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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of Harbour Main and Bell Island

Microfilm Reel # M-8060.
Pages 25 - 42

Community of
Wabana Mines

Dwelling Family Last First Relationship Sex MS Age
1 1 YETMAN Percival Head M M 35
    YETMAN Louisa Wife F M 35
    YETMAN Susana (sic) Daughter F S 9
2 2 NOLAN David Francis Head M M 44
    NOLAN Julia Mary Wife F M 44
    NOLAN Annie Daughter F S 14
3 3 KELLY Solomon Head M M 62
    KELLY Selina Wife F M 57
    KELLY Clarence Son M S 23
    KELLY George Son M S 14
    KELLY Gordon Maxwell Son M S 12
  4 KELLY Albert Head M M 21
    KELLY Sylvia Daughter F S 20
    KELLY Frances Elizabeth Daughter F S 1
4 5 MYERS Bridget Head F W 47
    MYERS Patrick Son M S 19
    MYERS Edward Son M S 17
    MYERS Vincent Son M S 10
    MYERS Leo Son M S 15
    MYERS Joseph Son M S 13
    MYERS Gerald Son M S 11
    MYERS Evelyn Daughter F S 14
5 6 LUFFMAN Eric Head M M 30
    LUFFMAN Stella Wife F M 28
    LUFFMAN Jean Daughter F S 9
    LUFFMAN Viola Jeanette Daughter F S 7
    LUFFMAN Joseph Son M S 5
    LUFFMAN Geraldine Daughter F S 3
6 7 HAMMOND Harry Thomas Head M M 35
    HAMMOND Gertie Wife F M 27
    HAMMOND Evelyn Daughter F S 8
    HAMMOND Lucy Daughter F S 5
    HAMMOND Dora Daughter F S 3
PAGE 26              
    HAMMOND Eva Daughter F S 1
7 8 BRIEN Peter Head M M 59
    BRIEN Esther Wife F M 50
    BRIEN Genevieve Daughter F S 18
    BRIEN Annie Daughter F S 15
    BRIEN Gerard Son M S 12
    BRIEN Joseph Son M S 11
    BRIEN Thomas Son M S 6
  9 BRIEN Peter Head M M 20
    BRIEN Nellie Wife F M 19
    BRIEN Patrick Joseph Son M S 5mo
    BRIEN Charles Nephew M S 30
8 10 LITTLEJOHN Samuel Head M M 56
    LITTLEJOHN Sarah Jane Wife F M 52
    LITTLEJOHN Muriel Daughter F S 31
    LITTLEJOHN John Ed Son M S 18
    LITTLEJOHN Elizabeth Daughter F S 20
    LITTLEJOHN Raymond Son M S 16
    LITTLEJOHN Ruby Daughter F S 15
    LITTLEJOHN Evelyn Froney Daughter F S 12
    LITTLEJOHN Jean Daughter F S 8
8 11 LITTLEJOHN George Head M M 26
    LITTLEJOHN Rita Wife F M 24
9 12 GUNN John Head M M 54
    GUNN Margaret Wife F M 31
    GUNN James Francis Son M S 7
    GUNN Theodore George Son M S 5
10 12 FITZPATRICK Thomas Joseph Head M M 36
    FITZPATRICK Margaret Wife F M 32
    FITZPATRICK Theresa Daughter F S 16
    FITZPATRICK Rita Daughter F S 14
    FITZPATRICK Maria Daughter F S 12
    FITZPATRICK Bernard Son M S 9
PAGE 27              
    FITZPATRICK Genevieve Daughter F S 7
11 14 NOSEWORTHY Wm Francis Head M M 37
    NOSEWORTHY Hannah Wife F M 30
    NOSEWORTHY Doris Evetha (sic) (?) Daughter F S 10
    NOSEWORTHY Douglas Raymond Son M S 8
    NOSEWORTHY Evelyn Daughter F S 7
    NOSEWORTHY Daphne Daughter F S 3
    NOSEWORTHY Effie Daughter F S 2
12 15 CARNELL Wilfred Head M M 38
    CARNELL Hazel Wife F M 33
    CARNELL Daisy Daughter F S 11
