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Newfoundland 1921 Census
St George's,
Bay St. George District
{1021 Persons in 186 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (January 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 282                    
86 92 PERRIER WilfredMHead Married 1898April23 St. George's
  PERRIER HarrietFWife Married 1901Mar20 St. George's
87 93 WHITE RalphMHead Married 1890Jan31 St. George's
  WHITE ArtemeiusFWife Married 1889June32 St. George's
  WHITE PhonsinaFDaughterSingle 1913   8 St. George's
  WHITE LucyFDaughterSingle 1915   6 St. George's
  WHITE WilliardMSon Single 1916   5 St. George's
  WHITE LillianFDaughterSingle 1917   4 St. George's
  WHITE HerbertMSon Single 1918   3 St. George's
  WHITE RalphMSon Single 1919   2 St. George's
  GARNIER EthelFNiece Single 1905June16 St. George's
8894WHITE GeorgeMHead Married 1852Aug69 Cape Breton
  WHITE NellieFWife Married 1856Sept65 St. George's
8995WHITE MeddyMHead Married 1861May60 St. George's
  WHITE Mary A.FWife Married 1868April53 ? Hug Cove NS
  WHITE IsaacMSon Single 1897Jan24 St. George's
  WHITE CleophasFDaughterSingle 1903Mar18 St. George's
 96TOBIN MaryFHeadWidow1893Dec28 St. George's
  TOBIN SadieFDaughterSingle 1919Jan2 Halifax, NS
  TOBIN BernardMSon Single 1920Aug1 Halifax, NS
PAGE 283                    
9097WHITE JosephMHead Married 1871Aug40 St. George's
  WHITE MaryFWife Married 1895May26 St. George's
  WHITE Marjorie?FDaughterSingle 1915April6 St. George's
  WHITE MaggieFDaughterSingle 1917June4 St. George's
  WHITE ArthuMSon Single 1918June3 St. George's
  WHITE DavidMSon Single 1920May1 St. George's
9198WHITE KenethMHead Widower 1863 No Entry 63 St. George's
  WHITE LatitiaFDaughterSingle 1908 No Entry 13 St. George's
  WHITE LevinaFDaughterSingle 1912 No Entry 9 St. George's
  WHITE MartinMSon Single 1914 No Entry 7 St. George's
  WHITE AnthonyMSon Single 1915 No Entry 6 St. George's
9299WHITE WilliamMHead Married 1847Nov73 Margaree CB
  WHITE ElizabethFWife Married 1852Dec68 St. George's
  WHITE ThomasMSon Single 1881June40 St. George's
  WHITE George H.MSon Single 1894April27 St. George's
  WHITE Adolph NMSon Single 1896June25 St. George's
  WHITE Clarance JMSon Single 1899Oct22 St. George's
  WHITE AnthonyMFatherWidower 1824Sept97 Margaree CB
93 100GARNIER AdolphMHead Married 1843July 78S Point
  GARNIER ElizabethFWife Married 1849Mar72 St. George's
  GARNIER AlbertM Grand Son Single 1898Jan23 St. George's
  101YOUNG HenryMHead Married 1898Aug23 Port au Port
  YOUNG LizzieFWife Married 1902Jan19 St. George's
94 102COLOMBE NarcisseMHead Married 1865Sept56 St. George's
95 103COLOMBE SusanFHead Married 1872Feb49 Flat Bay
  COLOMBE DavidMSon Single 1899Sept22 St. George's
  COLOMBE DeliaFDaughterSingle 1904Dec16 St. George's
  COLOMBE MercyFDaughterSingle 1906Dec14 St. George's
  COLOMBE StatiaFDaughterSingle 1909May12 St. George's
  COLOMBE GeneviveFDaughterSingle 1911 No Entry 10 St. George's
  COLOMBE CeceliaFDaughterSingle 1912 No Entry 9 St. George's
  COLOMBE IsabellaFDaughterSingle 1914 No Entry 7 St. George's
  COLOMBE JosephMHead Married 1891Jan30 St. George's
  COLOMBE FloraFWife Married 1889Aug32 St. George's
PAGE 284                    
  COLOMBE FrancesFDaughterSingle 1915Dec5 St. George's
  COLOMBE DorothyFDaughterSingle 1917Feb4 St. George's
  COLOMBE FredMSon Single 1919Aug2 St. George's
  COLOMBE FrankMSon Single 1920Feb1 St. George's
97105YOUNG LeviMHead Married 1886Jan35 Middle Brook
  YOUNG NancyFWife Married 1893Mar28 St. George's
  YOUNG RichardMSon Single 1919June2 St. George's
  YOUNG AliceFDaughterSingle 1920June1 St. George's
98106BENOIT John H.MHead Married 1882July39 St. George's
  BENOIT LizzieFWife Married 1884May37 St. George's
  BENOIT AdaFDaughterSingle 1909Oct11 St. George's
  BENOIT NoraFDaughterSingle 1912Feb9 St. George's
  BENOIT MaryFDaughterSingle 1913May8 St. George's
  BENOIT HenryMSon Single 1916Mar5 St. George's
  BENOIT FredMSon Single 1918June3 St. George's
  BENOIT PatrickMSon Single 1921July2M St. George's
99107BRAKE Hothin??MHead Married 1892June29 St. George's
  BRAKE MaryFWife Married 1894Mar27 St. George's
  BRAKE AidinMSon Single 1917Aug4 St. George's
  BRAKE EarlMSon Single 1919Jan2 St. George's
100108YOUNG RubenMHead Married 1867No Entry 54 Fishells
  YOUNG MaryFWife Married 1879No Entry 42 St. George's
  YOUNG KennethMSon Single 1898No Entry 23 St. George's
  YOUNG ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1900No Entry 21 St. George's
  YOUNG AlbertMSon Single 1902No Entry 19 St. George's
  YOUNG CharlesMSon Single 1905No Entry 16 St. George's
  YOUNG SusanFDaughterSingle 1906No Entry 15 St. George's
  YOUNG PhilomenaFDaughterSingle 1908No Entry 13 St. George's
  YOUNG NormanMSon Single 1912No Entry 9 St. George's
101109BRAKE EdwdMHead Married 1866April55 Bay Islands
  BRAKE ElizabethFWife Married 1867Jan54 St. George's
  BRAKE SamuelMSon Single 1895Feb26 St. George's
  BRAKE MartinMSon Single 1897Jan24 St. George's
PAGE 285                    
  BRAKE GeorgeMSon Single 1898April23 St. George's
  BRAKE KateFDaughterSingle 1903Oct18 St. George's
  BRAKE BridgetFDaughterSingle 1905June16 St. George's
  BRAKE JessieFDaughterSingle 1907Oct14 St. George's
  BRAKE ChristinaFMother in LawWidow1847Aug74 St. George's
102110GARNIER Damas LMHead Married 1887May35 St. George's
  GARNIER MaryFWife Married 1895Feb27 St. George's
  GARNIER IsidoreMSon Single 1909Mar12 St. George's
  GARNIER BernadetteFDaughterSingle 1914Sept7 St. George's
  GARNIER MelindaFDaughterSingle 1915Sept6 St. George's
  GARNIER LaurenceMSon Single 1916Nov5 St. George's
  GARNIER RobertMSon Single 1918May3 St. George's
  GARNIER MonaFDaughterSingle 1920Dec 7M St. George's
