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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Harbour Main District
{411 Persons in 96 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 275                    
1 1METCALFECatherineFHeadWidow1871 Sept50 Holyrood
  MURPHYMargaretFDaughterWidow1899May22 Topsail
  METCALFE NellieFDaughterSingle1901Feb20Topsail
  METCALFEJohn MSonSingle1904Oct17 Whitbourne
  METCALFEJames MSonSingle1908May13Whitbourne
  METCALFEFrank MSonSingle1909 Sept12Whitbourne
  MURPHYJohn MGrand SonSingle1919Feb 2 Cock Pit Rd.
2 2MERCERJohn MHeadSingle1885Aug36 Topsail
  MERCERBridget FMotherWidow1858April63Topsail
  O'BRIEN Nellie FCousinSingle1907Feb14Topsail
  O'BRIEN Mary FAuntSingle1845Aug76Topsail
3 3MERCER Robert MHeadMarried1894 Sept27Topsail
  MERCEREllen FWifeMarried1894Oct26 Holyrood
4 4MERCER Robert Sr.MHeadMarried1871Aug50 Topsail
  MERCERMaria FWifeMarried1870Oct50Topsail
  MERCERMargaret FAdopted DaughterSingle1913Aug 8Topsail
5 5MERCER George MHeadMarried1868June53 
  MERCERBessie FWifeMarried1868Feb53 Kilbride
  MERCERWilliam MSonSingle1901May20 Topsail
  MERCERMatthew MSonSingle1905 Sept16 Topsail
  MERCERHarold MSonSingle1908 Sept 13 Topsail
  Mac (?) Kate FWife's AuntSingle1855Nov65 Kilbride
6 6PITTMANRev. ArthurMHeadMarried1854March67 New Perlican
  PITTMANClementineFWifeMarried 1866 Sept 54 Twillingate
  PITTMAN Blanche A. FDaughterSingle1891Oct29 Little Bay
  PITTMANEda FDaughterSingle 1896Sept24 Tilt Cove
  PITTMANMinnie FDaughterSingle1900June21 Tilt Cove
  PITTMAN Jerrett FDaughterSingle1902July19 Tilt Cove
PAGE 276                    
7 7BURSELLSydney MHead Widower1882 Sept39 St. John's
  BURSELLFrederickMSonSingle1913April 8 St. John's
  BURSELLSydney MSonSingle1916 June 5 St. John's
  BURSELLHarry MSonSingle 1907Nov13 St. John's
  BARNES (?) FAuntSingle1896Feb25 Topsail
8 8DAWEDorcas MHeadWidow1864Oct56 Topsail
  DAWEMary J. FDaughterSingle1885Oct35 Topsail
  DAWEFrancis FDaughterSingle1888June33 Topsail
9 9SQUIRESAndrew MHeadMarried1872Oct48 Topsail
  SQUIRESPhoebe FWifeMarried1873July48 Topsail
  SQUIRESRoy M. MSonSingle1906June15 Topsail
  SQUIRESEvelyn FDaughterSingle1907 Oct13 Topsail
  SQUIRESMay FDaughterSingle1909May12 Topsail
  SQUIRESRalph MSonSingle1911April10 Topsail
  SQUIRESOlive FDaughterSingle1912June 9 Topsail
  SQUIRESDecima FDaughterSingle1913 Sept7 Topsail
10 10SNOWAlexander MHeadMarried1874March47Topsail
  SNOW (?) FWifeMarried1875June46 Little Hr.
  SNOW William a. MSonSingle1905July16 Topsail
  SNOWEdna FDaughterSingle1907March14 Topsail
  SNOWCharles MSonSingle1911Jan10 Topsail
  SNOWClarence MSonSingle1912April 9 Topsail
  SNOWEric MSonSingle1914April 7 Topsail
  SNOWEdith FDaughterSingle1916Jan 5Topsail
11 11GOODCHILD JamesMHeadMarried1849June72 Bath, England
  GOODCHILD Ann FWifeMarried1847March74 St. Johns
12 12SNOW Elijah Sr. MHeadMarried1850May71 Topsail
  SNOWAnnie FWifeMarried1844 Feb 77 Topsail
  13SNOWElijah Jr.MHeadMarried1882 Jan39Topsail
  SNOWRose M. FWifeMarried1878 May43 London. Eng.
