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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of White Bay

Pages 113 - 119

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 113              
315 349 CASSELL Lavinia Mother F W 58
    CASSELL Minnie Daughter F S 15
    CASSELL David Son F S 25
PAGE 114              
    CASSELL George Son M S 23
    CASSELL Joseph Son M S 28
316 350 POLLARD Isaac HEAD M M 56
    POLLARD Annie Wife F M 55
317 351 POLLARD Alfred HEAD M M 34
    POLLARD Margaret Wife F M 33
    POLLARD Dulcie Daughter F S 10
    POLLARD Annie Daughter F S 8
    POLLARD Maxwell Son M S 5
    POLLARD Rubinia (sic) Daughter F S 2
    POLLARD Audrey Daughter F S 10 Mos
318 352 RANDELL James HEAD M M 48
    RANDELL Mary Wife F M 38
    RANDELL George Son M S 20
    RANDELL Charles Son M S 17
    RANDELL Sidney Son M S 12
319 353 LODER Solomon Son M S 40
    LODER Lilly Daughter F S 36
    LODER Leslie Grand Son M S 10
    LODER Jane Head F W 70
320 354 ROPSON Frank HEAD M M 37
    ROPSON Elsie Wife F M 31
    ROPSON Effie Daughter F S 13
    ROPSON Alfred Son M S 11
    ROPSON Freeman Son M S 9
    ROPSON Maxwell Son M S 7
    ROPSON Phyllis Daughter F S 5
    ROPSON Annie Daughter F S 1
321 355 CASSELL Baxter HEAD M M 58
    CASSELL Hannah Wife F M 56
    CASSELL William Son M S 27
    CASSELL Martha Daughter F S 26
PAGE 115              
    CASSELL Samjuel Son M S 21
    CASSELL Nathaniel Son M S 17
322 356 WALTERS Ernest HEAD M M 40
    WALTERS Annie Wife F M 25
    CASSELL Philip Brother in Law M S 10
323 357 POLLARD William HEAD M M 65
    POLLARD Virtue Wife F M 49
    POLLARD George Son M S 19
324 358 POLLARD James HEAD M M 27
    POLLARD Lillian Wife F M 24
    POLLARD Philomena (?) Son M S 6
    POLLARD Oliver Son M S 4
    POLLARD Erick Son M S 1
325 359 POLLARD Roy HEAD M M 25
    POLLARD Cinderella Wife F M 18
326 360 ROPSON Fred HEAD M M 33
    ROPSON Sarah Wife F M 32
    ROPSON Richard Son M S 5
    ROPSON Gerald Son M S 3
    ROPSON Victor Son M S 6 Mos
327 361 NOSEWORTHY William HEAD M M 25
    NOSEWORTHY Girtie (sic) Wife F M 20
    NOSEWORTHY Edwin Son M S 2 Mos
328 362 ROPSON Lot HEAD M M 40
    ROPSON Julia Wife F M 39
    ROPSON Frank Son M S 17
    ROPSON Mildred Daughter F S 15
    ROPSON Winnifred Daughter F S 13
    ROPSON Chesley Son M S 11
    ROPSON Blanche Daughter F S 5
329 363 ANDREWS Charles HEAD M M 44
    ANDREWS Elizabeth Wife F M 41
    RICKETTS Leonard Step Son M S 17
PAGE 116              
    RICKETTS Julian Step Son M S 15
    RICKETTS Job Step Son M S 13
    RICKETTS Jacob Step Son M S 9
    ANDREWS Emily Daughter F S 11
    ANDREWS Isabella Daughter F S 8
    ANDREWS Hayward Son M S 3
    ANDREWS Edith Daughter F S 2 Mos
330 364 ROPSON William HEAD M M 34
    ROPSON Lucy Wife F M 22
    ROPSON Martha Mother F W 58
331 365 LODER Willis Head M S 22
    LODER Margaret Mother F W 54
  366 LODER Ambrose HEAD M M 26
    LODER Elsie Wife F M 22
    LODER Pearl Daughter F S 1
332 367 NEWMAN Eli HEAD M M 64
    NEWMAN Elizabeth Wife F M 48
    NEWMAN Samuel Son M S 27
    NEWMAN Solomon Son M S 26
    NEWMAN Lindsey Son M S 23
    NEWMAN Stanley Son M S 22
    NEWMAN George Son M S 20
    NEWMAN Ambrose Son M S 18
    NEWMAN Ben Son M S 16
333 368 CASSELL Albert HEAD M M 43
    CASSELL Harriott (sic) Wife F M 41
    CASSELL Raymond Son M S 14
    CASSELL Stephen Son M S 10
    CASSELL Norman Son M S 4
334 369 CASSELL William Head M W 49
