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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 239 - 244

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 239              
129 150 DECKER Henry HEAD M M 75
    DECKER Bertha Wife F M 66
    DECKER Reginald Son M M 40
    DECKER Bertha Wife F M 40
    DECKER Raymond Son M S 16
    DECKER Dorathy Daughter F S 13
    DECKER Maizie Daughter F S 6
130 151 DECKER James HEAD M M 41
    DECKER Effie Wife F M 32
    DECKER Joyce Daughter F S 13
    DECKER Garland Son M S 11
    DECKER Hedley Son M S 9
    DECKER Guy Son M S 6
    DECKER Ernest Son M S 3
PAGE 240              
    DECKER Ross Son M S 7 Mos
131 152 DECKER Abel HEAD M M 48
    DECKER Naomi Wife F M 47
    DECKER Laura Daughter F S 23
    DECKER Roy Son M S 22
    DECKER Edgar Son M S 20
    DECKER Maxwell Son M S 18
    DECKER Gilbert Son M S 16
    DECKER Stella Daughter F S 14
    DECKER Henry Son M S 11
132 153 DECKER Ralph HEAD M M 30
    DECKER Ida Wife F M 27
    DECKER Carrie Daughter F S 3
    DECKER Patience Daughter F S 2
    DECKER Graham Son M S 10 Mos
133 154 BEAUFIELD George HEAD M W 52
    BEAUFIELD Elizabeth Sister F W 64
  155 ROBERTS Fredrick HEAD M M 26
    ROBERTS Pearle (sic) Wife F M 21
    ROBERTS Ruby Daughter F S 1
    ROBERTS William Son M S 6 Days
134 156 ANDREWS William HEAD M M 56
    ANDREWS Bertha Wife F M 48
    ANDREWS Kenneth Son M S 16
  157 ANDREWS John HEAD M M 25
    ANDREWS Daphney Wife F M 17
    ANDREWS Mable Daughter F S 4 Mos
135 158 BURTON Albert HEAD M M 35
    BURTON Lucy Wife F M 38
    MITCHELL Hayward Son M S 19
    MITCHELL John Son M S 16
    BURTON Ralph Son M S 9
    BURTON Agustus Son M S 6
PAGE 241              
    BURTON Fredrick Son M S 3
    BURTON Nelson Son M S 9 Mos
136 159 EDISON Charles HEAD M M 45
    EDISON Elizabeth Wife F M 44
    EDISON Louisa Adopted Daughter F S 21
    DECKER John Uncle M W 77
137 160 EDISON John HEAD M M 38
    EDISON Agnes Wife F M 34
    EDISON Ella Daughter F S 12
    EDISON Hildred (sic) Son M S 10 Mos
    TUCKER Ross Nephew M S 6
138 161 BEAUFIELD Malcolm HEAD M M 37
    BEAUFIELD Jennet Wife F M 33
    BEAUFIELD Ada Daughter F S 14
    BEAUFIELD Ebenezor Son M S 12
    BEAUFIELD Vincent Son M S 2
139 162 BEAUFIELD William HEAD M M 60
    BEAUFIELD Louisa Wife F M 65
140 163 BESSEY Aquilla HEAD M M 59
    BESSEY Amelia Wife F M 59
    BESSEY Elder Son M S 27
    BESSEY Reginald Son M S 18
141 164 TUCKER William J. HEAD M M 59
    TUCKER Miriam Wife F M 50
    TUCKER Gordon Son M S 22
    TUCKER Hurbert Son M S 21
    TUCKER Roland Son M S 18
    TUCKER Olive Daughter F S 18
    TUCKER William Son M S 16
    TUCKER Pearle Grand Child F S 3
    TUCKER Archibald Son M M 27
    TUCKER Kellie Wife F M 18
142 165 TUCKER Kenneth HEAD M M 30
PAGE 242              
