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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 331 - 336

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 331              
129 129 FORWARD Stewart Son M S 13
    FORWARD Hayward Son M S 9
    FORWARD Fred'ck Son M S 5
130 130 BRIDLE Agustus Head M M 77
    BRIDLE Laura Wife F M 63
131 131 TUCKER Rudolph Head M M 31
    TUCKER Martha Wife F M 30
    CROCKER Mary E. Mother in law F W 59
    TUCKER Hazel L. Daughter F   5
132 132 PILGRIM William H. Head M M 38
    PILGRIM Martha Wife F M 39
    PILGRIM William Jr Son M   11 mo
133 133 SIMMONS Lorenzo Head M M 59
    SIMMONS Lucy Wife F M 61
    SIMMONS Bertha Daughter F S 27
134 134 BARNES Paul Head M M 49
    BARNES Emeline Wife F M 47 *
* Note: Emeline's age was originally 47 but has been written over with 45. Unknown if done by enumertor or done alter by someone else.
    BARNES Bessie Daughter F   12
    BARNES William Son M   6
135 135 DAY Samuel Head M M 71
    DAY Cicely Wife F M 69
136 136 SNOW James Head M M 40
    SNOW Elizabeth Wife F M 39
137 137 REID James Head M M 81
    REID Sophia Wife F M 68
    REID Beatrice Daughter F S 29
138 138 SNOW Alfred Head M M 33
    SNOW Bessie Wife F S 34
    SNOW Mary Daughter F S 8?
139 139 BUTT Joseph H. Head M M 47
    BUTT Margaret Wife F M 47
    BUTT William J Son M S 27
    BUTT Chesley Son M S 23
PAGE 332              
    BUTT George E. Son M S 19
    BUTT Doris Daughter F   15
    BUTT Cyril Benjamin Son M   13
    BUTT Florence Daughter M   12
    BUTT John C. Son M   10
140 140 HISCOCK Fanny Agnes? Head F W 65
    HISCOCK Fred'ck Son M M 34
    HISCOCK Sarah Daughter in law F M 34
    HISCOCK Willima (sic) Grand daughter F   2
141 141 REID William Head M M 36
    REID Irene Wife F M 35
    REID Dorothy Jean Daughter F S 9
    REID Phyllis S. Daughter F S 7
    REID Bessie May? Daughter F S 2
142 142 BUTT David Head M M 67
    BUTT Annie Wife F M 61
    BUTT Violet Daughter F S 21
143 143 JANES Samuel Head M W 68
    JANES Nellie Daughter F S 31
    JANES Hannah Daughter F S 30
144 144 FELLETT (?) James Head M M 70
    FELLETT (?) Mary Wife F M 61
    FELLETT (?) George Fred Son M S 28
    FELLETT (?) William J. Son M S 24
    FELLETT (?) Robert Son M S 20
    FELLETT (?) Margaret Daughter F S 15
    FELLETT (?) James Grand son M S 8
145 145 HORWOOD Rueben Head M M 62
    HORWOOD Margaret Wife F M 57
    HORWOOD Richard Son M M 30
    HORWOOD Sarah J. Daughter in Law F M 26
    HORWOOD John B. Son M S 29
    HORWOOD William T. Son M M (sic) 28
PAGE 333              
    HORWOOD Helen Daughter in law F M 26
    HORWOOD George Grand son M S 1
146 146 ASH George W. Head M M 40
    ASH Winnifred Wife F M 44
    ASH John B. Son M S 17
    ASH Margaret Daughter F S 16
    ASH Melvin Son M S 14
    ASH Elizabeth Daughter F S 11
    ASH Thomas Son M S 9
147 147 ASH Thomas Head M M 66
    ASH Mary J Wife F M 64
    ASH Elizabeth Daughter F S 22
    ASH Robert H. Head M M 33
    ASH Gertrude Wife F M 32
148 148 HISCOCK Esther Head F W 69
149 149 HISCOCK John of Henry Head M M 64
    HISCOCK Mary Wife F M 50
    HISCOCK Robert Son M S 23
    HISCOCK John Allan Son M S 16
    HISCOCK Jessie Daughter F S 20
    HISCOCK Mildred Daughter F S 13
    HISCOCK Elva Daughter F S 10
150 150 HISCOCK Henry Head M M 57
    HISCOCK Minnie Wife F M 36
    HISCOCK Henry Son M S 18
    HISCOCK William Son M M 26
    HISCOCK Ollie Daughter in law F M 21
    HISCOCK Helen Grand daughter F S 3
    HISCOCK Raymond E. Grand son M S 1
    HISCOCK Raymond F.? Son M S 15
    HISCOCK Ida Daughter F S 11
    HISCOCK Albert W. Son M S 8
    HISCOCK Harriet Daughter F S 14?
