLIS John Son M S 17
    GILLIS Vonerica (sic) (?) Daughter F S 15
    GILLIS Josephine Daughter F S 13
    GILLIS Joe Son M S 12
    GILLIS Bessie Daughter F S 29
126 135 BARTER Frank HEAD M M 79
    BARTER Susie Wife F M 51
    BARTER Clement Son M S 28
127 136 FIANDER Maxwell HEAD M M 30
    FIANDER Etta Wife F M 27
    FIANDER Ellen Daughter F S 3 Days
    FIANDER Lucretia Mother F W 70
128 137 HISCOCK George HEAD M M 39
    HISCOCK Minnie Wife F M 28
    HISCOCK William Son M S 8
    HISCOCK Fred Son M S 6
    HISCOCK William Father M W 80
129 138 MORE (sic) Alex HEAD M M 40
    MORE Gertrude Wife F M 31
    MORE David Son M S 11
    MORE Thomas Son M S 9
    MORE Winnifred Daughter F S 8
    MORE Lucy Daughter F S 7
    MORE Margaret Daughter F S 5
    MORE Frank Son M S 3
    MORE Michael Son M S 15 Mos
    MORE Josephine Mother F W 75
PAGE 52              
130 139 ANDERSON John HEAD M M 67
    ANDERSON Millie Wife F M 64
    ANDERSON Pius Son M S 22
131 140 ANDERSON Fred HEAD M M 39
    ANDERSON Mary Wife F M 32
    ANDERSON John W. Son M S 9
    ANDERSON Joe Son M S 8
    ANDERSON Anne Daughter F S 4
    ANDERSON Alfred Son M S 3
    ANDERSON Alex Son M S 2
    ANDERSON Lersa (sic) (?) Daughter F S 4 Mos
132 141 ANDERSON Hugh HEAD M M 54
    ANDERSON Susan Wife F M 53
133 142 DALTON George HEAD M M 50
    DALTON Maggie Wife F M 50
    DALTON James Son M S 27
    DALTON Blanche Daughter F S 15
    DALTON Mary J. Mother F W 76
134 143 YOUNG James HEAD M W 60
    YOUNG Anne Daughter F S 26
135 144 MacLELLAN William HEAD M M 52
    MacLELLAN Anne Wife F M 47
    MacLELLAN Thomas Son M S 13
    MacLELLAN Anne Daughter F S 12
    MacLELLAN Alan Son M S 10
    MacLELLAN Douglas Son M S 9
136 145 HILLARD James HEAD M M 61
    HILLARD Anne Wife F M 57
  146 HILLARD Ernest Son M S 20
    HILLARD Thomas Son M S 17
    HILLARD John T. Grandson M S 9
137 146 HILLARD John W. Grand Son (sic) * M M 54
* NOTE: Evidently an error by the enumerator and it should be entered as "Head"
    HILLARD Maltildia (sic) Wife F M 39
PAGE 53              
    HILLARD Aganettia (sic) Daughter F S 17
    HILLARD Beatrice Daughter F S 13
    HILLARD Elsie Daughter F S 10
    HILLARD Kathleen Daughter F S 7
    HILLARD Alma Daughter F S 3
    HILLARD George Son M S 27
138 147 HILLARD George E. HEAD M M 32
    HILLARD Bertha Wife F M 23
    HILLARD Emanuel Son M S 2
    HILLARD James C. Son M S 10
139 148 HILLARD Solomn (sic) HEAD M M 25
    HILLARD Ethel Wife F M 19
140 149 HILLARD Thomas HEAD M W 62
    HILLARD Rye Son M M 32
    HILLARD Annie Son's Wife (sic) F M 21
141 150 HILLARD James HEAD M M 34
    HILLARD Harriet Wife F M 29
    HILLARD Walter Son M S 6
    HILLARD Anne Daughter F S 5
    HILLARD Dorris Daughter F S 2
    HILLARD Olive M. Daughter F S 6 Mos
142 151 BARTER Edmund HEAD M M 65
    BARTER Jane Wife F M 45
143 152 FIANDER Wilson HEAD M M 51
    FIANDER Francais (sic) Wife F M 42
    FIANDER Miria (sic) Daughter F S 22
    FIANDER Willis Son M S 16
    FIANDER Henry Son M S 14
    FIANDER Edward Son M S 9
    FIANDER Rubin (sic) Father M W 74
144 153 COLLIER Philip HEAD M M 51
    COLLIER Evegline (sic) Wife F M 52
    COLLIER John Son M S 23
PAGE 54              
145 154 MIESSEAU George T. HEAD M M 31
    MIESSEAU Mary Wife F M 22
    MIESSEAU Nina M. Daughter F S 5 Mos
    MIESSEAU Lyda (sic) Mother F W 69
No Entry No Entry GILLIS Joseph No Entry M S 50
No Entry No Entry McISAAC James No Entry M S 21
No Entry No Entry HISCOCK Jessie Maid F S 17
No Entry No Entry DALTON John T. No Entry M S 24

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (November 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (December 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday August 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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