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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Placentia & St. Mary's

Pages 385 - 388

Community of

PAGE 385              
195 225 HYPTHIC (sic) (?) James Head M Married 54
    HYPTHIC Ellen Wife F Married 44
    HYPTHIC Thewdious (sic) (?) Son M Single 14
196 226 HUNT Morris Head M Married 37
    HUNT Maggie Wife F Married 30
197 227 PARSONS Mary  Head M Widow 56
    PARSONS Annie Daughter F Single 24
    PARSONS Aloyous (sic) Son M Single 14
  228 PARSONS W. James Head M Married 28
    PARSONS Martha Wife F Married 24
198 229 BENNETT John Head M Married 64
    BENNETT Mary Wife F Married 58
    BENNETT Bertha Daughter F Single 20
    BENNETT Francis Son M Single 16
199 230 LEONARD David Head M Married 36
    LEONARD Mary Wife F Married 33
    LEONARD Ceclia (sic) Daughter F Single 9
    LEONARD Mary Daughter F Single 6
    LEONARD Annie Daughter F Single 4
    RODGERS Lizzie Adopted F Single 13
200 231 PARSONS John Head M Married 66
    PARSONS Saria (sic) Wife F Married 62
PAGE 386              
    PARSONS John Son M Single 26
    PARSONS Maud Daughter F Single 22
    PARSONS R Mary Daughter F Single 21
201 232 PARSONS Leo Head M Married 37
    PARSONS Ellen Wife F Married 29
    PARSONS William Son M Single 10
    PARSONS Sarra (sic) Daughter F Single 8
    PARSONS Agness Daughter F Single 6
    PARSONS Leo Son M Single 4
    PARSONS Ilean (sic) Daughter F Single 2
202 233 PARSONS Cornelius Head M Married 33
    PARSONS Adelaide Wife F Married 27
    PARSONS Mary Daughter F Single 8
    PARSONS Laurence Son M Single 6
    PARSONS Genevieve Daughter F Single 3
    PARSONS Christenia (sic) Daughter F Single 1
203 234 CARROLL Thomas Head M Married 49
    CARROLL Ellen Wife F Married 47
    ENNIS Catherine Adopted  F Single 12
204 235 WHIFFEN Vincent Head M Married 35
    WHIFFEN Marget (sic) Wife F Married 30
    WHIFFEN Angela Daughter F Single 7
    WHIFFEN Lavinia Daughter F Single 3
205 236 HYPTHIC David Head M Married 46
    HYPTHIC Monica Wife F Married 44
    HYPTHIC Richard Son M Single 20
    HYPTHIC James Son M Single 17
    HYPTHIC Mary Daughter F Single 14
    HYPTHIC Laurence Son M Single 13
    HYPTHIC S??? Son M Single 11
    HYPTHIC Bendick (sic) Son M Single 11
    HYPTHIC Sandy Son M Single 7
    HYPTHIC David Son M Single 2
PAGE 387              
206 237 BREWER John Head M Single 58
    BREWER Bridget Sister F Single 61
    BREWER Mickle Brother M Single 56
207 238 BREWER David Head M Married 50
    BREWER Eliza Wife F Married 38
    BREWER Mary Daughter F Single 9
    BREWER John Son M Single 7
    BREWER Tim Son M Single 5
208 239 PARSONS Laurence Head M Married 53
    PARSONS Nora Wife F Married 46
    GAMBIN Gudal (??) Adopted M Single 22
    DUNPHY Tresia (sic) Adopted F Single 19
209 240 PARSONS J. John Head M Married 39
    PARSONS Mary Wife F Married 31
    PARSONS Ceclia (?) Daughter F Single 14
    PARSONS Agnes Daughter F Single 12
    PARSONS James Son M Single 10
    PARSONS Irene Daughter F Single 7
    PARSONS Wiffred (?) Son M Single 4
    PARSONS Joseph Son M Single 1
    MOORES Agness (sic) Adopted F Single 18
210 241 PARSONS James Head M Married 72
    PARSONS Ceclia (?) Wife F Married 66
    PARSONS Elexander (sic) Son M Single 26
211 242 CONNORS Walter Head M Married 77
    CONNORS Marget (sic) Wife F Married 60
    CONNORS Vergus (sic) Son M Single 29
    CONNORS Lucey (sic) Daughter F Single 16
212 243 HYPTHIC Angelina Head F Widow 53
    HYPTHIC Lavinia Daughter F Single 23
213 244 CARROLL Martin Head M Married 48
    CARROLL Elizabeth Wife F Married 45
    CARROLL Annie Daughter F Single 13
PAGE 388              
    CARROLL Rita Daughter F Single 11
    CARROLL Thomas Son M Single 9
    CARROLL Mickle Son M Single 5
214 245 BREWER James Head M Single 30
    BREWER Tresia (sic) Mother F Widow 70
    HICKEY William Lodger M Single 75
215 246 BREWER Thomas Head M Married 44
    BREWER Elizabeth Wife F Married 33
    BREWER Monica Daughter F Single 9
    PALFRY Mary Mother F Widow 80
    BALLARD Thomas Lodger M Single 20
216 247 BREWER James Head M Widower 48
    BREWER Annie Daughter F Single 17
    BREWER William Son M Single 15
    BREWER Elizabeth Sister F Single 49
217 248 BREWER William Head M Married 47
    BREWER Mary Wife F Married 47
    BREWER Hanna Daughter F Single 8
    BREWER Donna Daughter F Single 6

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