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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 104 - 110

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 104              
1 1 CULL Charles Head M M 74
    CULL Dianna Wife F M 59
    CULL Lester Son M S 20
    CULL Wallace Son M S 17
2 2 CULL Herbert Head M M 49
    CULL Jessie Wife F M 50
    CULL Carman Son M S 24
3 3 CULL Gideon Head M M 43
    CULL Mary Wife F M 42
    CULL Earnest Son M S 19
    CULL Leslie Son M S 15
    CULL Clayton L Son M S 10
    CULL Joseph Father M W 84
4 4 CULL James Head M M 52
    CULL Susie Wife F M 50
    CULL Gilbert B Son M S 13
5 5 BURSEY George Head M M 33
    BURSEY Daisy M Wife F M 21
    BURSEY George Son M S 10
    BURSEY Bertha Daughter F S 8
    BURSEY Lilly Daughter F S 6
    BURSEY Sarah B L Daughter F S 1
6 6 GARLAND Archibald Head M M 76
    GARLAND Sarah J Wife F M 69
  7 GARLAND Samuel Head M M 32
    GARLAND Ethel Wife F M 30
    GARLAND Randell Son M S 5
    GARLAND George Son M S 4
7 8 GARLAND Simeon Head M W 49
    GARLAND Julia Daughter F S 26
    GARLAND Wilson J Son M S 23
    GARLAND Stella Daughter F S 20
    GARLAND Cecil Son M S 17
PAGE 105              
    GARLAND Winifred Daughter F S 7
8 9 GARLAND Eli Head M M 46
    GARLAND Gertie Wife F M 41
    GARLAND Wallace Son M S 20
    GARLAND Louisa Daughter F S 17
    GARLAND Archibald Son M S 15
    GARLAND Phyllis M Daughter F S 13
    GARLAND Mary E Daughter F S 11
    GARLAND Martha J Daughter F S 8
9 10 REYNOLDS James Head M M 68
    REYNOLDS Amelia Wife F M 57
    REYNOLDS Harold J Son M S 26
    REYNOLDS Lloyd C Son M S 17
10 11 DOOLEY Wm Head M S 28
11 12 REYNOLDS Samuel Head M M 35
    REYNOLDS Gladys Wife F M 35
    REYNOLDS Ralph Son M S 16
    REYNOLDS Robert J Son M S 13
    REYNOLDS Marjorie Daughter F S 11
    REYNOLDS Mildred J Daughter F S 9
    REYNOLDS Emma Daughter F S 7
    REYNOLDS Kenneth Son M S 5
    REYNOLDS Alma G Daughter F S 3
    REYNOLDS Bessie L Daughter F S 1 Month
12 13 BUTT Barth Head M M 48
    BUTT Bertha Wife F M 42
    BUTT Dorothy Daughter F S 19
    BUTT Baxter Son M S 17
13 14 BUTT Fred Head M M 37
    BUTT Ada B Wife F M 34
    BUTT Graham Son M S 12
    BUTT John S Son M S 8
    BUTT Gordon Roy Son M S 1
PAGE 106              
    BUTT Jessie L Mother F W 80
14 15 BUTT James Head M W 57
    BUTT Jessie Daughter F S 31
    BUTT Rosie * Daughter F S 28
* NOTE: The above entry (Rosie) has been lined out Included here for reference
    BUTT Beatrice G Daughter F S 10
    BUTT Charlie G Son M S 6
    BUTT Mary G Daughter F S 2
  16 BUTT Thomas Head M M 26
    BUTT Mary J Wife F M 18
  17 BUTT Gordon Head M M 23
    BUTT Elizabeth Wife F M 18
    BUTT Douglas Son M S 2 Months
15 18 HARRIS Walter Head M M 35
    HARRIS Julia M Wife F M 33
    HARRIS Hedley Son M S 14
    HARRIS Janet Daughter F S 13
    HARRIS Walter J Son M S 10
    HARRIS Edna Daughter F S 8
    HARRIS Pearl I Daughter F S 6
    HARRIS Fred G Son M S 3
    HARRIS Maxwell D Son M S 1
16 19 REYNOLDS Henry T Head M M 60
    REYNOLDS Jane Wife F M 56
    REYNOLDS Berkly Son M S 29
    REYNOLDS Frank Son M S 22
    REYNOLDS Jesse W Son M S 16
    REYNOLDS Fanny Sister F S 57
17 20 BURSEY William Head M M 48
    BURSEY Flora Wife F M 43
    BURSEY Mable Daughter F S 18
    BURSEY Uriah Js Son M S 14
    BURSEY John C Son M S 12
    BURSEY Evelyn Daughter F S 10
PAGE 107              
    BURSEY Clayton Son M S 6
    BURSEY Frank R Son M S 4
