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1935 Census of Newfoundland.

District of Ferryland
Section from Lamanche to Calvert

Microfilm Reel # M-8046,
Pages 83 - 86

Community of Admiral's Cove

PAGE 83            
27 27 Aspell Gerald Head M Married 37
    Aspell Mary B. Wife F Married 42
    Aspell Catherine Daughter F Single 12
28 28 Best Martin Head M Married 64
    Best Norah Wife F Married 42
    Best James Son M Single 28
    Best Francis Son M Single 27
    Best Peter Son M Single 17
    Best Mary Daughter F Single 13
    Best Loretto Daughter F Single 9
    Best Margaret Daughter F Single 5
29 29 Best Patrick Head M Married 25
    Best Mary Hwife F Married 22
    Best Mary Daughter F Single 2
    Best William Son M Single 1
30 30 Carey James Head M Married 27
    Carey Ann Wife F Married 27
    Carey William Son M Single 5 Months
PAGE 84            
31 31 Carey Benedict Head M Widower 57
    Carey May Daughter F Single 24
    Carey John Son M Single 22
    Carey Ernest Son M Single 18
    Carey Catherine Daughter F Single 17
32 32 Carey Patrick Head M Married 53
    Carey Mary Wife F Married 39
    Carey Peter Son M Single 18
    Carey Elizabeth Daughter F Single 15
    Carey Joseph Son M Single 13
    Carey Annie Daughter F Single 8
    Carey William Son M Single 6
33 33 Carey Thomas Head M Widower 54
    Carey Michael Son M Single 29
34 34 Crane Joseph Head M Married 63
    Crane Jane Wife F Married 74
    Moriarity James Grandson M Single 13
35 35 Carey Cecelia (sic) Head F Widow 66
    Carey John Son M Single 34
    Carey Patrick Son M Single 32
    Carey Ellis Son M Single 30
    Brennock Mary Granddaughter F Single 14
36 36 Harvey Thomas Head M Married 79
    Harvey Mary Wife F Married 55
    Harvey Patrick Son M Single 31
    Harvey Michael Son M Single 27
    Harvey George Son M Single 24
    Harvey Bridget Daughter F Single 20
    Harvey Joseph Son M Single 18
    Harvey Jane Daughter F Single 16
    Harvey Margaret Daughter F Single 14
37 37 Harvey Patrick Head M Widower 72
    Harvey Frederic Son M Single 30
PAGE 85            
    Harvey Mary Daughter F Single 27
38 38 Harvey Thomas Head M Married 33
    Harvey Amelia Wife F Married 25
    Harvey Louis Son M Single 2 Weeks
39 39 Harvey John Head M Married 26
    Harvey Catherine Wife F Married 26
    Harvey Theresa Daughter F Single 8
40 40 Mackey Thomas Head M Widower 64
    Mackey Patrick Son M Single 31
    Mackey Ellen Daughter-in-Law F Single 35
    Mackey Stanislaus Grandson M Single 4
    Mackey Patrick Grandson M Single 3
    Mackey Raymond Grandson M Single 1
    Mackey Joseph Son M Single 20
41 41 Molloy Patrick Head M Married 37
    Molloy Bridget Wife F Married 23
    Molloy Patrick Son M Single 3
42 42 Morrissey Denis Head M Widower 62
    Morrissey Thomas Son M Married 34
    Morrissey Rosina Daughter-in-Law F Married 26
    Morrissey Loretto Granddaughter F Single 9
    Morrissey Marcella Granddaughter F Single 4
    Morrissey Walter Grandson M Single 2
    Morrissey Catherine Granddaughter F Single 3 Months
43 43 Prendergast Joseph Head M Widower 73
44 44 Prendergast John Head M Married 43
    Prendergast Veronica Wife F Married 38
    Prendergast Patrick Son M Single 18
    Prendergast Ethel Daughter F Single 15
    Prendergast Philip Son M Single 14
    Prendergast Sarah Daughter F Single 7
    Prendergast Josephine Daughter F Single 4
    Prendergast Theresa Daughter F Single 2
PAGE 86            
    Prendergast Clara Daughter F Single 9 Months
45 45 Reddy Bridget Head F Widow 81
    Reddy Mary E. Daughter-in-Law F Widow 50
    Reddy Michael Grandson M Single 28
    Reddy Francis Grandson M Single 25
    Reddy Peter Grandson M Single 21
    Reddy Madeline Granddaughter F Single 19
    Reddy Gertrude Granddaughter F Single 14
46 46 Yard Stephen Head M Singler 30

Transcribed by Ray Curran and Cindy Morrison (January 2001)

Page Last Modified: Thursday January 21, 2016 (Don Tate)

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