103 111WHITE LouisMHead Married 1883Oct37 St. George's
  WHITE PaulineFWife Married 1886Sept35 Stephenville
  WHITE Jeta ? FDaughterSingle 1912Jan9 St. George's
  WHITE GusMSon Single 1913Oct7 St. George's
  WHITE GeorgeMSon Single 1916July5 St. George's
  WHITE WalterMSon Single 1917April4 St. George's
  WHITE Mary L.FDaughterSingle 1920Aug1 St. George's
104 112WHITE ClarenceMHead Married 1876May45 St. George's
  WHITE AnnieFWife Married 1876Sept45 Grd River
  WHITE HughMSon Single 1909Aug12 St. George's
  WHITE Mary JFDaughterSingle 1911Aug10 St. George's
  WHITE SarahFDaughterSingle 1914Feb7 St. George's
  WHITE Elizabeth A.FDaughterSingle 1916June5 St. George's
105 113PIEROWAY WilliamMHead Married 1853Nov68 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY FrancesFWife Married 1863May58 Burgeo
  PIEROWAY WalterMSon Single 1890June31 St. George's
  PIEROWAY ClaraFDaughterSingle 1908Mar13 St. George's
  PIEROWAY WilfredMSon Single 1912July9 St. George's
106 114PIEROWAY LlewellynMHead Married 1879June42 St. George's
  PIEROWAY MaryFWife Married 1877June44 Bay Isds
PAGE 286                    
  PIEROWAY BerthaFDaughterSingle 1905June16 St. George's
  PIEROWAY JohnMSon Single 1906Sept15 St. George's
  PIEROWAY NetaFDaughterSingle 1911Dec10 St. George's
  PIEROWAY MillyFDaughterSingle 1914May7 St. George's
  PIEROWAY MaggieFDaughterSingle 1917 Mar 4 St. George's
  PIEROWAY MissyFDaughterSingle 1920Mar1 St. George's
  115PIEROWAY AlfredMHead Married 1891Jan30 St. George's
  PIEROWAY TillyFWife Married 1893May28 St. George's
107116PIEROWAY LawsonMHead Married 1882 No Entry 39 Crabbes
  PIEROWAY ClaraFWife Married 1883 No Entry 38 Crabbes
  PIEROWAY PhebeFDaughterSingle 1910Mar11 Crabbes
  PIEROWAY PearlFDaughterSingle 1912May9 Crabbes
108117BENOIT FrankMHead Married 1890May31 St. George's
  BENOIT AdeladeFWife Married 1895Mar26 St. George's
  BENOIT FrancisMSon Single 1910July11 St. George's
  BENOIT MaggieFDaughterSingle 1913Aug8 St. George's
  BENOIT HildaFDaughterSingle 1915Aug15 St. George's
  WHITE John B.MFather in LawWidower 1850Oct71 Margaree CB
109118CORMIER PatMHead Single 1857June64Stephenville
110119BLANCHARD WalterMHead Married 1897Feb24 St. George's
  BLANCHARD MaggieFWife Married 1899Feb22 St. George's
  BLANCHARD GeraldineFDaughterSingle 1920July1 St. George's
  BLANCHARD EllenFMotherWidow1858Aug63 St. George's
  AUCOIN JosephineFNeiceSingle 1917Mar4 Halifax, NS
  AUCOIN PearlFNeiceSingle 1914Mar7 Halifax, NS
111120DOUCETTE WilliamMHead Married 1877Jan44 Stephenville
  DOUCETTE CatherineFWife Married 1883Jan38 St. George's
  DOUCETTE BerthaFDaughterSingle 1904Jan17 St. George's
  DOUCETTE GladysFDaughterSingle 1912Oct9 St. George's
  AUCOIN EuniceFAdopt Daugh Single 1910July11 Halifax
112121BLANCHARD ManuelMHead Married 1894Aug27 St. George's
  BLANCHARD Mary E.FWife Married 1893July28 St. George's
  BLANCHARD Henry J.MSon Single 1920Oct10M St. George's
PAGE 287                    
113122BLANCHARDSelinaFHeadWidow1866Jan55 St. George's
  BLANCHARDMarcellaMSon Single 1893July28 St. George's
  BLANCHARD MargaretFDaughterSingle 1895Aug26 St. George's
114123BLANCHARD FredMHead Married 1887Oct34 St. George's
  BLANCHARD GertieFWife Married 1895Oct25 St. George's
  BLANCHARD HildaFDaughterSingle 1914July7 St. George's
  BLANCHARD EuniceFDaughterSingle 1915April6 St. George's
  BLANCHARD HazelFDaughterSingle 1917Mar4 St. George's
  BLANCHARD CharlesMSon Single 1919Mar2 St. George's
  BLANCHARD ArthurMSon Single 1921Mar7M St. George's
  BLANCHARD LouisMBrotherSingle 1895May26 St. George's
115124ALEXANDER JamesMHead Married 1866 No Entry 55 Main River
  ALEXANDER Eulalie ?FWife Married 1877 No Entry 44 St. George's
  ALEXANDER JosephineFDaughterSingle 1899Sept22 St. George's
  ALEXANDER AdaFDaughterSingle 1901Sept20 St. George's
  ALEXANDER SusieFDaughterSingle 1903Oct17 St. George's
  ALEXANDER AdolphMSon Single 1906Oct14 St. George's
  ALEXANDER AnnieFDaughterSingle 1908Jan13 St. George's
  ALEXANDER MayFDaughterSingle 1913May8 St. George's
  ALEXANDER FredMSon Single 1915Nov5 St. George's
  ALEXANDER JoeMSon Single 1919June2 St. George's
  BLANCHARD PeterMFather in LawWidower 1842Feb79 Margaree CB
116125YOUNG JohnMHead Married 1893Feb28 St. George's
  YOUNG NancyFWife Married 1899April22 St. George's
  YOUNG MaryFDaughterSingle 1921Mar7m St. George's
  WHITE CamielMBoarderWidower 1837Mar84 Margaree CB
117126BLANCHARD MeddyMHead Married 1867Mar54 St. George's
  BLANCHARD MaryFWife Married 1875June46 St. George's
  BLANCHARD AngelaFDaughterSingle 1896Oct24 St. George's
  BLANCHARD LizzieFDaughterSingle 1901Oct19 St. George's
  BLANCHARD LucyFDaughterSingle 1903July18 St. George's
  BLANCHARD JudyFDaughterSingle 1907Oct13 St. George's
  BLANCHARD HubertMSon Single 1910Sept11 St. George's
  BLANCHARD MargaretFDaughterSingle 1912Mar9 St. George's
PAGE 288                    
  BLANCHARD VitalisMSon Single 1919Feb2 St. George's
  WHITE MaryFMother in LawWidow1839May82 St. George's
118127CHESSON FloreMHead Married 1881April40 Cape Breton
  CHESSON KateFWife Married 1887May34 St. George's
  CHESSON PatMSon Single 1908June13 St. George's
  CHESSON KateFDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 St. George's
  CHESSON BridgetFDaughterSingle 1912Sept9 St. George's
  CHESSON JamesMSon Single 1918June3 St. George's
  CHESSON JuliaFDaughterSingle 1919May2 St. George's
119128COLOMBE PeterMHead Married 1895June26 St. George's
  COLOMBE FloraFWife Married 1895June26 St. George's
  COLOMBE AdelineFDaughterSingle 1916April5 St. George's
  COLOMBE MonicaFDaughterSingle 1917Sept4 St. George's
  COLOMBE FrankieMSon Single 1919June2 St. George's
  COLOMBE HaroldMSon Single 1921July2M St. George's
  WHITE PhilomenaFAuntWidow1850Aug71 Quebec ?
