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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of St. Barbe

Pages 123 - 125

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 123              
1 1 HOUSE Wallace Head M M 31
    HOUSE Nora Wife F M 25
2 2 HOUSE Howard Head M M 36
    HOUSE Beatrice Wife F M 37
    HOUSE Lawrence Son M S 10
    HOUSE Stella Daughter F S 8
3 3 HOUSE Herbert Head M M 31
    HOUSE Jessie Wife F M 25
    HOUSE Wallace Son M S 6
    HOUSE Mona Marie Daughter F S 3
    HOUSE Rexton Baxter Son M S 1
4 4 HOUSE Hubert Head M M 33
    HOUSE Elizabeth Wife F M 21
5 5 PITTMAN William Head M M 46
    PITTMAN Priscilla Wife F M 52
    PITTMAN William Henry Son M S 23
    PITTMAN Thomas Son M S 17
    PITTMAN Henry Son M S 12
6 6 GOULD Alexander Head M M 49
    GOULD Catherine Wife F M 42
    GOULD Steadman Son M S 12
    GOULD Alma Daughter F S 8
7 7 HOUSE Albert Head M M 52
    HOUSE Ethel Wife F M 47
    HOUSE George Son M S 22
    HOUSE Leslie Son M S 24
    HOUSE Clara Daughter F S 19
    HOUSE Norman Son M S 14
    HOUSE Fanny Ellen Daughter F S 11
    HOUSE Thomas Son M S 9
PAGE 124              
    HOUSE Walter Son M S 7
    HOUSE James Milton Son M S 4
    HOUSE Julia Daughter F S 2
    HOUSE Aurla Grace Grand Daughter F S 2
1 1 HOUSE Eli Head M M 32
    HOUSE Sarah Agnes Wife F M 30
    HOUSE John Emmanuel Son M S 7
    HOUSE Harvey Son M S 5
    HOUSE Rendell Son M S 7 Mos
2 2 HOUSE John William Head M M 62
    HOUSE Mary Alice Wife F M 58
    HOUSE James William Son M S 18
    CUNARD Frank Adopted Son M S 22
    HOUSE Ruby Grand Daughter F S 7
3 3 HOUSE Austin Head M M 35
    HOUSE Bithaiah (?) Wife F M 32
    HOUSE Gordon Son M S 13
    HOUSE Harold Son M S 10
    HOUSE Godfrey Jefford (sic) Son M S 8
    HOUSE Bessie Neice F S 3
4 4 HOUSE Jesse Head M M 35
    HOUSE Gertrude Wife F M 32
    HOUSE Viola Daughter F S 14
    HOUSE Thelma Daughter F S 12
    HOUSE Riley Son M S 10
    HOUSE Freeman Son M S 8
    HOUSE Rachael Daughter F S 3
5 5 HOUSE Levi Head M M 58
    HOUSE Amelia Wife F M 52
    HOUSE Mackintosh Son M S 22
    HOUSE Hepsey (sic) Daughter F S 16
    HOUSE Emma Beatrice Daughter F S 14
    HOUSE Eric Son M S 12
PAGE 125              
    HOUSE Donald Son M S 11
    HOUSE Marigold Daughter F S 9
    HOUSE Nelson Son M S 6
1 1 HOUSE Samuel Benjamin Head M M 26
    HOUSE Margaret Wife F M 19
    HOUSE Hibbert ?) Son M S 1
2 2 HOUSE Emmanuel Head M M 38
    HOUSE Phoebe Wife F M 33
3 3 HOUSE John David Head M M 64
    HOUSE Hepsey (sic) Wife F M 62
    HOUSE Fred Son M S 24
  4 HOUSE Abraham Head M M 21
    HOUSE Ivy Wife F M 20
    HOUSE Barbara Daughter F S 1
4 5 HOUSE Grant Head M M 39
    HOUSE Sarah Wife F M 29
    HOUSE Douglas Son M S 13
    HOUSE Garland Son M S 12
    HOUSE Muriel Olive Daughter F S 9
    HOUSE Ella Daughter F S 7
    HOUSE Constance Daughter F S 2
5 6 HOUSE William Head M M 29
    HOUSE Gladys Viola Wife F M 26
    HOUSE Henry Son M S 6
    HOUSE Ronald Son M S 4
    HOUSE Roy Son M S 10 Mos

Original transcriber is unknown

Re-Transcribed by Gervase Cunard (January 2005)

This file "Verified to the original pages" (January 2005 by Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Monday May 09, 2016 (Don Tate)

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