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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. Barbe

Pages 68 - 69

Community of

Column Abbreviations:

#; HSE=house owned - O,or rented - R;

AMT=value of house or amount paid in rent;

RMS=number of rooms occupied by family;

RAD=does this family have a radio?;

REL=relationship to head of household; G=gender;

STA=marital status;

AGE=age at last birthday;

RA-religious affiliation;

RW=can this person read and write;

MS=months at school since 1 Sept 1934;

TE=total earnings since 1 June 1934.

Unless otherwise noted all persons, and their parents, are of British nationality and were born in Newfoundland.

Where reading in the original document is difficult to read, the word will be followed by a question mark to indicate that is what it looks like.

PAGE 68                                  
1 1 HUTCHINGS George T. O   4 No Head M M 34 U.C. W   Labourer Odd Jobs $150
    HUTCHINGS Annie         Wife F M 33   W   Home Maker    
    HUTCHINGS Fredrick         Son M S 14   W        
    HUTCHINGS Mary         Dau F S 12            
    HUTCHINGS Cecil         Son M S 10   No 2      
    HUTCHINGS George         Son M S 8   No 2      
    HUTCHINGS Harold         Son M S 6   No        
    HUTCHINGS Rosy         Dau F S 2            
    HUTCHINGS Marigold         Dau F S 1            
    HUTCHINGS Sarah         Mother F W 79            
2 2 GOOSNEY Albert O $300 3 No Head M M 32 C of E. W   Fisherman Cod $400
    GOOSNEY Cora         Wife F M 24   W   Home Maker    
  3 GOOSNEY James Sr.         Head M M 75   No   Fisherman Lobster/Cod $80
    GOOSNEY Sarah         Wife F M 71   R   Home Maker    
3 4 GOOSNEY John O $350 7 No Head M M 29 C of E. W   Lumberman Woods $450
    GOOSNEY Reta         Wife F M 28   W   Home Maker    
    GOOSNEY Flora         Dau F S 9   W No      
    GOOSNEY Ada         Dau F S 7   No        
    GOOSNEY Richard         Son M S 5            
4 5 LAING Gilert O $1,500 6 No Head M M 47 U.C. W   Lumberman Woods $600
    LAING Annie         Wife F M 42   W   Home Maker    
    LAING Sidney         Son M S 15   W No      
    LAING Emma         Dau F S 13   W 5      
    LAING Greta         Dau F S 6   No No      
    LAING Stanley         Son M S 1            
5 6 FOLLETT Albert O $500 7 No Head M W 60 U.C. W   Lumberman Woods $650
    FOLLETT Bertha         Dau F S 17   W   Home Maker    
    FOLLETT Lucy         Dau F S 15   W 5      
    FOLLETT Myrtle         Dau F S 13   W 6      
    FOLLETT Ellen         Dau F S 11   No No      
    FOLLETT Henry         Son M S 9   No 2      
6 7 WHITE Albert O $1,000 9 No Head M M 74 U.C. W   Fisherman Cod ?
    WHITE Julia         Wife F M 72   W   Home Maker    
PAG 69                                  
    WHITE Freeman         Son M S 39   W   Fisherman Cod $150
    LAING Mabel         Servant F S 17   W   Domestic    
7 8 HANN Norman O $150 3 No Head M W 52 U.C. W   None    
    HANN Melven         Son M S 14   No No      
    HANN Selenia (?)         Dau F S 12   No No      
8 9 OSMOND Benjamin O $700 6 No Head M M 56 U.C. W   Master F. Schooner $500
    OSMOND Selina         Wife F M 56   No   Home Maker    
    OSMOND Victor         Son M S 24   W   Labourer On Vessel $20
    OSMOND Cleford (sic) (?)         Son M S 22   W        
    OSMOND Hazel         Dau F S 16   W No None    
    OSMOND Lillian         Dau F S 30   W   Domestic House $70
    OSMOND Selena         Dau F S 4 Mos            
9 10 HALFYARD Henry O $800 6 No Head M M 38 U.C. W   Labourer Odd Jobs  
    HALFYARD Caroline         Wife F M 37   No   Home Maker    
    HALFYARD Mary         Dau F S 15   W No      
    HALFYARD Mildred         Dau F S 13   R No      
    HALFYARD Emma         Dau F S 10   No No      
    HALFYARD John         Son M S 9   No 3      
    HALFYARD Anetta         Dau F S 6   No No      
    HALFYARD Nina         Dau F S 4            
    HALFYARD Douglas         Son M S 2            
    HALFYARD Julia         Dau F S 1            
    HALFYARD Laura         Mother F W 77   W   None    
10 11 STRICKLAND Joshua O $800 6 No Head M M 74 U.C. W   None    
    STRICKLAND Ellen         Wife F M 74   No        
    STRICKLAND Howard         Son M S 42   W   Fisherman    
    HUTCHINGS Wilfred         Adop Son M S 16   W No None    
11 13 STRICKLAND Lorenzo * O $1,000 6 No Head M M 68 U.C. W   None    
    STRICKLAND Alice         Wife F M 68   W   None    
  14 STRICKLAND William A.         Head M M 35   W   Fisherman Lobster/Cod $250
    STRICKLAND (Diadem ?)         Wife F M 30   W   Home Maker    
    STRICKLAND William C.         Son M S 3            
* Transcriber's Note: Lorenzo was born at sea.

Contributed and Transcribed by Ron St. Croix (August 2004)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 09, 2016 (Don Tate)

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