    CASSELL Minnie Daughter F S 16
    CASSELL Ernest Son M S 12
335 370 CASSELL John HEAD M M 81
PAGE 117              
    CASSELL Elizabeth Wife F M 50
336 371 MURCELL Joseph HEAD M M 48
    MURCELL Annie Wife F M 46
    MURCELL John Son M S 18
    MURCELL Mildred Daughter F S 17
    MURCELL Elsie Daughter F S 15
    MURCELL Dorothy Daughter F S 10
    BRENTON James Adopted M S 6
    RANDELL Hannah Mother in Law F W 83
337 372 ELGAR James HEAD M M 42
    ELGAR Cinderella Wife F M 42
    ELGAR Beatrice Daughter F S 16
    ELGAR Sidney Son M S 12
    ELGAR Emma Daughter F S 7
  373 ANDREWS Eliol HEAD M M 25
    ANDREWS Emily Wife F M 18
  374 ELGAR John Jr HEAD M M 39
    ELGAR Jessie Wife F M 27
    ELGAR Ruby Daughter F S 2
    ELGAR June Daughter F S 1
338 375 ELGAR Daniel HEAD M M 37
    ELGAR Beatrice Wife F M 29
    ELGAR Ethel Daughter F S 12
    ELGAR Jessie Daughter F S 10
    ELGAR Effie Daughter F S 8
    ELGAR Reginald Son M S 4
    ELGAR Not Baptized (sic) Son M S 5 Days
    ELGAR John Sr Head's Father (sic)     81
339 376 PITTMAN Edward HEAD M M 63
    PITTMAN Martha Wife F M 62
    CASSELL William Lodger M S 35
    PITTMAN Wilfred Grand Child M S 20
    POLLARD Susy Servant F S 15
PAGE 118              
340 377 ROPSON Jeremiah HEAD M M 55
    ROPSON Ellen Wife F M 46
    ROPSON Harvey Adopted M S 6
    BRENTON Lucy Adopted M S 9
    CASSELL Heyaleah (sic) (?) Adopted M S 16
  378 CASSELL Samuel HEAD M W 41
    CASSELL Edmund Son M S 8
    CASSELL Mary Daughter F S 14
    CASSELL Gladys Daughter F S 10
341 379 HINDS Allan HEAD M M 25
    HINDS Olive Wife F M 25
342 380 RICKETTS Thomas HEAD M M 38
    RICKETTS Maude Wife F M 28
343 381 PITTMAN Noah HEAD M M 39
    PITTMAN Nellie Wife F M 35
    PITTMAN Chesley Son M S 14
    PITTMAN Virtue Daughter F S 13
    PITTMAN Blanche Daughter F S 12
    PITTMAN Muriel Daughter F S 9
    PITTMAN Edward Son M S 6
    PITTMAN Herbert Son M S 4
    PITTMAN Maxwell Son M S 1
    HINDS Susannah Mother in Law F W 79
344 382 ROPSON Arthur HEAD M M 53
    ROPSON Naomi Wife F M 56
    ROPSON William Son M S 22
    ROPSON Alexandria Daughter F S 26
  383 CASSELL Joseph HEAD M W 38
    CASSELL Malena (?) Daughter F S 12
    CASSELL Andrew Son M S 7
    CASSELL Malcolm Son M S 13
    BRENTON Jeremiah Adopted M S 4
345 384 CASSELL John HEAD M M 54
PAGE 119              
    CASSELL Priscilla Wife F M 54
    CASSELL Manuel Son M S 28
    CASSELL Rosannah Daughter F S 26
    CASSELL Roland Son M S 13
    CASSELL Martha Daughter F S 2 Mos
  385 PITTMAN Elizah HEAD M M 42
    PITTMAN Selina Wife F M 26
346 386 CASSELL Adolphus HEAD M M 25
    CASSELL Laura Wife F M 23
    CASSELL Pearl Daughter F S 1
347 387 FUDGE Levi Head M S 40
    FUDGE Rebecca Sister F S 36
348 388 PITTMAN Andrew HEAD M M 45
    PITTMAN Ellen Wife F M 35
    PITTMAN Charley Son M S 14
    PITTMAN Grace Daughter F S 10
    PITTMAN Harold Son M S 2
    RICKETTS Julian Lodger M W 38
    RICKETTS Benjamin Lodger M S 27
    PITTMAN Bertha Sister F S 35
349 389 NEWMAN Arthur HEAD M M 37
    NEWMAN Tamar Wife F M 37
    NEWMAN Kate Daughter F S 14
    NEWMAN Archibald Son M S 7
    NEWMAN Oliver Son M S 7 Mos
    LODER Fred HEAD M M 26
    LODER Delilah Wife F M 21

Transcribed by Stella Regular

Updated by Gervase Cunard to reformat page (March 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (March 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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