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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Burin

Pages 268 - 270

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 268              
581 658 STACEY Jas P. Head M M 38
    STACEY Annie E. Wife F M 36
    STACEY Patrick Son M S 13
PAGE 269              
    STACEY James Son M S 10
    STACEY Cecil Son M S 8
    STACEY Clyde Son M S 4
    STACEY Ernest Son M S 2
    STACEY Charlotte Daughter F S 10
    STACEY Dorothy Daughter F S 14
    STACEY Violet Daughter F S 7
    STACEY Susanna Daughter F S 2
582 659 FITZPATRICK Stephen Head M M 58
    FITZPATRICK Susanna Wife F M 53
    FITZPATRICK Stephen Son M S 18
    FITZPATRICK Anthony Son M S 13
    FITZPATRICK Alfred Son M S 10
    FITZPATRICK Mary Daughter F S 16
  660 LODER David Head M M 26
    LODER Petina (sic) Wife F M 26
583 661 STACEY Fred^k Head M M 50
    STACEY Adelade (sic) Wife F M 47
    STACEY William Son M S 23
    STACEY Stanley Son M S 19
    STACEY Leslie Son M S 16
    STACEY Margaret Daughter F S 21
    STACEY Mildred Daughter F S 13
    STACEY Hilda Daughter F S 11
    STACEY Joanna Daughter F S 10 (?)
    STACEY Stella Daughter F S 6
    STACEY Rosalie Daughter F S 4
584 662 BONNELL John Head M M 58
    BONNELL Margaret Wife F M 53
    BONNELL Harold Son M S 15
    BONNELL Gertrude Daughter F S 20
    BONNELL Elizabeth Daughter F S 22
    AYRES Hilda Adopted F S 8
PAGE 270              
585 663 HILLIER Edgar Head M M 31
    HILLIER Mabel Wife F M 32
    HILLIER Freeman Son M S 7
    HILLIER Aubrey Son M S 4
    HILLIER Rita Daughter F S 8
586 664 BONNELL Richard Head M M 72
    BONNELL Annie Wife F M 73
    STACEY Ambrose Adopted M S 30
    LAKE Alice Daughter F W 42
  665 BONNELL Ameil (??) Head M M 44
    BONNELL Ethel Wife F M 36
    BONNELL Charley Son M S 10
    BONNELL Theresa Daughter F S 8
587 666 BONNELL Bessie Head F W 43
    BONNELL Benj. J. Son M S 16
    BONNELL Ernest Son M S 13
    BONNELL James Son M S 10
    BONNELL John Son M S 7
588 667 STICKLAND *1 John Head M M 50
    STICKLAND Mary Wife F M 38
    STICKLAND Louise *2 Daughter F S 15
    STICKLAND Vera Daughter F S 12
589 668 STICKLAND *1 William Head M W 34
    STICKLAND Hubert Son M S 11
    STICKLAND Edgar Son M S 9
    STICKLAND Gordon Son M S 5
    STICKLAND Margaret Daughter F S 7
    STICKLAND Gladys Daughter F S 3
  669 STICKLAND Alfred Head M W 38
    STICKLAND Edgard Nephew M S 24
    RYAN? Edwin Nephew M S 19

Transcribed by Susan Clark-Williams (August 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (August 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 02, 2016 (Don Tate)

* See the following errata

STICKLAND*1 It is felt that the original enumerator spelled the name incorrectly, and that it should be "STRICKLAND". Randy Harnett
STICKLAND, Louisa*2 The child listed as Louise is actually Lewis, a son. Randy Harnett

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