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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of Harbour Main and Bell Island

Microfilm Reel # M-8060.
Pages 148 - 162

Community of
Scotia Ridge

Dwelling Family Last First FR Sex MS Age
PAGE 149              
1 1 McLEAN Walter Head M M 49
    McLEAN Madeline Wife F M 46
    McLEAN John Stephen Son M S 26
    McLEAN Jacob Son M S 24
    McLEAN Madeline Daughter F S 7
    McLEAN Ellen Rosetta Daughter F S 6
    McLEAN Walter Son M S 4
    McLEAN Bernadette Daughter F S 1
2 2 BARTLETT Eleazer Head M M 54
    BARTLETT Martha Wife F M 48
    BARTLETT Garfield Son M S 27
    BARTLETT Gordon Son M S 18
    BARTLETT Audrey Daughter F S 12
    BARTLETT Lilian Daughter F S 11
    BARTLETT Ewart Son M S 6
3 3 HUNT Phillip Head M W 60
    HUNT John Son M S 19
    HUNT Gertrude Daughter F S 25
    HUNT Doris Daughter F S 15
4 4 ANDREWS Elizabeth Head F W 46
    ANDREWS William Son M S 20
    ANDREWS John Son M S 12
    ANDREWS Lavinia Daughter F S 24
    ANDREWS Jean Daughter F S 18
    ANDREWS Marian Daughter F S 17
    ANDREWS Millicent Daughter F S 13
    ANDREWS Margaret Daughter F S 9
5 5 BLACKMORE Elijah Head M M 65
    BLACKMORE Janet Wife F M 62
    BLACKMORE Cecil Son M W 36
    BLACKMORE Hector Son M S 19
    BLACKMORE Lilian Daughter F S 24
6 6 SPENCER Willis Head M M 51
PAGE 151 NOTE: Page number 150 not used.
    SPENCER Lavinia Wife F M 48
    SPENCER Frank Son M S 23
    SPENCER Maxwell Son M S 22
    SPENCER Edward Son M S 18
    SPENCER Roland Son M S 14
    SPENCER Fred Son M S 11
    SPENCER Ralph Son M S 9
    SPENCER Wilda Daughter F S 16
    SPENCER Effie Daughter F S 6
7 7 McLEAN Michael Head M M 47
    McLEAN Martha Wife F M 44
    McLEAN Stephen Son M S 23
    McLEAN Patrick Son M S 17
    McLEAN William Son M S 1
    McLEAN Philomena Daughter F S 9
    McLEAN Bridie Daughter F S 14
    McLEAN Margaret Daughter F S 12
    McLEAN Annie Daughter F S 6
    McLEAN Margaret Step Mother F W 65
    MAHONEY Patrick Lodger M S 37
8 8 BLACKMORE Stephen Head M M 64
    BLACKMORE Mary Wife F M 60
    BLACKMORE Myrtle Daughter F S 24
9 9 HURLEY Patrick Head M M 65
    HURLEY Julia Wife F M 51
    HURLEY Lawrence Son M S 23
    HURLEY Patrick Son M S 11
    HURLEY Marie Daughter F S 22
    HURLEY Alice Daughter F S 19
    HURLEY Mary Daughter F S 16
10 10 HOOKEY Sarah Head F W 58
    HOOKEY Frank Son M S 24
    HOOKEY Roy Son M S 20
PAGE 152              
    HOOKEY Eric Joseph Son M S 19
    HOOKEY Hubert Son M S 12
11 11 MURPHY Stephen Head M M 71
    MURPHY Mary Wife F M 74
    MURPHY Stephen Grand Son M S 19
12 12 BOONE Henry James Head M M 49
    BOONE Florence Wife F M 48
    BOONE Henry Son M S 19
    BOONE Gordon Son M S 16
    BOONE Hubert Son M S 12
    BOONE Harold Son M S 10
    BOONE Kenneth Son M S 7
    BOONE Arline Daughter F S 9
    BOONE Edith Daughter F S 15
13 13 PARSONS Jacob Head M M 79
    PARSONS Mary Ann Wife F M 75
    PARSONS Charlotte Daughter F S 33