13 14BANCROFT James FMHeadMarried1854July67 Chestor (?) Eng.
  BANCROFT Mary J.FWifeMarried1854 June67 Topsail
PAGE 277                    
14 15BARNESCharles MHeadMarried1890Nov31 Topsail
  BARNESFlora FWifeMarried1895Jan26 Port de Grave
  BARNESAnne FDaughterSingle1919Feb 2 Topsail
  BARNESFlora FDaughterSingle1921 Feb6M Topsail
  BARNESRalph M BrotherSingle1908March 13 Topsail
15 16HIBBSWilliam MHeadMarried1891April30 Topsail
  HIBBSViolet FWifeMarried1896April25 Topsail
  HIBBS Julia E.FMotherWidow1853May68 Belle Island
16 17BARNESWilfred MHeadMarried1888Oct32 Topsail
  BARNESMary FWifeMarried1887May34 Port de Grave
  BARNESBeatriceFDaughterSingle1918Feb 3 Topsail
  BARNES Edgar H. MSonSingle1919July 2Topsail
17 18HIBBSReginald MHeadMarried1888March33Topsail
  HIBBSFlorence FWifeMarried1891April30 Chamberlains
  HIBBSJohn MSonSingle1920May 1 Topsail
  HIBBS Lillian M. FDaughterSingle1920May 1Topsail
18 19JEANS Percy F. MHeadMarried1888Oct32 Hr. Buffett
  JEANSAlice FWifeMarried1887Dec31Hr. Buffett
  JEANSBasil F.E.MSonSingle1913Oct 7 St. John's
  JEANSHarold F.E.MSonSingle1916Feb 5 St. John's
  JEANSEleanor M.FDaughterSingle1921June3M Topsail
  JEANSDorothy N.FDaughterSingle1921June3M Topsail
  TULKElsie M. FSister in LawSingle1845April26 Hr. Buffett
  MORGAN Sadie F ServantSingle1904 No Entry 17 Hr. Buffett
19 20HIBBSEdward MHeadMarried1876Feb45 Topsail
  HIBBSBeatrice FWifeMarried1896April25 Topsail
  HIBBSLeah FDaughterSingle1916Aug 5 Topsail
  HIBBSGeorge M.MSonSingle1919Jan 2 Topsail
  HIBBSAlfred MFather Widower1842June78Topsail
20 21HIBBSGeorge MHeadMarried1873June48Topsail
  HIBBS ClaraFWifeMarried1865April56 Hr. Buffett
  HIBBSMarion FAdopted DaughterSingle1917Oct 3 Chamberlains
21 22HEALEYWilliam MHeadMarried 1873May47 Belle Island
  HEALEY CarolineFWifeMarried1874June47 Topsail
  HEALEY GertrudeFDaughterSingle1901 Sept19 Topsail
  HEALEYHazel FDaughterSingle 1909Sept11 Topsail
  HEALEYWilliam MSonSingle1911Nov 9 Topsail
  HEALEYEdith FDaughterSingle1913Oct 7 Topsail
  HEALEYAnnie FDaughterSingle1916 Nov 4 Topsail
22 23SQUIRES Samuel MHeadMarried1848July73 Broad Cove
  SQUIRES AdelaideFWifeMarried1849March72 Topsail
23 24BARNESWilliam H.MHead Widower1858June65Topsail
  BARNESWilliam MSonSingle1896May25 St. John's
  BARNESCyril G MSonSingle1898July23 Brookfield
  BARNESGeorge H.MSonSingle1901May20 Topsail
  BARNESAnnie FDaughterSingle1888Aug33Topsail
  BARNESElizabeth FDaughterSingle1890May31Topsail
24 25SQUIRESSusannaFHead Legally Separated 1846April75 Chamberlains
