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The following small communities are included on this page.

Alexis Bay/ Hope Simpson/Port Hope Simpson
Fishing Ships Harbour
Snug Harbour
Venison Island
Square Islands
George Cove
Francis Harbour Bight
Williams Harbour
Murray's Harbour
Seal Bight
Deep Water Creek
Fox Harbour
Mary's Harbour
Indian Cove
Cape Charles
Henley Harbour



1935 Newfoundland Population Census
Labrador District


Dwelling Family Surname Given Name Relationship Sex MS Age
142 1 RUMBOLD Archibald Head M M 54
    RUMBOLD Elizabeth Wife F M ??
    RUMBOLD Maxwell Son M S 26
    RUMBOLD William Son M S 21
    RUMBOLD Robert Son M S 18
    RUMBOLD Charlotte Daughter F S 15
    RUMBOLD Bessie Daughter F S 13
    RUMBOLD James Son M S 8
    RUMBOLD Timothy Son M S 6
    RUMBOLD Charles Son M S 4
    RUMBOLD Mildred Daughter F S 3
143 2 RUMBOLD George Head M M 38
    RUMBOLD Mary Wife F M 36
    RUMBOLD Israel Son M S 18
    RUMBOLD Henry Son M S 15
    RUMBOLD Eli Son M S 12
    RUMBOLD Harold Son M S 9
    RUMBOLD Clifford Son M S 7
    RUMBOLD James Son M S 4
    RUMBOLD Doris Daughter F S 3
    RUMBOLD Grace Daughter F S 3 mons
144 3 RUMBOLD Edward Head M M 77
    RUMBOLD Eliza Wife F M 56
    RUMBOLD Issac Son M S 32
    RUMBOLD James Son M S 25
145 4 RUMBOLD William Head M M 38
    RUMBOLD Mary Wife F M 25
    RUMBOLD Pearl Daughter F S 5
    RUMBOLD Edith Daughter F S 3
    RUMBOLD John ??? ??? Son M S 6 mons
1 1 NOTLEY William Head M M 61
    NOTLEY Lidia Wife F M 54
    NOTLEY Alexander Son M S 30
    NOTLEY Bethanna Daughter F S 26
    NOTLEY Barbara Daughter F S 21
    NOTLEY Owen Son M S 15
2 1 WARD Joseph Head M M 46
    WARD Charlotte Wife F M 39
    WARD Charles Son M S 17
    WARD Raymond Son M S 14
    WARD Rita Daughter F S 11
    WARD Joseph Son M S 10
    WARD Alice Daughter F S 8
    WARD Donald Son M S 9 mons
3 1 GREEN Joseph Head M M 57
    GREEN Martha Wife F M 55
    GREEN Clara Bell Daughter F S 25
    GREEN Joseph Son M S 18
    GREEN Gordon Adopted son M S 8
4 2 ROBERTS Amos Head M M 33
    ROBERTS Alice Wife F M 26
    ROBERTS Francis Son M S 2
5 3 GREEN John W Head M M 57
    GREEN Kathleen Wife F M 53
    GREEN John Son M S 18
    GREEN Winifred Daughter F S 11
6 4 GREEN William Head M M 58
    GREEN Mary Wife F M 65
    GREEN Llewelyn Son M S 22
7 5 MARSHALL Mrs. J Wife F W 30
    MARSHALL Olive Daughter F S 9
    MARSHALL Henry Son M S 5
    MARSHALL Sadie Daughter F S 4
    MARSHALL Joseph Son M S 3
8 6 WILLIAMS Joseph Head M M 48
    WILLIAMS Mary Wife F M 39
    WILLIAMS Robert Son M S 18
    WILLIAMS Jemina Daughter F S 12
    WILLIAMS Susanna Daughter F S 6
