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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Burin District)
{122 Persons in 28 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (February 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 131                    
57 62FOOTE Samuel MHeadWidower1839 Sept81 Burin
  FOOTE Dinah FDaughterSingle1880 Apr 41 Burin
  63FOOTE William MHeadMarried1885 Jun 36 Burin
  FOOTE Mary A. FWifeMarried1885 May 36 St. Lawrence
  FOOTE Melvinia B. FDaughterSingle1917 Dec 3 Burin
  FOOTE Samuel R. MSonSingle1919 Apr 2 Burin
58 64DOUGLAS Stephen J. MHeadMarried1885 Apr 36 Brunette Is.
  DOUGLAS Maria FWifeMarried1877 Jan 44 Burin
  DOUGLAS Minnie E. FDaughterSingle1912 Oct 8 Burin
  DOUGLAS ? I. FDaughterSingle1916 Feb 5 Burin
59 65BRUSHETT Parmaneont MHeadMarried1893 Mar 29 Burin
  BRUSHETT Sarah FWifeMarried1890 Oct 32 Burin
60 66FOOTE Joseph MHeadMarried1890 Feb 31 Burin
  FOOTE Elizabeth FWifeMarried1901 Jun 20 Burin
  FOOTE Rona M. FDaughterSingle1911 Jul 10 Burin
61 67FOOTE ChesleyMHeadMarried1881 Sep 40 Burin
  FOOTE Caner FWifeMarried1894 Jun 27 Burin
  FOOTE Thomas MSonSingle1918 Oct 3 Burin
  FOOTE Annie FDaughterSingle1919 Nov 2 Burin
62 68INKPEN Manuel MHeadMarried1864 Jun 57 Burin
  INKPEN Jessie FWifeMarried1867 Dec 53 Burin
  INKPEN Clara FDaughterSingle1891 Feb 30 Burin
  INKPEN Clifford MSonSingle1895 Jan 26 Burin
  INKPEN Manuel E. MSonSingle1896 Apr 25 Burin
  INKPEN Willie MSonSingle1903 Jul 18 Burin
  INKPEN Ladnor MSonSingle1900 Dec 20 Burin
  INKPEN Lillie FDaughterSingle1916 Jul 15 Burin
  69 BEASLEY Bertha FHeadWidow 1889Oct 32 Burin
   BEASLEY Rita FDaughterSingle1911 Apr 10 Burin
   BEASLEY Cecil MSonSingle1912 Sep 8 Burin
63 70BRUSHETT George R. MHeadMarried1854 May 67 Burin
  BRUSHETT Leah FWifeMarried1871 Jan 50 Burin
  BRUSHETT BeatriceFDaughterSingle1890 May 25 Burin
PAGE 132                    
  BRUSHETT Jessie FDaughterSingle1899 Aug 22 Burin
  BRUSHETT William MSonSingle1900 Mar 21 Burin
  BRUSHETT Hardwick MSonSingle1907 Apr 14 Burin
  BRUSHETT Raymond MSonSingle1912 Jan 9 Burin
64 71WAGG Emily FHeadWidow1871 Aug 50 Blackhead
  WAGG Leonard MSonSingle1899 May 22 Burin
  WAGG Vera FDaughterSingle1907 Jun 14 Burin
  WAGG Nina FDaughterSingle1912 Nov 8 Burin
65 72HOLLETT Benjamin MHeadMarried1880 Feb 41 Burin
  HOLLETT Elvina FWifeMarried1889 Sep 32 Spencer Cove
  HOLLETT William MnephSingle1907 Aug 14 Burin
  HOLLETT Elizabeth FnieceSingle1913 Dec 7 Burin
66 73 BRUSHETT Willliam MHeadMarried1893 Jan 28 Burin
  BRUSHETT Caroline FWifeMarried1895 Feb 26 Burin
  BRUSHETT John F. MSonSingle1919 Jul 2 Red Harbor
  BRUSHETT Baby FDaughterSingle1921 Jul 1mo Burin
67 74REID Edmund MHeadMarried1845 Oct 75 Burin
  REID Frances FWifeMarried1865 Feb 56 Burin
  HODDES Frank MnephSingle1905 Mar 16 Burin
68 75WAGG Thomas W. MHeadMarried1854 Jun 67 Burin
  WAGG Emeline FWifeMarried1856 Feb 65 Burin
69 76WAGG Thomas MHeadMarried1865 Oct 55 Burin
  WAGG Ellen FWifeMarried1878 Apr 43 Burin
  WAGG Mahala FDaughterSingle1900 Nov 20 Burin
  WAGG Eli MSonSingle1906 Aug 15 Burin
  WAGG Beulah FDaughterSingle1910 Jul 11 Burin
70 77WAGG Joseph W. MHeadMarried1896 Jan 25 Burin
