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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Bonavista

Pages 534 - 537 & 547

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12 Col 19
PAGE 534                
140 145 PIKE Leonard Head M M 46 UC
    PIKE Ada Wife F M 41 UC
    PIKE William Irving Son M S 21 UC
    PIKE Leonard Leroy Son M S 18 UC
141 146 PIKE Alfred Head M M 36 UC
    PIKE Aurora Wife F M 36 UC
    PIKE Herbert John Son M S 14 UC
    PIKE Hilda May Daughter F S 13 UC
    PIKE Rossten (sic) Son M S 10 UC
    PIKE Chesley Son M S 8 UC
    PIKE Colin Son M S 5 UC
    PIKE Violet Daughter F S 3 UC
    PIKE Leawood Son M S 1 UC
142 147 QUINTON Herbert Head M M 66 Self Thinker (sic)
    QUINTON Lydia Wife F M 62 SA
  148 TREMBLETT Norman Head M M 26 UC
    TREMBLETT Katie Wife F M 23 UC
PAGE 535                
    TREMBLETT Eric Ralph Son M S 6 Mos UC
143 149 QUINTON Bramwell Head M M 30 UC
    QUINTON Mary Wife F M 22 UC
    QUINTON Herman W Son M S 3 UC
144 150 QUINTON Kenneth Head M M 40 UC
    QUINTON Mary Jane Wife F M 31 UC
    QUINTON Lloyd W Son M S 13 UC
    QUINTON Samson C Son M S 10 UC
    QUINTON Edith Daughter F S 9 UC
    QUINTON John Son M S 7 UC
    QUINTON Daisy Daughter F S 5 UC
    QUINTON Katie D Daughter F S 3 UC
    QUINTON Delilah Daughter F S 9 Mos UC
145 151 QUINTON Charles H Head M M 74 UC
    QUINTON Marthar Jane Wife F M 66 UC
  152 HOLLOWAY George Head M M 26 UC
    HOLLOWAY Martha D Wife F M 25 UC
    HOLLOWAY Maisie M Daughter F S 1 UC
  153 QUINTON James W Head M M 37 UC
    QUINTON Minnie Wife F M 34 UC
    QUINTON Wilfred Son M S 8 UC
    QUINTON Cecil Rex Son M S 5 UC
    QUINTON Dorothy Daughter F S 3 UC
146 154 MATTHEWS William Head M M 64 UC
    MATTHEWS Elizabeth Wife F M 47 UC
    MATTHEWS Hedley Son M S 21 UC
    MATTHEWS Raymond Son M S 17 UC
    MATTHEWS Valma (sic) Daughter F S 14 UC
    MATTHEWS Elsie Daughter F S 12 UC
147 155 QUINTON Eleazer Head M M 46 Self Thinker (sic)
    QUINTON Florence Wife F M 46 CE
    QUINTON Charles J Son M S 23 CE
    QUINTON Lora H Daughter F S 20 CE
PAGE 536                
    QUINTON Harold Son M S 17 CE
    QUINTON Marthar (sic) (?) Daughter F S 14 CE
    QUINTON Roselie Daughter F S 13 CE
    QUINTON Clyde Son M S 11 CE
    QUINTON Augustus Rex Son M S 7 CE
    QUINTON Ralph McDonald Son M S 5 CE
148 156 PRINCE Reginald Head M M 27 CE
    PRINCE Rosie Wife F M 21 CE
    PRINCE Hubert Son M S 5 CE
    PRINCE Clarence Son M S 2 CE
149 157 PRINCE John Head M M 62 CE
    PRINCE Elizabeth Wife F M 58 CE
    PRINCE James Son M S 22 CE
    PRINCE Albert Son M S 20 CE
    PRINCE Roy Son M S 18 CE
    PRINCE Rosie Daughter F S 8 CE
150 158 PRINCE Alpheaus Head M W 44 CE
    PRINCE Henry Son M S 25 CE
    PRINCE Walter Son M S 15 CE
    PRINCE Alice Daughter F S 13 CE
  159 PRINCE Charles Maxwell Head M M 23 CE
    PRINCE Minnie Wife F M 28 CE
    PRINCE Eric Stewart Son M S 5 Mos CE
151 160 GOULD Charles W Head M W 51 CE
    GOULD Thomas Son M S 22 CE
    GOULD George F Son M S 19 CE
    GOULD William Son M S 16 CE
    GOULD Hedley Son M S 14 CE
  161 HARRIS Hubert Head M M 29 CE
    HARRIS Mary Anne Wife F M 26 CE
    HARRIS Lilly Daughter F S 5 CE
    HARRIS Bessie Daughter F S 3 CE
    HARRIS William George Son M S 1 CE
PAGE 537                
152 162 GOULD James Head M M 24 CE
    GOULD Emily Wife F M 19 CE
153 163 FRYE Edgar Head M M 43 CE
    FRYE Carrie Wife F M 30 CE
    FRYE Harold Son M S 9 CE
    FRYE Margaret Daughter F M 6 CE
    FRYE Philip Son M S 4 CE
    FRYE Calvin Son M S 1 CE
    BURSEY William Nephew M S 25 UC
154 164 TAYLOR George Head M M 69 CE
    TAYLOR Sarah Wife F M 67 CE
    FRYE Nina Grand Daughter F S 18 CE
    FRYE Albert Grand Son M S 17 CE
155 165 FRYE Charles Head M M 55 SA
    FRYE Ida Wife F M 54 SA
    FRYE Hazel Daughter F S 21 SA
    FRYE Jacob Son M S 18 SA
    FRYE William Son M S 15 SA
    FRYE Winifred Daughter F S 12 SA
    FRYE Dora Daughter F S 9 SA
156 166 FRYE Arthur Head M M 61 CE
    FRYE Marion Wife F M 47 CE
    FRYE Lambert Son M S 25 CE
    FRYE William I Brother M S 59 CE
157 167 GOULD Henry Head M M 62 CE
    GOULD Maria Ann Wife F M 62 CE
    GOULD John Nephew M S 18 CE
158 168 HOBBS Samuel Head M M 56 CE
    HOBBS Charolett (sic) Wife F M 53 UC
    HOBBS Wallace Son M S 25 CE
    HOBBS Joseph E Son M S 22 UC
PAGE 546                
Not Given Not Given HAYLEY Baxter Not Given M S 25 C of E
Not Given Not Given HAYLEY Cecil Not Given M S 32 C of E
Not Given Not Given SIMMONDS Sam Not Given M S 24 UC
Not Given Not Given ABBOTT Baxter Not Given M S 34 UC
PAGE 547                
Not Given Not Given MATTHEWS Garfield Head M M 32 UC
    MATTHEWS Maud Wife F M 27 UC
    MATTHEWS Emma Daughter F S 9 UC
    MATTHEWS Gladys Daughter F S 6 UC
    MATTHEWS Allan Daughter M S 4 UC
    MATTHEWS Mildred Daughter F S 4 UC

Contributed and Transcribed by Mabel Macyshen nee Brennan (February 2004)

Page Revised: 2016 (Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Friday June 01, 2018 (Don Tate)

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