120129HANN AlbertMHead Married 1850Sept71 England
  HANN MaryFWife Married 1850Sept71 Hermitage Bay
  HANN MyrtleFDaughterSingle 1894Mar27 St. George's
121130WHITE FrancisMHead Single 1897 No Entry 24Stephenville
122131HANN SidneyMHead Married 1876Dec44 Hermitage
  HANN RoseFWife Married 1885Sept36 Jeffreys
  HANN OlgaFDaughterSingle 1919April2 St. George's
123132CUTLER WallaceMHead Married 1876 No Entry 45 St. George's
  CUTLER EdithFWife Married 1885Jan36 Port-au-Port
  CUTLER RoyMSon Single 1907Oct13 St. George's
  CUTLER ArthurMSon Single 1909Feb12 St. George's
  CUTLER AvetaFDaughterSingle 1911Feb10 St. George's
  CUTLER MiltonMSon Single 1912Mar9 St. George's
  CUTLER Loyd?MSon Single 1915Sept6 St. George's
  CUTLER FredMSon Single 1917Aug4 St. George's
  CUTLER HazelFDaughterSingle 1918Sept3 St. George's
  CUTLER JessieFDaughterSingle 1920Aug1 St. George's
  ABBOTT AmeliaFBoarderWidow1848May73 Sandy Point
PAGE 289                    
124133CUTLER ClydeMHead Married 1878Oct42 Hermitage
  CUTLER MaryFWife Married 1889May32 St. George's
  CUTLER Utley ?MSon Single 1914Jan7 St. George's
  CUTLER DorisFDaughterSingle 1916Mar5 St. George's
  CUTLER JamesMSon Single 1918Jan3 St. George's
  CUTLER AlmedaFDaughterSingle 1920July1 St. George's
125134CUTLER Mrs. AmosFHeadWidow1861May60 Rose Blanche
  CUTLER EdwinMSon Single 1901Sept20 St. George's
126135CUTLER AlbertMHead Single 1881Sept40 Hermitage
  CUTLER WilliamMBrotherSingle 1886 June 35 St. George's
  CUTLER EllaFSisterSingle 1890 Aug 31 St. George's
  CUTLER GordonMBrotherSingle 1893 Aug 28 St. George's
127136FALLE RalphMHead Married 1894Mar27 St. George's
  FALLE AnnieFWife Married 1893Mar28 St. George's
  FALLE EdgerMSon Single 1916Dec4 St. George's
  FALLE MaryFMotherWidow1861Jan60 St. George's
128137FALLE NormanMHead Married 1891Sept30 St. George's
  FALLE JaneFWife Married 1896June25 St. George's
  FALLE ViolaFDaughterSingle 1916 Sept 5 St. George's
  FALLE ChesleyMSon Single 1917 Aug 4 St. George's
  FALLE HarveyMSon Single 1919Aug2 St. George's
129138FALLE SamuelMHead Married 1871Feb50 St. George's
  FALLE MarthaFWife Married 1879Oct41 Sandy Point
  FALLE FredaFDaughterSingle 1905Nov16 St. George's
130139SHEPPARD JosephMHead Married 1869Dec52 St. George's
  SHEPPARD Philomine?FWife Married 1876Dec45 Bank Head
  SHEPPARD RosanaFDaughterSingle 1903May18 St. George's
  SHEPPARD DeliaFDaughterSingle 1905June16 St. George's
  SHEPPARD HilliardMSon Single 1906May14 St. George's
  SHEPPARD William J.MSon Single 1909Aug12 St. George's
  SHEPPARD FrancisFDaughterSingle 1912Sept9 St. George's
  SHEPPARD Edwd?MSon Single 1914Feb7 St. George's
  SHEPPARD AgnesFDaughterSingle 1917Jan4 St. George's
PAGE 290                    
  MCDONALD RalphMNephewSingle 1897Mar24 Halifax, NS
131140SHEPPARD ChasMHead Married 1877Oct43 St. George's
  SHEPPARD Sussie ?FWife Married 1879Jan42 St. George's
  SHEPPARD WalterMSon Single 1904Oct16 St. George's
  SHEPPARD GusMSon Single 1907July14 St. George's
  SHEPPARD EliasMSon Single 1909April12 St. George's
  SHEPPARD CyrilMSon Single 1911Mar10 St. George's
  SHEPPARD RaymondMSon Single 1913July8 St. George's
  SHEPPARD MaryFDaughterSingle 1915Aug6 St. George's
  SHEPPARD MargaretFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 St. George's
  SHEPPARD HenryMSon Single 1919Nov2 St. George's
  SHEPPARD CharlotteFDaughterSingle 1921April5m St. George's
132141BENNETT Wm HMHead Married 1860Feb52 St. George's
  BENNETT Mary J.FWife Married 1877Jan44 St. George's
  BENNETT WilmaFDaughterSingle 1902Jan19 St. George's
  BENNETT StanleyMSon Single 1908Feb13 St. George's
  BENNETT MarjorieFDaughterSingle 1913April8 St. George's
  BENNETT Ruth BMSon Single 1919Dec1 St. George's
133142MORRIS ThomasMHead Married 1878Jan43 St. George's
  MORRIS MarthaFWife Married 1880Sept41 St. George's
  MORRIS MildredFDaughterSingle 1907Dec13 St. George's
  MORRIS CecilMSon Single 1911Jan10 St. George's
  MORRIS HowardMSon Single 1914Jan7 St. George's
  MORRIS BertramMSon Single 1916Nov4 St. George's
  MORRIS RoderickMSon Single 1917Oct3 St. George's
134143MORRIS PercyMHead Married 1883 No Entry 38 St. George's
  MORRIS JessieFWife Married 1885 No Entry 36 St. George's
135144LeROUX WarrenMHead Married 1873Nov47 Sandy Point
  LeROUX LouisaFWife Married 1879July42 St. ????
  LeROUX HazelFDaughterSingle 1897Mar24 St. George's
  LeROUX FredMAdopted Son Single 1916Oct4 Halifax
136145MORRIS HaroldMHead Married 1885Nov35 St. George's
  MORRIS Chriane?FWife Married 1884Aug37 St. George's
PAGE 291                    
  MORRIS SybilFDaughterSingle 1913Nov7 St. George's
  MORRIS LeslieMSon Single 1916June5 St. George's
  MORRIS RaymondMSon Single 1919Mar2 St. George's
 146MORRIS PhilipMHead Married 1845April76 St. George's
  MORRIS Mrs PFWife Married 1846 No Entry 75 Nova Scotia
137147GOODYEAR Isaac C.MHead Married 1886April35 N.D.B. Nfld
  GOODYEAR Delia L.FWife Married 1881Jan40 St. George's
  GOODYEAR GraceFDaughterSingle 1913Feb8 St. George's
  GOODYEAR CharlesMSon Single 1915June6 St. George's
  GOODYEAR ArnoldMSon Single 1917Mar4 St. George's
  GOODYEAR LouiseFDaughterSingle 1921Mar6M St. George's
138148MORRIS FredMHead Married 1883June38 St. George's
  MORRIS Georgia?FWife Married 1894Dec26 Sandy Point
  MORRIS ArthurMSon Single 1920June9M St. George's
139149MORRIS ArnoldMHead Single 1889Oct32 St. George's
  MORRIS LouisaFMotherWidow1849Mar72 Le Poile
  BUTT ElizabethFGrand MotherWidow1824June97 Lamaline
140150PIEROWAY Joseph WMHead Married 1880Nov40 St. George's
  PIEROWAY ElizabethFWife Married 1884Nov36 Robinsons
  PIEROWAY ChesleyMSon Single 1906Oct14 St. George's
  PIEROWAY Chas LMSon Single 1906Oct14 St. George's
  PIEROWAY James GMSon Single 1910Jan11 St. George's