25 26BARNESWilliam J.MHeadMarried1891April30 Topsail
  BARNESCaroline FWifeMarried1896Oct24 Pouch Cove
  BARNESCharles F.MSonSingle1921May3M Topsail
  BARNESFrank MBrotherSingle1897Aug24 Topsail
  BARNESHarold MBrotherSingle1898 Sept22 Topsail
  BARNESNorman MBrotherSingle1903March18 Topsail
  BARNESMuriel FSisterSingle1905July16 Topsail
26 27BARNES AlbertMHeadMarried1869June52Topsail
  BARNESMargaret FWifeMarried1870Feb51 Portugal Cove
  BARNESMabel FDaughterSingle1900May21 Topsail
  BARNESEdward MSonSingle1901March20 Topsail
  BARNES LilianFDaughterSingle1902June19 Topsail
  BARNESMinnie F.F Grand Daughter Single1916May 5 Topsail
  28BARNESArthur MHeadMarried1892Dec28Topsail
  BARNESJosephineFWifeMarried1902April19 Holyrood
  BARNESHenry G MSonSingle1921June2M Topsail
PAGE 279                    
27 29ATKINSCharles MHeadMarried1881Feb40 Chamberlains
  ATKINS Amy FWifeMarried1883 Sept37 Seal Cove
  ATKINSAlma FDaughterSingle1916 Sept 4Topsail
28 30SQUIRESAnnaniasMHeadMarried1876 Jan45 Chamberlains
  SQUIRESLaura FWifeMarried1879 Oct41 Topsail
  SQUIRESFanny FDaughterSingle1902Oct18 Topsail
  SQUIRESMargaretFDaughterSingle1906Feb15 Topsail
  SQUIRESGladys FDaughterSingle1913May 8 Topsail
  SQUIRESHarold MSonSingle1918April 3 Topsail
29 31KEARLEYSolomanMHeadMarried1861 Jan60 Bay Roberts
  KEARLEYEmma FWifeMarried1866May55Bay Roberts
  KEARLEYWilliamMSonSingle1891Feb30Bay Roberts
  KEARLEYGeorge MSonSingle1902Nov18 Topsail
  KEARLEYNellie FDaughterSingle1895Oct25 Bay Roberts
  KEARLEYAnnie FDaughterSingle1898Aug23 Bay Roberts
30 32SQUIRESSamuel MHead Widower1850May71 Topsail
31 33SQUIRES AzariahMHead Widower1847Aug74 Topsail
  SQUIRESFrederickMSonSingle1889April32 Topsail
32 34SQUIRES Frederick Sr. MHeadSingle 1870April51Topsail
33 35BUTLER John Jr. MHeadMarried1894May27 Topsail
  BUTLERMollie FWifeMarried1897Oct23 Topsail
  BUTLERSybil FDaughterSingle1921June 1 Topsail
34 36BURSELLJames MHeadMarried1879 Sept 40St. John's
  BURSELLMildredFWifeMarried1878April43St. John's
  BURSELLValda FDaughterSingle1906March15 Topsail
  BURSELLRex MSonSingle1908Jan13 St. John's
  BURSELLIrma FDaughterSingle1909May12St. John's
PAGE 280                    
35 37SNOWJohn MHead Widower1841Aug80 Port de Grave
  38BAIRDThomas MHeadMarried1876June45 Petty Hr.
  BAIRDSarah FWifeMarried1879March42 Topsail
  BAIRDMargaret FDaughterSingle1905May16 Petty Hr.
  BAIRDHenry MSonSingle1906June15 Petty Hr.
  BAIRD JessieFDaughterSingle1908Feb13Petty Hr.
