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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Bay St. George District
{259 persons in 54 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 66                    
1 101Reddy MaggieF Wife Widow 1868Nov53 Bay of Islands
2 102McCarthy JaneF Mother Widow 1838May83 Carbonear
3 103McDONALD ElizabethFHeadWidow 1842Sept79 Carbonear
  104 McDONALD BertrandM Grand Son Single 1893Jany28 Halifax, N. S.
  105McDONALD John DMSon Single 1873July38 Bay of Islands
  106McDONALD MaryF Daughter in Law Single 1880Aug41 Bay of Islands
  107McDONALD ElizabethFGrand Daughter Single 1920Jany1 Bay of Islands
  108McDONALD AnnieFGrand Daughter Single 1917 April4 Bay of Islands
4 109Lovice WmMHead Widowed 1856 June 65 Carbonear
5 110COLLINS SusanaFHead Widowed 1848June73 St. Georges
6 111ANTLE RobertMHead Married 1875Mar43 Bay of Islands
  112ANTLE JaneFWife Married 1882Nov39 Bay of Islands
  113ANTLE JohnMSon Single 1912Aug9 Bay of Islands
7 114MURPHY JamesMHead Married 1872May49 Bonne Bay
  115MURPHY MaryFWife Married 1888Aug33 Bay of Islands
  116MURPHY EnsieMSon Single 1906Dec15 Bay of Islands
  117MURPHY EmmaFDaughterSingle 1909April12 Bay of Islands
  118MURPHY RolandMSon Single 1911July10 Bay of Islands
  119MURPHY Ethel PFDaughterSingle 1912Nov9 Bay of Islands
  120MURPHY HarveyMSon Single 1917Sept4 Bay of Islands
  121MURPHY Jas. DMSon Single 1920July1 Bay of Islands
  122WHITE AlexMBoarder Single 1880Aug40 St Pierre Miquelon
8 123MURPHY CharlotteFHeadWidow 1869Sept52 Bay of Islands
  124MURPHY RobbieMSon Single 1894May27 Bay of Islands
  125MURPHY FredMSon Single 1900Nov21 Bay of Islands
9 126DIAMOND Arthur I. MHead Married 1866 June 55 St. Johns
  127DIAMOND MaryFWife Married 1865 Dec 56 Efford, Eng.
  128DIAMOND ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1904Aug17 Bay of Islands
  129DIAMOND John LeviMSon Single 1901Nov20 Huntington, Eng.
10 130RUTH JosephMHead Married 1868Feb53 Bay of Islands
  131RUTH MarthaFWife Married 1871Mar50 Placentia Bay
  132RUTH ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1902April19 Bay of Islands
PAGE 67                    
11 133RUTH CharlesMHead Married 1879Nov42 Bay of Islands
  134RUTH ElizabethFWife Married 1881Sept40 Bay of Islands
  135RUTH AugustusMSon Single 1903Dec18 Bay of Islands
  136RUTH Arch.MSon Single 1907Dec14 Bay of Islands
  137RUTH JohnMSon Single 1909Mar12 Bay of Islands
  138RUTH AnnieFDaughterSingle 1911Jany10 Bay of Islands
  139RUTH EffieFDaughterSingle 1915Jany6 Bay of Islands
  140RUTH JuliaFDaughterSingle 1918June3 Bay of Islands
12 141HUNT Geo E.MHead Married 1880Oct41 Labrador
  142HUNT MaryFWife Married 1883Oct38 Bay of Islands
