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This file "Verified to the original pages" (November 2004 by Don Tate)

1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of Harbour Main and Bell Island

Microfilm Reel # M-8060.
Pages 4 - 5, 103 - 105

Community of
Bell Island East

Dwelling Family Last First Relationship Sex MS Age
222 233 BUTLER John Head M M 32
    BUTLER Mary Wife F M 30
    BUTLER Margaret Daughter F S 6
    BUTLER Annie Daughter F S 2
    BUTLER Richard Son M S 1
223 234 DELAHUNTY James Head M W 35
    DELAHUNTY Francis Son M S 11
    DELAHUNTY John Son M S 10
    DELAHUNTY Margaret Daughter F S 8
    DELAHUNTY Mary Daughter F S 5
    DELAHUNTY Betty Daughter F S 4
    DELAHUNTY Francis Father M W 73
    GRACE Anastasia Domestic F M 41
224 235 DELAHUNTY J. James Head M M 57
    DELAHUNTY Esther Wife F M 53
    DELAHUNTY Patrick Son M S 20
    DELAHUNTY Gertrude Daughter F S 14
  236 DELAHUNTY Robert Head M M 22
    DELAHUNTY Catherine Wife F M 20
    DELAHUNTY Raymond Son M S 3
    DELAHUNTY Esther Daughter F S 2
225 237 DYER William Head M M 49
    DYER Bridget Wife F M 40
    DYER William Son M S 18
    DYER Gerald Son M S 17
    DYER Evelyn Daughter F S 14
    DYER Howard Son M S 8
226 238 FITZGERALD Peter Head M M 51
    FITZGERALD Margaret Wife F M 46
    FITZGERALD Margaret Daughter F S 22
PAGE 104              
    FITZGERALD Peter Son M S 19
    FITZGERALD Julia Daughter F S 18
    FITZGERALD Bernard Son M S 18
    FITZGERALD Teresa Daughter F S 16
    FITZGERALD Vincent Son M S 13
    FITZGERALD Laurence Son M S 12
    FITZGERALD Marie Daughter F S 9
    FITZGERALD Genevieve Daughter F S 8
    FITZGERALD Brendan Son M S 2
  239 FITZGERALD Patrick Head M M 23
    FITZGERALD Rose Wife F M 20
227 240 KAVANAGH Martin Head M M 64
    KAVANAGH Mary Wife F M 56
    KAVANAGH Edward Son M S 26
    KAVANAGH Minnie Daughter F S 24
    KAVANAGH Robert Son M S 22
    KAVANAGH Martin Son M S 20
    KAVANAGH James Son M S 19
    KAVANAGH Stephen Son M S 17
    KAVANAGH Frances (sic) Son (sic) F S 15
228 241 JACKMAN Edward Head M M 65
    JACKMAN Susanah Wife F M 58
    JACKMAN John Son M S 35
    JACKMAN Sarah Daughter F S 32
    JACKMAN Peter Son M S 30
    JACKMAN Joseph Son M S 21
    JACKMAN Bridget Daughter F S 23
    JACKMAN Edward Son M S 20
229 242 JACKMAN William Head M M 67
    JACKMAN May Wife F M 67
    JACKMAN Bridget Daughter F S 31
  243 STONE Mary Head F M (sic) 34
    STONE Kevin Son M S 10
PAGE 105              
    STONE Brendan Son M S 8
    STONE Raymond Son M S 7

NOTE: There is some mix up in numbering of Dwellings as someone tried at a later date to cross out the original numbering and replace it with a new numbering. The original numbering was used with this transcription as closely as possible but there are still some dscrepancies.

229 (sic - Orig) 242 SKANES Bridget Head F W 43
    SKANES Margaret Daughter F S 21
    SKANES William Son M S 17
    SKANES Alice Daughter F S 15
    SKANES Catherine Daughter F S 13
    DYER Ellen Mother F W 77
230 243 O'LEARY Charles Head M M 30
    O'LEARY Margaret Wife F M 33
    O'LEARY Charles Son M S 5
    O'LEARY Elizabeth Daughter F S 3
    O'LEARY Laura Daughter F S 1
    O'LEARY Lillian Daughter F S 3mo
231 244 KAVANAGH Ronald Head M M 25
    KAVANAGH Annabelle Wife F M 23
    KAVANAGH Lillian Daughter F S 4
    KAVANAGH Gerald Daughter F S 14 mos
232 245 KAVANAGH Thomas Sr. Head M M 55
    KAVANAGH Mary Wife F M 52
    KAVANAGH James Son M S 29
    KAVANAGH Mabel Daughter F S 24
    KAVANAGH Margaret Daughter F S 20
    KAVANAGH Agnes Daughter F S 19
    KAVANAGH John Son M S 17
    KAVANAGH William Son M S 16
    KAVANAGH Christina Daughter F S 13
    KAVANAGH Joseph Son M S 11
233 246 KAVANAGH Thomas Jr. Head M M 30
    KAVANAGH Annie Wife F M 33
234 247 FITZGERALD James Head M M 58
    FITZGERALD Anne Wife F M 53
    FITZGERALD David Son M S 31
PAGE 4              
    FITZGERALD Elsie Daughter F S 26
    FITZGERALD William Son M S 23
    FITZGERALD Jean Daughter F S 13
    O'KEEFE Thomas Lodger M S 21
235 248 FITZGERALD John Head M M 52
    FITZGERALD Mary Wife F M 46
    FITZGERALD Muriel Daughter F S 23
    FITZGERALD Anne Daughter F S 21
    FITZGERALD Josephine Daughter F S 19
    FITZGERALD Raymond Son M S 17
    FITZGERALD Marjorie Daughter F S 14
    FITZGERALD Louis Son M S 10
    FITZGERALD Zita Daughter F S 8
    FITZGERALD Brian Son M S 6
    FITZGERALD Rivlyn (sic) Son M S 4
    FITZGERALD Patricia Daughter F S 2
236 249 GAHNEY (sic) William Head M M 63
    GAHNEY Elizabeth Wife F M 64
    MASON Joseph Grand Son M S 13
    BUTLER James Grand Son M S 8
237 250 FITZGERALD Daniel Head M M 39
    FITZGERALD Margaret Wife F M 38
    FITZGERALD Cyril Son M S 8 mos
    FITZGERALD Catherine Mother F W 78
238 251 BUTLER James Head M M 34
    BUTLER Julia Wife F M 32
    BUTLER Mary Daughter F S 4
    BUTLER Helen Daughter F S 3
    BUTLER Betty Daughter F S 5mo
239 252 KAVANAGH John Head M M 30
    KAVANAGH Margaret Wife F M 27
    KAVANAGH Alice Daughter F S 5
    KAVANAGH Peter Son M S 4
PAGE 5              
    KAVANAGH Elizabeth Daughter F S 3
    KAVANAGH Genevieve Daughter F S 1
240 253 DELAHUNTY Luke Head M M 50
    DELAHUNTY Mary Wife F M 50
    DELAHUNTY Thomas Son M S 24
    DELAHUNTY John Son M S 22
    DELAHUNTY Frances Daughter F S 20
241 254 DWYER Walter Head M M 28
    DWYER Myria Wife F M 24
    DWYER Doris Daughter F S 6
    DWYER Jean Daughter F S 5
    DWYER Mary Daughter F S 2
    DWYER James Lodger M S 32

Contributed and Transcribed by Frank Fitzpatrick, (June 2003)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (November 2004 by Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Sunday February 14, 2016 (Don Tate)

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