    CARNELL Dorothy Daughter F S 8
    CARNELL Jean Daughter F S 6
13 16 NEARAN Lawrence Head M M 42
    NEARAN Emma Wife F M 43
    SOMERTON Douglas Step Son M S 18
    SOMERTON Gladys Step Daughter F S 12
    NEARAN Elizabeth Daughter F S 19
    NEARAN John Son M S 14
    NEARAN Helen Daughter F S 3
    NEARAN Lawrence Father M W 80
14 17 MURPHY Peter Joseph Head M M 36
    MURPHY Margaret Wife F M 34
    MURPHY Mary Daughter F S 12
    MURPHY Margaret Daughter F S 11
    MURPHY Stephen Son M S 9
    MURPHY Rita Daughter F S 8
    MURPHY Alice Daughter F S 7
    MURPHY Richard Son M S 5
    MURPHY Catherine Daughter F S 3
    MURPHY William Son M S 2mo
15 18 COBB George Head M M 40
    COBB Lilian Wife F M 31
PAGE 28              
    COBB Jack Son M S 10
    COBB Ruth Daughter F S 8
    COBB Athelie (?) Daughter F S 5
16 19 SOMERTON Joseph Head M M 55
    SOMERTON Elsie Wife F M 31
    SOMERTON Annie Daughter F S 19
    SOMERTON Phyllis Daughter F S 6
    SOMERTON Lorraine Daughter F S 4
17 20 O'BRIEN Leo Head M M 32
    O'BRIEN Margaret Wife F M 22
    O'BRIEN James Son M S 5
    O'BRIEN Leone Josephine Daughter F S 2
18 21 BISHOP Robert Head M M 53
    BISHOP Catherine Wife F M 60
19 22 BLACKMORE Victor Head M M 35
    BLACKMORE Thelma Wife F M 31
    BLACKMORE Stephen Harrison Son M S 13
    BLACKMORE Frederick Malcolm Son M S 11
20 23 BLACKMORE Benj John Head M M 39
    BLACKMORE Susie Wife F M 39
    BLACKMORE Marie Daughter F S 18
    BLACKMORE Marjorie Daughter F S 15
    BLACKMORE Margaret Daughter F S 12
21 24 WARREN Wilfred Head M M 35
    WARREN Pearl Wife F M 32
    WARREN George Son M S 14
    WARREN Selby Son M S 11
    WARREN Edgar Son M S 9
    WARREN Doris Daughter F S 7
    WARREN Harry Son M S 5
    WARREN Robert Son M S 3
22 25 DOWNEY Bernard Head M M 29
    DOWNEY Kathleen Wife F M 26
PAGE 29              
    DOWNEY Jean Daughter F S 9
    DOWNEY Kevin Son M S 7
    DOWNEY Gertie Daughter F S 5
    DOWNEY Brian Son M S 3
    DOWNEY Mary Daughter F S 1 (?)
23 26 BROWN Harvey Head M M 27
    BROWN Sybil Wife F M 27
    BROWN George Son M S 5
24 27 HORNEY George Head M W 32
    HORNEY Lloyd Son M S 9
    HORNEY Hayward Son M S 6
25 28 DART Andrew Head M M 61
    DART Annie Wife F M 62
    DART Annie Mercer Daughter F S 30
26 29 BROWN George Head M M 60
    BROWN Amelia Wife F M 59
    BROWN Elsie Daughter F S 31
    SNOW Elizabeth Lodger F W 78
26 30 RIDEOUT Joseph Head M M 37
    RIDEOUT Winnie Wife F M No Entry
    RIDEOUT Elsie Elizabeth Georgina Daughter F S 5
    RIDEOUT Mildred Irene Daughter F S 4
    RIDEOUT Winnie Brown Daughter F S 2
    RIDEOUT Sarah Jean Daughter F S 1
27 31 REES Reuben Head M M 27
    REES Mary Wife F M 34
    WARFORD Benjamin Step Son M S 18
    WARFORD Alma Step Daughter F S 17
    WARFORD Warwick Step Son M S 15
    WARFORD John Step Son M S 13
    WARFORD Reid Step Son M S 11
    REES Myra Daughter F S 1 (?)