36 39NURSERev. JamesMHeadMarried1842June79 Norfolk, Eng. 1873
  NURSEElizabeth JaneFWifeMarried1847Oct73 Hyde, Eng 1876
  40NURSE Allan Edmond (?) MHeadMarried 1883March38 Grand Bank
  NURSEEmma FWifeMarried1892March29 Topsail
  NURSEJames EdgarMSonMarried1920Nov9M St. John's
37 41PARMITER John MHead Widower1867 Sept53 Topsail
  PARMITER Eliza FMotherWidow1831July90 Topsail
  PARMITER Fred MSonSingle1896Jan25 Topsail
  PARMITER VioletFDaughterSingle1903Feb18 Topsail
38 42PARMITERSamuelMHeadWidow 1860June61Topsail
39 43KENNEDYJames MHead Single 1876May45Topsail
  KENNEDYEllenF Sister Single 1873June48Topsail
40 44SMITHEleanor FHeadWidow1841Jan80Topsail
  SMITH William K. MSonSingle1881Nov 39Topsail
41 45SNOWHenry F. MHeadMarried1878Oct42 St. John's
  SNOWAda FWifeMarried1879Aug42St. John's
  SNOWClara FDaughterSingle1903Dec17St. John's
  SNOWVictor MSonSingle1907Nov13St. John's
  SNOWHelen FDaughterSingle1909March12St. John's
  SNOWBlanche FDaughterSingle1910 Dec10St. John's
  SNOW JeanFDaughterSingle1912June 9 Topsail
  SNOWFrank MSonSingle1913Feb 8 Topsail
PAGE 281                    
42 46BARNES Robert MHeadMarried1875June46 Topsail
  BARNES Susy FWifeMarried1877 Sept43Topsail
  BARNES John MSonSingle1903March18Topsail
  BARNES Mary FDaughterSingle 1906Sept 14Topsail
  BARNES Jessie FDaughterSingle1911March10Topsail
  BARNES Alice FDaughterSingle1912May 9Topsail
  BARNES BeatriceFDaughterSingle1916Feb 5Topsail
  BARNES Joseph MSonSingle1920Aug 1Topsail
  BARNES Robert MSonSingle1909March12Topsail
43 47ALLENMaria FHeadWidow1847Feb74 Chamberlains
  ALLENWilliam MSonSingle1883June38 Topsail
  ALLENArchibald MSon Widower1876 Aug45Topsail
44 48ALLENJames R. MHeadMarried1871Nov49Topsail
  ALLENWinifred FWifeMarried1878 Sept42Topsail
  ALLENBeatrice FDaughterSingle1905Feb16Topsail
  ALLENJames H. MSonSingle1907Dec13Topsail
  ALLENFrederick L.MSonSingle1911March10 Belle Isle
  ALLENHarrison MMSonSingle1915March 6Belle Isle
  ALLENMatilda FMotherWidow1848June73 Topsail
45 49ALLENEdward T.MHeadMarried1882June39Topsail
  ALLENEtta FWifeMarried1882 Sept38 Digby, N.S. 1912
  ALLENEdward W.MSonSingle1903March18 Boston, USA 1912
  ALLENWilbur C.MSonSingle1906Dec14 Boston, USA 1912
  ALLENEdna L. FDaughterSingle 1912July 9 Boston, USA 1912
  ALLENMalcolm R.MSonSingle1916April 5 Boston, USA 1917
  ALLENDouglas C.MSonSingle1918July 3 Topsail
  ALLENFlorence L.FDaughterSingle1921Feb6MTopsail
PAGE 282                    
46 50ROSEGeorge E. MHeadMarried1876Dec44 Western Bay
  ROSEWinifred FWifeMarried1878 July43 New Chelsea
  ROSENellie FDaughterSingle1898 Sept22 St. John's
  ROSEEdithFDaughterSingle1901Mar20 St. John's
  ROSEHilda FDaughterSingle1904Aug17St. John's
  ROSEWinnie FDaughterSingle1906Feb15St. John's
  ROSEHarold MSonSingle1907June14St. John's
  ROSEMalcolm MSonSingle1908 Sept12St. John's
  ROSE (?) FDaughterSingle1909 Sept11St. John's
  ROSEKitchener MSonSingle1915July 6 St. John's
  ROSEBernard MSonSingle1917Dec 3 Topsail
  ROSEClarence MSonSingle 1916Feb 5 St. John's
  ROSERuth A. FDaughterSingle1920June 1 Topsail
47 51ALLEN Thomas MHeadMarried1849Oct71Topsail
  ALLEN Jemima L.FWifeMarried1857June64Topsail
  ALLEN Arthur MSonSingle1897April24Topsail
  ALLEN Madge FAdopted DaughterSingle1904Feb12Topsail
48 52ROACHEPatrick MHeadMarried1887Nov33Topsail
  ROACHEEdith FWifeMarried1896Dec24 Horse Cove
  ROACHEWinifred M.FDaughterSingle1921Feb6M Topsail