  14 MORGAN Nathaniel Head M M 36
    MORGAN Rosetta Wife F M 34
    MORGAN Ruth Lorraine Daughter F S 5
    MORGAN Patricia Daughter F S 4
    Oake Ruth Sister in Law F S 19
14 15 CRAN John Head M M 48
    CRAN Elizabeth Wife F M 42
    CRAN Edward Son M S 20
    CRAN Lewis Son M S 20
    CRAN Isaac Son M S 16
    CRAN Winfield Son M S 9
    CRAN Myrtle Daughter F S 14
    CRAN Esther Daughter F S 11
    CRAN Winnie Daughter F S 6
    SNOW Esther Mother F W 78
15 16 LUFFMAN Norman Head M M 39
PAGE 153              
    LUFFMAN Mary Wife F M 39
    LUFFMAN Dermot Son M S 18
    LUFFMAN John Son M S 15
    LUFFMAN Vincent Son M S 7
    LUFFMAN Marian Daughter F S 14
    LUFFMAN Doris Daughter F S 11
16 17 MOW Hong Head M S 43
    HONG Wing John Cousin M S 20
    HONG Chu Cousin M S 40
17 18 NORMORE Samuel Head M M 36
    NORMORE Olive Wife F M 35
    NORMORE Gladys Daughter F S 14
    NORMORE Pearl Daughter F S 12
    NORMORE Joyce Daughter F S 11
    NORMORE Jack Son M S 9
    NORMORE Anges (sic) Son M S 6
    NORMORE Gerald Son M S 1
18 19 SELLARS Walter Head M M 36
    SELLARS Bessie Wife F M 30
    SELLARS Ruth Daughter F S 8
    SELLARS Jean Daughter F S 9 mo
19 20 SNOW James Head M M 42
    SNOW Clune Son M S 20
    SNOW Jack Son M S 15
    SNOW Ron Son M S 13
    SNOW James Son M S 6
    SNOW Gertrude Daughter F S 18
    SNOW Mary Daughter F S 9
    SNOW Annie Daughter F S 11
    COSTELLO Margaret Domestic F S 21
20 21 COSTELLO Johanna Head F W 47
    COSTELLO Peter Son M S 18
PAGE 154              
    COSTELLO William Son M S 13
    COSTELLO Gerald Son M S 13
    COSTELLO Leonard Son M S 10
    COSTELLO Raymond Son M S 7
    COSTELLO Lewis Son M S 4
    COSTELLO Josephine Daughter F S 15
    FEWER Francis (sic) Daughter F S 22
21 22 WARREN Walter Head M M 38
    WARREN Phoebe Wife F M 37
    WARREN Stephen Son M S 10
    WARREN Gerald Son M S 3
    WARREN William Son M S 5 mo
    WARREN Pearl Daughter F S 15
    WARREN Margaret Daughter F S 12
    WARREN Mary Daughter F S 8
22 23 DAVIS Orestes Head M M 56
    DAVIS Lilian Wife F M 49
    DAVIS James Son M S 23
    DAVIS Leslie Son M S 21
    DAVIS Norman Son M S 17
    DAVIS Ada Daughter F S 15
    DAVIS Minnie Daughter F S 12
    DAVIS Marjorie Daughter F S 10
23 24KENNEDY Thomas Head M M 56
   KENNEDY Catherine Wife F M 45
   KENNEDY John Son M S 9
   KENNEDY Bessie Daughter F S 24
   KENNEDY Mary Daughter F S 20
   KENNEDY Florence Daughter F S 19
   KENNEDY Loretta Daughter F S 14
   KENNEDY Eileen Daughter F S 11
24 25 JOHNSON William Head M M 43
    JOHNSON Annie Wife F M 39
PAGE 155              
    JOHNSON Kathleen Daughter F S 13
    JOHNSON Mary Daughter F S 10
    JOHNSON Julia Daughter F S 7
25 26 KITCHEN John Head M M 41
    KITCHEN Maysie (sic) Wife F M 34
    KITCHEN Stanley Son M S 17
    KITCHEN Arthur Son M S 10
    KITCHEN John Son M S 6
    KITCHEN Alfred Son M S 4
    KITCHEN Margaret Daughter F S 14
    KITCHEN Ruth Daughter F S 12