28 32 QUINLAN James Leonard Head M M 52
PAGE 30              
    QUINLAN Thersa (sic) Wife F M 49
    McLEAN John sson M S 19
    McLEAN Rita Elizabeth sdau F S 16
    McLEAN Harry sson M S 14
    QUINLAN Mary Emma Daughter F S 8
    QUINLAN Evelyn Thersa (sic) Daughter F S 6
29 34 ATKINS Rachel Head F W 43
    ATKINS Joseph Son M S 20 (sic)
    ATKINS Evelyn Daughter F S 12
    ATKINS Wm. Frederick Son M S 10
    ATKINS Winnie Daughter F S 8
  34 BROWN George Head M M 25
    BROWN Mary Jane Wife F M 24
  35 CLARKE Austin Head M M 21
    CLARKE Clara Wife F M 18
30 36 MORGAN Albert Head M M 43
    MORGAN Susan Wife F M 40
    MORGAN Drusilla (sic) Daughter F S 16
    MORGAN Mary Daughter F S 15
    MORGAN Bertha Louisa Daughter F S 14
    MORGAN Albert Son M S 8
    MORGAN Wilfred Royburn Son M S 5
31 37 MLLER Albert Head M M 42
    MLLER Tryphena Wife F M 40
    MLLER Harold Son M S 19
    MLLER Ernest Son M S 18
    MLLER Albert Son M S 15
    MLLER Chester Son M S 12
    MLLER Arthur Son M S 10
    MLLER Melvina Daughter F S 8
    MLLER Peter Son M S 7
    MLLER Wilson Son M S 5
    MLLER Adrian Son M S 4
Page 31              
    MLLER James Son M S 3
    MLLER Mary Daughter F S 1 (?)
32 38 KITCHEN Malcolm Head M M 43
    KITCHEN Sarah Jane Wife F M 39
    KITCHEN Robt Maxwell Son M S 19
    KITCHEN Marion Wilda (sic) Daughter F S 16
    KITCHEN Frank Wilfred Son M S 15
    KITCHEN Charles Son M S 11
    KITCHEN Frederick Weston Son M S 10
    KITCHEN Violet Leon Daughter F S 8
32 29 KEARLEY Frederick Chas Head M M 43
    KEARLEY Martha Wife F M 38
    KEARLEY Raymond Walter Son M S 17
    KEARLEY Stella May Daughter F S 10
    KEARLEY Madeline Marie Daughter F S 9
    KEARLEY Margaret Jane Daughter F S 7
    KEARLEY Emma Florence Daughter F S 5
    KEARLEY Frederick Charles Son M S 4
34 39 KEARLEY Edward Head M M 30
    KEARLEY Ada Lilian Blanch Wife F M 21
    KEARLEY Iris Kathleen Daughter F S 3
    KEARLEY Ivor John Son M S 1 (?)