  ROACHEGeorge MBrotherSingle1893June28Topsail
  ROACHE Patrick Jr. MUncle Widower1852Aug69 Outer Cove
49 53BUTLERJohn MHeadMarried1862July59 Port de Grave
  BUTLERPhoebe FWifeMarried1855Dec 65Topsail
  54BUTLERAlexanderMHeadMarried1898Jan23 Topsail
  BUTLERMartha FWifeMarried1898Feb23 Topsail
  BUTLERMaud FDaughterSingle1919Nov 1 Topsail
  BUTLERCecil MSonSingle1921June2M Topsail
50 55MILLERJoseph MHead Widower1850April71 Topsail
  MILLERAlice FDaughterSingle1881Jan40 Topsail
  MILLERPhoebe F.FDaughterSingle1887July32 Topsail
  MILLER Jennie D. FDaughterSingle1890Dec30 Topsail
PAGE 283                    
51 56MILLERGordon MHeadMarried1886Dec34Topsail
  MILLERLily FWifeMarried1887Feb34 Chamberlains
  MILLERJames MSonSingle1916 Sept4 Topsail
  MILLERMargaretFDaughterSingle1918March 3Topsail
  MILLERGordon MSonSingle1919Dec 1Topsail
52 57HOLLANDS FrederickMHeadMarried1871Oct49 Pansand, England 1912
  HOLLANDS BerthaFWifeMarried1878March43 Berlin, Ger. 1912
53 58SOMERTONJacob MHeadMarried1880Dec40 Portugal Cove
  SOMERTONMatildaFWifeMarried1881June40 Topsail
  SOMERTONHaroldMSonSingle1910Nov10 Topsail
  SOMERTONMary FDaughterSingle1908Dec12 Topsail
  SOMERTONVioletFDaughterSingle1913Feb 8 Topsail
  MILLERJulia FSister in LawSingle1870Nov50 Topsail
54 59PERRYAlfred MHeadMarried1876March45 Quebec, Can1818
  PERRYSarah FWifeMarried1877June44 Topsail
  PERRYBertram MSonSingle1904Feb17 Topsail
  PERRYMerle MSonSingle1905Oct15 Topsail
  PERRYRobert MSonSingle1909May12 Topsail
  PERRYDouglas MSonSingle1910Nov10 Topsail
  PERRYDorothy FDaughterSingle1912Dec 8Topsail
55 60CARTER Herbert MHeadMarried1878Oct42Topsail
  CARTER Susanne FWifeMarried1887Feb34 Belle Island
  CARTER ClarenceMSonSingle1905Dec15 Topsail
  CARTER Fred MSonSingle1909Dec11Topsail
  CARTER GertrudeFDaughterSingle1905Feb 6Topsail
56 61MILLERJohn MHeadMarried1890April31Topsail
  MILLERSarah FWifeMarried1893Jan28 Chamberlains
  MILLER Phyllis I. FDaughterSingle1918Nov 2 Topsail
  MILLERJohn MSonSingle1920 Dec9MTopsail
57 62CARTERGeorge MHeadMarried1880Nov40Topsail
  CARTERNancy FWifeMarried1873Oct47Topsail
PAGE 284                    
58 63MILLERGeorge MHeadMarried1892May29Topsail
  MILLERMartha FWifeMarried1898July23 Kelligrews
  MILLERPhoebe FSisterSingle1894April27 Topsail
59 64MILLERAnnaniasMHeadMarried1864Dec56 Topsail
  MILLEREmma FWifeMarried1868May53 Topsail
  MILLERJames R.MSonSingle1900July21 Topsail
  ALLENJohn M DependentSingle1904May17 Topsail
60 65DROWNSThomas MHeadMarried1846June75 
  DROWNSDiana FWifeMarried1865June56 Petty Harbour
  DROWNSKenneth MSonSingle1888June33 Topsail
61 66DROWNSWilliam MHeadMarried1883July38Topsail
  DROWNSMary J. FWifeMarried1893Oct27 Spaniards Bay
  DROWNSFlorenceFDaughterSingle1918Oct 2 Topsail
62 67CARTERMunden MHeadMarried1889May32 Topsail
  CARTERAnnie FWifeMarried1892Aug29 Topsail
  CARTERJames MSonSingle1914Nov 6 Topsail
  CARTERRichard MSonSingle1915Dec 5 Topsail
  CARTERGladys FDaughterSingle1917March 4Topsail
  CARTERMarion FDaughterSingle1918Oct 2Topsail
63 68CARTERCharles G.MHead Widower1850Oct70Topsail
64 69HARDINGJames MHeadSingle1878 Sept42 Portugal Cove
65 70SMITHGordon MHeadMarried1886Aug35 Carbonear
  SMITHMarion FWifeMarried1886Oct34 Topsail
  SMITHJames R. MSonSingle1918Oct 2Topsail
  SMITHLaura J. FDaughterSingle1921Aug3MTopsail
  MILLER Diana FMother in LawWidow1861March60 Petty Hr.
