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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Placentia & St. Mary's

Pages 459 - 465 & 453

Community of

PAGE 459              
37 47 SMITH Edgar Head M Married 42
    SMITH Jane Wife F Married 38
    WHITTLE Jemima Adopted F Single 13
38 48 SMITH Thomas Head M Married 68
    SMITH Jessie Wife F Married 67
    SMITH Egbert Son M Single 30
PAGE 460              
    SMITH Malcolm Son M Single 25
  49 SMITH Arthur Gordon Son M Married 33
    SMITH Susanna Daug-in-law F Married 35
    SMITH Woodrow Grand Child M Single 6
    SMITH Arnold Grand Child M Single 3
39 50 SMITH John W. Head M Married 39
    SMITH Irene Wife F Married 36
    SMITH Margaret Daughter F Single 8
    SMITH George Son M Single 7
40 51 SMITH James Head M Widower 64
    SMITH Meta Grace Grand Child F Single 13
    SMITH Annie Domestic F Single 21
  52 DENTY James Son in Law M Married 40
    DENTY Elizabeth Daughter F Married 35
    DENTY Shirley Grand daughter F Single 9
    DENTY George Grand Son M Single 5
41 53 MUNDON William Head M Single 27
    MUNDON Jane Mother F Widow 68
42 54 KING Rennie Head M Single 24
    KING Rebecca Mother F Widow 66
43 55 REID Edward Head M Married 71
    REID Sarah Wife F Married 73
    REID Arthur Son M Married 44
    REID Laura Daughter in Law F Married 34
    REID Earl Grand Son M Single 15
    REID Clyde Grand Son M Single 12
    REID Annie Grand Daughter F Single 9
    REID Harold Grand Son M Single 7
    REID Maxwell Grand Son M Single 5
    REID Roy Grand Son M Single 18
44 56 VATERS Patrick Head M Married 33
    VATERS Evangeline Wife F Married 31
    MUNDON Hilda Step Daughter F Single 11
PAGE 461              
    VATERS Aloysuis Brother M Single 26
    VATERS Mary Mother F Widow 66
45 57 ANDREWS Malcolm Head M Married 53
    ANDREWS Mary A. Wife F Married 50
    ANDREWS Cyril Son M Single 22
    ANDREWS Annie Daughter F Single 16
46 58 BRYANT George Head M Married 33
    BRYANT Mary Winifred Wife f Married 26
    BRYANT Ruth Daughter F Single 7
    BRYANT John H. Son M Single 1
47 59 VATERS Frances Head M Married 43
    VATERS Veronica M. Wife F Married 34
    PICCO Charles Adopted son M Single 14
48 60 VATERS Joseph Head M Married 61
    VATERS Elizabeth Wife F Married 59
    VATERS Joseph Son M Single 17
49 61 WHITTLE Albert Head M Married 49
    WHITTLE Clara Wife F Married 43
    HOLLETT Melvin Nephew M Single 11
50 62 HOLLETT Thomas Head M Married 37
    HOLLETT Jessie Wife F Married 31
    HOLLETT Donald Son M Single 11
    HOLLETT Audrey Son M Single 2
51 63 HOLLETT Gabriel Head M Widower 61
52 64 VATERS George Head M Married 45
    VATERS Mary Wife F Married 45
    VATERS Leslie Son M Single 12
    VATERS Susan Mother F Widow 71
    SMITH John T. Lodger M Widower 40
53 65 DICKS Mary Jane Head F Widow 75
  66 DICKS May Daughter in Law F Widow 36
    DICKS Margorie (?) Grand Child F Single 11
    DICKS Stanley Grand Child M Single 10
PAGE 462              
    DICKS Lewis Grand Child M Single 8
54 67 VATERS Mark Head M Married 69
    VATERS Mary Wife F Married 66
55 68 CLARKE Thomas Head M Married 75
    CLARKE Lucy Wife F Married 61
    CLARKE Hubert J. Son M Single 28
    CAREW Mrs. John Lodger F Married 20
    CAREW Cambell Hubert Lodger M Single 20 Mos
56 69 SMITH Joseph R. Head M Married 44
    SMITH Lillian Wife F Married 47
    SMITH Ida Daughter F Single 14
    SMITH Edna Daughter F Single 12
    SMITH Mary Ann Mother F Widow 69 (?)
57 70 CLARKE George T. Head M Married 41
58 (sic)   CLARKE Florence Wife F Married 36
    CLARKE Amy Daughter F Single 15
    CLARKE Stella Daughter F Single 12
    CLARE Classie Daughter F Single 5
