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1935 Provincial Census
District of Fortune Bay, Burgeo & LaPoile
Section from Cul de Sac (exc) to Fox Is. Hr. (inc)
Cape La Hune



Microfilm Reel # M-8049, Pages 416 - 422
REL=relationship to head of household
STA=marital status
AGE=age at last birthday
(sic) May appear to be incorrect but it is the way the enumerator wrote it on the origijnal page.

Where writing in the original is difficult to read, the word(s) will be placed in brackets with a question mark to indicate that that's what it looks like All persons were recorded as being born in Newfoundland


PAGE 416              
162 202 DOMINEY James William Head M M 52
    DOMINEY Martha Elizabeth Wife F M 49
    DOMINEY Henry Clarence Son M S 5
    DOMINEY John Thomas Son M S 28
    DOMINEY Ernest Son M S 23
    DOMINEY James Son M S 16
    BUFFETT John Evans Step Son M S 14
  203 DOMINEY Randell Head M M 25
    DOMINEY Hannah Maria Wife F M 22
163 204 DOMINEY George (Sr.) Head M M 56
PAGE 417              
    DOMINEY Alice Wife F M 54
    DOMINEY George Thomas Son M S 20
    DOMINEY Nathen Son M S 13
164 205 PINK George Thomas Head M M 45
    PINK Sarah Florence Wife F M 30
    PINK Violet Dau F S 12
    PINK Carrie Dau F S 8
    PINK Randall Son M S 6
165 206 LaFOSSE James Head M M 31
    LaFOSSE Abigail Wife F M 30
    LaFOSSE Alice Jane Dau F S 10
    LaFOSSE Harry Son M S 7
    LaFOSSE George Robert Son M S 2
    LaFOSSE Jane Mother F W 63
166 207 LaFOSSE Thomas Head M M 42
    LaFOSSE Ethel Wife F M 36
    LaFOSSE Edgar Son M S 18
    LaFOSSE Jessie Dau F S 15
    LaFOSSE Ida Maud Dau F S 11
    LaFOSSE Mary Una Dau F S 8
    LaFOSSE Roland Son M S 3
167 208 RICKETTS John Head M M 42
    RICKETTS Jennie Wife F M 33
  209 DURNFORD Victor Head M M 25
    DURNFORD Florence Wife F M 19
168 210 YOUNG Morgan Head M M 44
    YOUNG Gertrude Wife F M 42
    YOUNG Rita Dau F S 22
    YOUNG Edwin Son M S 15
    YOUNG Bertha Maud Niece in Law F S 5
169 211 PINK William Head M M 69
    PINK Charlotte Wife F M 67
170 212 PINK John Head M M 30
PAGE 418              
    PINK Hilda Wife F M 26
    PINK Samuel Son M S 7
    PINK Hugh Son M S 5
    PINK Eileen Dau F S 2
171 213 RICKETTS Charles Head M M 50
    RICKETTS Susanna Wife F M 44
    RICKETTS Martha Lily Dau F S 21
    RICKETTS Joyce Dau F S 19
    RICKETTS Dinah Dau F S 17
    RICKETTS Lottie Dau F S 13
    RICKETTS Lucy Dau F S 11
    RICKETTS John Son M S 9
    BARTER Arthur Nephew in law M S 15
172 214 PINK Adolphus Head M M 42
    PINK Mary Wife F M 37
    PINK Florence Dau F S 18
    PINK Wallace Son M S 16
    PINK John Robert Son M S 14
    PINK Wilfred Son M S 12
    PINK Ida Dau F S 9
    PINK Matthew Son M S 8
    PINK Leah Dau F S 4
    BARTER Julia Lodger F S 26
173 215 PINK John Robert Head M M 53
    PINK Jessie Wife F M 43
    PINK Susie Dau F S 17
    PINK Thomas Son M S 14
174 216 BARTER George Andrew Head M M 51
    BARTER Elizabeth Frances Wife F M 48
    BARTER Minnie Cousin's child F S 13
175 217 KEEPING Norman Head M M 35
    KEEPING Catherine Wife F M 27
    KEEPING Nathan Son M S 6
PAGE 419              
    KEEPING Mary Dau F S 3
    KEEPING Dorothy Melita Dau F S 1
176 218 DURNFORD Jabez Head M W 53
    DURNFORD Vera Dau F S 24
    DURNFORD Frank Son M S 20
  219 DURNFORD Norman Head M M 22
    DURNFORD Sarah Wife F M 22
    DURNFORD Norma Marelyn (sic) Dau F S 5mos
177 220 PINK George William Head M W 50
    PINK John Son M S 24
    PINK Rebecca Dau F S 18
    PINK Frances Dau F S 13
    BILLARD Frances Mother F W 76
178 221 KEEPING Lambert Head M M 29
