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Newfoundland 1921 Census
St. Leonards,
St. Barbe District
{153 Individuals in 30 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 195                    
1 1 COLBOURN William M Head Married 1888 Feb 33 Little Braha
    COLBOURN Julia F Wife Married 1889 July 32 St Anthony
    PATEY John M Son Single 1908 May 13 St Anthony
    COLBOURN Albert M Son Single 1916 Oct 5 St Leonards
2 2 COLBOURN Richard M Head Married 1872 March 49 Little Braha
    COLBOURN Mary F Wife Married 1898 June 23 St Leonards
3 3 COLBOURN Edwin M Head Married 1889 March 32 Little Braha
    COLBOURN Violet F Wife Married 1896 May 25 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Deborah F Daughter Single 1916 Feb 5 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Edith F Daughter Single 1917 March 4 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Stella F Daughter Single 1919 Jan 2 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Mary F Daughter Single 1921 2 (sic) No Entry St Leonards
4 4 COLBOURN Andrew M Head Married 1881 March 40 Little Braha
    COLBOURN Sarah F Wife Married 1875 May 46 Sandwich Bay 1906
    COLBOURN Samuel M Son Single 1903 Jan 18 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Alfred G. M Son Single 1905 Apr 16 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Hayward M Son Single 1907 Oct 14 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Harold M Son Single 1912 Jan 9 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Mary F Daughter Single 1915 Sept 6 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Margarette F Daughter Single 1916 March 5 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Andrew Jr M Son Single 1917 June 4 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Olive F Daughter Single 1921 7 (sic) No Entry St Leonards
    GREEN Freeman M Son Single 1902 Oct 19 Venson Islands 1906
5 5 HUSSEY Hayward S M Head Married 1895 Feb 26 St Leonards
    HUSSEY Annie F Wife Married 1900 Jan 21 Venson Island 1906
    HUSSEY William M Son Single 1919 Oct 1 St Leonards
    HUSSEY Cecelia F Daughter Single 1921 4 (sic) No Entry St Leonards
    HUSSEY George M Brother Single 1893 March 28 St Leonards
6 6 PATEY Hesekiah (??) M Head Married 1893 Jan 28 St Leonards
    PATEY Ida F Wife Married 1892 Aug 29 Little Braha
    PATEY Edwin M Son Single 1913 Jan 8 Little Braha
    PATEY James M Son Single 1916 Feb 5 Little Braha
    PATEY Isiah M Son Single 1919 Nov 2 St Leonards
PAGE 196                    
7 7 PATEY James M Cousin Married 1897 Feb 24 St Leonards
    PATEY Selena F Cousin Married 1898 Oct 23 Indian Hr, Lab
    PATEY Emma F Cousin Single 1918 May 3 St Anthony Bight
    CLARK John M Servant Single 1891 June 30 Little Braha
8 8 COLBOURN Fredrick M Head Single 1905 Apr 16 St Leonards
    COLBOURN John M Brother Single 1898 Sept 23 St Leonards
    COLBOURN Giddeon M Brother Single 1901 March 20 St Leonards
9 9 HUMBY Edward Sr M Head Married 1864 March 57 Summerville, BB
    HUMBY Mary J F Wife Married 1867 Feb 54 Griquet
10 10 HUMBY Eli M Head Married 1895 July 26 Summerville, BB
    HUMBY Agnes F Wife Married 1896 June 25 St Leonards
    HUMBY Joseph M Son Single 1917 Jan 4 St Leonards
    HUMBY Edith F Daughter Single 1918 (sic) May 5 (sic) St Leonards
