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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 128 - 131

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 128              
406 456 RANDELL Emanuel HEAD M M 48
    RANDELL Maggie Wife F M 24
    TALBORT Marie Step Daughter F S 10
    TALBORT Stephen Step Son M S 14
    RANDELL Ronald Son M S 5
PAGE 129              
407 457 DEMPSEY James HEAD M M 56
    DEMPSEY Margaret Wife F M 41
    DEMPSEY Cecilia Daughter F S 17
    DEMPSEY Bartholomew Son M S 15
    DEMPSEY Peter Son M S 11
    DEMPSEY Anastatia Daughter F S 8
    DEMPSEY Catherine Daughter F S 8
    DEMPSEY Mary Daughter F S 6
    DEMPSEY Anthony Son M S 4
    DEMPSEY Ann Daughter F S 1
408 458 DEMPSEY Patrick Sr. HEAD M M 46
    DEMPSEY Philaphene (sic) Wife F M 35
    DEMPSEY Monica Daughter F S 11
    DEMPSEY Annie Daughter F S 9
    DEMPSEY Mary Daughter F S 4
    DEMPSEY Threasa Daughter F S 2
    DEMPSEY David Son M S 7
409 459 DEMPSEY Ellen HEAD F W 48
    DEMPSEY William Son M S 25
    DEMPSEY Garrett Son M S 23
    DEMPSEY Patrick Son M S 17
    DEMPSEY Adell Daughter F S 15
  460 BREEN John HEAD M M 31
    BREEN Gertrude Wife F M 21
    BREEN Gerreldine Daughter F S 1 Mo
410 461 REEVES Stanley HEAD M S 21
    REEVES John Brother M S 20
    REEVES Vincent Brother M S 12
    REEVES Philip Brother M S 14
    REEVES Michael Brother M S 8
    REEVES Stella Sister F S 10
    REEVES Ellen Sister F S 6
    REEVES Bridget Mother F W 46
PAGE 130              
411 462 DEMPSEY Leo HEAD M M 29
    DEMPSEY Ann Wife F M 26
    DEMPSEY Mary Daughter F S 2
    DEMPSEY Susy Daughter F S 5 Mos
412 463 CLARKE Joseph HEAD M M 38
    CLARKE Maude Wife F M 28
    CLARKE Cyril Son M S 9
    CLARKE Sealey Daughter F S 6
    CLARKE Carmel Daughter F S 4
    CLARKE Agnes Daughter F S 1
413 464 CLARKE Bernard HEAD M M 24
    CLARKE Maude Wife F M 25
    CLARKE Gerald Son M S 1
414 465 CLARKE William HEAD M W 78
    CLARKE Micheal Son M S 40
    CLARKE Lewis Grandson M S 14
415 466 CLARKE Leonard HEAD M M 29
    CLARKE Maude Wife F M 26
    CLARKE Evelyn Daughter F S 4
    CLARKE Donald Son M S 1
    CLARKE Peter   M S 21
416 467 BALLETT John HEAD M M 32
    BALLETT Nora Wife F M 36
    BALLETT Marie Daughter F S 6
    BALLETT Elizabeth Daughter F S 4
    BALLETT Annie Daughter F S 2
    BALLETT William Son M S 1
417 468 REEVES Vanintes (?) HEAD M M 57
    REEVES Annie Wife F M 57 (?)
    DOOLEY Patrick Brother M S 54
418 469 COONEY Edward HEAD M W 77 (?)
419 470 BALLETT Richard HEAD M W 59
    BALLETT Josephine Daughter F S 24
    LEWIS Cecila Servant F S 19
PAGE 131              
420 471 HYNES Noah HEAD M S 50
421 472 HYNES James HEAD M M 35
    HYNES Catherine Wife F M 31
    HYNES George Son M S 12
    HYNES Mary Daughter F S 2
    HYNES Monica Daughter F S 6 Mos
    PITTMAN Winnie Domestic Servant F S 13
422 473 HYNES Nicholas HEAD M M 33
    HYNES Maude Wife F M 27
    HYNES Micheal Son M S 2
    HYNES Vergus (sic) Son M S 9 Mos
    HYNES Nora Sister F S 31
    HYNES Martha Mother F W 77
423 474 EDGAR Robert HEAD M M 49
    EDGAR Eliza Wife F M 38
    EDGAR Christina Daughter F S 13
    EDGAR Mary Daughter F S 11
    EDGAR Beatrice Daughter F S 7
    EDGAR Joseph Son M S 3
    EDGAR  One not Baptized (sic) Daughter F S 16 Days
424 475 DEMPSEY Patrick Jr. HEAD M M 36
    DEMPSEY Winnie Wife F M 27
    DEMPSEY Frank Son M S 5
    DEMPSEY James Son M S 2
    DEMPSEY Kathaleen Daughter F S 3
425 476 DEMPSEY Michael HEAD M M 66
    DEMPSEY Ellen Wife F M 42
    DEMPSEY Clifford Son M S 16
    DEMPSEY Genevivee Daughter F S 13
426 477 DEMPSEY James HEAD M M 31
    DEMPSEY Jessie Wife F M 21
    DEMPSEY Rosemary Daughter F S 2

Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (April 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (April 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

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