  PIEROWAY WallaceMSon Single 1912Mar9 St. George's
  PIEROWAY VeraFDaughterSingle 1915Oct6 St. George's
  PIEROWAY Percy EMSon Single 1917Jan4 St. George's
  PIEROWAY FredaFDaughterSingle 1919May2 St. George's
  PIEROWAY EdwinMSon Single 1921Jan8M St. George's
141151WHITE Albert T.MHead Married 1892Sept29 Fogo
  WHITE MayFWife Married 1894Mar27 Fogo
  WHITE Donald W.MSon Single 1920Oct11M St. George's
  GOODYEAR WilliamMHead Married 1868Jan53 Fogo
  GOODYEAR SarahFWife Married 1866Aug55 Fogo
  GOODYEAR FannyFDaughterSingle 1898July23 Fogo
PAGE 292                    
  GOODYEAR MaudFDaughterSingle 1903Aug18 Millertown
  GOODYEAR FlossieFDaughterSingle 1906June15 Grand Falls
  GOODYEAR LuluFDaughterSingle 1907Oct13 Grand Falls
143153BUTTCapt. SamMHead Married 1859July62 St. George's
  BUTT MaggieFWife Married 1857July64 St. George's
 154BUTT Philiskirk ?MHead Married 1895June26 St. George's
  BUTT MargaretFWife Married 1896Mar25 Cumberland, CO. USA *1919
  BUTT VidaFDaughterSingle 1921June2m St. George's
144155BUTT FredMHead Married 1891Dec29 St. George's
  BUTT AdeliaFWife Married 1892May29 St. George's
  BUTT WilbertMSon Single 1917May4 St. George's
  BUTT HildaFDaughterSingle 1919Oct2 St. George's
  BUTT ThelmaFDaughterSingle 1920Mar1 St. George's
145156BUTT BradfordMHead Married 1865 No Entry 56 St. George's
  BUTT MarthaFWife Married 1875Sept46 St. George's
  BUTT EricMSon Single 1906Mar15 St. George's
  BUTT AdaFDaughterSingle 1908Nov13 St. George's
  BUTT BlancheFDaughterSingle 1910Nov10 St. George's
  BUTT HaroldMSon Single 1913May8 St. George's
146157HUDSON JamesMHead Married 1878Sept44 Adam's Cove CB
  HUDSON AnnieFWife Married 1879Nov42 St. George's
  HUDSON Enest MSonSingle 1914Nov7 St. George's
  HUDSON NoraFDaughterSingle 1915Mar6 St. George's
  HUDSON AndrewMSon Single 1918Mar3 St. George's
147158BUTT NormanMHead Single 1881Jan40 St. George's
  BUTT AnnabelleFMotherWidow1847Dec73 St. George's
148 159 LeROUX PeterMHead Married 1878July43 Neiwe Chappel, FR. - 1895
  LeROUX IreneFWife Married 1877Nov44 St. George's
  LeROUX RalphMSon Single 1901Oct20 St. George's
  LeROUX MurielFDaughterSingle 1907Nov13 St. George's
  LeROUX PercyMSon Single 1910Jan11 St. George's
  LeROUX RobertMSon Single 1914Feb7 St. George's
  LeROUX PearlFDaughterSingle 1915Dec5 St. George's
PAGE 293                    
  LeROUX HerseliaFDaughterSingle 1918July3 St. George's
  LeROUX Pete?MSon Single 1921Feb6M St. George's
 160LeROUX JohnMHead Married 1899July23 St. George's
  LeROUX BridgetFWife Married 1899Oct22 Bonne Bay
  LeROUX LarinaFDaughterSingle 1919Jan2 St. George's
149161HUDSON AlexanderMHead Married 1872Sept49 Adams Cove
  HUDSON Man--- ??FWife Married 1871Aug50 Adams Cove
  HUDSON James EMSon Single 1904April17 St. George's
  HUDSON WilliamMSon Single 1905Aug16 St. George's
  HUDSON Mariann E.FDaughterSingle 1908Nov12 St. George's
150162BUTT HiliardMHead Married 1871July40 St. George's
  BUTT SarahFWife Married 1871June40 St. George's
  BUTT EdithFDaughterSingle 1905Dec15 St. George's
  BUTT RetaFDaughterSingle 1906Oct14 St. George's
  BUTT ViolaFDaughterSingle 1909Feb12 St. George's
  BUTT GladysFDaughterSingle 1912Feb9 St. George's
  BUTT EdgarMSon Single 1915Sept6 St. George's
  BUTT Sam H.MBrotherSingle 1882Mar39 St. George's
151163BUTT AlfredMHead Married 1875Sept46 St. George's
  BUTT MaudFWife Married 1873Nov47 Rob. Head
  BUTT DudleyMSon Single 1904Oct16 St. George's
  BUTT EthieFDaughterSingle 1907July14 St. George's
  BUTT HeadlyMSon Single 1909Aug12 St. George's
  BUTT CharlesMSon Single 1913May8 St. George's
  PARSONS Rod MM BoarderSingle 1899 No Entry 22 No Entry
152164HUTCHINGS J SMHead Married 1890Aug31 Whitbourne
  HUTCHINGS PearlFWife Married 1898Nov22 Nicholsville
  HUTCHINGS EllieFDaughterSingle 1916Dec4 Whitbourne
  HUTCHINGS JeanFDaughterSingle 1921July2M St. George's
  NICHOLS JaneFSister in Law Single 1906June15 Nicholsville
  BUTT StanleyMBoarderSingle 1886 No Entry 35 St. George's
153165PIEROWAY George AMHead Married 1889June32 St. George's
  PIEROWAY EdithFWife Married 1894Feb27 St. George's
  PIEROWAY KennethMSon Single 1914Dec6 St. George's
PAGE 294                    
  PIEROWAY CoraFDaughterSingle 1916Oct4 St. George's
  PIEROWAY Palma ??FDaughterSingle 1920Oct10M St. George's
154166PIEROWAY John HMHead Married 1854Dec66 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY Sarah JFWife Married 1857June64 Sandy Point
155167HALL JohnMHead Married 1870Nov50 Highlands
  HALL KatieFWife Married 1883Jan38 Highlands
  HALL WallaceMSon Single 1905May16 Highlands
  HALL LizzieFDaughterSingle 1909Aug12 Highlands
  HALL MadelineFDaughterSingle 1911April10 Highlands
  HALL KathleenFDaughterSingle 1913July8 Highlands
  HALL AnthonyMSon Single 1915April6 Highlands
  HALL MargaretFDaughterSingle 1919Mar2 St George'a
156168ENGLAND W GMHead Married 1868April53 Kings Cove NDB
  ENGLAND Aimmie?FWife Married 1875Nov46 St John's
  ENGLAND Stephen NMSon Single 1906Oct14 St John's
157169BETHENE Donald JMHead Married 1865Sept56 Lochlomond
  BETHENE AdaFWife Married 1877May41 Sandy Point
  BETHENE A BerthaFDaughterSingle 1902April19 St. George's
  BETHENE C. RoddyMSon Single 1903Aug18 St. George's
  BETHENE Augusta M F Daughter Single 1905Feb16 St. George's
  BETHENE Ernest CMSon Single 1907Jan14 St. George's
  BETHENE AMY? CFDaughterSingle 1908Nov12 St. George's
  BETHENE Mary JFDaughterSingle 1910Mar11 St. George's
158170WHITE HerbertMHead Married 1873July48 St. George's
  WHITE KateFWife Married 1881Aug40 Hr. Main
  WHITE MaggieFDaughterSingle 1902Sept19 St. George's
  WHITE RobertMSon Single 1904April17 St. George's
  WHITE BartMSon Single 1906Mar15 St. George's
  WHITE StatiaFDaughterSingle 1908Feb13 St. George's
  WHITE AmandaFDaughterSingle 1910Feb11 St. George's