  143HUNT LucyFDaughterSingle 1903Feb18 Bay of Islands
  144HUNT FrankMSon Single 1905June16 Bay of Islands
  145HUNT FlorenceFDaughterSingle 1906Mar15 Bay of Islands
  146HUNT WalterMSon Single 1908Jany13 Bay of Islands
  147HUNT AnnieFDaughterSingle 1910Oct11 Bay of Islands
  148HUNT HerbertMSon Single 1914Sept7 Bay of Islands
  149HUNT AliceFDaughterSingle 1916May5 Bay of Islands
  150HUNT George (twin)MSon Single 1921June3M Bay of Islands
  151HUNT Sarah (twin)FDaughterSingle 1921June3M Bay of Islands
13 152PENNY Arch.MHead Married 1855Oct66 Carbonear
  153PENNY Mary J.FWife Married 1858Aug63 Bay of Islands
  154HILLIARD CeceliaFDaughterSingle 1904Oct17 Bay of Islands
14 155HILLIARD RichMSon Single 1881Dec30 Bay of Islands
15 156WHEELER Rich.MHead Married 1872June49 Bay of Islands
  157WHEELER Mary F.FWife Married 1882Mar39 Bonne Bay
  158WHEELER Wm Tho.MSon Single 1899Jany22 Bay of Islands
  159WHEELER AlenzoMSon Single 1901Feb20 Bay of Islands
  160WHEELER Bertha A.FDaughterSingle 1912Oct9 Bay of Islands
  161WHEELER Carol M .MSon Single 1918Sept3 Bay of Islands
16 162PENNY AugustusMHead Married 1855June66 Carbonear
  163PENNY MaryFWife Married 1869Mar52 Hr Grace
  164PENNY JohnMSon Single 1883Nov38 Bay of Islands
  165PENNY HenryMSon Single 1885Aug36 Bay of Islands
PAGE 68                    
  166PENNY EdwardMSon Single 1893Oct28 Bay of Islands
  167PENNY MaryFDaughterSingle 1896June25 Bay of Islands
17 168LOADER JerryMHead Widower 1860Mar61 Bay of Islands
  169BRAKE AmbroseFServant Single 1850Oct71 Bay of Islands
18 170LOADER GeoMHead Married 1885Dec36 Bay of Islands
  171LOADER DeliaFWife Married 1889July32 Bay of Islands
  172LOADER Geo.MSon Single 1910Sept11 Bay of Islands
  173LOADER WesleyMSon Single 1919Nov2 Bay of Islands
  174LOADER Elsie M.FDaughterSingle 1914May7 Bay of Islands
  175LOADER AnnieFDaughterSingle 1916May5 Bay of Islands
  176LOADER AmeliaFAunt Single 1852Jany69 Bay of Islands
19 177LOADER WalterMHead Married 1886Jany35 Bay of Islands
  178LOADER TheresaFWife Married 1886Oct35 Bay of Islands
  179LOADER Joseph M.MSon Single 1912May9 Bay of Islands
  180LOADER RalphMSon Single 1914May7 Bay of Islands
  181LOADER Leslie V.MSon Single 1916April5 Bay of Islands
  182LOADER John B.MSon Single 1918April3 Bay of Islands
  183LOADER Annie M.FDaughterSingle 1921Mar 6M Bay of Islands
  184LOADER DouglasMBrother Single 1903Oct18 Bay of Islands
  185HILLIARD JosephMBoarder Single 1898Aug23 Bay of Islands
20 186HUNT JohnMHead Widower 1861Oct60 Bay of Islands
  187HUNT GladysFDaughterSingle 1902April19 Bay of Islands
  188HUNT Annie V.F DaughterSingle 1904Nov17 Bay of Islands
  189HUNT FredMSon Single 1900Dec21 Bay of Islands
  190HUNT Geo.MFather Widower 1833Dec88 Liverpool, Eng.