59 71 WHITTLE Samuel Head M Married 39
    WHITTLE Annie Wife F Married 40
    CLARKE Willis Step Son M Single 18
    WHITTLE James R. Son M Single 10
    WHITTLE Maud Daughter F Single 8
60 72 WHITTLE James Head M Married 42
    WHITTLE Elizabeth Wife F Married 41
    WHITTLE Cyril Son M Single 18
    WHITTLE Doris Daughter F Single 16
    WHITTLE Buelah Daughter F Single 12
61 73 MATTERFACE Charles Head M Married 54
    MATTERFACE Emily Francis (sic) Wife F Married 52
    MATTERFACE James Son M Single 26
    MATTERFACE Eric Louis Son M Single 19
    MATTERFACE Mary Pearl Daughter F Single 17
PAGE 463              
62 74 WHITTLE Wilson Head M Married 57
    WHITTLE Susan Wife F Married 46
    KING Gordon Adopted M Single 24
63 75 WHITTLE William J. Head M Single 19
64 76 WHITE Frederick A. Head M Married 40
65 (sic)   WHITE Jessie Wife F Married 35
    WHITE Orlando Son M Single 13
    WHITE George Freeman Son M Single 11
    WHITE Kenneth Maxwell Son M Single 5
66 77 WHITE Samuel Head M Married 45
    WHITE Martha Wife F Married 36
    WHITE Alma Daughter F Single 15
    WHITE Loretta Daughter F Single 10
    WHITE Gertrude Daughter F Single 2
67 78 CLARKE Harriet Head F Widow 74
    BROWNE Oliver Son in Law M Married 37
    BROWNE Ethel Daughter F Married 34
    BROWNE Winnie Grand Child F Single 13
    BROWNE Pleman Grand Son M Single 12
    BROWNE Frederick Grand Son M Single 20 Mos
68 79 CLARKE Eleazor Head M Married 38
    CLARKE Jane Wife F Married 32
    CLARKE Edith Daughter F Single 11
    CLARKE Maud Daughter F Single 9
    CLARKE Jean Daughter F Single 8
    CLARKE Conrad Son M Single 5
    CLARKE Randolph Son M Single 2
69 80 BROWNE Elijah Head M Married 35
    BROWNE Annie D. Wife F Married 38
    BROWNE Mary Daughter F Single 12
    BROWNE Mabel Irene Daughter F Single 9
    BROWNE Elijah Father M Married (sic) 69
70 81 WILLIAMS John Head M Married 70
PAGE 464              
    WILLIAMS Olivia Wife F Married 64
    WILLIAMS Maud Daughter F Single 26
71 82 SMITH Philip Head M Married 64
    SMITH Rebecca Wife F Married 57
    SMITH Stanley James Son M Single 25
    SMITH Leah Sister F Single 72
72 83 SMITH Levi Head M Married 32
    SMITH Irene Wife F Married 20
    SMITH Gladys Daughter F Single 10 Mos
73 84 BAILEY John T. Head M Married 40
    BAILEY Annie Wife F Married 28
    BAILEY George Nephew M Single 9
74 85 CLARKE William Head M Widower 79
    CLARKE Martha daughter F Single 44
    CLARKE Joseph Son M Married 36
    CLARKE Alvinia Daughter in Law F Married 33
    CLARKE Gerald Grand Son M Single 6
    CLARKE Clayton Grand Son M Single 2
    MAY Clifford Step Grand Son M Single 16
    MAY Rose Step Grand Daug F Single 14
    MAY Thomas Step Grand Son M Single 17
75 85 (sic) RODWAY John R. Head M Married 53
    RODWAY Alvina E. Wife F Married 49
    RODWAY Wilfred Son M Single 22
    RODWAY Rita Daughter F Single 19
    RODWAY Clayton Son M Single 16
    RODWAY John Son M Single 10
76 86 RODWAY Edgar Head M Married 39
    RODWAY Margaret Wife F Married 40
    RODWAY Ora J. Daughter F Single 11
    RODWAY Eric Son M Single 4
    RODWAY Limuel (sic) Brother M Single 36
77 87 WILLIAMS Reuben Head M Single 29
PAGE 465              
78 88 THORNE Albert Head M Widower 56
79 (sic)   THORNE Frances Son M Single 24
PAGE 453              
278 276 RODWAY Angus Head M Married 36
    RODWAY Caroline Wife F Married 23
    RODWAY Wilson Son M Single 5
    RODWAY Sarah Daughter F Single 3
    RODWAY Archelaus Son M Single 1
    RODWAY Melina Mother F Widow 70
No Entry No Entry POWELL Clarence W. Boarder with
J. R. Rodway,
Baine Hr
M Single 22

Transcriber unknown

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