    WILLIAMS Joseph H Son M S 4
9 7 MARSHALL Agustus Head M M 43
    MARSHALL Gladys Wife F M 33
    MARSHALL Emily Daughter F S 11
    MARSHALL Sarah Adopted F S 4
10 1 *1THURNBULL Bart Head M M 38
    THURNBULL Rachel Wife F M 31
    THURNBULL Lenora Daughter F S 8
    THURNBULL Louise Daughter F S 6
    THURNBULL Wilton Son M S 4
    THURNBULL Mildred Daughter F S 2
    THURNBULL Henry Son M S 3 mons
11 2 CAMPBELL *2Alick Head M M 46
    CAMPBELL Lenora Wife F M 38
    CAMPBELL Margaret Daughter F S 16
    CAMPBELL Rachel Daughter F S 14
    CAMPBELL Effie Daughter F S 12
    CAMPBELL Bessie Daughter F S 9
    CAMPBELL Eliza Daughter F S 6
    CAMPBELL Olive Daughter F S 4
    CAMPBELL Flora Daughter F S 1
    QUINTON Foster? Servant M S 18
12 1 *3GIBBENOUCH Samuel Head M W 71
    GIBBENOUCH Thomas Son M S 41
    GIBBENOUCH Samuel Son M S 36
13 2 GIBBENOUCH William Head M M 37
    GIBBENOUCH Ella Wife F M 37
    GIBBENOUCH Joseph Son M S 8
    GIBBENOUCH Clara Daughter F S 6
    GIBBENOUCH Paul Son M S 5
    GIBBENOUCH John Daughter F S 5
    GIBBENOUCH Mary Daughter F S 2
14 3 CAMPBELL *4Mrs. Louis Wife F W 40
    CAMPBELL John Son M S 22
    CAMPBELL Thomas Son M S 20
    CAMPBELL Sarah Daughter F S 19
    CAMPBELL Daniel Son M S 16
    CAMPBELL Martha Daughter F S 15
    CAMPBELL Stanley Son M S 11
    CAMPBELL Florence Daughter F S 6
    CAMPBELL Daisy Daughter F S 18mos
    CAMPBELL Donald Son M S 9
15 4 CAMPBELL Margaret Sister F S 62
    POWELL Roland Nephew M S 26
16 1 PENNEY John Head M M 76
    PENNEY Eliza Wife F M 68
    PENNEY Gladys Adptd Daughter F S 17
    PENNEY Lorena Adptd Daughter F S 17
17 2 PENNEY George Head M M 45
    PENNEY Anne Wife F M 35
    PENNEY John Son M S 15
    PENNEY Roy Son M S 13
    PENNEY Thomas Son M S 10
    PENNEY Rachel Daughter F S 8
    PENNEY Sarah Daughter F S 6
    PENNEY Millina Daughter F S 4
    PENNEY Baxter Son M S 1
18 3 PENNEY Thomas Head M M 34
    PENNEY Mary Wife F M 28
    PENNEY Marjorie Daughter F S 10
    PENNEY Alick Son M S 9
    PENNEY Gordon Son M S 6
19 4 GIBBENOUCH John Head M M 45
    GIBBENOUCH Anna Wife F M 45
    GIBBENOUCH Elizabeth Daughter F S 23
    GIBBENOUCH George Son M S 22
    GIBBENOUCH Edina Daughter F S 17
    GIBBENOUCH Florence Daughter F S 10
    GIBBENOUCH Samuel Son M S 6
20 5 GIBBENOUCH Thomas Head M M 34
    GIBBENOUCH Elizabeth Wife F M 38
    GIBBENOUCH Walter Son M S 12
    GIBBENOUCH Robert Son M S 10
    GIBBENOUCH Jannie Daughter F S 7
    GIBBENOUCH Winnifred Son M S 5
    GIBBENOUCH Clayton Son M S 3
    GIBBENOUCH Raymond Son M S 1 mon
    GIBBENOUCH George Widower M W 65
    ROSE Mrs. Leah Mother F M 31
    ROSE Ida Daughter F S 4