  WHITE MichaelMSon Single 1912May9 St. George's
  WHITE BernardMSon Single 1916July5 St. George's
  WHITE PatrickMSon Single 1919July2 St. George's
PAGE 295                    
  WHITE MaryFF Daughter Single 1921July3M St. George's
159171GOFF Edward? LMHead Married 1876 No Entry 45 Hr. Grace
  GOFF CatherineFWife Married 1885 No Entry 36 Hr. Grace
  GOFF EvaFDaughterSingle 1905Mar16 Port Saunders
  GOFF MarieFDaughterSingle 1906June15 Port Saunders
  GOFF TedMSon Single 1908June13 Port Saunders
  GOFF RetaFDaughterSingle 1909Dec11 Port Saunders
  GOFF LoraFDaughterSingle 1911Aug10 Port Saunders
  GOFF WilfredMSon Single 1913Mar8 Port Saunders
  GOFF RaymondMSon Single 1914June7 Port Saunders
  GOFF IsabellaFDaughterSingle 1914June7 Port Saunders
160172McLELLAN DougallMHead Married 1883May38 Sandy Point
  McLELLAN FrancesFWife Married 1887Mar34 Bay Islands
  McLELLAN CatherineFMotherWidow1844Nov76 Judie CB *1852
  McLELLAN Kitty AnnFSisterSingle 1889Sept32 Sandy Point
161173DOWNEY MichaelMHead Married 1890Mar31 Codroy
  DOWNEY MaudFWife Married 1892Sept29 Highlands
  DOWNEY JosephMSon Single 1916Sept5 G. Codroy
  DOWNEY CyrilMSon Single 1917Jan4 G. Codroy
  DOWNEY Rose MF Dau Single 1918July3 G. Codroy
  DOWNEY Michael K.MSon Single 1919Sept2 St. George's
  DOWNEY ChristinaFDaughterSingle 1920Nov10M St. George's
  GILLIS NoraFBoarderSingle 1889Sept32 Highlands
162174GORMAN StephenMHead Married 1872Aug49 Hr Main
  GORMAN MaryFDaughterSingle 1872May49 Hr Main
  GORMAN BrideFDaughterSingle 1904Aug17 Hr Main
  GORMAN NellieFDaughterSingle 1907July14 St. George's
  GORMAN TomMSon Single 1908Dec13 St. George's
  GORMAN MargaretFDaughterSingle 1910Jan11 St. George's
  GORMAN MayFDaughterSingle 1913Dec7 St. George's
163175GAULTOIS JosephMHead Married 1878Feb43 Syria *1906
  GAULTOIS RoseFWife Married 1889Oct32 Syria *1906
  GAULTOIS AnnieFDaughterSingle 1905April16 St John's
  GAULTOIS CatherineFDaughterSingle 1906July15 Gambo
  GAULTOIS FrancisMSon Single 1911June10 St. George's
PAGE 296                    
  GAULTOIS GeorgeMSon Single 1914Sept7 St. George's
  GAULTOIS MikeMSon Single 1915Oct5 St. George's
  GAULTOIS JosephineFDaughterSingle 1917Jan4 St. George's
  GAULTOIS LeoMSon Single 1919April2 St. George's
  GAULTOIS MarieFDaughterSingle 1921Aug1m St. George's
  HALBOT MaryFServantSingle 1902Sept19 St. George's
164176HAYES James RMHead Widower 1862Oct58 St John's
  HAYES GeraldMSon Single 1897Mar24 St John's
  HAYES AugustusMSon Single 1901Feb20 St. George's
165177BUTLER ThomasMHead Married 1885Mar36 Port de Grave
  BUTLER Josephine?FWife Married 1891Sept30 Bay Islands
  BUTLER EdithFDaughterSingle 1911June10 St. George's
  BUTLER GladysFDaughterSingle 1914Sept7 St. George's
  BUTLER JamesMSon Single 1915Sept6 St. George's
  BUTLER MaudFDaughterSingle 1916Dec5 St. George's
  BUTLER GeraldMSon Single 1917Dec3 St. George's
  BUTLER WilliamMSon Single 1920May1 St. George's
166178BISHOP ChasMHead Widower 1842Oct78 Kings Co NS
167179DELANEY JulianneFHeadWidow1870April51 St. George's
  DELANEY ViolaFDaughterSingle 1904Mar17 St. George's
  DELANEY CharlesMAdopted Son Single 1921May4m New York
  DELANEY CorsinieFDaughterSingle 1898Feb23 St. George's
168180HUDSON GeorgeMHead Married 1877Sept44 Conseption Bay
  HUDSON JuliaFWife Married 1882Dec38 St. George's
  HUDSON CharlesMSon Single 1910Mar11 St. George's
  HUDSON EdwdMSon Single 1913July8 St. George's
169181BLANCHARD Joseph EMHead Married 1871Sept50 Grand River
  BLANCHARD MaryFWife Married 1872Aug49 Highlands
  BLANCHARD AgnesFNeiceSingle 1902April19 Duxberry ? Mass.*1902
  McLENNAN ChristineFMother in LawWidow1830May91 Julie CB *1856?
  McISAAC JessieFServantSingle 1902Oct19 St Andrews
170182MILLER Gustave CMHead Married 1873Sept48 New York *19--
  MILLER LetitiaFWife Married 1885April36 St. George's
PAGE 297                    
  WHITE EvaFCousin in LawSingle 1903July18 St. George's
  WHITE Anna ?FCousin in LawSingle 1907Jan14 St. George's
  MILLER MargaretFAdopted Daughter Single 1915June6 New York
  WHITE TomMCousin in LawSingle 1916Dec4 St. George's
  MILLER GussieMAdopted Son Single 1918Nov3 St. George's
171183WHITE FrankMHead Married 1877Dec44 St. George's
  WHITE AdeliaFWife Married 1878July43 Odenburg, Germany *1903
  WHITE AgnesFDaughterSingle 1903Nov18 St. George's
  WHITE IdaFDaughterSingle 1906Dec14 St. George's
  WHITE OdellFDaughterSingle 1907Dec13 St. George's
  WHITE Entonio ?FDaughterSingle 1911Nov9 St. George's
  WHITE EvaFDaughterSingle 1914Feb7 St. George's
  WHITE AnnieFDaughterSingle 1915Oct5 St. George's
  WHITE FrancisMAdopted SonSingle 1916April5 Rattling Brook
172184DAWE John BMHead Married 1882Aug39 Hopeall TB
  DAWE ClaraFWife Married 1884May37 Port-au-Port
  DAWE J. Bernard MSon Single 1911Nov9 Stephenville Xing
  DAWE J. KevinMSon Single 1917Feb4 Catalina TB
  DAWE ShelaFson Single 1918Feb3 Catalina TB
173185POWER Pri--eMHead Married 1882Jan39 Bay of Islds
  POWER LauraFWife Married 1883Oct37 St. George's
  POWER BeatriceFDaughterSingle 1903Mar18 St. George's
  POWER JosephMSon Single 1907Mar14 St. George's
  POWER ThomasMSon Single 1908Oct12 St. George's
  POWER MargaretFDaughterSingle 1912Dec9 St. George's
  POWER MaryFDaughterSingle 1913May8 St. George's
  POWER DorothyFDaughterSingle 1916Mar5 St. George's
  POWER Marie?FDaughterSingle 1917Dec4 St. George's
  POWER RedmondMSon Single 1918Dec3 St. George's
  POWER Michael FMSon Single 1920May1 St. George's
  WALSH FrankMNephewSingle 1894May27 St. George's
174186AQUIN Rev MothFHead Single 1873Aug48 Bo---- Ireland *?
  FRANCIS SisterMF Sister Single 1885Feb36 Placentia
  GERARD SisterMF Sister Single 1882June39 St John's
PAGE 298                    
  CAMILAS SisterMF Sister Single 1893Feb28 Red Isd. P.B.
