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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Carbonear-Bay de Verde

Pages 199 - 204

Community of BLACKHEAD

PAGE 199              
38 30 JANES Alfred H. HEAD M M 53
    JANES Selina M. Wife F M 43
    JANES George D. Son M S 22
39 31 MORAN Joseph HEAD M M 62
    MORAN Martha Wife F M 57
    MORAN John H. Son M S 18
    MORAN Harold G. Son M S 17
    BURDEN Annie B. Daughter F S 16
40 32 MOORES Richard HEAD M M 73
    MOORES Elfrida Wife F M 67
41 Vacant            
42 Vacant            
43 Vacant            
44 33 MORAN Susannah HEAD F W 81
45 34 MOORES John I. HEAD M M 47
    MOORES Emmie M. Wife F M 40
    MOORES Frank R. Son M S 19
    MOORES Harry T Son M S 16
    MOORES Verna E. Daughter F S 10
    MOORES Thomas Father M W 81
46 Vacant            
47 35 MULLEY Matthew HEAD M M 64
    MULLEY Martha Wife F M 58
    MULLEY John W. Son M S 26
PAGE 200              
48 36 MULLEY Adolphus HEAD M M 50
    MULLEY May Wife F M 43
    MULLEY Mildred H. Daughter F S 13
    MULLEY Margaret Daughter F S 8
    BOGGS Cicily Aunt F W 75
49 37 THOMS Herbert HEAD M M 24
    THOMS Mary Wife F M 22
    THOMS Annie Bernice Daughter F S 2
50 38 MORAN Jabez HEAD M M 59
    MORAN Florence M. Wife F M 39
    MORAN Doris J. Daughter F S 16
    MORAN Rosetta C. Mother F W 85
    KING Miriam Domestic F S 17
51 Vacant            
52 39 CURTIS Leonard HEAD M M 68
    CURTIS Lettice (sic) (?) Wife F M 65
    CURTIS Hattie Daughter F S 25
53 40 PIKE Wilfred HEAD M M 66
    PIKE Bertha Wife F M 63
54 41 NOFTLE William H. HEAD M M 62
    NOFTLE Emily Ann Wife F M 60
    NOFTLE Peter Son M S 24
    NOFTLE Henry Son M S 23
    NOFTLE Phoebe Jane Daughter F S 17
    NOFTLE Edith May Grand-daughter F S 10
    NOFTLE Samuel Brother M W 68
55 42 HUDSON Henry HEAD M M 50
    HUDSON Laura Wife F M 47
    HUDSON Jean K. Daughter F S 14
    HUDSON N. Marguerite Daughter F S 12
    HUDSON Ralph G. Son M S 10
56 43 MOORES George F. HEAD M M 41
    MOORES Lucy E. Wife F M 36
PAGE 201              
    MOORES Doris C. Daughter F S 13
    MOORES R. Matthew Son M S 11
    MOORES Priscilla Mother F W 67
    MOORES Mark Uncle M S 76
57 44 HUDSON Douglas HEAD M W 54
    HUDSON M. Eloise (sic) Daughter F S 22
    HUDSON Mary Kathleen Daughter F S 20
    HUDSON Edward John Son M S 13
58 45 RYAN Robert HEAD M M 74
    RYAN Naomi Wife F M 70
    RYAN Orlando W. Son M M 40
    RYAN Fannie Daughter in law F M 32
    RYAN Norman M. Grandson M S 11 mths
59 46 MOORES Alfred HEAD M M 77
    MOORES Alice Wife F M 73
    MOORES Bertram Son M M 41
    MOORES Janet Daughter in law F M 38
    CROUCHER Jean M. Lodger F S 14
60 47 BUTT William G. HEAD M M 62
    BUTT Rhoda Wife F M 45
    BUTT Ronald Son M S 22
61 48 HOLLETT Archibald HEAD F M 54
    HOLLETT Minnie Wife M M 50
    HOLLETT William F. Son F S 25
    NOFTLE Patience Mother in law F W 83
62 Vacant            
63 49 BENNETT William HEAD M M 57
    BENNETT Miriam Wife F M 52
    BENNETT Frank Son M S 21
    BENNETT Freeman Son M S 17
    BENNETT Herbert L. Son M S 15
    BENNETT H. Ross Son M S 11
64 50 LE GROW Elizabeth HEAD F W 76
PAGE 202              
65 51 BUTT Henry G. HEAD M M 48
    BUTT Elizabeth Ann Wife F M 46
    BUTT Mildred Daughter F S 18
    BUTT Herbert W. Son M S 13
    BUTT John R. Son M S 12
    BUTT George Boyd Son M S 7
66 52 MULLEY Allen HEAD M M 72