21 6 BURDEN Henry Head M M 36
    BURDEN Mary Wife F M 25
    BURDEN Myrtle Daughter F S 1
22 7 BURDEN Fredrick Head M M 38
    BURDEN Clara Wife F M 39
    BURDEN Violet Daughter F S 13
    BURDEN Winnifred Daughter F S 11
    BURDEN Reuben Son M S 9
    BURDEN Gilbert Son M S 7
    BURDEN Paul Son M S 2
23 8 BURDEN Peter Head M W 53
    BURDEN Susanna Daughter F S 24
    BURDEN Roda Daughter F S 23
    BURDEN William Son M S 20
    BURDEN Priscilla Daughter F S 18
    BURDEN Simon Son M S 16
24 9 BURDEN Samuel Head M M 25
    BURDEN Mary   F M 26
    BURDEN Elvie Daughter F S 3
    BURDEN Sarah Daughter F S 1
25 10 *5WHARD Thomas Head M M 48
    WHARD Alfreda Wife F M 46
    WHARD Frank Son M S 22
    WHARD Henry Son M S 20
    WHARD Josiah Son M S 15
    WHARD Martha Daughter F S 17
    WHARD Beatrice Daughter F S 11
    WHARD Jessie Daughter F S 6
    WHARD Anna Daughter F S 6
26 11 WITLAND William Head M M 28
    WITLAND Jane Wife F M 22
    WITLAND Charles Brother M S 25
    BURDEN Jessie Aunt F S 40
27 12 BURDEN Mrs. Anna Mother F W 58
    BURDEN Charles Son M S 30
    BURDEN Nathan Son M S 25
    BURDEN Mary Daughter F S 23
    BURDEN Clara Daughter F S 17
    BURDEN Gertrude Daughter F S 12
    BURDEN Chesley Grandson M S 6
28 13 BURDEN John Head M M 34
    BURDEN Amelia Wife F M 24
    BURDEN Hilda Daughter F S 5
    BURDEN Fannie Daughter F S 4
    BURDEN Eva Daughter F S 11 mos
29 14 BURDEN Thomas Head M M 32
    BURDEN Harriet Wife F M 22
    BURDEN Eugene Son M S 18 mos
30 1 RUSSELL Charles Head M M 38
    RUSSELL Rhoda Wife F M 40
    RUSSELL Howard Son M S 14
    RUSSELL Mary Daughter F S 15
    RUSSELL John C Son M S 11
    RUSSELL Herbert W Son M S 8
    RUSSELL Liza Daughter F S 6
    RUSSELL Clara Daughter M S 5
    RUSSELL Charles Son M S 1
    LARKIN Charles Servant M S 25
31 2 RUSSELL Gilbert Head M M 40
    RUSSELL Isabella Wife F M 23
    RUSSELL Mary Daughter F S 1
32 3 PENNEY Jacob Head M M 40
    PENNEY Susanna Wife F M 36
    PENNEY Victor J Son M S 11
    PENNEY Samuel H Son M S 7
    PENNEY William E Son M S 10 mons
    LANGER Thomas Servant M S 40
    BURDEN Thomas Servant M M 35
32? 4 CHUBBS Mrs Elizabeth Mother F W 65
    LANGER Thomas Son M S 40
33 5 BURDEN Thomas Head M M 26
    BURDEN Jane Wife F M 26
    BURDEN Elise E Daughter F S 4
    BURDEN Steward Son M S 2
    BURDEN Fredrick Father M W 78
34 6 BUTT William Head M M 48
    BUTT Genevieve Wife F M 36
    BUTT William Son M S 6
    BUTT James Son M S 4
35 1 RUSSELL James Head M M 70
    RUSSELL Eliza Wife F M 66
    RUSSELL John Son M S 48
    RUSSELL Samuel Son M S 31
    RUSSELL Doris Daughter F S 27