  THERESA SisterFSisterSingle 1863June58 Descouse N S *1891
  CELESTINE SisterMF Sister Single 1903Oct18 Grand River
175187HALBOT JohnMHead Married 1885June36 Sandy Point
  HALBOT ClaraFWife Married 1892Aug29 ?Main River
  HALBOT JennieFDaughterSingle 1910July11 St. George's
  HALBOT TheresaFDaughterSingle 1912Jan9 St. George's
  HALBOT CeciliaFDaughterSingle 1913Mar8 St. George's
  HALBOT GussieMSon Single 1916June5 St. George's
  HALBOT EllienFDaughterSingle 1918Mar3 St. George's
  HALBOT RoseFDaughterSingle 1920Mar1 St. George's
176188DELANEY JohnMHead Married 1883Aug38 St. George's
  DELANEY Emily AFWife Married 1874June47 St. George's
  WHITE MargaretFSon in Law Single 1876Oct45 St. George's
  WHITE PatrickMFather in LawWidower 1840Oct81 Margaree NS
  DELANEY EmilyFNeiceSingle 1908Mar12 St. George's
  WHITE NellieFAunt in LawWidow1845May76 Cape Breton
  DELANEY JosephMBrotherSingle 1884Dec36 St. George's
177189PYNN SelbyMHead Married 1871Aug50 Hr. Grace
  PYNN Sarah AFWife Married 1870Dec50 Hr. Grace
  PYNN RoseFDaughterSingle 1900Aug21 St John's
  PYNN MableFDaughterSingle 1902Feb19 St John's
  PYNN GordonMSon Single 1907Mar14 St John's
178190McLELLAN JohnMHead Married 1873Nov48 Sandy Point
  McLELLAN Kate A.F Wife Married 1872Feb47 St Vincent ---
  McLELLAN JosephMSon Single 1904April17 Sandy Point
  McLELLAN ReginaFAdopted Daughter Single 1913Sept8 St John's
  TAYLOR Wm. HMBoarderSingle 1873May48 Bay Roberts
179191GALLANT WalterMHead Married 1868Aug53 Sandy Point
  GALLANT SusieFWife Married 1897Jan24 St. George's
  GALLANT ArthurMAdopted Son Single 1907Jan14Stephenville
  GALLANT WalterMSon Single 1919Nov2 St. George's
  GALLANT WillieMSon Single 1920Sept1 St. George's
PAGE 239                    
180192CASHIN FrancisMHead Married 1868Oct52 Sandy Point
  CASHIN AnnieFWife Married 1870Sept51 Placentia
  CASHIN SadieFDaughterSingle 1896Aug25 Sandy Point
  CASHIN EdwdMSon Single 1897Oct23 Sandy Point
  CASHIN NoraFDaughterSingle 1902Aug19 Sandy Point
  CASHIN FrankieMSon Single 1910Oct10 St. George's
  CASHIN MayFDaughterSingle 1912Feb9 St. George's
181193HYNES FredMHead Married 1874April47 Sandy Point
  HYNES MaryFWife Married 1874June47 Holyrood P&SM
  HYNES MildredFDaughterSingle 1904June17 Sandy Point
  HYNES NormanMSon Single 1906Mar15 St. George's
  HYNES OrenaFDaughterSingle 1908Aug13 St. George's
  HYNES WalterMSon Single 1911Feb10 St. George's
  HYNES AugustusMSon Single 1913May8 St. George's
  HYNES GraceFDaughterSingle 1915July6 St. George's
  HYNES MarkMSon Single 1919Mar2 St. George's
182194LeBLANC JosephMHead Married 1846April75 Margaree CB
  LeBLANC VeronicaFWife Married 1853July68 St. George's
 195DeYOUNG JohnMHead Married 1884Dec36 Cape Breton
  DeYOUNG CeciliaFWife Married 1900April21 Port au Port
  DeYOUNG IsabellaFDaughterSingle 1921Jan3M New Glasgow NS
183196YOUNG JohnMHead Married 1873Jan48 St. George's
  YOUNG SarahFWife Married 1877Sept44 St. George's
  YOUNG JosephMSon Single 1900May21 St. George's
  YOUNG JamesMSon Single 1901Oct19 St. George's
  YOUNG MaryFDaughterSingle 1903June18 St. George's
  YOUNG DeliaFDaughterSingle 1904Sept17 St. George's
  YOUNG KathleenFDaughterSingle 1906Aug15 St. George's
  YOUNG MillyFDaughterSingle 1908May13 St. George's
  YOUNG MargretFDaughterSingle 1909Mar12 St. George's
  YOUNG GertieFDaughterSingle 1912Jan9 St. George's
  YOUNG JosephineFDaughterSingle 1914Oct6 St. George's
  YOUNG EvelynFDaughterSingle 1916Sept5 St. George's
PAGE 240                    
184 (sic)196 (sic)YOUNG AugustusMSon Single 1918June3 St. George's
184 (sic)196 (sic)RYAN JohnMHead Married 1873July48 Margoree C.B.
  RYAN MinnieFWife Married 1879Dec43 St. George's
185197ALEXANDER PeterMHead Married 1856June65 St. George's
  ALEXANDER BridgetFWife Married 1868Nov53 Margoree C.B.
  ALEXANDER JamesMSon Single 1897Aug24 St. George's
  ALEXANDER DorothyFDaughterSingle 1901Nov19 St. George's
  ALEXANDER LeoMSon Single 1904Feb17 St. George's
  ALEXANDER CorneliusMSon Single 1907Oct13 St. George's
  ALEXANDER PeterMSon Single 1910Nov11 St. George's
186198DEMPSEY JamesMHead Married 1885Aug36 Co. Wexford Ireland
  DEMPSEY AngelaFWife Married 1892Aug29 Ferryland
  DEMPSEY JamesMSon Single 1913Dec7 St. John's
  DEMPSEY MartinMSon Single 1917Jan4 St. John's
  DEMPSEY JohnMSon Single 1919Jan2 St. John's
  DEMPSEY MaryFDaughterSingle 1921Mar6M St. John's
186 (sic)199WHITE Tetian ?MHead Married 1854July67 St. George's
  WHITE CatherineFWife Married 1860Feb61 Cape St. George
  WHITE RichardMSon Single 1893Oct27 St. George's
  WHITE JuliaFDaughterSingle 1896Sept25 St. George's
  WHITE RobertMSon Single 1901June20 St. George's
  WHITE AdaFDaughterSingle 1902Mar19 St. George's
  LANGLEY HubertMGrand SonSingle 1905Feb16 Howards
  LANGLEY WilliamMGrand SonSingle 1906April15 St. George's
 200OLIVER JosephMHead Married 1882Mar29 St. George's
  OLIVER JosephineFWife Married 1882Mar29 St. George's
  McGRAW CatherineFStep DaughterSingle 1912May9 Halifax
  OLIVER MarjorieFDaughterSingle 1921Jan9M Halifax
187201WHITE Wm J.MHead Married 1883May38 St. George's
  WHITE NellieFWife Married 1890Aug31 Trinity Bay
  WHITE AdaFDaughterSingle 1910Nov10 St. George's
  WHITE KathleenFDaughterSingle 1915Feb6 St. George's
  WHITE MargaretFDaughterSingle 1917Aug4 St. George's
  WHITE LeoMSon Single 1920Jan9M St. George's
  SULLIVAN MaryFMother in LawSingle 1858May63 Hr Main
PAGE 241                    
188202RYAN MargaretFHeadWidow1858Jan63 Sandy Point
  WHITE LouisaFMotherWidow1829Aug92 St. George's
189203DONOVAN WilliamMHead Married 1856Jan65 St. John's
  DONOVAN ElizabethFWife Married 1860June61 St. George's
190204LEDBEATER JamesMHead Married 1854Mar67 Cornwall, Eng.
  LEDBEATER MaryFWife Married 1881Dec39Stephenville
  LEDBEATER FredMSon Single 1914Aug7 St. George's
  PERRIER BenMBoarder Single 1884Feb37 St. George's
191205BURKE StanMHead Married 1889April32 St. Jacques
  BURKE MargaretFWife Married 1889June32 Thompkins
  BURKE MercedesFDaughterSingle 1919Jan2 Thompkins
  BURKE MaryFDaughterSingle 1920May1 St. George's
  BENOIT StellaFServant Single 1905May16 Flat Bay
192206WHITE LaurenceMHead Married 1886May35 St. George's
  WHITE MaryFWife Married 1891Jan30 Flat Bay