11 11 SAUNDERS William M Head Married 1884 Jan 37 Griquet
    SAUNDERS Isabella F Wife Married 1892 Oct 29 Griquet
    SAUNDERS Fredrick M Son Single 1917 Sept 4 Griquet
    SAUNDERS Mary F Daughter Single 1920 March 1 St Leonards
12 12 BROOMFIELD Charles M Head Married 1883 June 38 Grois Water Bay, Lab 1910
    BROOMFIELD Mary F Wife Married 1874 Jan 47 Brigus, CB
13 13 HUMBY Edward Jr M Head Married 1897 July 24 Summerville, BB
    HUMBY Jessie F Wife Married 1902 Feb 19 Griquet
    HUMBY Edward C M Son Single 1921 July 6 wks St Leonards
  14 HUMBY William Sr M Head Married 1890 Sept 31 Summerville, BB
    HUMBY Diana F Wife Married 1892 June 29 St Carrolls
    HUMBY Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1914 Sept 7 St Leonards
    HUMBY Emma F Daughter Single 1916 Jan 5 St Leonards
    HUMBY William Jr m Son Single 1918 Jan 3 St Leonards
14 15 COMPTON Mark M Head Single 1894 May 27 Griquet
    COMPTON Elizabeth F Mother Widow 1874 Oct 47 Catalina
    COMPTON Harvey M Brother Single 1901 Sept 20 St Leonards
    COMPTON Thomas M Brother Single 1903 June 18 St Leonards
    COMPTON William M Brother Single 1906 Aug 15 St Leonards
    COMPTON Beatrice F Sister Single 1910 Oct 9 St Leonards
PAGE 197                    
    COMPTON Charles M Brother Single 1899 Dec 21 St Leonards
15 16 COMPTON Henry M Head Married 1851 Jan 70 Griquet
    COMPTON Mary F Wife Married 1871 Dec 50 St Leonards
    COMPTON Elsie F Daughter Single 1901 May 20 St Leonards
    COMPTON Clara F Daughter Single 1906 Apr 15 St Leonards
    COMPTON Lavinia F Daughter Single 1905 July 16 St Leonards
    COMPTON George M Son Single 1907 Dec 13 St Leonards
    COMPTON James M Son Single 1915 March 6 St Leonards
16 17 CURLEW George M Head Married 1884 July 37 St Leonards
    CURLEW Charlotte F Wife Married 1886 Oct 35 Indian Arm, BB
    CURLEW Thomas M Son Single 1907 Nov 13 St Leonards
    CURLEW Susannah F Daughter Single 1910 Apr 11 St Leonards
    CURLEW Rhoda F Daughter Single 1912 Nov 9 St Leonards
    CURLEW Emma F Daughter Single 1914 Aug 7 St Leonards
    CURLEW Abbical (?) F Daughter Single 1916 May 5 St Leonards
    CURLEW Albert M Son Single 1918 Nov 3 St Leonards
    CURLEW Hester F Daughter Single 1921 3 (sic) No Entry St Leonards
17 18 COMPTON John M Head Married 1881 Jan 40 Griquet
    COMPTON Elizabeth F Wife Married 1877 Jan 44 Southern Bay, BB
    COMPTON Mary Ann F Daughter Single 1905 Aug 16 St Leonards
    COMPTON Thomas M Son Single 1908 Oct 13 Southern Bay, BB
    COMPTON Emily J. F Daughter Single 1914 Aug 7 St Leonards
    COMPTON William M Son Single 1918 Aug 3 St Leonards
18 19 EARL Joseph M Head Married 1865 June 56 Griquet
    EARL Elizabeth F Wife Married 1870 Feb 51 Port de Grave
    EARL Augustus M Son Single 1901 Dec 20 St Leonards
    EARL Ambrose M Son Single 1905 Apr 16 St Leonards
  20 EARL Herman M Son Married 1898 Sept 23 St Leonards
    EARL Edith F Daughter in Law Married 1902 Apr 19 Griquet
    EARL Lucy F Neice(sic) Single 1920 Oct 1 St Leonards
    EARL George M Nephew Single 1921 5 (sic) No Entry St Leonards
    BOONE Lavinia F Neice(sic) Single 1909 Jan 12 Griquet
19 21 BURTON Thomas M Head Married 1883 Apr 38 St Leonards
PAGE 198                    
    BURTON Laura F Wife Married 1885 June 36 Griquet
    BURTON Hayward M Son Single 1905 Dec 16 St Leonards