    RUSSELL Ethel Daughter F S 29
    RUSSELL James Son M M 33
    RUSSELL Elizabeth Wife F M 21
36 2 RUSSELL William Head M M 35
    RUSSELL Louisa Wife F M 34
    RUSSELL Albert Son M S 11
    RUSSELL Jacob Son M S 8
    RUSSELL Norman Son M S 4
    RUSSELL Eldred Son M S 1
37 3 RUSSELL John Father M W 62
    RUSSELL George Son M S 29
38 4 RUSSELL Leonard Head M M 27
    RUSSELL Elsie Wife F M 24
    RUSSELL Paul Son M S 3
    RUSSELL Arthur Son M S 4 wks
39 5 RUSSELL Robert Head M M 38
    RUSSELL Edith Wife F M 31
    RUSSELL Ida Daughter F S 13
    RUSSELL Gordon Son M S 11
    RUSSELL Harold Son M S 8
    RUSSELL Victor Son M S 5
    RUSSELL Mary Daughter F S 3
    NOEL Cyril Servant M W 48
40 1 POOLE Thomas Head M M 72
    POOLE Susanna Wife F M 54
    POOLE George Son M S 24
    POOLE Norman Son M S 13
41 2 POOLE Fredrick Head M M 32
    POOLE Emma Wife F M 27
    POOLE Paul Son M S 8
    POOLE Nelson Son M S 6
    POOLE Florence Daughter F S 5
    POOLE Thomas Son M S 4
    POOLE Earl Son M S 3
    POOLE Llewlyn Son M S 3 mons
    HOWELL Solomon Servant M S 28
42 1 CHUBBS Jimmy Head M M 74
    CHUBBS Mary Wife F M 54
    CHUBBS Joseph S Son M S 28
    CHUBBS Flora Wife F M 24
    CHUBBS Archibald Son M S 26
    CHUBBS Sussanna Wife F M 19
    CHUBBS John W Son M S 4 mos
41? 2 CHUBBS John Head M M 54
    CHUBBS Mary B Wife F M 38
    CHUBBS Beatrice Daughter F S 18
    CHUBBS Gordon Son M S 15
    CHUBBS Joseph Son M S 14
    CHUBBS Jenny Son M S 12
    CHUBBS Charles Son M S 2
    CHUBBS Lavina Daughter F S 21
    CHUBBS Ethel Daughter F S 19
    CHUBBS Elizabeth Daughter F S 17
42 1 CURL Solomon Head M M 30
    CURL Flossi Wife F M 26
    CURL Herbert Son M S 9
    CURL Solomon Son M S 7
    CURL Margaret Daughter F S 6
    CURL Clarence Son M S 4
    CURL Philip Son M S 2
    CURL Grafton Son M S 11 mons
    JULLETT James Servant M S 20
    THOMS George Servant M S 20
    DENTY Levi Servant M S 24
    CURL George Uncle M W 75
45 1 CHUBBS James Head M M 29
    CHUBBS Gertrude Wife F M 26
    CHUBBS Graham Son M S 5
    CHUBBS Cyril Son M S 2
    MANGROVE Daniel Servant M S 20
46 2 CURL John G Head M M 38
    CURL Susanna Wife F M 40
    CURL Mary A Daughter F S 17
    CURL Walter Son M S 15
    CURL John H Son M S 13
    CURL Alice C Daughter F S 11
    CURL Dora Daughter M S 7
    CURL Lemuel G Son M S 4
    CURL Ambrose Son M S 1
47 3 THOMS Henry Head M M 58
    THOMS Ida Wife F M 57
    THOMS George Son M S 21
    THOMS Richard Son M S 20
    THOMS Joseph Son M S 14
    THOMS Charlotte Daughter F S 10
48 4 RUMBOLD Charles Head M M 65
    RUMBOLD Patience Wife F M 45
    RUMBOLD Albert Adpt Son M S 15