  WAGG Gertrude FWifeMarried1896 Nov 26 Tacks Beach
  WAGG Baby FDaughterSingle1921 May 3mo. Burin
71 78WAGG John MHeadMarried1858 Oct 62 Burin
  WAGG Mary A. FWifeMarried1858 Oct 62 Burin
  WAGG Daisy FDaughterSingle1900 Sep 31 Burin
  VINCENT GraceF Adopted Daughter Single1911 Aug 10 Burin
PAGE 133                    
  79HOBEN William E. MHeadMarried1897 Aug 24 Burin
  HOBEN Mary A. FWifeMarried 1895 May 26Burin
  HOBEN Thomas W. MSonSingle1920 Jan 1 Burin
72 80WAGG Bridget FHeadWidow 1841 (sic) Mar 86 (sic) Burin
73 81WAGG James MHeadMarried1895 Aug 26 Burin
  WAGG Rhoda FWifeMarried1894 Oct 26 Burin
  WAGG Walter MSonSingle1919 Sep 2 Burin
  WAGG Murial FDaughterSingle1920 May 1 Burin
74 82WOOLDRIGE AlexanderMHeadMarried1893 Dec 27 Burnt Arm
  WOOLDRIGE Bessie FWifeMarried1894 Aug 27 Burin
  WOOLDRIGE Sadie FDaughterSingle1916 Mar 5 Burin
  WOOLDRIGE Montte ? FDaughterSingle1917 Oct 4 Burin
  WOOLDRIGE Albert MSonSingle1919 Aug 2 Burin
  WOOLDRIGE Donald MSonSingle1920 Sep 1 Burin
75 83WAGG HeberMHeadMarried1875 Sep 46 Burin
  WAGG Rebecca FWifeMarried1878 May 43 Burin
  WAGG George MSonSingle1900 Feb 21 Burin
  WAGG Gerald MSonSingle1902 Jun 19 Burin
  WAGG Maud FDaughterSingle1904 Oct 16 Burin
  WAGG Susie FDaughterSingle1907 Oct 13 Burin
  WAGG Fred MSonSingle1909 Oct 11 Burin
  WAGG Everett MSonSingle1920 Jan 1 Burin
76 84WAGG Susan FHeadWidow1849 Nov 71 Burin
  WAGG Martha FDaughterSingle1885 Jul 36 Burin
77 85WAGG Joseph MHeadMarried1894 Oct 26 Burin
  WAGG Etta FWifeMarried1894 Nov 26 Burin
  WAGG Joseph H. MSonSingle1915 Aug 6 Burin
  Wasgg Jessie M. FDaughterSingle1919 May 2 Burin
  WAGG Meta M.M. FDaughterSingle1921 Mar 5mo.Burin
  WAGG John C. Mbro Single1892 Jun 29 Burin
78 86WAGG Robert MHeadMarried1870 Aug 51 Burin
  WAGG Harriet FWifeMarried1874 Oct 46 Burin
  WAGG Frank MSonSingle 1899Feb 23 Burin
PAGE 134                    
  WAGG Maime FDaughterSingle1900 May 21 Burin
  WAGG Willie MSonSingle1904 Mar 17 Burin
  WAGG Edmund MSonSingle1906 Aug 15 Burin
  WAGG Lorna FDaughterSingle1909 Aug 12 Burin
  WAGG Mabrina ? FDaughterSingle1911 Aug 10 Burin
  WAGG Georgina FDaughterSingle1916 Jul 5 Burin
79 87BRUSHETT Richard MHeadMarried1883 Jun 38 Burin
  BRUSHETT Elizabeth FWifeMarried1885 Feb 36 Burin
  BRUSHETT Lewis MSonSingle1906 Oct 14 Burin
  BRUSHETT Gertrude FDaughterSingle1910 May 11 Burin
  BRUSHETT Richard E.MSonSingle1916 Jul 5 Burin
80 88FOOTE Benjamin MHeadMarried1878 Jun 43 Burin
  FOOTE Elizabeth FWifeMarried1883 May 38 Burin
  FOOTE Eric MSonSingle1905 Jul 16 Burin
  FOOTE Edith FDaughterSingle1906 Nov 14 Burin
  FOOTE Elizabeth FDaughterSingle1908 Aug 13 Burin
  FOOTE James MSonSingle1909 Dec 11 Burin
  FOOTE Ellen FDaughterSingle1911 Nov 9 Burin
  FOOTE Maisie FDaughterSingle1918 Aug 3 Burin
  FOOTE Jack MSonSingle1919 Oct 1 Burin
  FOOTE Benjamin MSonSingle1921 Mar 5mo.Burin
81 89BRUSHETT Philip MHeadMarried1819 Oct 41 Burin
  BRUSHETT EllenFWifeMarried1881 Sep 39 Burin

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Hope Hillier Michael and Jerry Michael, Rockville, MD, USA

Posted May 21, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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