21 192RUTH FredMHead Married 1880Jany41 Bay of Islands
  193RUTH EvelynFWife Married 1885Sept36 Bonne Bay
  194RUTH HaroldMSon Single 1907Mar14 Bay of Islands
  195RUTH ChesleyMSon Single 1909Jany12 Bay of Islands
  196RUTH GeorginaFDaughterSingle 1911Dec10 Bay of Islands
  197RUTH MarjoryFDaughterSingle 1913May8 Bay of Islands
  198RUTH IleneFDaughterSingle 1916June5 Bay of Islands
  199RUTH FredMSon Single 1918April3 Bay of Islands
Page 69                    
  200RUTH MildredFDaughterSingle 1920July1 Bay of Islands
22 201PETIPAS ThosMHead Married 1873Sept48 Bay of Islands
  202PETIPAS MargrettFWife Married 1877April44 Bay of Islands
  203PETIPAS VincentMSon Single 1904Jany17 Bay of Islands
  204PETIPAS MaryFDaughterSingle 1905Nov16 Bay of Islands
  205PETIPAS UnaFDaughterSingle 1907Sept14 Bay of Islands
  206PETIPAS EricMSon Single 1911May10 Bay of Islands
  207PETIPAS Girtia ? FDaughterSingle 1913Aug8 Bay of Islands
  208PETIPAS AngliaFDaughterSingle 1915Feb6 Bay of Islands
  209PETIPAS EdwardMSon Single 1918Feb3 Bay of Islands
  210PETIPAS AloysiusMSon Single 1920July1 Bay of Islands
23 211LOADER AlbertMHead Single 1896Mar25 Bay of Islands
24 212RUTH WmMHead Married 1863Dec58 Bay of Islands
  213RUTH JosieFWife Married 1872Nov49 Bay of Islands
  214RUTH EthelFDaughterSingle 1901Nov20 Bay of Islands
  215RUTH FredMSon Single 1904Oct17 Bay of Islands
  216RUTH AdaFDaughterSingle 1908Sept13 Bay of Islands
  217RUTH WallaceMSon Single 1911Jany 10Bay of Islands
25 218RUTH GeorgeMHead Married 1892April29 Bay of Islands
  219RUTH SusieFWife Married 1892Dec29 Trinity Bay
  220RUTH RexMSon Single 1918Sept3 Bay of Islands
  221RUTH JosephMSon Single 1920Feb1 Bay of Islands
26 222 SHEEHAN JohnMHead Married 1866Dec55 Bay of Islands
  223SHEEHAN MaryFWife Married 1879 Dec42 Bay of Islands
  224SHEEHAN MaryFDaughterSingle 1918July13 Bay of Islands
  225SHEEHAN FredMSon Single 1904June17 St. Johns
27 226WHEELER ThosMHead Married 1849May72 Bay of Islands
  227WHEELER PhebeFWife Married 1849Jany72 Port aux Basques
  228WHEELER HerbertMSon Single 1894Oct27 Bay of Islands
  229WHEELER JosephMSon Single 1890Oct31 Bay of Islands
28 230LUNDUGAN WmMHead Married 1871Nov50 Bonne Bay
  231LUNDUGAN CordeliaFWife Married 1896Oct25 Bay of Islands
  232LUNDUGAN Joseph MSon Single 1921May3M Bay of Islands
29 233PYNN TheresaFHeadWidow 1848May73 Hr Grace
30 234BARRY AnnieFHeadWidow 1866Oct55 St. Johns
  235BARRY JosephMSon Single 1900Dec21 Bay of Islands
  236BARRY JamesMSon Single 1902Mar19 Bay of Islands
  237BARRY ThosMSon Single 1906Feb15 Bay of Islands
31 238RYLES RichMHead Married 1892Oct 29 Lapoile
  239RYLES SadieFWife Married 1897Oct25 Bay of Islands
32 240BARRY DavidMHead Married 1880April41 Bay of Islands
  241BARRY AnnieFWife Married 1880Feb41 Bay of Islands
  242BARRY GertrudeFDaughterSingle 1916Oct5 Bay of Islands
  243BARRY UrbanMSon Single 1918May3 Bay of Islands
  244BARRY CarmeliaFDaughterSingle 1920July1 Bay of Islands
  245BOLAND ElenorFBoarder Single 1878May43 Bay of Islands
33 246CARTER HerbertMHead Married 1872Sept48 Bay of Islands
  247CARTER ElizabethFWife Married 1882Mar39 Bay of Islands
  248Moore RalphMNephew Single 1905April16 Bay of Islands
34 249PETIPAS JohnMHead Married 1866Oct55 Bay of Islands
  250PETIPAS UrsulaFWife Married 1871Mar50 Bay of Islands
  251PETIPAS EthelFDaughterSingle 1897Feb24 Bay of Islands
  252PETIPAS StellaFDaughterSingle 1898April23 Bay of Islands