    RUMBOLD Manuel Servant M S 20
49 5 PENNY James Head M M 52
    PENNY Agnes Wife F M 54
    PENNY James Son M S 25
    PENNY Silas Son M S 23
    PENNY Eliza Daughter F S 20
    PENNY Solomon Son M S 17
    PENNY Susie Daughter F S 15
51 6 SNOOK Mrs. Jane   F W 66
52 7 STRANGEMORE Jerry Father M W 58
    STRANGEMORE Elijah Head M M 34
    STRANGEMORE Rachel Wife F M 35
53 8 HOWELL William Head M M 40
    HOWELL Mary Wife F M 38
    HOWELL Maluk Henry Son M S 10
    HOWELL Mabel Daughter F S 11
    HOWELL Emma Daughter F S 8
    HOWELL Rachel Daughter F S 5
    HOWELL William Son M S 11 mons
54 9 BROWN Joseph Head M M 50
    BROWN Emma Wife F M 45
    BROWN Samuel Son M S 22
    BROWN James Son M S 17
    BROWN Winifred Daughter F S 13
    BROWN Joseph Son M S 10
    BROWN Violet Daughter F S 8
    BROWN Effie Daughter F S 5
    BROWN Clifford Son M S 6 mons
59 10 ROSE John Head M M 51
    ROSE Cicely Wife F M 52
    ROSE Martin Father M W 80
60 11 RUMBOLD Noah Head M M 34
    RUMBOLD Elizabeth Wife F M 28
61 12 POOLE Arthur Head M M 40
    POOLE Charlotte Wife F M 35
    POOLE Eugene Son M S 10
    POOLE Iris Daughter F S 5
    SNOOK George Servant M S 27
62 13 SNOOK George Head M M 27
    SNOOK Gertrude Wife F M 15
63 14 THOMS George Head M M 54
    THOMS Mary Wife F M 52
    THOMS Thomas Son M S 25
    THOMS Katie Daughter F S 23
    THOMS Stanley Son M S 4
    THOMS Edward Son M S 1
64 15 THOMS William Head M M 62
    THOMS Charlotte Wife F M 58
    THOMS William Son M S 36
    THOMS Tammi Adpt Daughter F S 15
65 16 HOLLEY James Head M M 45
    HOLLEY Sarah Wife F M 44
    HOLLEY Leah Son M S 24
    HOLLEY Paul Son M S 22
    HOLLEY John Son M S 15
    HOLLEY James Daughter? F S 10
    HOLLEY Ellen Daughter F S 5
    HOLLEY George Son M S 4
    HOLLEY Ira Son M S 4 mons
66   HOLLEY Mrs. Martha Mother F W 71
67 17 MANGROVE James Head M M 71
    MANGROVE Mary Wife F M 48
    MANGROVE Margaret Daughter F S 16
    MANGROVE James Son M S 15
    MANGROVE Charles Son M S 23
    MANGROVE George Son M S 28
    MANGROVE Daniel Son M S 20
68 18 POOLE James Head M M 42
    POOLE Mary Wife F M 31
    POOLE Hubert Son M S 9
    POOLE Leander Son M S 7
    POOLE Albert Son M S 5
    POOLE Elizabeth Daughter F S 9 mons
69 19 POOLE Thomas Head M M 48
    POOLE Johanna Wife F M 51
    POOLE Clara Daughter F S 18
    POOLE Rita Daughter F S 11
    POOLE Lloyd Son M S 11 mons
70 1 CUMBY Issac Head M M 54
    CUMBY Mary Wife F M 51
    CUMBY Anna Belle Daughter F S 26
71 2 GRANT Samuel Head M M 45
    GRANT Blanch Wife F M 43
    GRANT Frank D Son M S 10
    GRANT Mary E Daughter F S 7
73 3 ACREMAN Samuel Head M M 57
    ACREMAN Hannah Wife F M 47
