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This file "Verified to the original pages" (October 2005 - by Mary Rawlinson)


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Cartwright and Paradise
Cartwright and Pack's Harbour
Cartwright and Dove Brook
Cartwright and Long Tickle
Dumplin and Cartwright
Dove Brook and Cartwright
Paradise and Cartwright

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PAGE 100
258 283 HEARD William Head M M 56
    HEARD Naomi Wife F M 47
    HEARD Allan Son M S 22
    HEARD Lancelot Son M S 19
    HEARD Graham Son M S 10
PAGE 107
159 172 PARDY Robert James Head M M 58
    PARDY Martha Wife F M 56
    PARDY Fredrick George Son M S 25
    PARDY Flora Winnifred Daughter F S 19
    PARDY Sybil Marion Daughter F S 12
PAGE 109
172 186 LEARNING Arthur Head M M 52
    LEARNING Jemima Wife F M 34
    LEARNING Forward Son M S 19
    LEARNING Gladys Daughter F S 18
    LEARNING Samson Son M S 15
    LEARNING Marcella Daughter F S 11
    LEARNING Linda Daughter F S 7
    LEARNING Millicent Daughter F S 4
    LEARNING Myra Daughter F S 2
    LEARNING Marina Daughter F S 2 mons
PAGE 106
152 165 MARTIN John Head M M 36
    MARTIN Charlotte Wife F M 34
    MARTIN Jean Daughter F S 13
    MARTIN Pheobe Daughter F S 10
    MARTIN Bruce Son M S 8
    MARTIN Milicent Daughter F S 6
    MARTIN Irene Daughter F S 4
    MARTIN Donald Cousin M S 35
PAGE 106
154 167 PETTEN Charles Head M M 29
    PETTEN Mary Wife F M 29
    PETTEN Ina Daughter F S 2
    PETTEN Llewelyn Brother M S 25
  Hudson's Bay Post            
155 168 BLACKHALL John S. Head M M 44
    BLACKHALL Bertha Agnes Wife F M 31
    CAVE C. Wilson Employee M S 32
    LEAMAN Herman Employee M S 25
    FORD Susie Sister in Law F S 21
    BIRD Gladys Domestic F S 28
157 170 MOORES William Stafford Head M M 30
    MOORES Violet Wife F M 28
    MOORES Thomas Step Brother M S 13
PAGE 107
160 173 DAVIS Theodore Head M M 34
    DAVIS Rhoda Ann Wife F M 23
    DAVIS Rupert Charles Son M S 6
    DAVIS Harold Sydney Son M S 3
  174 DAVIS Percy Brother M M 23
    DAVIS Margaret Sister in Law F M 19
    DAVIS Edwin Nephew M S 1
161 175 DAVIS Charles Head M M 64
    DAVIS Mary Ann Wife F M 54
    DAVIS Stewart Mercer Son M S 19
  176 DAVIS William Son M M 26
    DAVIS Mildred Daughter in Law F M 20
162 177 BIRD John Head M M 48
    BIRD Annie Wife F M 48
    BIRD Harry Nephew M S 13
    MESHER Elizabeth Alexandra Adpt Daughter F S 1
163 178 BIRD William Head M M 43
    BIRD May Wife F M 31
    BIRD Jessie Daughter F S 18
    BIRD Frank Son M S 15
PAGE 109
172 187 MARTIN Robert James Head M M 46
    MARTIN Johanna Wife F M 26
    MARTIN Elsie Daughter F S 16
    MARTIN Owen Son M S 13
    MARTIN Esthel Daughter F S 8
    MARTIN Ralph Son M S 5
173 188 LEARNING John Head M M 53
    LEARNING Eliza Wife F M 41
    LEARNING Lily Daughter F S 13
    PARDY Harriet Neice F S 19
PAGE 110
176 191 REEVES Joseph Head M W 44
    REEVES Dorothy Daughter F S 15