PAGE 334              
151 151 PARSONS William Head M M 36
    PARSONS Julia Wife F M 34
    PARSONS Clara Daughter F S 12
    PARSONS Jean Daughter F S 11
    PARSONS Richard Son M S 9
    PARSONS Emma Daughter F S 6
    PARSONS Ernest Son M S 4
152 152 FLIGHT Edgar Head M M 34
    FLIGHT Adelade (sic) Wife F M 35
153 153 OSMOND Robert Head M M 49
    OSMOND Mary Wife F M 45
    OSMOND Bernice Daughter F S 17
    OSMOND George Son M S 15
    OSMOND Mildred Daughter F S 13
    OSMOND Cora Daughter F S 11
    OSMOND Ronald Son M S 9
    OSMOND Greta (?) Daughter F S 2
154 154 HOWELL Jane E. Head F W 74
155 155 HOMER Emily Head F W 71
156 156 REACH Ida Head F W 73
    SOPER Grace Daughter F M 28
    SOPER George E. Son in law M M 33
    FLIGHT ? Florence D ??? F S 17
157 157 FRAMPTON Elizabeth Head F W 52
    FRAMPTON Arthur Son M W 52
    FRAMPTON Dorothy Grand daughter F S 19
    FRAMPTON Graham Grand son M S 15
    FRAMPTON William Grand son M S 21
    BURDEN Fletcher Head M W 61
158 158 BURDEN Robert Head M W 68
    BURDEN William Son M S 42
    BURDEN James Son M M 37
    BURDEN Sadie Daughter in law F M 35
PAGE 335              
    BURDEN William T. Grand son M S 10
    BURDEN Samuel Son M S 35
    BURDEN Robert Son M S 33
    Water Street          
159 159 SAUNDERS Phillip Head M M 74
    SAUNDERS Isabelle Wife F M 69
    SAUNDERS Mary Daughter F S 23
    SAUNDERS Marie Grand daughter F S 8
160 160 SAUNDERS Fred'ck Head M M 36
    SAUNDERS Sarah J. Wife F M 35
    SAUNDERS Phillip Son M S 9
    SAUNDERS George Son M S 7
161 161 LONG Fred'ck Head M W 64
    LONG George Son M S 23
    LONG Fred'ck Jr. Son M S 20
162 162 MAHANEY Thomas Head M M 63
    MAHANEY Eliza Wife F M 63
    MAHANEY Fred'ck Son M S 28
    MAHANEY Susanna Daughter F S 20
163 163 MAHANEY Silas Head M M 65
    MAHANEY Isabella Daughter F M 22
    MAHANEY Garnette Daughter F S 16
    MAHANEY Margaret Daughter F S 13
    MAHANEY Roy Son M S 18
    MAHANEY Malcolm Son M S 15
    MAHANEY Hilda Grand daughter F S 8
164 164 ROWE George Head M M 61
    ROWE Martha Wife F M 61
165 165 COLE Henry Head M M 24
    COLE Eva Wife F M 23
    COLE Viola Daughter F S 3
    COLE Lillian Daughter F S 9 mos.
PAGE 336              
166 166 PARSONS Arthur Head M M 67
    PARSONS Harriet Wife F M 55
    PARSONS George V Son M S 22
    PARSONS A. Winston C. Son M S 20
    PARSONS Margaret C. Daughter F S 16
    PARSONS Margaret Sister F S 74
    BADCOCK Richard H. Father in law M W 91
167 167 BUTT William of Alf? Head M M 56
    BUTT Emily Wife F M 49
    BUTT Esther Daughter F S 21
    BUTT Gladys Daughter F S 19
    BUTT Cyril Daughter F S 17
    BUTT Isabella Daughter F S 16
    BUTT Marjorie Daughter F S 12
    BUTT Emmie Daughter F S 8
168 168 TAYLOR William Head M S 68
    SIMMONS Max Bennett Head M M 25
    SIMMONS Edith May Wife F M 23
    SIMMONS MacDonald Lindberg Son M S 4

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (October 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (October 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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