  WHITE SamuelMSon Single 1914Mar7 St. George's
  WHITE AustinMSon Single 1916Sept5 St. George's
  WHITE MillyFDaughterSingle 1917Nov4 St. George's
  WHITE HildaFDaughterSingle 1919Nov2 St. George's
193207BLANCHARD WilliamMHead Married 1850Jan61 St. George's
  BLANCHARD ElizaFWife Married 1890May31 St. George's
  BLANCHARD JosephMSon Single 1909Jan12 St. George's
  BLANCHARDTimothyMSon Single 1910Sept11 St. George's
  BLANCHARD MaryFDaughterSingle 1913Sept8 St. George's
  BLANCHARD PeterMSon Single 1914May7 St. George's
  BLANCHARD JohnMSon Single 1915Nov5 St. George's
  BLANCHARD MikeMSon Single 1917May4 St. George's
194208BLANCHARD Joseph A.MHead Married 1885Sept36 St. George's
  BLANCHARD MaryFWife Married 1892Oct29 Sandy Point
  BLANCHARD EdwdMSon Single 1913Dec8 St. George's
  BLANCHARD AnnieFDaughterSingle 1915Aug6 St. George's
  BLANCHARD CatherineFDaughterSingle 1920Jan1 St. George's
195209BLANCHARD AnthonyMHead Married 1857Feb64 St. George's
PAGE 242                    
  BLANCHARD RoseFWife Married 1864Aug57 St. George's
  BLANCHARD WilfredMSon Single 1889Sept32 St. George's
  BLANCHARD MaryFDaughterSingle 1894Jan27 St. George's
  BLANCHARD BenjaminMSon Single 1896Mar25 St. George's
  BLANCHARDTimothyMSon Single 1900Feb21 St. George's
  BLANCHARD JamesMSon Single 1901July20 St. George's
  BLANCHARD JohnMSon Single 1904July17 St. George's
  BLANCHARD LucyFDaughterSingle 1906Dec15 St. George's
196210SHEPPARD FlorenceFHead Married 1860Mar61Stephenville Xing
  BENOIT PeterMBoarder Widower 1863Sept58 Matts Point
197211McDONNELL RichardMHead Married 1841Oct79 Cork Ireland
  McDONNELL MargaretFWife Married 1862April59 Bay Roberts
  McDONNELL JamesMSon Single 1890July31 Hr Main
  McDONNELL MargaretFDaughterSingle 1898Nov22 Whitbourne
  McDONNELL KathleenFDaughterSingle 1899Oct21 Whitbourne
  McDONNELL StephenMSon Single 1903April18 St. George's
  McDONNELL SusieFDaughterSingle 1903April18 St. George's
  McDONNELL DavidMSon Single 1904Jan17 St. George's
  DOWNEY LizzyFServantSingle 1896April25 Searston
198212BLANCHARD Magloire ??MHead Married 1858Oct63 St. George's
  BLANCHARD SusanFWife Married 1857Feb64 Rattling Brook
  MEDORE NarcisseMAdopted Son Single 1902Sept19Stephenville Xing
  McDONALD BerthaFAdopted Daughter Single 1913Dec8 Rattling Brook
199213DELANEY FredMHead Married 1860Feb61 St. George's
  DELANEY HarrietFWife Married 1860Aug61 St. George's
  DELANEY JosephMSon Single 1896Mar25 St. George's
  DELANEY AnnieFDaughterSingle 1900Dec20 St. George's
  FINLAYSON MelvinMAdopted Son Single 1918June3 Sydney
200214YOUNG PatMHead Married 1865Oct55 Sandy Point
  YOUNG AdeladeFWife Married 1871June50Stephenville Xing
  YOUNG JosephMGrand SonSingle 1908Mar13 St. George's
  YOUNG Mary V.FGrand Daughter Single 1909Oct12 St. George's
201215STEPHENS PatrickMHead Married 1894Sept27 Grand River
  STEPHENS MaryFWife Married 1891April30 St. George's
PAGE 243                    
  STEPHENS AdeladeFDaughterSingle 1914Sept7 St. George's
  STEPHENS DunphyMSon Single 1916Oct4 St. George's
202216YOUNG Thos J.MHead Married 1862Dec58 Rattling Brook
  YOUNG MarcelineFWife Married 1862Jan59Stephenville
  PERRIER GeneviveFAdopt Daugh Single 1914Feb7 St. George's
 217YOUNG ThomasMHead Married 1891Jan30 St. George's
  YOUNG DeliaFWife Married 1897Jan24 Flat Bay
  YOUNG LilyFDaughterSingle 1916Jan5 St. George's
  YOUNG SadieFDaughterSingle 1917April4 St. George's
  YOUNG DavidMSon Single 1919Nov2 St. George's
  YOUNG FrancisMSon Single 1921April6M St. George's
203218PERRIER AnthonyMHead Married 1885May36 St. George's
  PERRIER JaneFWife Married 1887May34 Cape St. George
  PERRIER JosephMSon Single 1909June12 St. George's
  PERRIER MaryFDaughterSingle 1912July9 St. George's
  PERRIER JohnMSon Single 1915Feb6 St. George's
  PERRIER WilfredMSon Single 1917Jan4 St. George's
  PERRIER DeliaFDaughterSingle 1919May2 St. George's
  PERRIER John Sr.MFather Widower 1834Jan87 St. George's
204219OLIVER JohnMHead Married 1878Dec42 Burgeo
  OLIVER VeronicaFWife Married 1879July42Stephenville
  OLIVER PeterMSon Single 1893April18 St. George's
  OLIVER MaggieFDaughterSingle 1905May16 St. George's
  OLIVER EllenFDaughterSingle 1910May11 St. George's
  OLIVER AdaFDaughterSingle 1911Oct9 St. George's
  OLIVER JohnMSon Single 1914Oct6 St. George's
  OLIVER DavidMSon Single 1916April5 St. George's
  OLIVER SusieFDaughterSingle 1919April2 St. George's
205220MUISE MosesMHead Married 1856 No Entry 65 Eastern Hr C.B.
  MUISE LucyFWife Married 1857 No Entry 64 Margaree C.B.
  MUISE MosesMSon Single 1893Jan28 Eastern Hr
  MUISE HenryMSon Single 1895Jan26 Eastern Hr
PAGE 244                    
 221RENOUF Peter M.MHead Married 1894July27 Cape St. George
  RENOUF JessieFWife Married 1897Jan24 Grand River
  RENOUF MosesMSon Single 1921Feb7M St. George's
206222SHEPPARD JohnMHead Married 1871Oct49 St. George's
  SHEPPARD AnnieFWife Married 1886Nov34 Eastern Hr C.B.
  SHEPPARD Annie M.FDaughterSingle 1908Nov12 St. George's
  SHEPPARD AlexMSon Single 1910Aug11 St. George's
  SHEPPARD Moses M.MSon Single 1914Nov7 St. George's
  SHEPPARD KathleenFDaughterSingle 1918May3 St. George's
  SHEPPARD WilliamMSon Single 1920June1 St. George's
207223MUISE AlexMHead Married 1882Sept39 Eastern Hr C.B.
  MUISE Mary M.FWife Married 1885Nov36Stephenville
  MUISE RalphMSon Single 1914Sept7 St. George's
  MUISE LucyFDaughterSingle 1918April3 St. George's
  MUISE CorneliusMSon Single 1921Aug1M St. George's
208224MUISE BenMHead Married 1889Feb32 Eastern Hr C.B.
  MUISE ConstanceFWife Married 1897Feb24 Cape St. George
  MUISE TheresaFDaughterSingle 1921July2M St. George's
209225MUISE JamesMHead Married 1879 No Entry 42 Eastern Hr C.B.
  MUISE JaneFWife Married 1880May41 St. George's
  MUISE JosephMSon Single 1906June15 St. George's
  MUISE MaryFDaughterSingle 1908July13 St. George's
  MUISE Elizabeth J.FDaughterSingle 1910July11 St. George's
  MUISE JohnMSon Single 1912May9 St. George's
  MUISE RoddyMSon Single 1914June7 St. George's
  MUISE LucyFDaughterSingle 1915July6 St. George's
  MUISE MosesMSon Single 1918June3 St. George's
  MUISE FlorenceFDaughterSingle 1920Oct1 St. George's
210226MUISE JohnMHead Married 1885Dec36 Eastern Hr C.B.