    KITCHEN Genevieve Daughter F S 8
26 27 VOKEY William Head M M 32
    VOKEY Ethel Wife F M 30
    VOKEY Silby (sic) Son M S 9
    VOKEY William Son M S 5
    VOKEY Olive Daughter F S 10
27 28 GOSSE Josiah Head M M 50
    GOSSE Rebecca Wife F M 46
    GOSSE George D. Son M S 25
    GOSSE Herbert Son M S 17
    GOSSE Garfield Son M S 13
    GOSSE Harry Son M S 10
    GOSSE Annie Daughter F S 19
    GOSSE Elsie Daughter F S 14
    GOSSE Enid Daughter F S 8
    GOSSE Lilian Daughter F S 5
28 29 CLEMENT Thomas Head M M 70
    CLEMENT Mildred Wife F M 68
29 30 PARSONS Albert Head M M 70
    PARSONS Isabella Wife F M 57
    GOVER Fred Step Son M S 24
    GOVER Ralph Step Son M S 20
PAGE 156
30 31 MYERS Patrick J. Head M W 52
    MYERS Kathleen Daughter F S 23
    MYERS Clara Daughter F S 19
    MYERS Georgina Daughter F S 16
    MYERS Patrick Son M S 13
31 32 NOSEWORTHY Eleazer Head M M 61
    NOSEWORTHY Alfreda Wife F M 50
    NOSEWORTHY Harvey Son M S 23
    NOSEWORTHY Fred Son M S 17
    NOSEWORTHY Delphene (sic) Daughter F S 21
32 33 JANES William Head M M 54
    JANES Annie Wife F M 43
    JANES James Son M S 20
    JANES Graham Son M S 14
    JANES Edna Adopted F S 6
    MUGFORD Mariam Mother in Law F W 69
33 34 NICHOL Manore (??) Head M M 39
    NICHOL Minnie Wife F M 38
    NICHOL Edward Son M S 18
    NICHOL William Son M S 15
    NICHOL Eugene Son M S 12
    NICHOL Reginald Son M S 8
    NICHOL Harold Son M S 4
    NICHOL Louisa Daughter F S 13
    NICHOL Minnie Daughter F S 2
34 35 NOSEWORTHY Jacob Head M M 33
    NOSEWORTHY Gladys Wife F M 32
    NOSEWORTHY Stead Son M S 12
    NOSEWORTHY Doris Daughter F S 10
    NOSEWORTHY Minnie Daughter F S 7
35 36 PITTS John Head M M 59
    PITTS Amelia B Wife F M 45
    PITTS Willard Son M S 17
PAGE 157              
    PITTS Alexander Son M S 16
    PITTS Harvey Son M S 14
    PITTS Winston Son M S 6
    PITTS Gladys Daughter F S 11
    PITTS Phyllis Daughter F S 4
    PITTS Eva Daughter F S 1
    MURRY (sic) Rhoda Step Daughter F S 23
    MURRY (sic) Myrtle Step Daughter F S 21
36 37 PENNY Arthur Head M M 34
    PENNY Pearl Wife F M 32
    PENNY Gerald Son M S 10
    PENNY Evelyn Daughter F S 13
    PENNY Elsie May Daughter F S 14
    WALSH Mary Boarder F S 27
    MERCER Mary Domestic F S 21
37 38 SHEPPARD Martin Head M M 34
    SHEPPARD Maggie Wife F M 33
    SHEPPARD Charles Son M S 7
    SHEPPARD Harold Son M S 1 mo
    SHEPPARD Hilda Daughter F S 12
    SHEPPARD Dorothy Daughter F S 9
    SHEPPARD Mary Daughter F S 4
    SHEPPARD Elsie Daughter F S 3
38 39 NICHOLS Mary Jane Head F W 67
    NICHOLS Wesley Son M S 22
    NICHOLS Ethel Daughter F S 33
39 40 SOMERTON Richard Head M M 73
    SOMERTON Elizabeth A. Wife F M 65
    SOMERTON Dora Daughter F S 34
    SOMERTON Charlotte Daughter F S 31
40 41 BROWN James C Head M M 32
    BROWN Emmie Wife F M 29
    BROWN Muriel Daughter F S 9
PAGE 158
41 42 REES Edwin Head M M 45
    REES Hilda Wife F M 44
    REES William Son M S 20
    REES Peter Son M S 16
