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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Twilingate

Pages 721-725 & 727-728

Black Island
Dwelling Family SURNAME Given Name Relationship Sex Status Age Religion
PAGE 721                
478 512 PRIMMER James Head M M 57 Pentacostal
    PRIMMER Janet Wife F M 52 Pentacostal
    PRIMMER William H Son M S 28 Pentacostal
    PRIMMER Garland O Son M S 25 Pentacostal
    PRIMMER Robert C Son M S 23 Pentacostal
    PRIMMER Ivy J Daughter F S 13 Pentacostal
    HAMILTON Gertrude Dom Servant F S 16 RC
479 513 POTTER (?) John C Head M M 43 Pentacostal
    POTTER (?) Fannie Wife F M 45 Pentacostal
480 514 POTTER (?) William Head M M 50 Pentacostal
    POTTER (?) Louise Wife F M 43 Pentacostal
PAGE 722                
    WHITE Winnie Sister in Law F S 26 SA
    BUTT Delphine E Helper (sic) F S 10 Pentacostal
481 515 POTTER Isabella Head F W 60 Pentacostal
  516 HILL Cecil Head M M 25 Pentacostal
    HILL Hazel Wife F M 21 Pentacostal
    HILL Frank Son M S 4 Pentacostal
    HILL Merle Daughter M S 3 Pentacostal
    HILL Percy Son M S 9 Mos Pentacostal
482 517 POTTER James Head M M 46 Pentacostal
    POTTER Eliza Wife F M 45 Pentacostal
    POTTER Archibakd S Son M S 25 Pentacostal
    POTTER Sandy Son M S 20 Pentacostal
    POTTER Harrison Son M S 14 Pentacostal
    POTTER Grace Daughter F S 12 Pentacostal
    POTTER Mary Daughter F S 11 Pentacostal
483 518 RIDEOUT Jonas Head M M 50 Pentacostal
    RIDEOUT Bennetta (sic) Wife F S 48 Pentacostal
    PARSONS Jessie Neice F S 7 Pentacostal
    POTTER Jane Mother in Law F W 86 Pentacostal
    RIDEOUT Wallace Son M S 23 Pentacostal
    PELLEY Raymond Lodger M S 28 Pentacostal
484 519 FRAMPTOIN Peter Head M M 60 SA
    FRAMPTON Mary Ann Wife F M 59 SA
485 520 BAKER Lewis Head M M 36 Pentacostal
    BAKER Ida Wife F M 34 Pentacostal
    BAKER Violet Daughter F S 10 Pentacostal
    BAKER Carrie Daughter F S 5 Pentacostal
    BAKER James J Son M S 11 mos Pentacostal
486 521 BAKER Leonard Head M M 28 UC
    BAKER Nina Wife F M 21 UC
  522 BAKER Donald Head M S 25 UC
    BAKER Mary E Sister F S 28 UC
    BAKER Georgina Neice F S 8 UC
PAGE 723                
487 523 KING Patrick Head M M 48 RC
    KING Julia Wife F M 50 RC
    CARROLL Mary Mother in Law F W 80 RC
    KING Stanlaus (?) Brother M S 37 RC
488 524 HILL Joseph Head M M 50 SA
    HILL Winnie Wife F M 35 SA
    HILL Brooklyn Son M S 16 SA
    HILL Hannah Daughter F S 14 SA
    HILL Myrtle Daughter F S 12 SA
    HILL Vera Daughter F S 7 SA
    HILL Bessie Daughter F S 6 SA
    HILL William Brother M S 55 SA
489 525 HILL Harry Head M S 18 SA
    HILL Hycinth (sic) (?) Sister F S 16 SA
    HILL Annie Neice F S 1 SA
490 526 CARROLL Laurence Head M M 42 RC
    CARROLL Florence Wife F M 20 RC
    CARROLL Mary B Daughter F S 6 mos RC
491 527 HARRIS Hannah Head M M 39 UC
    HARRIS Alice Wife F M 35 CE
    HARRIS Herman G Son M S 13 UC
    HARRIS Eric J Son M S 10 UC
    HARRIS Louisa M Daughter F S 9 UC
    HARRIS Meletta C (sic) Daughter F S 6 UC
    HARRIS Llewellyn C Son M S 3 UC
    HARRIS Nellie M Daughter F S 10 mos UC
492 528 BARNES John Head M M 62 CE
    BARNES Susan Wife F M 58 CE
    BARNES Claudia C Daughter F S 20 CE
    BARNES Norman J Son M S 16 CE
493 Vacant BARNES Joseph Brother M S 61 CE
494 529 DOREY Laurence Head M M 54 Pentacostal
    DOREY Jessie Wife F M 44 Pentacostal
PAGE 724                
    DOREY William D Son M S 19 Pentacostal
    DOREY Hene W (?) Daughter F S 9 Pentacostal
    DOREY Maud Daughter F S 3 Pentacostal
495 530 DOREY Joseph Head M M 55 UC
    DOREY Mary Ann Wife F M 54 UC
    DOREY Mary Ann Mother F W 82 UC
496 531 DOREY John Head M M 43 UC
    DOREY Martha Wife F M 47 UC
    DOREY Madalene Daughter F S 14 UC
    DOREY Bernice Daughter F S 13 UC
    DOREY Hector  Son M S 2 UC
    DOREY Elmo Adopt Son M S 8 UC
497 532 HENEFENT (?) Michael Head M M 55 RC
    HENEFENT (?) Kate Wife F M 54 RC
    HENEFENT (?) Augustus Son M S 26 RC
    HENEFENT (?) Thomas Son M S 22 RC
    HENEFENT (?) Hilda Daughter F S 17 RC
498 533 HENEFENT (?) James Head M W 52 RC
    HENEFENT (?) John Son M S 31 RC
499 534 HENEFENT (?) Martin Head M W 62 RC
500 535 HILL Henry G Head M M 48 Pentacostal
    HILL Alma Wife F M 40 Pentacostal
    HILL Nellie Adopt Daug F S 13 Pentacostal
    HILL Elizabeth Mother F W 82 Pentacostal
501 536 BRINTON Joseph Head M M 29 Pentacostal
    BRINTON Janet Wife F M 23 Pentacostal
    BRINTON Elizabeth Daughter F S 1 Pentacostal
502 537 HAMILTON Bridget Head F W 64 RC
    HAMILTON Willaim J Son M S 25 RC
    HAMILTON Patrick J Son M S 24 RC
503 538 HAMILTON Richard Head M M 66 RC
    HAMILTON Mary Wife F M 51 RC
    HAMILTON Leo J Son M S 24 RC
PAGE 725                
    HAMILTON Michael Son M S 20 Pentacostal
    HAMILTON Harold H Son M S 18 Pentacostal
    HAMILTON Clarence Son M S 11 Pentacostal
    HAMILTON Mary Daughter F S 10 Pentacostal
    HAMILTON Bridget H Daughter F S 8 Pentacostal
PAGE 727                
No Entry   HANNAFORD John No Entry M S 36 RC
No Entry   HANNAFORD Ronald No Entry M S 29 RC
PAGE 728                
No Entry   WHITE Cecil No Entry M S 28 No Entry

Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Last Modified: Saturday January 16, 2016 (Don Tate)

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