    MULLEY Clementina Wife F M 66
67 53 BUTT John HEAD M M 74
    BUTT Emma Wife F M 62
68 54 CRUMMEY Orlando HEAD M M 58
    CRUMMEY Jane Wife F M 50
    CRUMMEY Frederick Son M S 24
    CRUMMEY F. Gertrude Daughter F S 15
    CRUMMEY Jane H. Mother F W 86
69 55 MOORES John C. HEAD M M 79
    MOORES Louisa Jane Wife F M 71
70 56 MOORES Jabez HEAD M M 72
    MOORES Eliza Wife F M 65
    MOORES Joseph Vincent Son M S 25
71 57 MOORES George HEAD M M 66
    MOORES Maria Wife F M 63
    MOORES Lloyd Son M S 23
    MOORES Andrew Son M S 19
    MOORES Effie M. Daughter F S 19
72 58 HUDSON Clement HEAD M M 62
    HUDSON Minnie Wife F M 63
    HUDSON Walter C. Son M S 26
    HUDSON Ella B. Daughter F S 21
73 59 MOORES George P. HEAD M M 59
    MOORES Jessie Wife F M 51
    MOORES Ella J. Daughter F S 24
    MOORES John F. Brother M S 56
PAGE 203              
74 60 MOORES Hedley HEAD M M 50
    MOORES Jessie Wife F M 44
    MOORES Roy Son M S 21
75 61 BAGGS John C. HEAD M M 68
    BAGGS Jane Wife F M 63
    BAGGS Douglas Son M S 34
76 62 BURDEN Henry HEAD M M 53
    BURDEN Elsie Wife F M 46
    BURDEN George E. Son M S 12
    BURDEN G. Marmaduke Son M S 8
    MOORES Celia Foster Mother F W 86
77 63 MOORES Oscar D. HEAD M M 45
    MOORES Elizabeth Wife F M 42
    MOORES John F. Son M S 19
    MOORES Alex D. Son M S 15
    MOORES M. Ruth Daughter F S 13
    MOORES Dorothy E. Daughter F S 11
    MOORES C. Bertram Daughter M S 9
    MOORES Carl Son M S 6
78 64 MOORES Henry G. HEAD M M 65
    MOORES Mary Jane Wife F M 63
79 65 MOORES Charles A. HEAD M M 89
    MOORES Janet Wife F M 82
80 Vacant            
81 Vacant            
82 66 COX Ernest HEAD M M 50
    COX Sarah Wife F M 48
    COX Arthur Allen Son M S 25
    COX Vida M. Daughter F S 15
    COX E. Edward Son M S 13
    COX George Father M S 82
83 67 MOORES Albert G. HEAD M M 60
    MOORES Jessie Wife F M 53
PAGE 204              
    MOORES Robert V. Son M 29 29
    MOORES Howard R. Son M 15 15
84 68 LAITE Uriah HEAD M M 38
    LAITE Sarah G. Wife F M 37
    LAITE Alice Florence Daughter F S 8
    LAITE H. A. Grayson Son M S 6
    BOWERING Mary E. Domestic F S 37
85 69 MOORES Henry T. HEAD M M 69
    MOORES Maud B. Wife F M 62
    MOORES G. Pierson Son M S 20
    KING Mildred Domestic F S 18
86 70 COX Arthur W. HEAD M M 53
    COX Elsie Wife F M 49
    COX Gladys M. Daughter F M 20
    COX Mary V. Daughter F M 18
    COX Hettie M. Daughter F M 15
    COX Dorothy L. Daughter F M 7
87 71 MOORES Solomon HEAD M M 70
    MOORES Mary Ann Wife F M 66
    MOORES James F. Son M S 26
88 72 MOORES Arthur J. HEAD M M 72
    MOORES Mary Wife F M 64
    MOORES Florence Daughter F S 16
    CROSSMAN Violet Daughter F S 17
Cambridge USA JANES Lucy No Entry F S 34
Medford, Ore USA CURTIS Lewis G HEAD M M 31
Medford, Ore USA CURTIS Stella B Wife F M 31
Medford, Ore USA CURTIS Lewis Son M S 1
Boston USA MOORES Ida M No Entry F S 36
Boston USA MOORES Vivian No Entry F S 22
Boston USA FRENCH Adalaide No Entry F M 32
Boston USA FRENCH Warren No Entry M S 11
Bridgeport USA BRENNAN Gurald (sic) R. No Entry M M 39
Bridgeport USA BRENNAN Mable M No Entry F M 39
Bridgeport USA CROWLEY Phyllis No Entry M S 2

Transcribed by Jeanne Sooley (May 2004)

Verified to Original Pages (May 2004 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday February 04, 2016 (Don Tate)

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