    ACREMAN William Son M S 28
    ACREMAN Flossie Daughter F S 21
    ACREMAN Eva Daughter F S 18
    ACREMAN John Son M S 16
    ACREMAN Gordie Son M S 14
    ACREMAN Hubert??? Son M S 10
    ACREMAN Violet God Child F S 7
    ACREMAN Laura God Child F S 2
73 4 BLANCHARD Peter   M W 65
74 1 BRADLY Agustus Head M M 49
    BRADLY Clara B Wife F M 46
    BRADLY Max Son M S 23
    BRADLY Arthur Son M S 21
    BRADLY Paul Son M S 20
    BRADLY Douglas Son M S 18
    BRADLY Emma Daughter F S 14
    BRADLY Oswald Son M S 10
    BRADLY Stewart Son M S 6
    BRADLY Percy Son M S 6
75 2 RUMBOLD Henry Head M M 58
    RUMBOLD Elizabeth Wife F M 65
    RUMBOLD Lorenzo Son M S 35
76 3 RUMBOLD Agustus Head M M 48
    RUMBOLD Clara B Wife F M 38
    RUMBOLD Dorothy Daughter F S 14
    RUMBOLD Eliza Daughter F S 11
    RUMBOLD Wilfred Son M S 9
    RUMBOLD Benjamin Son M S 7
    RUMBOLD Marjorie Daughter F S 5
    RUMBOLD Thomas Son M S 2
76 4 CUMBY Francis Head M S 31
    CUMBY Wilfred Brother M S 23
77 5 RUMBOLD Thomas Head M M 29
    RUMBOLD Mary Wife F M 28
    RUMBOLD Millicent Daughter F S 2 mons
    SNOOK Henry Servant M S 47
77? 6 RUMBOLD Elizabeth Mother F W 59
    RUMBOLD James Son M S 16
78 7 RUMBOLD Robert J Head M M 34
    RUMBOLD Elizabeth Wife F M 32
    RUMBOLD Arthur? Son M S 10
79 8 RUMBOLD George Head M M 69
    RUMBOLD Minah Wife F M 69
    RUMBOLD Samuel Son M S 27
80 1 PYE William Head M M 64
    PYE Miriam Wife F M 52
    PYE Elid??? Daughter F S 20
    PYE Bertha Daughter F S 18
    PYE Eric Son M S 16
    PYE Nelson Son M S 10
81 2 PYE George Head M M 26
    PYE Ida Wife F M 25
    PYE Erving Son M S 4
    PYE Clayton Son M S 2
    PYE Claudine Daughter F S 7 mos
    BUTT Richard Servant M M 27
82 3 PYE Ernest Head M M 66
    PYE Alice Wife F M 68
83 4 PYE John C Head M M 67
    PYE Sussanna Wife F M 71
84 5 PYE Leslie Husband M M 40
    PYE Fannie Jane Wife F M 39
    TAYLOR My?? Servant M S 21
85 6 PYE Silis Head M M 50
    PYE Hettie Wife F M 51
    PYE Drucella Daughter F S 23
    PYE Eva Daughter F S 20
    PYE Gertrude Daughter F S 13
    PYE Victor Son M S 12
    PYE Earl Son M S 7
86 7 PYE Albert Head M M 68
    PYE Eliza Wife F M 62
    PYE Ethel Daughter F S 36
    PYE Arthur Son M S 35
    PYE Herbert Son M S 30
    PYE Marjorie Daughter F S 20
87 8 GRIFFIN William Head M M 50
    GRIFFIN Margaret Wife F M 35?
    GRIFFIN Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
88 9 PYE Lorenzo Head M M 66
    PYE Mary J Wife F M 62
    PYE Howard Son M S 30
    PYE Edward Son M S 25
    PYE Samuel Son M S 23
    PYE Cecil Son M S 18
    PYE Mildred Daughter F S 15
    PYE Elva Daughter F S 15?