    KEARLEY Mary Ann Sister F S 25
    HASKETT William Lodger M S 48
35 40 DAY Leonard Head M M 69
    DAY Elizabeth Wife F M 66
    DAY Helen Daughter F S 35
    DAY Claude Cyril Son M S 32
    DAY Barbara Daughter F S 27
    DAY Malcomb Son M S 23
    DAY Junette (sic) Grand Daughter F S 16
    DAY Thomas Rodney Grandson M S 2
PAGE 32              
36 42 BARRETT William Head M M 51
    BARRETT Alice Wife F M 48
    BARRETT Bridie Daughter F S 26
    BARRETT Annie Daughter F S 24
    BARRETT Josephine Daughter F S 21
    BARRETT Bernadette Daughter F S 15
    BARRETT Helen Daughter F S 12
    BARRETT Alice Daughter F S 6
37 43 ROSE Willis Head M M 37
    ROSE Edith Wife F M 37
    ROSE Margaret Daughter F S 19
    ROSE Harold Wm Son M S 17
    ROSE Albert Gordon Son M S 15
    ROSE Llewelyn Son M S 11
    ROSE Rosetta Daughter F S 8
    ROSE Ewart Son M S 3
38 43 TAYLOR Nathaniel Reginald Head M M 30
    TAYLOR Eugenie Wife F M 30
    TAYLOR Colin Reginald Son M S 4
    TAYLOR Lester Grant Son M S 2
    TAYLOR Robin Stewart Son M S 2wk
39 45 GOSSE Bartholomew Head M M 48
    GOSSE Dulcie Wife F M 47
    GOSSE Leonard Son M S 18
    GOSSE Lucy Jean Daughter F S 13
    GOSSE Ida Daphne Daughter F S 9
    GOSSE Angus Garfield Son M S 7
    GOSSE Edmund Son M S 4
40 46 MOORE William Head M M 26
    MOORE Nellie Wife F M 19
    MOORE Leo Son M S 3 mo
    MOORE Katherine Sister F S 30
    MOORE Mary Sister F S 29
PAGE 33              
    MOORE Annie Sister F S 26
41 47 CANTWELL William Head M M 37
    CANTWELL Asenath Wife F M 39
    CANTWELL George Son M S 15
    CANTWELL Clifford Son M S 13
    CANTWELL Elizabeth Daughter F S 9
    CANTWELL Jack Son M S 7
    CANTWELL Shirley Daughter F S 5
43 49 NOSEWORTHY Simeon Head M M 64
    NOSEWORTHY Mary Wife F M 62
43 49 JOY Thomas Head M S 55
    CARRIGAN Michael Nephew M S 32
    JOY Margaret Niece F S 22
44 50 CLARKE George Head M W 51
    CLARKE William Son M S 25
    CLARKE Harrison Son M S 21
    CLARKE Harvey Son M S 19
    CLARKE Richard Harold Son M S 15
    CLARKE Arthur Jellico Son M S 13
    CLARKE George Frederick Son M S 11
    CLARKE Doris Elsie Daughter F S 8
    CLARKE Mildred Daughter F S 5
45 50 WHITE Herbert Head M M 28
    WHITE Bertha Wife F M 27
    WHITE Marjorie Daughter F S 10
    WHITE Jean Daughter F S 9
    WHITE Lily Daughter F S 6
    WHITE Jessie Daughter F S 4
    WHITE Pearl Daughter F S 5
46 52 MANSFIELD John Head M M 37
    MANSFIELD Bridget Wife F M 27
    MANSFIELD Florence Daughter F S 12
    MANSFIELD Patrick Son M S 11
PAGE 34              
    MANSFIELD Thomas Son M S 9
    MANSFIELD John Son M S 6
    MANSFIELD Thersa (sic) Daughter F S 4
    MANSFIELD James Son M S 1mo
47 52 VICKERS John Head M M 50
    VICKERS Ann Wife F M 48