    REES Norman Son M S 14
    REES Gordon Son M S 12
    REES Allan Son M S 8
    REES Lilian Daughter F S 18
    REES Gladys Daughter F S 6
    REES Ada Daughter F S 2
42 43 WILCOX Thomas M Head M M 64
    WILCOX Ann Elizabeth Wife F M 65
  44 MURRY (sic) Alfred Head M M 39
    MURRY (sic) Laura Wife F M 35
43 45 ROBBINS Gideon Head M M 40
    ROBBINS Sarah Wife F M 40
    ROBBINS Harold Son M S 18
    ROBBINS Fred Son M S 16
    ROBBINS Raymond Son M S 10
    ROBBINS Clarence Son M S 4
    ROBBINS Lilian Daughter F S 14
    ROBBINS Neta (sic) Daughter F S 8
    ROBBINS Ruby Daughter F S 2
44 46 NOSEWORTHY Leonard Head M M 40
    NOSEWORTHY Irene Wife F M 36
    NOSEWORTHY Wilson Son M S 16
    NOSEWORTHY Lloyd Son M S 5
    NOSEWORTHY Florence Daughter F S 17
45 47 RIDEOUT Fred Head M M 46
    RIDEOUT Lilian Wife F M 42
    RIDEOUT Fay Daughter F S 21
    RIDEOUT Fern Daughter F S 14
46 48 RIDEOUT William Head M M 64
PAGE 159              
    RIDEOUT Mary Wife F M 47
47 49 WHEELER Alphelia (sic) Head F W 59
    WHEELER Aaron Adopted Son M M 22
    WHEELER Lilian Daughter in Law F M 22
    CURTIS George Lodger M W 44
48 50 ANTHONY John Head M M 60
    ANTHONY Martha Wife F M 68
    RYAN John Grand Son M S 9
    NORMORE Hanibal (sic) Lodger M W 71
49 51 WILCOX Mundon Head M M 44
    WILCOX Jessie Wife F M 38
    WILCOX Murry (sic) Son M S 10
    WILCOX Laura Daughter F S 15
    WILCOX Mildred Daughter F S 5
50 52 CASE George Head M M 39
    CASE Effie Wife F M 39
    CASE Victor Clive Son M S 8
    CASE Edgar Son M S 6
    CASE Geraldine Daughter F S 13
    CASE Elaine Daughter F S 12
    CASE Eleanor Daughter F S 9
51 53 LINDSAY William Head M M 51
    LINDSAY Clarice Wife F M 46
    LINDSAY William Son M S 17
    LINDSAY Jean Daughter F S 21
    LINDSAY Elizabeth A. Daughter F S 2
52 54 PARSONS Walter Head M M 51
    PARSONS Maud Wife F M 47
    PARSONS Winfield Son M S 18
    PARSONS Wodrow (sic) Son M S 11
    PARSONS Ivy Daughter F S 26
    BUTT Ruby Domestic F S 15
53 55 REES Arthur Head M M 48
PAGE 160              
    REES May Wife F M 46
    REES Charles Son M S 19
    REES Corinne (sic) Daughter F S 15
54 56 BADCOCK George H. Head M M 57
    BADCOCK Annie Wife F M 53
    BADCOCK Solomon Son M S 24
55 57 MURPHY Patrick Head M M 35
    MURPHY Mary Wife F M 28
    MURPHY Noreen Daughter F S 1
    MURPHY Rose Mary Daughter F S 6 mo
    Dwyer Kathleen Domestic F S 17
56 58 ROSE Martin Head M M 42
    ROSE Lilian Wife F M 44
    ROSE Fred Milton Son M S 15
    ROSE Dorothy Daughter F S 12
    PENNY Alfreda Boarder F S 29
57 59STEELE Daniel Head M W 65
    STONE William Son in Law M M 31
    STONE Georgina Daughter F M 31
    STONE John Grand Son M S 3
    STONE Henry Grand Son M S 2
    STONE William Grand Son M S 2
    STONE Mary Grand Daughter F S 1
   STEELE Thomas Adopted Son M S 21
   STEELE Kitty Adopted Daughter F S 18
    SHEA Lizzie Domestic F S 21
58 60 CONNORS Katherine Head F W 42
    CONNORS Hugh Son M S 19