89 10 PYE Thomas C Head M M 42
    PYE Eliza Wife F M 42
    PYE Violet Daughter F S 18
    PYE Reginald Son M S 14
    PYE Wilfred Son M S 12
    PYE Elizabeth Daughter F S 10
    PYE Ruby Daughter F S 9
    PYE Louise Daughter F S 8
    PYE Gordon Son M S 4
    PYE Ira Son M S 3
    PYE Paul Son M S 5 mons
90 11 PYE James Sr. Head M M 60
    PYE Minnie Wife F M 55
    PYE Clarence Son M M 28
    PYE Bethina Wife F M 23
    PYE Doris Daughter F S 1
    BUTT Thomas Servant M S 25
91 12 PYE James V Head M M 56
    PYE Stella Wife F M 57
    PYE Mary Daughter F S 25
    PYE Olive Daughter F S 23
    PYE Rex Son M S 20
    PYE Elva Daughter F S 15
92   PYE William F Son M S 30
    PYE Ina Wife F M 21
    PYE Phyllis Daughter F S 4 mons
92 13 PYE Rueben Son M M 27
    PYE Florence Wife F M 20
    PYE ??????? Daughter F S 3 mons
93 14 PYE George Head M M 47
    PYE Alma Wife F M 35
    PYE Dorothy Daughter F S 17
    PYE Cyril Son M S 14
    PYE Raymond Son M S 8
    PELLY Sylvia Servant F S 21
94 1 PYE Kenneth Head M M 38
    PYE Louise Wife F M 31
    PYE Ralph Son M S 1
    PYE May Daughter F S 5
95 2 PYE Thomas H Head M M 64
    PYE Julia Wife F M 57
    PYE Frederick Son M S 37
    PYE Harold Son M S 35
    PYE Francis Son M S 24
    PYE Ruth Daughter F S 20
    PYE Irene Daughter F S 18
    PYE Faith Daughter F S 16
    PYE Pearl Daughter F S 13
96 1 STONE John Head M M 66
    STONE Elizabeth Wife F M 56
    STONE Mary L Daughter F S 34
    STONE Faith Daughter F S 26
    STONE Bede? Son M S 24
    STONE Grace Daughter F S 22
    STONE Moses Son M S 20
    STONE Lucie Daughter F S 18
    STONE Maler??? Son M S 16
97 2 STONE Alfred Head M M 29
    STONE Jessie Wife F M 21
    STONE Ralph Son M S 1 mons
98 3 STONE Johnathon Head M M 28
    STONE Eva Wife F M 22
    STONE Myrtel Daughter F S 2
    STONE Bessie Daughter F S 3 mons
99 4 STONE Jacob Head M M 59
    STONE Rosanna Wife F M 58
    STONE Wilimina Daughter F S 14
    STONE George W Son M S 28
    STONE Eli Son M S 22
100 5 STONE William Mrs. Mother of Henry F W 77
    STONE Henry Thomas Head M M 43
    STONE May Wife F M 45
    STONE Jean Daughter F S 4
    STONE Chesley Son M S 3
    BUTT Cyril Servant M S 22
101 6 STONE Albert Head M M 54
    STONE Edith Wife F M 49
    STONE Hubert Son M S 25
    STONE Clara Daughter F S 24
    STONE Wilfred Son M S 22
    STONE Stanley Son M S 19
    STONE Dora Daughter F S 17
    STONE William Son M S 15
    STONE Robert Son M S 11
    STONE Victor Son M S 10
102 7 STONE Benjamin Head M M 58
    STONE Sophia Wife F M 49
    STONE William H Son M S 30
    STONE Mark Son M S 23
    STONE Hazel Daughter F S 22
103 8 STONE Charles E. Head M M 21
    STONE Mildred Wife F M 21
    STONE Carol Daughter F S 8 mths
104 9 STONE Elijah Head M M 51
    STONE Mary Wife F M 48
    STONE Dorcas Daughter F S 25
    STONE Ernest Son M S 20
    STONE Edward Son M S 17
    STONE Hilda Daughter F S 16
    STONE Nina Daughter F S 10
    STONE Charles Son M S 8
105 10 STONE Walter Head M m 26
    STONE Agnes Wife F M 25
    STONE Herbert Son M S 4
    STONE Margaret Daughter F S 1

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Contributed and Transcribed by: Floyd Letto (June 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (June 2005 - Mary Rawlinon)

Patty Way
CAMPBELL*2 Campbell ALICK is supposed to be ALEX or Alec
Patty Way
GIBBENOUCH*3 All GIBBENOUCH on page should be KIPPENHUCK (Again confusion with Inuktitut spelling and English)
Patty Way
CAMPBELL*4 Mrs. Louis Campbell should be Mrs. LOUISA Campbell
Patty Way
WHARD*4 WHARD should be WARD
Patty Way
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