    BURTON Stella F Daughter Single 1907 June 14 St Leonards
    BURTON Beatrice F Daughter Single 1909 May 12 St Leonards
    BURTON George M Son Single 1911 June 10 St Leonards
    BURTON Hazel F Daughter Single 1913 Oct 8 St Leonards
    BURTON Pearl F Daughter Single 1915 Feb 6 St Leonards
    BURTON Mable M Son Single 1916 Apr 5 St Leonards
    BURTON Ernest M Son Single 1920 May 1 St Leonards
20 22 EARL William M Head Married 1893 June 28 Griquet
    EARL Alice F Wife Married 1896 Dec 25 St Leonards
    EARL Martha F Daughter Single 1915 March 6 St Leonards
    EARL Agnes F Daughter Single 1917 Sept 4 St Leonards
    EARL Charles M Son Single 1920 June 1 St Leonards
21 23 BURTON Joseph M Head Married 1881 Jan 40 Griquet
    BURTON Eliza F Wife Married 1885 Sept 36 St Leonards
    BURTON Mary F Daughter Single 1903 Nov 18 St Leonards
    BURTON John M Son Single 1904 Apr 17 St Leonards
    BURTON Fredrick M Son Single 1907 March 14 St Leonards
    BURTON Allen M Son Single 1914 July 7 St Leonards
    BURTON Harrison M Son Single 1917 Sept 4 St Leonards
    BURTON Herman M Son Single 1919 Oct 2 St Leonards
22 24 PATEY George M Head Married 1882 July 39 St Leonards
    PATEY Myrtle F Wife Married 1889 July 32 Cape Onion
    PATEY Effie F Daughter Single 1917 Nov 4 St Leonards
    PATEY Ettie F Daughter Single 1913 Nov 8 St Leonards
    PATEY Ayline? F Daughter Single 1915 Aug 6 St Leonards
    PATEY Garland M Daughter (sic) Single 1920 Jan 1 St Leonards
23 25 PATEY Eliel M Head Single 1860 May 61 St Leonards
    PATEY John M Nephew Single 1895 May 26 St Leonards
24 26 BURSEY Jacob M Head Widower 1850 Oct 71 South River, CB
    BURSEY Garland M Son Single 1897 Sept 24 St Leonards
    BURSEY Edna F Daughter Single 1905 May 16 St Leonards
    BURSEY Jacob M Son Single 1899 June 22 St Leonards
PAGE 199                    
25 27 BURSEY Albert M Head Married 1870 Oct 51 South River, CB
    BURSEY Mary F Wife Married 1881 Dec 40 Griquet
    BURSEY Samuel M Son Single 1896 Sept 25 St Leonards
    BURSEY Elsie F Daughter Single 1902 June 19 St Leonards
    BURSEY Solomon M Son Single 1905 Oct 16 St Leonards
    BURSEY Abraham M Son Single 1908 July 13 St Leonards
    BURSEY Gordon M Son Single 1918 Dec 3 St Leonards
    BURTON Malinda F Step Daughter Single 1902 Nov 19 St Leonards
  28 BURSEY Thomas M Son Married 1899 June 22 St Leonards
    BURSEY Deborah F Daughter in Law Married 1904 March 17 Griquet
26 29 BURSEY Hayward M Head Married 1892 Feb 29 St Leonards
    BURSEY Jessie F Wife Married 1892 Oct 29 Griquet
27 30 BURSEY William J M Head Married 1881 Dec 40 St Leonards
    BURSEY Agnes F Wife Married 1875 Jan 46 St Anthony Bight
    BURSEY Eric M Son Single 1902 Aug 19 St Leonards
    BURSEY Jacob M Son Single 1904 Sept 17 St Leonards
    BURSEY Mable F Daughter Single 1905 July 16 Toronto, Canada 1905
    BURSEY Violet F Daughter Single 1907 May 14 St Leonards
    BURSEY Frederick M Son Single 1909 Nov 11 St Leonards
    BURSEY Floria (?) F Daughter Single 1913 Aug 8 St Leonards

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Transcription by Mary Rawlinson (October 2004)

Posted Jan. 21, 1999

Verified to Original Pages and Corrected if necessary (October 2004 Mary Rawlinson)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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