    VICKERS William Son M S 25
48 53 HARVEY John Anderson Head M M 43
    HARVEY Effie Wife F M 38
    HARVEY Daisy M. Daughter F S 20
    HARVEY Roy Son M S 19
    HARVEY Jean Daughter F S 15
    HARVEY Clayton William Son M S 13
    HARVEY Wm. Lawrence Son M S 3
49 45 EZEKIEL Michael Head M M 59
    EZEKIEL Helen Wife F M 55
    EZEKIEL Ruth Daughter F S 30
    EZEKIEL Elsie Daughter F S 27
    EZEKIEL Clem Son M S 25
    EZEKIEL Annie Daughter F S 22
    EZEKIEL Florence Daughter F S 18
    EZEKIEL James Son M S 16
50 56 ROBERTS Luke Head M M 48
    ROBERTS Elizabeth Wife F M 43
    ROBERTS Winnifred Daughter F S 19
    ROBERTS Kathleen Daughter F S 16
    ROBERTS Luke Son M S 7
51 57 MERCER William Bags Head M M 65
    MERCER Isabelle Wife F M 53
    MERCER Ronald Son M S 16
    MERCER William Son M S 12
52 58 SULLIVAN Jeremiah Head M W 48
    SULLIVAN Mercedes Daughter F S 16
PAGE 35              
    SULLIVAN Bridget Daughter F S 14
    SULLIVAN Jeremiah Son M S 9
    SULLIVAN Timothy Son M S 7
    SULLIVAN Elsie Daughter F S 4
    SULLIVAN Martin Father M W 80
53 59 PETRIE John Bernard Head M M 59
    PETRIE Martha Helen Wife F M 53
    PETRIE Louis Adrian Son M S 25
    PETRIE Mary Daughter F S 24
    PETRIE Clarissa Daughter F S 23
    PETRIE Edwin Bernard Son M S 22
    PETRIE Robert  La??? Son M S 20
    PETRIE George Douglas Son M S 19
    PETRIE Anita Pearl Daughter F S 18
    PETRIE Martha Helen Daughter F S 17
    PETRIE Margaret Elizabeth Daughter F S 12
54 60 RYAN Naaman (?) Head M M 50
    RYAN Gladys May Wife F M 33
    RYAN Naaman ? Son M S 13
    RYAN Herbert Son M S 12
    RYAN Dorothy Daughter F S 11
    RYAN John Son M S 9
    RYAN Charles Son M S 7
    RYAN Frank Son M S 6
    RYAN Warwick Son M S 4
    RYAN Mona (?) Daughter F S 19
55 61 NORMORE Charles Head M M 50
    NORMORE Alice Wife F M 44
    NORMORE Frederick Son M S 20
    NORMORE Annie Daughter F S 18
    NORMORE Gordon Son M S 15
    NORMORE Augustus Son M S 13
56 62 SWEENEY Patrick Head M W 50
PAGE 36              
    SWEENEY Thomas Son M S 23
    SWEENEY Alphonsus Son M S 17
    SWEENEY John Son M S 15
    POOLE Jessie Servant F M 56
    POOLE Leo Lodger M S 17
57 63 NORMORE George Cooper Head M M 39
    NORMORE Mildred Wife F M 35
    NORMORE Dorothy Esther Daughter F S 16
    NORMORE Muriel Genevieve Daughter F S 13
    NORMORE Donald Leonard Son M S 7
58 64 CLARKE Willis George Head M M 30
    CLARKE Julia Mary Wife F M 29
    CLARKE Bramwell Chesley Son M S 6
    CLARKE Daisy Elizabeth Daughter F S 2
    HARNEY John Father (?) in Law M W 66
    YETMAN Mabel Servant F S 18
59 65 GRANT Granger Stewart Head M M 38
    GRANT Margaret Wife F M 36
    GRANT Gerald Wallace Son M S 4
    GRANT Harold Granger Son M S 1 (?)