  MILLER ChesleyM DependentSingle1904Jan17Petty Hr.
66 71HISCOCK Oscar MHeadMarried1882Aug34 Winterton
  HISCOCK Edith FWifeMarried1898Feb25 Topsail
  HISCOCK Nettie FDaughterSingle1920Jan 1Topsail
67 72MOYESJames MHeadMarried1868Oct52Topsail
PAGE 285                    
68 (sic) 73 (sic)MOYESAnnie FWifeMarried1872March49 Port de Grave
  MOYESJoseph MSonSingle1897 Sept23 Topsail
  MOYESRalph MSonSingle1904July17 Topsail
  MOYESMarion FDaughterSingle1902Feb19 Topsail
  MOYESRoy MSonSingle1907Jan14 Topsail
69 74BOGGANThomas MHead Widower1891June30 Topsail
  BOGGANLucy FDaughterSingle1919 Sept1 Topsail
  BOGGAN KateFMotherWidow1861 June60 Topsail
70 75BOGGANEdward MHeadSingle1883Aug38Topsail
71 76BOGGANWilliam MHeadMarried1878Dec42Topsail
  BOGGANAnastatiaFWifeMarried1878Dec42 Long Pond
  RICHARDS Arthur J. MStep SonSingle1904 Jan17 Topsail Rd.
72 77BRIENThomas MHeadMarried1883 (?) 37 Topsail
  BRIENMary J. FWifeMarried1885Aug36 Topsail
  BRIEN NorahF Adopted Daughter Single1920April 1 Topsail
  GEEHAN Richard MFather in Law Widower1834Feb 87 Topsail
73 78NEVILLE PatrickMHead Widower1867March54Topsail
74 79NEVILLE James MHeadMarried1860 Sept60Topsail
  NEVILLE Emma FWifeMarried1876March45 Belle Island
  NEVILLE Bessie FDaughterSingle1904Aug17 Topsail
  NEVILLE Gregory MFather Widower1829June92Topsail
75 80CARTERPeter MHeadMarried1876Oct44 Topsail
  CARTERIsabelleFWifeMarried1877June44 Topsail
  CARTERBertha FDaughterSingle1904July17 Topsail
  CARTERRobert H.MSonSingle1907Aug14 Topsail
  CARTERFanny M.FDaughterSingle1909May12 Topsail
  CARTERFrank MSonSingle1912July 9 Topsail
  CARTERFlorenceFDaughterSingle1914Oct 6 Topsail
  CARTER Ethel L. FDaughterSingle1916 Sept4 Topsail
  CARTERElsie FDaughterSingle1918 Sept2Topsail
PAGE 286                    
76 81GEEHANJohn MHeadMarried1874 June47 Topsail
  GEEHANMary FWifeMarried1881May40 Topsail
  GEEHANMadge FDaughterSingle1906Jan15 Topsail
  GEEHANJames MSonSingle1907Aug14 Topsail
  GEEHANPatrick MSonSingle1909March12 Topsail
  GEEHANBertie MSonSingle1910Oct10 Topsail
  GEEHANAlice FDaughterSingle1912Feb 9 Topsail
  GEEHANJohn MSonSingle1914Aug 7 Topsail
  GEEHANCyril MSonSingle1915March 6 Topsail
  GEEHANMary FDaughterSingle1917Aug 4 Topsail
  GEEHANPauline FDaughterSingle1919April 2 Topsail
  GEEHANNorah FDaughterSingle1920July 1 Topsail
77 82GEEHANMartin MHead Widower1843 Sept78Topsail
78 83HALLEYEdward MHeadMarried1885Jan36 Topsail
  HALLEYTheresa MWifeMarried1895April26 Topsail
  HALLEYAlex MSonSingle1914June 7 Topsail
  HALLEY Douglas MSonSingle1915Aug 6 Topsail
  HALLEYMadelineFDaughterSingle1916Oct 4 Topsail
  HALLEYJohn MSonSingle1920Dec 1 Topsail
79 84HALLEYMargaretFHeadWidow1857March64Topsail
80 85BRIEN John T. MHeadMarried1880Nov40 Topsail
  BRIENMary Ann FWifeMarried1884Oct36 Topsail
  BRIENVincent MSon Single 1911Aug10 Topsail
  BRIENPatrick MSonSingle1913 Feb 8 Topsail