18 21 CULL Henry Joseph Head M M 46
    CULL Florence M Wife F M 42
    CULL Clarence Son M S 18
    CULL Frank H Son M S 17
    CULL Hilda B Daughter F S 15
    CULL Beatrice Daughter F S 13
    CULL Effie Daughter F S 11
    CULL Charlie A Son M S 6
    CULL Raymond Son M S 4
19 22 BURSEY Eli Head M M 35
    BURSEY Violet Wife F M 32
20 23 POWER Leo Head M M 33
    POWER Margaret Wife F M 31
    POWER Theresa Daughter F S 16
    POWER Frank Son M S 6
    POWER Kevin Son M S 4
    POWER Llewlyn Son M S 1 Month
    POWER Mary Mother F W 74
21 24 POWER James Head M M 36
    POWER Margaret Wife F M 26
    POWER Mary E Daughter F S 5
    POWER William Son M S 5
    POWER Joseph Son M S 4
    POWER Lilly F Daughter F S 2
22 25 POWER Edward Head M M 39
    POWER Katherine Wife F M 35
    POWER Jeremiah Son M S 10
    POWER Leo B Son M S 4
    BOLAND Katie Step Aunt F W 60
23 26 POWER John Head M M 51
    POWER Elizabeth Wife F M 33
PAGE 108              
    POWER James Son M S 10
    POWER Sylvester Son M S 8
    POWER Kathelene Daughter F S 5
    POWER Rita J Daughter F S 3
    POWER Fanny Daughter F S 1
24 27 CULL Stephen Head M M 55
    CULL Celia Wife F M 46
    CULL Andrew J Son M S 15
    CULL Eliza Daughter F S 13
    CULL Janet Daughter F S 12
    CULL Eileen Daughter F S 10
  28 CULL James Head M M 26
    CULL Alfreda Wife F M 18
    CULL Alma J Daughter F S 1 Month
    REID Herman Cousin M S 19
25 29 POWER Michael Head M M 29
    POWER Bridget Wife F M 24
    POWER Stanley J Son M S 5
    POWER Wm Father M W 76
26 30 CULL Louisa Head F W 57
    BURSEY Clarence Grandson M S 21
    CULL Annie Daug in-law F W 25
    CULL Joyce G Daughter F S 4
27 31 CULL Walter Head M M 37
    CULL Flossie Wife F M 41
    CULL John T Son M S 16
    CULL Douglas Son M S 15
    CULL Harrison G Son M S 13
    CULL Vera Daughter F S 11
    CULL Ruby Daughter F S 6
    CULL Edna Neice F S 8
28 32 CHAMPION Arthur Head M M 35
    CHAMPION Elizabeth Wife F M 30
PAGE 109              
29 33 BLUNDON Charlie Head M M 24
    BLUNDON Clara Wife F M 24
    BLUNDON Sarah F Daughter F S 3
    BLUNDON Dorothy Daughter F S 1
    BLUNDON Wm Father M W 68
30 34 RENOLDS Melina Head F W 73
31 35 REYNOLDS William Head M M 67
    REYNOLDS Rebecca Wife F M 66
    REYNOLDS Malcolm Son M S 33
32 36 REYNOLDS John Head M M 70
    REYNOLDS Hazel Wife F M 57
    REYNOLDS Clara Daughter F S 19
  37 REYNOLDS John S Head M M 26
    REYNOLDS Marjorie Wife F M 23
    REYNOLDS Edith E Daughter F S 10 Months
33 38 SNELGROVE Noah Head M M 43
    SNELGROVE Dorcas Wife F M 32
    SNELGROVE Julia B Daughter F S 11
    SNELGROVE Wilfred G Son M S 8
    SNELGROVE Carrie R Daughter F S 6
34 39 SOOLEY Jasper Head M M 62
    SOOLEY Jessie Wife F M 46
    SOOLEY Eric Son M S 18
    SOOLEY Effie Daughter F S 18
    SOOLEY Bessie Daughter F S 16
    SOOLEY Stephen Son M S 14
35 40 FAGNER George Head M M 52
    FAGNER Louisa Wife F M 47
    FAGNER Aerial Son M S 26
    FAGNER Gideon Son M S 22
    FAGNER Irene Step Daugh F S 7
    FRENCH Silas Step Son M S 22
36 41 CULL John C Head M M 54
PAGE 110              
    CULL Mary A Wife F M 52
    CULL Mary Daughter F S 21
    CULL Doris Daughter F S 19
    CULL Minnie Daughter F S 13
    CULL Myrtle Daughter F S 9

Transcribed by Anne Keating (July 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (August 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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