    CONNORS Lilian Daughter F S 18
    CONNORS Margaret Daughter F S 16
    CONNORS John Son M S 15
    CONNORS Evelyn Daughter F S 13
    CONNORS Stanley Son M S 11
PAGE 161              
    CONNORS Gerard Son M S 8
    CONNORS George Son M S 2
    GRANT Arthur Boarder M S 30
59 61 MEWS James Head M M 65
    MEWS Elizabeth Wife F M 63
    MEWS Winifred Daughter F S 40
    MEWS Dorothy Daughter F S 30
60 62 BENNETT Sidney Head M M 60
    BENNETT Annie Wife F M 55
    BENNETT Irene Daughter F S 22
    SPRACKLIN Elsie Domestic F S 18
61 63 GOSSE Herbert Head M M 27
    GOSSE Nellie Wife F M 28
    GOSSE Raymond Son M S 7
    GOSSE Mabel Daughter F S 6
    GOSSE Bert Son M S 3
62 64 FOWLOW Robert Head M M 52
    FOWLOW Edith Wife F M 39
    FOWLOW Mary Daughter F S 17
    FOWLOW Fred Son M S 15
63 65 BROWN John Head M M 67
    BROWN Agnes Wife F M 78
    BROWN Herbert Grand Son M M 22
    BROWN Josephine Grand Son's Wife F M 23
    BROWN Nellie Great Grand Daughter F S 8 mo
    BROWN Fred Grand Son M S 16
64 66 RYAN Joshua Head M M 43
    RYAN Sarah Wife F M 42
    RYAN Jack Son M S 15
    RYAN Joan Daughter F S 10
    RYAN Clyde Son M S 6
    RYAN Austin Son M S 4
    RYAN Ivan Son M S 2
PAGE 162              
65 67 MURPHY Michael Head M M 41
    MURPHY Mary Kate Wife F M 37
    MURPHY Josephine Daughter F S 14
    MURPHY Margaret Daughter F S 12
    MURPHY Stephen Son M S 11
    MURPHY Mary Daughter F S 8
    MURPHY Catherine Daughter F S 6
    MURPHY Michael Son M S 3
66 68 MURPHY Michael Head M M 48
    MURPHY Minnie Wife F M 43
    MURPHY Patrick Son M S 17
    MURPHY Bride Daughter F S 16
    MURPHY Mary Daughter F S 11
    MURPHY James Son M S 7
    MURPHY Thomas Son M S 5
    MURPHY Daniel Son M S 1
PAGE 148              
237 251 REES John Head M M 37
    REES Pearl Wife F M 26
    REES Jean Daughter F S 13
    REES Marie Daughter F S 12
    REES Edna Daughter F S 10
    REES Alexander Son M S 8
    REES Robert Son M S 2
238 252 SNOW Fred Head M M 34
    SNOW Eliza Wife F M 29
    SNOW Pearl Daughter F S 9
    SNOW Dorothy Daughter F S 8
    SNOW Charles Son M S 6
    SNOW Beverance (sic) Daughter F S 3
239 253 CASE James Head M M 41
    CASE Julia M. Wife F M 37
    CASE Jack Son M S 12
    CASE Jean Daughter F S 9
    CASE Grace Daughter F S 8
    CASE James Son M S 7
    CASE Woodrow Son M S 6
    BUTT Susie Domestic F S 22
    PARSONS Annie Domestic F S 23
    SNOW Eliza Boarder F S 20
238   SNOW Arthur * Boarder M S 23
NOTE: Arthur is noted as living with family in Dwelling 238
Add in added entries at the bottom of Page 148
60 62 BENNETT Sidney Son M S 24
No Entry No Entry O'DELL John No Entry M S 22

Contributed and Transcribed by Frank Fitzpatrick, (June 2003)

Updated to follow order on original pages (January 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (January 2005 by Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Sunday February 14, 2016

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