60 66 CONWAY Thomas Anthony Head M M 57
    CONWAY Bridget Wife F M 35
    CONWAY John Charles Son M S 25
    CONWAY Bridget Daughter F S 22
    DIAMOND Hubert (?) Maxwell Boarder M S 25
    NORRIS Mary Servant F S 18
61 67 PROUDFOOT Adam Reid Head M M 50
    PROUDFOOT Marion Florence Wife F M 45
    PROUDFOOT Arthur Richard Son M S 20
    PROUDFOOT Wm Frazer Son M S 18
    PROUDFOOT Lorne Son M S 14
    PENNY Gladys Servant F S 21
62 68 READER William Head M M 57
PAGE 37              
    READER Florence Wife F M 47
    READER Muriel May Daughter F S 26
    READER Myrtle Magnolia (sic) Daughter F S 24
    READER Marjorie Lillian Daughter F S 21
    READER Harriet Gertrude Daughter F S 18
    READER William Montegue Son M S 15
    READER Florence Irene Daughter F S 8
63 69 FRENCH Charles Head M M 58
    FRENCH Susie Wife F M 58
    FRENCH Charles Son M S 23
    FRENCH Hazel Daughter F S 20
64 70 KENNEDY James F. Head M M 36
    KENNEDY Elizabeth Frances (?) Wife F M 35
    KENNEDY John Francis Son M S 9
    KENNEDY Margaret Claire Daughter F S 3
65 71 COHEN Charles Head M M 35
    COHEN Molly Wife F M 34
    COHEN Robert Martin Son M S 13
    COHEN Donald Son M S 10
    CHURCHILL Margaret Maud Servant F S 22
66 72 BASHA Elias Head M M 52
    BASHA Gertrude Wife F M 48
    BASHA William Son M S 19
    BASHA Mildred Daughter F S 16
    BASHA Mary Daughter F S 15
    BASHA Edward Son M S 13
    BASHA Lilian Daughter F S 12
67 72 TEMPLEMAN Walter Head M M 28
    TEMPLEMAN Dorothy Wife F M 23
68 74 BILLINGSLEY William Francis Head M W 49
    BILLINGSLEY Mary Daughter F S 22
    BILLINGSLEY Kevin Son M S 19
    BILLINGSLEY Patricia Daughter F S 14
PAGE 38              
    BILLINGSLEY Loretta Daughter F S 6
69 75 HUGHES John A Head M M 52
    HUGHES Helen Frances Wife F M 51
    HUGHES Mary Cecilia Daughter F S 22
    HUGHES Thomas Stanislaus Son M S 19
    HUGHES Leonard John Son M S 16
    HUGHES John Patrick Son M S 13
    HUGHES Henry Father M W 86
70 76 ENGLISH Elizabeth Head F S 48
    ENGLISH Kathleen Mary Sister F S 46
    ENGLISH Leone Sister F S 34
71 77 CHING Chung Head M S 48
    GEHEN No Entry Unreadable M S 35
72 78 BASHA Sadie Head F W 68
    HARRIS Martha Servant F S 31
73 79 SMITH Hazel Menne (??) Head F S 31
    DWYER Mary Agusten (?) Housekeeper F S 30
74 80 FARRAH Charles Weston Head M M 32
    FARRAH Fanny Evelyn Wife F M 34
    FARRAH Wm John Aston Son M S 10
    FARRAH Ian (?) Oswald Son M S 8
    FARRAH Claude Weston Son M S 6
    FARRAH Shirley Daughter F S 4
    FARRAH Donald Howard Son M S 2
    FARRAH Hubert Charles Son M S 1
    SKANES Robt Llewlyn (sic) Brother in Law M S 28
    KENNEDY Elizabeth Boarder F S 26
75 81 CARROLL Michael Head M M 26
    CARROLL Margaret Wife F M 24
76 82 HIBBS Michael Head M M 48
    HIBBS Bertha Wife F M 43
    HIBBS Hazel Daughter F S 20
    HIBBS Dorothy Daughter F S 13
PAGE 39              
    HIBBS Clarence Son M S 18
    HIBBS Caroline Daughter F S 8
77 83 NOSEWORTHY John Head M M 24
    NOSEWORTHY Elizabeth Wife F M 22
    NOSEWORTHY John Fred Son M S 2
    NOSEWORTHY George Ronald Son M S 2mo
78 84 CAHILL John Head M M 40
    CAHILL Annie Wife F M 36
    CAHILL Frederick Son M S 16
    CAHILL William Son M S 14
    CAHILL Louis Son M S 12