  253PETIPAS WilfredMSon Single 1900May21 Bay of Islands
  254PETIPAS MarieFDaughterSingle 1902Nov19 Bay of Islands
  255PETIPAS RaymondMSon Single 1906Feb15 Bay of Islands
  256PETIPAS KathleenFDaughterSingle 1908Nov13 Bay of Islands
  257PETIPAS AliceFDaughterSingle 1909Mar12 Bay of Islands
  258PELIPAS JohnMSon Single 1911Sept10 Bay of Islands
35 259PENNY AugustusMHead Married 1884July37 Bay of Islands
  260PENNY MildredFWife Married 1898Sept30 Bay of Islands
  261PENNY MyrdenMSon Single 1919 April 2 Bay of Islands
  262PENNY GretaFDaughterSingle 1920Oct1 Bay of Islands
36 263QUIGLY AlfredMHead Married 1879Feb42 Bay of Islands
  264QUIGLY MaryFWife Married 1881Sept40 Bay of Islands
  265QUIGLY May J. FDaughterSingle 1905Jany16 Bay of Islands
PAGE 71                    
  266QUIGLY TimothyMSon Single 1908Mar13 Bay of Islands
  267QUIGLY ThosMSon Single 1911Oct10 Bay of Islands
  268QUIGLY HaroldMSon Single 1914April7 Bay of Islands
  269QUIGLY RitaFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 Bay of Islands
  270QUIGLY Patrick (Twin) MSon Single 1918Dec3 Bay of Islands
  271QUIGLY Raymond (Twin) MSon Single 1918Dec3 Bay of Islands
  272QUIGLY FrankMSon Single 1920Aug1 Bay of Islands
37 273QUIGLY TimothyMHead Married 1847May74 Torbay
  274QUIGLY Agnes A.FWife Married 1853April68 Carbonear
  275QUIGLY PatrickMSon Single 1890May31 Bay of Islands
  276QUIGLY Agnes A.FGrand Daughter Single 1909Aug12 Bay of Islands
38 277QUIGLY JohnMHead Married 1882Oct39 Bay of Islands
  278QUIGLY TheresaFWife Married 1887June34 Bay of Islands
  279QUIGLY Agnes A.FDaughterSingle 1906Sept 15 Bay of Islands
  280QUIGLY TimothyMSon Single 1908April13 Bay of Islands
  281QUIGLY ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1910Feb11 Bay of Islands
  282QUIGLY IleneFDaughterSingle 1911Mar10 Bay of Islands
  283QUIGLY John PMSon Single 1913Nov8 Bay of Islands
  284QUIGLY Mary JFDaughterSingle 1916Mar5 Bay of Islands
  285QUIGLY KathleenFDaughterSingle 1918Mar3 Bay of Islands
  286QUIGLY Theresa (Twin) FDaughterSingle 1920Aug1 Bay of Islands
  287QUIGLY Cecilia (Twin) FDaughterSingle 1920Aug1 Bay of Islands
39 288TAYLOR John C.MHead Widower 1851May 70Carbonear
40 289TAYLOR AlfredMHead Widower 1883Nov38 Bonne Bay
  290TAYLOR EvelynFDaughterSingle 1908April13 Bay of Islands
  291TAYLOR FreemanMSon Single 1909Oct12 Bay of Islands
  292TAYLOR ViolaFDaughterSingle 1904Dec17 Bay of Islands
41 293TAYLOR FreemanMHead Married 1897July25 Bay of Islands
  294TAYLOR RhodaFWife Married 1901July20 Bay of Islands
  295TAYLOR OliveFDaughterSingle 1920July1 Bay of Islands
42 296DAVIS Geo A.MHead Married 1870Aug51 Bay of Islands
  297DAVIS Alice A.FWife Married 1874Sept47 Bay of Islands
  298DAVIS AdaFDaughterSingle 1899Aug22 Bay of Islands
PAGE 72                    
  299DAVIS HoraceMSon Single 1901July20 Bay of Islands
43 300DAVIS HaroldMHead Widower 1897July24 Bay of Islands
  301DAVIS SylviaFDaughterSingle 1919April2 Bay of Islands
  302DAVIS Geo R.MSon Single 1921April4M Bay of Islands
44 303BUCKLE AbramMHead Married 1861Aug60 Labrador
  304BUCKLE JohanaFWife Married 1867April54 Labrador
  305BUCKLE JohnMSon Single 1904Feb17 Labrador
  306BUCKLE HenryMSon Single 1907Mar14 Labrador
  307BUCKLE JohanaFDaughterSingle 1909Jany12 Labrador
  308BUCKLE KatieFDaughterSingle 1901Aug20 Labrador
45 309WHITE JamesMHead Married 1887Oct34 Bay of Islands
  310WHITE MaryFWife Married 1899Aug22 Long Pt, Labd.