  BRIENFrank MSonSingle1915Feb 6 Topsail
  BRIENJohn MSonSingle1917 Sept4 Topsail
  BRIENWilliam MSonSingle1908March 13 Topsail
  BRIENMargaret FDaughterSingle1919Oct 1 Topsail
PAGE 287                    
81 86O'BRIEN TerenceMHeadMarried1891Dec29Topsail
  O'BRIEN GertrudeFWifeMarried1894 July27 Holyrood
  O'BRIEN AlphonsoMSonSingle1917March 4 Topsail
  O'BRIEN Victor A.MSonSingle1919April 2Topsail
  O'BRIEN TerenceMSonSingle1921July1MTopsail
  O'BRIEN Mary FMotherWidow1858May63 Horse Cove
  O'BRIEN Andrew MBrotherSingle No Entry No Entry 25 Topsail
82 87O'BRIENLawrenceMHeadMarried1892 Sept29Topsail
  O'BRIENGertrudeFWifeMarried1899 Sept22 Broad Cove
  O'BRIENJames MSonSingle1919Aug 2 Topsail
  O'BRIENAlbert MSonSingle1921March5M Topsail
  88O'BRIEN William Sr.MHeadMarried1835Oct85 Hr. Main
  O'BRIENMargaretFWifeMarried1857Oct63 Topsail
83 89O'BRIEN William Jr. MHeadSingle1816April45Topsail
  O'BRIENMichaelM BrotherSingle1891May30Topsail
84 90O'BRIENJohn MHead Widower 1873 Nov47Topsail
  O'BRIENThomas MSonSingle1906June15 Belle Island
  O'BRIENStella FDaughterSingle1907Nov13Belle Island
  O'BRIENAnnie Cath.FDaughterSingle1920 April 1Belle Island
85 91O'BRIENMinnie FHeadWidow1871June50 St. John's
  O'BRIENAllan MSonSingle1897Oct23 Topsail
  O'BRIENRichardMSonSingle1899July22 Topsail
  O'BRIENLeo MSonSingle1903Oct17 Topsail
  O'BRIENMichaelMSonSingle1905Jan16 Topsail
  O'BRIENRose FDaughterSingle1907 Sept13 Topsail
  O'BRIENEdward MSonSingle1910Oct10 Topsail
PAGE 288                    
86 92O'BRIEN Richard MHeadMarried 1879Oct41 Topsail
  O'BRIENEttie FWifeMarried1886Oct 34 Hr Grace
  O'BRIENMay FDaughterSingle1906July15 Topsail
  O'BRIENEric MSonSingle1912Feb 9 Topsail
  O'BRIENBrendanMSonSingle1913Feb 8 Topsail
  O'BRIENAllisterMSonSingle 1917 (sic) Aug 7 (sic) Topsail
  O'BRIENRonald MSonSingle1918Nov 2 Topsail
  O'BRIENDennis MSonSingle1919April 2 Topsail
87 93GLEESONJohn MHeadMarried1851June70Topsail
  GLEESONEllen FWifeMarried1855Dec65 Harcourt
  94GLEESONRichardMHeadMarried1895July26 Topsail
  GLEESON NorahFWifeMarried1897April24 Horse Cove
  GLEESON John J. MSonSingle1919 Sept 2 Topsail
88 95DUFFPeter MHeadMarried1846Feb75 Topsail
  DUFFMary FWifeMarried1855June66 Topsail
  DUFFAlban MSonSingle1900June21 Topsail
  DUFFWinnie FDaughterSingle1899Jan22 Topsail
89 96O'BRIEN Peirce MHeadWidow1885Feb36 Topsail
  O'BRIENMary FDaughterSingle1916Aug 5 Topsail
  O'BRIENThomas MSonSingle1912 Sept8 Topsail
  O'BRIENMaggie FDaughterSingle1917Dec 3 Topsail
  O'BRIENMary FSisterSingle1800Oct20 Topsail
90 97SPARKSAnnie FHeadWidow1853Jan68Topsail
  SPARKSAnnie FDaughterSingle1894April27Topsail

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Jim Roache, Canada

Posted June 17, 1999

Verified to Original Pages (November 2007 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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