    REEVES Jessie Daughter F S 13
    REEVES Phoebe Daughter F S 11
    REEVES Ralph Son M S 8
    REEVES Edith Daughter F S 4
    REEVES Janet Daughter F S 2
177 192 GROVES Frederick Head M M 47
    GROVES Henrietta Wife F M 48
    GROVES Noel Son M S 13
178 193 MARTIN William Head M M 61
    MARTIN Mary Elizabeth Wife F M 61
    MARTIN Butler Son M S 20
    MARTIN George Son M S 19
179 194 COOMBS Thomas Head M W 40
    COOMBS Ivy Daughter F S 12
    COOMBS George Son M S 9
    COOMBS Stella Daughter F S 8
    COOMBS Robert Son M S 6
    COOMBS Bertha Daughter F S 4
    COOMBS Mary Jane Mother F W 66
180 195 PARDY Manuel Head M M 50
    PARDY Bertha Una May Wife F M 41
    PARDY Thomas Son M S 13
    PARDY Leslie Son M S 12
    PARDY Blanch Daughter F S 10
    PARDY Olive Daughter F S 8
    PARDY Muriel Daughter F S 7
    PARDY Manuel Son M S 5
PAGE 111
181 196 MARTIN Francis Scott Head M M 43
    MARTIN Selina Elizabeth Wife F M 29
    MARTIN Howard Son M S 13
    MARTIN Vera Emily Daughter F S 10
    MARTIN Golden Columbine Daughter F S 3
182 197 HEARD John Clarence Head M M 25
    HEARD Winifred Irene Wife F M 27
    HEARD Barbara Olive Daughter F S 3
    HEARD John Osbourne Son M S 2
    HEARD Bernard Son M S 5 mons
    HEARD Dorcas Sister F S 33
183 198 WILLIAMS Stewart Head M M 28
    WILLIAMS Dorothy Wife F M 22
    WILLIAMS Sydney Son M S 6 mons
184 199 BIRD Charles Head M M 50
    BIRD Amy Wife F M 41
    BIRD Silas Harvey Son M S 25
    BIRD Mina Daughter F S 21
    BIRD Elanor Daughter F S 18
    BIRD Hilda Daughter F S 9
    BIRD Robert Michael Son M S 7
    BIRD Margaret Daughter F S 2
PAGE 112
185 200 WILLIAMS Charles Head M M 43
    WILLIAMS Henry John Son M S 17
186 201 LEMARE Phinley Head M S 26
    LEMARE Mary Mother F W 63
    PARDY Edward Cousin M S 26
    PARDY James Cousin M S 48
187 202 PARDY Robert John Head M M 36
    PARDY Margaret Wife F M 35
    PARDY Clifford Son M S 12
    PARDY Charles Son M S 10
    PARDY Chesley Son M S 8
    PARDY Bernard Son M S 6
    PARDY Victor Son M S 4
    PARDY Malcom Son M S 2
188 203 KEDDIE Kate Mary   F W 42
    BROWN Harold   M S 24
PAGE 106
156 169 BIRD Robert James Head M W 65
    BIRD Thomas Francis Son M S 25
158 171 BIRD George Head M M 64
    BIRD Mary Elizabeth Wife F M 57
    BIRD Thomas Son M S 35
    BIRD Clarence Roland Son M S 33
PAGE 109
174 189 BIRD Silas Head M M 54
    BIRD Jessie Wife F M 45
    BIRD Hayward Son M S 15
    BIRD John Son M S 13
    BIRD Ruth Daughter F S 11
    BIRD Brian Son M S 9
PAGE 109
175 190 COOMBS William Head M M 35
    COOMBS Elizabeth Wife F M 31
    COOMBS Ethel Daughter F S 9
    COOMBS Marjorie Daughter F S 7
    COOMBS Robert Son M S 5
    COOMBS Olive Daughter F S 2

Transcribed by Floyd Letto (October 2005)

Updated by Patty Way (January 2006)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (October 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013

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