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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Placentia & St. Mary's

Pages 382 - 385

Community of

PAGE 382              
174 203 FOLLETT George Head M Married 56
    FOLLETT Maggie Wife F Married 46
    FOLLETT John Son M Single 15
PAGE 383              
    FOLLETT Emmie Daughter F Single 13
    FOLLETT William Son M Single 11
    FOLLETT George Son M Single 10
    FOLLETT Mickle (sic) Son M Single 5
175 204 FOLLETT John Head M Married 56
    FOLLETT Hannah Wife F Married 54
    FOLLETT Mary  Daughter F Single 14
176 205 HYPTHIC (sic) James Head M Widowed 37
    HYPTHIC Bridget Daughter F Single 11
    HYPTHIC Christiana (sic) Daughter F Single 9
177 206 GAULTON Joseph Head M Widowed 62
    GAULTON Blance (sic) Daughter F Single 19
178 207 MARTIN David Head M Married 37
    MARTIN Bridget Wife F Married 36
179 208 HYPTHIC *1 Anthony Head M Widowed 54 (?)
    HYPTHIC Dora Daughter F Single 21
    HYPTHIC Bride Daughter F Single 19
    HYPTHIC Maria Daughter F Single 12
    HYPTHIC Annie Daughter F Single 10
    HYPTHIC Patrick Son M Single 23
180 209 HYPTHIC George Head M Married 56
    HYPTHIC Ellen Wife F Married 44
    HYPTHIC Marget (sic) Daughter F Single 22
    HYPTHIC James Son M Single 19
181 210 HYPTHIC Patrick Head M Married 34
    HYPTHIC Veronica Wife F Married 23
182 211 PALFREY Thomas Head M Widowed 77 (?)
183 212 CURREN Mickley (?) Head M Married 52
    CURREN Lizzie Wife F Married 50
184 213 HYPTHIC John Head M Married 38
    HYPTHIC Laura Wife F Married 33
    HYPTHIC John Son M Single 8
    HYPTHIC Mary Daughter F Single 6
PAGE 384              
    HYPTHIC Patrick Son M Single 1
185 214 PARSONS James Head M Married 41
    PARSONS Hanna Wife F Married 40
    PARSONS Annie Daughter F Single 14
    PARSONS Elizabeth Daughter F Single 12
    PARSONS Mary Daughter F Single 10
    PARSONS Willie Son M Single 6
    PARSONS Tresia (sic) Daughter F Single 3
186 215 FOLLETT John Head M Married 59
    FOLLETT Marget (sic) Wife F Married 60
    FOLLETT James Son M Single 27
    FOLLETT Lucy Daughter F Single 25
187 216 FOLLETT Laurence Head M Married 38
    FOLLETT Annie Wife F Married 36
    FOLLETT James Son M Single 11
    FOLLETT Mary Daughter F Single 8
    FOLLETT John Son M Single 4
    FOLLETT A. Mary Mother F Widow 78
188 217 FOLLETT William Head M Married 43
    FOLLETT Ellen Wife F Married 38
    FOLLETT W. Peter Son M Single 18
189 218 FOLLETT Peter Head M Married 60
    FOLLETT Catherine Wife F Married 56
    MARTIN Mathilda Mother F Widow 78
    MULROONREY John Adopted M Single 19
    ENNIS Gertie (?) Adopted F Single 12
190 219 COLLINS Jerome Head M Widow 43
    COLLINS Patrick Son M Single 15
    COLLINS Mickle (sic) Son M Single 10
191 220 HINES James Head M Married 37
    HINES Agness Wife F Married 24
    HINES Annie Daughter F Single 4
    HINES Catherine Mother F Widowed 63
PAGE 385              
192 221 POWER William Head M Married 58
    POWER Catherine Wife F Married 57
    POWER Pius Son M Single 23
193 222 EARL Edward Head M Married 75
    EARL Elizabeth Wife F Married 63
194 223 BREWER Patrick Head M Married 56
    BREWER Mary Wife F Married 57
    BREWER Mickle (sic) Son M Single 25
    FOLLETT John Grand Son M Single 7
195 224 GAMBLEN Neil Head M Married 26
    GAMBLEN Selenia (sic) Wife F Married 22
PAGE 392              
No Entry No Entry BREWER Lillian No Entry F Married 20
No Entry No Entry BROWN Benjamin No Entry M Married 52
No Entry No Entry BROWN Annie No Entry F Married 37
No Entry No Entry RODGERS Samuel No Entry M Single 20

This page Transcribed by Yvonne Hepditch (January 2002)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Sunday May 07, 2017 (Don Tate)
HYPTHIC family *1
The family name on the orignal page of the census is Hypthic. The family name should have been recorded as Hipditch. It is possible that the other Hypthic families in this community may also be Hipditch. Margaret Hickman -

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