    CAHILL Mary Daughter F S 10
    CAHILL Agnes Daughter F S 8
    CAHILL Margaret Daughter F S 6
    CAHILL John Son M S 2
    FITZGERALD Phillip Boarder M S 28
    BRAZIL Annie Servant F S 18
79 85 DWYER John Joseph Head M M 44
    DWYER Annie P Wife F M 33
80 86 EZEKIEL Agnes May Head F M 76
    COSTELLO Madeline Servant F S 18
81 87 HIGGINS Duncan Head M M 33
    HIGGINS Maud Wife F M 25
    HIGGINS Joy Daughter F S 3
82 88 SHEPPARD Eugene Head M M 28
    SHEPPARD Emily Wife F M 28
83 89 MANSFIELD James Head M M 30
    MANSFIELD Mary Wife F M 24
    MANSFIELD Douglas Nephew M S 15
    MANSFIELD Patrick Son M S 2
    MANSFIELD Rosarri (sic) (?) Daughter F S 9 mo
    MANSFIELD Mary Mother F W 58
PAGE 40              
84 90 MURPHY John Benj Head M M 50
    MURPHY Gertrude Wife F M 45
    MURPHY Sheila Daughter F S 16
    MURPHY Brian Son M S 14
    MURPHY Myles Son M S 13
    MURPHY Kathleen Daughter F S 10
    SHEA Elizabeth Servant F S 20
85 91 PEARY Thomas Francis Head M M 45
    PEARY Sarah Wife F M 31
    PEARY Patrick Son M S 16
    PEARY Mary Daughter F S 12
    PEARY Alice Daughter F S 12
    PEARY Eleanor Daughter F S 10
    PEARY Thomas Son M S 9
    PEARY Elizabeth Daughter F S 8
    PEARY Diana Daughter F S 5
    PEARY Daphne Daughter F S 2
    PEARY Shirley Daughter F S 7mo
    EFFORD Susie Servant F S 19
86 92 BRUCE Nora Head F W 42
    BRUCE Mary Daughter F S 15
    BRUCE John Son M S 12
87 93 MURPHY Martin Head M M 28
    MURPHY Mary Wife F M 26
    MURPHY Joseph Son M S 1
    MURPHY John Son M S 4 Mo
88 94 DECKER Israel Head M M 43
    DECKER Mary Wife F M 32
    DECKER May Daughter F S 20
    DECKER James Son M S 18
    DECKER William Step Son M S 14
    DECKER Raymond Son M S 11
    DECKER Kelvin Son M S 9
PAGE 41              
    DECKER Donald Son M S 7
    DECKER Myrtle Daughter F S 5
    DECKER Gerald Son M S 2
    DECKER Randell Son M S 1
    DECKER William Brother M W 45
    DECKER Cecil Nephew M S 18
89 95 MURPHY William Head M M 48
    MURPHY Annie Wife F M 45
  96 LAHEY James Head M M 20
    LAHEY Margaret Wife F M 21
90 97 McGRATH John Head M M 42
    McGRATH Annie Wife F M 46
    McGRATH Michael Son M S 17
    McGRATH Patrick Son M S 15
    McGRATH Patricia Daughter F S 10
    McGRATH Ambrose Vincent Son M S 5
91 98 MLLER Edward Head M M 42
    MLLER Selina Wife F M 39
    MLLER Florence Mary Daughter F S 17
    MLLER Jeanette Dodd Daughter F S 15
    MLLER Edgar Joseph Son M S 13
    MLLER Esme (?) Madelene Daughter F S 10
92 99 RYAN Elizabeth Wife F M 45
    RYAN James Head M M 45
    RYAN Richard Son M S 20
    RYAN Martin Son M S 17
    RYAN Helen Daughter F S 15
    RYAN Margaret Daughter F S 12
    RYAN Doris Daughter F S 10
    RYAN Francis Daughter F S 7
    RYAN William Son M S 4
92 100 McGRATH Michael Head M M 50
    McGRATH Ann Mary Wife F M 46
PAGE 42              
    McGRATH Michael Joseph Son M S 14
    McGRATH William Son M S 13
    McGRATH Anastatia Daughter F S 9
94 101 RIDEOUT James Head M S 19
    RIDEOUT Alice Mother F W 58

Contributed and Transcribed by Frank Fitzpatrick, (June 2003)

Updated to follow order on original pages (January 2005)

Page Last Modified: Sunday February 14, 2016 (Don Tate)

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