    KEEPING Elizabeth Wife F M 25
179 222 MATCHEM Arthur J. Head M M 33
    MATCHEM Irene Wife F M 27
180 223 BARTER Elizabeth Jane Head F W 42
    BARTER George Son M S 25
    BARTER Ernest Son M S 22
    BARTER John Son M S 18
    BARTER William Son M S 15
    BARTER Esther Dau F S 13
    BARTER Arthur Son M S 11
  224 BARTER Simeon Nathan Head M M 23
    BARTER Victoria Wife F M 19
    BARTER John Uncle M W 57
181 225 BAGG Hugh Head M M 64
    BAGG Elizabeth Wife F M 59
    BAGG Alice Dau F S 21
    BAGG Mary Ann Dau F S 19
    BAGG Irene Dau F S 16
    BAGG Maria Dau F S 12
PAGE 420              
  226 BAGG James Head M M 30
    BAGG Elizabeth Wife F M 29
    BAGG Myrtle Dau F S 6
    BAGG Lloyd Ronald Son M S 1
182 227 BAGG Samuel Head M M 60
    BAGG Sarah Maria Wife F M 55
    BAGG Walter Son M S 23
    BAGG Sydney Son M S 22
    BAGG James Son M S 20
    BAGG John Son M S 18
    BAGG Samuel Vivian Son M S 15
    BAGG Eileen Dau F S 10
183 228 BAGG Harry Head M M 26
    BAGG Florence Wife F M 21
    BAGG Ida Dau F S 1mo
184 229 BAGG James Head M M 51
    BAGG Florence Wife F M 48
    BAGG Ida Dau F S 16
    BAGG Raymond Son M S 11
185 230 PINK Arthur Head M M 52
    PINK Sarah Ann Wife F M 38
    PINK George Son M S 18
186 231 PINK Hugh Head M M 43
    PINK Fanny Wife F M 27
    PINK Stanley Son M S 8
    PINK Margaret Dau F S 6
    PINK Frank Son M S 4
    PINK Thomas Son M S 2
    PINK Rebecca Jane Dau F S 10mos
187 234 (sic) PINK William Henry Head M M 51
    PINK Hannah Wife F M 36
    PINK James Son M S 14
    PINK Maria Dau F S 11
PAGE 421              
    PINK George Son M S 6
188 235 PINK Walter Stanley Head M M 39
    PINK Berthina Wife F M 34
    PINK Walter Son M S 14
    PINK Susanna Dau F S 10
    PINK Edna Dau F S 8
    PINK Roy Son M S 5
    PINK Clayton Son M S 2
189 236 BAGG Arthur Head M M 43
    BAGG Blanche Wife F M 42
    BAGG Gladys Dau F S 22
    BAGG Effie Dau F S 19
    BAGG Susie Dau F S 17
    BAGG Maxwell Son M S 13
    BAGG Mary Dau F S 9
    BAGG Nathan Son M S 7
    BAGG Finley Son M S 5
    BARTER Harvey Nephew M S 18
190 237 BARTER Susanna Head F W 58
    BARTER Stanley Son M S 27
    BARTER Nina Dau F S 23
    BARTER Annie Dau F S 18
191 238 BARTER Charles Percival Head M M 45
    BARTER Hazel Anita Wife F M 31
    BARTER Cecil Son M S 24
    BARTER Mary Dau F S 11
    BARTER Sarah Jane Dau F S 9
    BARTER Eva Georgina Dau F S 8
    BARTER Susanna Dau F S 3
192 239 PINK Frederick Head M M 42
    PINK Catherine Wife F M 35
    PINK Maxwell Son M S 12
    PINK Clyde Son M S 10
PAGE 422              
    PINK Elizabeth Dau F S 8
    PINK Maggie Dau F S 7
    PINK Gladys Dau F S 5
    PINK Mary Dau F S 1
193 240 BAGG John Head M M 34
    BAGG Jessie Wife F M 28
    BAGG Harvey Son M S 8
    BAGG Levi Son M S 5
194 241 PINK George Thomas Head M W 45
    PINK Samuel Son M S 17
    PINK Elizabeth Jane Dau F S 15
    PINK Annie Marie Dau F S 13
    PINK Washburn Son M S 11
195 242 PINK Walter Head M W 58
    PINK Myrtle Dau F S 25
NOTE: Myrtle is crossed out on the original page.
    PINK Hazel Dau F S 22
    PINK Mary Dau F S 17
196 243 KEEPING George Head M M 65
    KEEPING Mary Lily Wife F M 56
    KEEPING Mary Dau F S 27
    KEEPING John Robert Son M S 24
    KEEPING George Son M S 21
    KEEPING Olivia Dau F S 15
197 244 DOMINEY John Head M M 25
    DOMINEY Leah Wife F M 23


Transcribed by Ron St. Croix (February 2002)

Posted: February 2002 (Dan Breen)

Page Last Modified: Sunday December 06, 2015 (Don Tate)

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