  311 WHITE UrbanMSon Single 1921June4M Bay of Islands
  312WHITE ElizabethFMotherWidow * 1851April70 Fortune Bay
46 313MARSHALL JohnMHead Married 1875April46 Labrador
  314MARSHALL ElieFWife Married 1887Sept34 Bay of Islands
  315MARSHALL Francis DMSon Single 1918May3 Bay of Islands
  316WHITE Wm H.MNephew Single 1904Nov17 Bay of Islands
47 317QUIGLY JamesMHead Married 1893Nov28 Bay of Islands
  318QUIGLY SarahFWife Married 1896Nov25 Bay of Islands
  319QUIGLY KathleenFDaughterSingle 1919Dec2 Bay of Islands
48 320QUIGLY AmandaFHeadWidow 1986Mar35 Bay of Islands
  321QUIGLY AngelaFDaughterSingle 1908June13 Bay of Islands
  322QUIGLY GeraldineFDaughterSingle 1909July12 Bay of Islands
49 323CHRISTOPHER PatrickMHead Married 1866Mar55 Bay of Islands
  324CHRISTOPHER MaryFWife Married 1868Dec57 Bay St. George
  325CHRISTOPHER FredMSon Single 1904Mar 17Bay of Islands
  326CHRISTOPHER CeciliaFDaughterSingle 1901June20 Bay of Islands
50 327CHRISTOPHER JohnMHead Single 1877Mar44 Bay of Islands
  328CHRISTOPHER BridgetFMotherWidow 1836Sept85 Portugal Cove
51 329CHRISTOPHER John W.MHead Married 1891Aug30 Bay of Islands
  330CHRISTOPHER JosephineFWife Married 1899Jany22 Long Pt. Lab
  331CHRISTOPHER RaymondMSon Single 1919Sept2 Long Pt. Lab
PAGE 73                    
  332CHRISTOPHER A. B.MSon Single 1921Aug3M Bay of Islands
52 333 CHRISTOPHER ThosMHead Married 1870Mar 50Bay of Islands
  334CHRISTOPHER EmmaFWife Married 1871May49 Bay of Islands
  335CHRISTOPHER JosephMSon Single 1904Aug17 Bay of Islands
  336CHRISTOPHER NoraFDaughterSingle 1908Jany13 Bay of Islands
  337CHRISTOPHER EvaFDaughterSingle 1913Oct8 Bay of Islands
  338CHRISTOPHER WmMSon Single 1916May5 Bay of Islands
  339CHRISTOPHER J. P.MSon Single 1917Sept4 Bay of Islands
54 340CANNINGS PatrickMHead Married 1897Nov23 Bay of Islands
  341CANNINGS SusanFWife Married 1896June25 Port au Port
55 342WALSH JamesMHead Married 1851Oct70 Conception Bay
  343WALSH ElizabethFWife Married 1862May59 Carbonear
56 344CANNINGS Cas.MHead Married 1881Aug40 Cha?? Labrador
  345CANNINGS SarahFWife Married 1891May30 Bay of Islands
  346CANNINGS ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1908July13 Bay of Islands
  347CANNINGS John W.MSon Single 1909Dec12 Bay of Islands
  348CANNINGS VincentMSon Single 1911July10 Bay of Islands
  349CANNINGS ElsieFDaughterSingle 1917Dec4 Bay of Islands
  350CANNINGS Mary JFDaughterSingle 1919 Oct2 Bay of Islands
  351CANNINGS M MFDaughterSingle 1921Aug9M Bay of Islands
57 352CANNINGS JohnMHead Married 1891June30 Bay of Islands
  353CANNINGS AnnieFWife Married 1901Oct20 Port au Port
  354CANNINGS MaryFDaughterSingle 1917Jany4 Bay of Islands
  355CANNINGS John PMSon Single 1919Sept2 Bay of Islands
  356CANNINGS P. J.MSon Single 1921June2M Bay of Islands
58 357BRAKE ElizabethFHeadWidow 1870June51 Bay of Islands
  358BRAKE WmMSon Single 1893Dec28 Bay of Islands
  359BRAKE ArthurMSon Single 1895Dec26 Bay of Islands
  360BRAKE WalterMSon Single 1901Mar20 Bay of Islands

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Denise Wilson, Leaf Rapids, MB,Canada

Posted 5 June, 1998

Updadted July 11, 1999 by Bill Crant

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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