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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Port de Grave

Pages 122 125

Community of

Dwelling Family Surname Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Birth Place Religion Occupations
PAGE 122                    
30 32 BOONE William Head M M 40 Nfld. C.E. Cooper
    BOONE Ethel Wife F M 33     Homemaker
    BOONE Edith Daughter F S 13     Dom. Helper
    BOONE Eleta (sic) (?) Daughter F S 11      
    BOONE William Son M S 9      
    BOONE Doris Daughter F S 7      
    BOONE Lucretia Daughter F S 5      
    BOONE Ralph Son M S 3      
    BOONE Allan Son M S 6 mo      
31 33 BOONE Israel Head M M 71 Nfld. U.C. None
    BOONE Elizabeth Wife F M 68     Homemaker
  34 EVANS John Head M W 32     Labrador Fisheries
    EVANS Bertha Daughter F S 11 U.S.A.    
  35 REYNOLDS Donald Head M M 32 Nfld.   Painter
    REYNOLDS Violet Wife F M 30     Domestic Helper
    REYNOLDS Marina Daughter F S 3 mo      
32 36 BARRETT Joseph Head M M 39 Nfld. S.A. Farm Worker
    BARRETT Florence Wife F M 42     Homemaker
    BARRETT Mary Daughter F S 4      
    BARRETT Lilian Daughter F S 2      
    BARRETT Winnie Daughter F S 4 mo      
33 37 DAWE William Jr. Head M M 30 Nfld. U.C. Seaman
    DAWE Lilian Wife F M 21     Homemaker
    DAWE Nelly Daughter F S 5      
    DAWE Lewis Son M S 2      
    DAWE William Sr. Father M W 66     Farm Worker
33a VACANT                  
34 38 DAWE Isaac Head M M 35 Nfld. U.C. Cooper
    DAWE Edith Wife F M 28     Homemaker
    DAWE Elizabeth Daughter F S 6      
PAGE 123                    
    DAWE George S. Son M S 3      
    DAWE John Brother M S 42     Cooper
35 39 DAWE John Batten Head M M 57 Nfld. S.A. Farm Worker
    DAWE Lydia Wife F M 52     Homemaker
    DAWE Myrtle Daughter F S 20     Teacher
    DAWE George Father M M 91   U.C. Crossed out ?
    DAWE Jemima Step Mother F M 72   U.C. Gov't. Income
36 40 DAWE John Bishop Head M M 50 Nfld. U.C. Carpenter
    DAWE Mary Wife F M 48     Homemaker
    DAWE Mildred Daughter F S 14     Domestic Helper
    DAWE Annie Daughter F S 10      
    DAWE Phyllis Daughter F S 3      
37 41 BOONE Isaac Head M M 53 Nfld. Penicost Cooper
    BOONE Lucinda Wife F M 49     Homemaker
    BOONE Gordon Son M S 20     Labrador Fisheries
    BOONE Esther Daughter F S 16     Domestic Helper
    BOONE Evelyn Daughter F S 12      
38 42 DAWE James Head M M 51 Nfld. U.C. Cooper
    DAWE Edna Wife F M 40     Homemaker
    DAWE Herbert Son M S 19     Labrador Fisheries
    DAWE Stanley Son M S 16     Cooper's Helper
    DAWE Robert Son M S 8      
38a   VACANT                
39 43 kELLY William C. Head M M 68 Nfld. S.A. Farm Worker
    KELLY Cecily Wife F M 68     Homemaker
40 44 THOMPSON Robert Head M M 29 Nfld. U.C. Labourer
    THOMPSON Hida Wife F M 26     Homemaker
    THOMPSON Eva Daughter F S 6      
    THOMPSON Bert Son M S 4      
    THOMPSON John Son M S 3      
41 45 LYONS Esau Head M M 77 Nfld. C.E. Farm Worker
    LYONS Susana Wife F M 74     Homemaker
42 46 LYONS Emma Head F S 52 Nfld. C.E. None
PAGE 124                    
43 47 LYONS Joseph Head M M 90 Nfld. C.E. Gov't. Income
    LYONS Susana Wife F M 84     None
44 48 THOMPSON George Head M M 58 Nfld. U.C. Farm Worker
    THOMPSON Susana Wife F M 50     Homemaker
    THOMPSON James Son M S 29     Labrador Fisheries
    THOMPSON George Son M S 18     Farm Helper
45 49 KINGSLEY Samuel Head M M 65 Nfld. U.C. Farm Worker
    KINGSLEY Rebecca Wife F M 58     Homemaker
    KINGSLEY Isaac Son M S 32     Labrador Fisheries
    KINGSLEY William Son M S 28     Labrador Fisheries
    KINGSLEY Myra Daughter F S 23     Dom. Ser. L. F.
46 50 FILLIER John Head M M 58 Nfld. U.C. Farm Worker
    FILLIER Agnes Wife F M 47     Homemaker
    FILLIER Roswell Son M S 19     Labrador Fisheries
    FILLIER Esau Son M S 15      
    FILLIER Eva Daughter F S 13      
    FILLIER John Son M S 9      
    FILLIER Lilian Daughter F S 8      
    FILLIER Maisie Daughter F S 7      
47 51 KINGSLEY Susana Head F W 50 Nfld. U.C. Homemaker
    KINGSLEY Christopher Son M S 20     Labrador Fisheries
    KINGSLEY Harold Son M S 16     Farm Worker
    KINGSLEY Florence Daughter F S 14      
    KINGSLEY Walter Son M S 12      
    KINGSLEY Gerald Adopted son M S 8      
48 52 ROACH Ananias Head M M 61 Nfld. C.E. Farm Worker
    ROACH Patience Wife F M 55     Homemaker
    ROACH John Son M S 35     Labrador Fisheries
49 53 FRENCH Nathan Head M M 42 Nfld. S.A. Labourer
    FRENCH Selina Wife F M 40     Homemaker
    FRENCH Grace Daughter F S 17     Dom. Helper
    FRENCH Elizabeth Daughter F S 15      
    FRENCH Gordon Son M S 6      
PAGE 125                    
50 54 NOFTELL Henry Head M M 35 Nfld. U.C. Labrador Fisheries
    NOFTELL Marjorie Wife F M 27     Homemaker
    NOFTELL William Son M S 8      
    NOFTELL Thomas Son M S 5      
    NOFTELL Clarence Son M S 4      
    NOFTELL Elizabeth Daughter F S 1      
    THOMPSON Annie Lodger F S 68   C.E. None
51 55 MERCER Thomas Head M M 82 Nfld. U.C. Gov't. Income
    MERCER Alice Wife F M 66     Farm Worker
  56 MERCER James Head M M 26     Labrador Fisheries
    MERCER Nita Wife F M 26     Homemaker
    MERCER Donald Son M S 1      
1. Value of homes was between $100 and $ 1000
2. Ownership was !00%
3. Number of rooms went from 2 to 6
4. No houses had radios
5. Most people could read and write
6. Yearly salaries varied from $ 6.00 to $ 210
C.E.  Church of England
U.C.  United Church
S.A.  Salvation Army
Dom. Ser. L.F. Domestic Servant in Labrador Fisheries

This page transcribed by Ted Newell (November, 2001)

Page Last Modified: Friday April 22, 2016 (Don Tate)

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