    TUCKER Elizabeth Wife F M 37
    BEAUFIELD Alverda (sic) Daughter F S 16
    BEAUFIELD Roderick Son M S 14
    TUCKER Selby Son M S 8
    TUCKER Miriam Daughter F S 6
    TUCKER Wilson Son M S 4
    TUCKER Valen (sic) Son M S 3
143 166 TUCKER Henry HEAD M M 40
    TUCKER Lucy Wife F M 30
    TUCKER Hayward Son M S 10
    TUCKER Hellen (sic) Daughter F S 7
    TUCKER Martha Daughter F S 4
    TUCKER Doris Daughter F S 1
144 167 TUCKER John HEAD M M 50
    TUCKER Elsie Wife F M 38
    TUCKER Lewis Son M S 16
    TUCKER Dora Daughter F S 13
    TUCKER Annie Daughter F S 11
    TUCKER Wesley Son M S 9
    TUCKER Ronald Son M S 7
    TUCKER Hazel Daughter F S 5
    TUCKER Stanley Son M S 3
145 168 TUCKER Lancelot HEAD M M 29
    TUCKER Rose Wife F M 26
    TUCKER Raymond Son M S 4
    TUCKER Hubert Son M S 2
146 169 TUCKER Isaiah HEAD M W 79
  170 TUCKER Thomas HEAD M W 36
    TUCKER Charles Son M S 15
    TUCKER Francis Son M S 12
    TUCKER Alice Daughter F S 9
    TUCKER Delilah Daughter F S 7
    TUCKER Priscilla Mother F M 76
PAGE 243              
147 171 TAYLOR Jorden HEAD M M 60
    TAYLOR Lydia Wife F M 46
    TAYLOR Isaiah Son M S 27
    TAYLOR Robert Son M S 25
    TAYLOR Norman Son M S 20
    TAYLOR Thomas Son M S 17
    TAYLOR Sidney Son M S 15
    TAYLOR Otto Son M S 14
    TAYLOR Stuart Son M S 11
    TAYLOR Lancelot Son M S 8
    TAYLOR May Daughter F S 5
148 172 ANDREWS Henry HEAD M S 46
    ANDREWS Emma Mother F W 72
149 173 REGULAR Walter HEAD M M 52
    REGULAR Sophia Wife F M 47
    REGULAR Myrtle Daughter F S 17
    REGULAR Ethel Daughter F S 10
    REGULAR Evelyn Daughter F S 14
    REGULAR Archibald Son M S 21
150 174 DECKER Charles HEAD M M 46
    DECKER Rebecca Wife F M 31
    DECKER Havlock (sic) Son M S 16
    DECKER Sarah Daughter F S 11
    DECKER Samuel Son M S 10
    DECKER Bertha Daughter F S 6
    DECKER Florence Daughter F S 4
    DECKER Jessie Daughter F S 1
151 175 BESSEY Emuel (sic) HEAD M M 58
    BESSEY Susanna Wife F M 53
    BESSEY Lawrence Son M S 23
    BESSEY William Son M S 20
    BESSEY Chesley Son M S 19
    BESSEY Blanche Daughter F S 27
PAGE 244              
152 176 BESSEY Charles HEAD M M 33
    BESSEY Bessie Wife F M 28
    BESSEY Alma Daughter F S 8
    BESSEY Greta Daughter F S 6
    BESSEY Rita Daughter F S 3
    BESSEY Miriam Daughter F S 1
153 177 BESSEY Reuben HEAD M M 38
    BESSEY Sadie Wife F M 31
    BESSEY Elsie Daughter F S 5
    BESSEY Stanley Son M S 5 Mos
154 178 ADAMS Henry HEAD M M 49
    ADAMS Mary A. Wife F M 45
    ADAMS Ross Son M S 21
    ADAMS Murial Daughter F S 19
    ADAMS Vira (sic) Daughter F S 13
155 179 ANASTEY Alexander HEAD M M 52
    ANASTEY Mary Wife F M 49
    ANASTEY Walter Son M S 18

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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