  MUISE MaryFWife Married 1888Dec33 Cape St. George
  MUISE John H.MSon Single 1914Mar7 St. George's
  MUISE WalterMSon Single 1915Aug6 St. George's
  MUISE JessieFDaughterSingle 1916Dec4 St. George's
PAGE 245                    
  MUISE Lucy A.FDaughterSingle 1919June2 St. George's
  MUISE Peter M.MSon Single 1920July1 St. George's
211227DELANEY JosephMHead Married 1863Feb58 St. George's
  DELANEY LucyFWife Married 1863Nov58 St. George's
  DELANEY Joseph Jr.MSon Single 1892Jan29 St. George's
  DELANEY AlbertMSon Single 1893Sept28 St. George's
  DELANEY MargaretFDaughterSingle 1904July17 St. George's
  DELANEY RoddyMSon Single 1906Sept15 St. George's
212228RADFORD ArthurMHead Married 1880May41 Great Jarvis
  RADFORD FlorenceFWife Married 1888Mar33 St. George's
  RADFORD RetaFDaughterSingle 1910Oct10 Great Jarvis
  RADFORD KathleenFDaughterSingle 1912Sept9 St. George's
  RADFORD MarieFDaughterSingle 1914Oct6 Great Jarvis
  RADFORD GeorgeMSon Single 1918Sept3 St. George's
  RADFORDTimothyMSon Single 1920July1 St. George's
213229HARVIEW HarryMHead Married 1871Jan50 France
  HARVIEW KateFWife Married 1871Aug50 St. George's
  HARVIEW WilliamMSon Single 1907July14 St. George's
  HARVIEW LaurenceMSon Single 1909Sept12 St. George's
  HARVIEW EvaFDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 St. George's
  YOUNG ArthurMStep Son Single 1900Sept21 St. George's
214230PERRIER PascalMHead Widower 1876Nov45 St. George's
  PERRIER LillyFDaughterSingle 1903April18 Halifax, NS
  PERRIER MaryFDaughterSingle 1906Feb15 St. George's
  PERRIER SusieFDaughterSingle 1908April13 St. George's
  PERRIER AdaFDaughterSingle 1911Mar10 St. George's
215231PERRIER ChasMHead Married 1888May33 St. George's
  PERRIER Mary M.FWife Married 1897Oct24 St. George's
  PERRIER Joseph C.MSon Single 1913May8 St. George's
  PERRIER John P.MSon Single 1915Jan6 St. George's
216232SWYRES JosephMHead Married 1897Dec23 Main River
  SWYRES JosieFWife Married 1896Oct24 St. George's
  SWYRES CorneliusMSon Single 1919Aug2 St. George's
PAGE 246                    
217233MORRIS EdwinMHead Married 1889Sept33 St. George's
  MORRIS AnnieFWife Married 1893Mar28 Sandy Point
  MORRIS IdaFDaughterSingle 1916Jan5 St. George's
  MORRIS VivienFDaughterSingle 1917May4 St. George's
  MORRIS FrankMSon Single 1919Oct2 St. George's
  MORRIS RonaldMSon Single 1920April1 St. George's
218234YOUNG FredMHead Married 1887Feb34 Flat Bay
  YOUNG MaryFWife Married 1890May31 Bay Islands
  YOUNG LizzieFDaughterSingle 1909May12 St. George's
  YOUNG WilfredMSon Single 1911June10 Flat Bay
  YOUNG RobertMSon Single 1913July8 St. George's
  YOUNG RufusMSon Single 1915Sept6 Bay Islds
  YOUNG ArthurMSon Single 1917June4 Flat Bay
  YOUNG FloraFDaughterSingle 1920 June 1 St. George's
219235BENOIT Michael W.MHead Married 1899April22 Matts Point
  BENOIT ViolaFWife Married 1900Feb21Stephenville
  BENOIT Clara M. FDaughterSingle 1920Aug1 St. George's
220236CAMMIE GeorgeMHead Married 1860Mar61 St. George's
  CAMMIE FloraFWife Married 1862May59 Bay Islds
221237O'REILLY Aloysius J.MHead Married 1867June54 Placentia
  O'REILLY MaryFWife Married 1874July47 Placentia
  O'REILLY Leo J.MSon Single 1903July18 St. George's
  O'REILLY AnnieFDaughterSingle 1906May15 St. George's
  O'REILLY DesmondMSon Single 1907July14 St. George's
  O'REILLY MaryFDaughterSingle 1908July13 St. George's
  O'REILLY Aloysius M. MSon Single 1910April11 St. George's
222238HALBOT Theresa A.FHead Single 1899Sept22 Sandy Point
  HALBOT KateFSisterSingle 1903Feb18 Sandy Point
  HALBOT StellaFSisterSingle 1894Sept27 Sandy Point
223239EMERSON H. PrescottMHead Single 1890Dec31 St. John's
  GARNIER ViolaFHouse KeeperSingle 1896June25 Sandy Point
224240RENOUF Rt. (Rev.) H. T.MHead Single 1871Dec50 St. John's
  O'REILLY Michael Rev.MPriest Single 1894Feb27 Ireland
PAGE 247                    
  BRENNAN Michael Rev.MPriest Single 1893Nov27 Ireland
  MEEHAN Mrs.FHousekeeperWidow1873April48 St. John's
  McCARTHY MaryFServantSingle 1896Sept25 Bay Islands
225241MEDORE JamesMHead Married 1854June67 St. George's
  MEDORE MatildaFWife Married 1854Dec66 St. George's
 242MEDORE WilliamMHead Married 1888July33 St. George's
  MEDORE AgnesFWife Married 1900July21 Flat Bay
  MEDORE GordonMSon Single 1913Jan8 St. George's
  MEDORE GertrudeFDaughterSingle 1916July5 St. George's
  MEDORE DougaldMSon Single 1917Dec3 St. George's
  MEDORE Mary B.FDaughterSingle 1921May5M St. George's
  YOUNG John D.MBoarderSingle 1899Feb22 Port au Port
226243BENOIT JohnMHead Single 1860Dec60 St. George's
227244BENOIT AdolphMHead Married 1893 Jan28 Matts Point
  BENOIT ClariceFWife Married 1899 Feb22 Grand River
228245BENOIT JamesMHead Married 1861Sept60 Kippons
  BENOIT MaggieFWife Married 1866 No Entry 55 Matts Point
  AUCOIN FrancisMAdopted Son Single 1918 No Entry 3Stephenville
229246BENOIT FrankMHead Married 1887April34 St. George's
  BENOIT VinnieFWife Married 1886Jan35Stephenville Xing
  BENOIT ArthurMSon Single 1910May11 St. George's
  BENOIT ThomasMSon Single 1913April8 St. George's
  BENOIT MaximMSon Single 1915April6 St. George's
  BENOIT WallaceMSon Single 1917April4 St. George's
230247RYAN MichaelMHead Married 1865Mar56 Sandy Point
  RYAN PhilomeneFWife Married 1875July46 St. George's
  PEELEY WallaceMNephewSingle 1907Jan14 Sandy Point
 248RYAN WilfredMHead Married 1891Feb30 St. George's
  RYAN RoseFWife Married 1896May25 Cape St. Geo
  RYAN DavidMSon Single 1913Aug8 St. George's
  RYAN Cecelia G.FDaughterSingle 1920Jan1 St. George's
231248 (sic)BENOIT Edward M.MHead Married 1880June41 St. George's
PAGE 248                    
  BENOIT MaryFWife Married 1880Aug41Stephenville
  BENOIT HerbertMSon Single 1907Sept14 St. George's
  BENOIT HaywardMSon Single 1909Oct12 St. George's
  BENOIT ErnestMSon Single 1910Dec11 St. George's
  BENOIT MathiasMSon Single 1912Nov8 St. George's
  BENOIT Bridget A.FDaughterSingle 1914Nov6 St. George's
  BENOIT BartholomewMSon Single 1918April3 St. George's
  BENOIT Joseph N.MSon Single 1921June3M St. George's
232249YOUNG AlfredMHead Married 1896May25 Bank Head
  YOUNG BridgetFWife Married 1897Jan24 St. George's
  YOUNG MariaFDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 St. George's
  YOUNG DorothyFDaughterSingle 1921July2M St. George's
233250PILGRIM WilliamMHead Married 1872Feb49 St. Anthony
  PILGRIM RosettaFWife Married 1881Mar40 St. George's
  PILGRIM HarrisMSon Single 1906Sept15 Halifax, NS
234251CONNOLLY ThomasMHead Married 1864Jan47 St. John's
  CONNOLLY MargaretFWife Married 1880April41 Bonne Bay
  CONNOLLY MikeMSon Single 1899April22 St. George's
  CONNOLLY NeilMSon Single 1907Dec13 St. George's
  CONNOLLY AugustusMSon Single 1910June11 St. George's
  CONNOLLY GladysFDaughterSingle 1911Dec9 St. George's
  CONNOLLY Ivy c.FDaughterSingle 1914Feb7 St. George's
  CONNOLLY VioletFDaughterSingle 1915Mar6 St. George's
  CONNOLLY TheresaFDaughterSingle 1916July5 No Entry
235252LeROUX FrankMHead Married 1860 No Entry 61 St. George's
  LeROUX HarrietFWife Married 1868May53 St. George's
  LeROUX RoseFDaughterSingle 1900Feb21 St. George's
  LeROUX EuniceFDaughterSingle 1905Feb16 St. George's
  LeROUX RalphMSon Single 1904Jan17 St. George's
  LeROUX WillieMSon Single 1906Oct15 St. George's
  LeROUX CatherineFDaughterSingle 1916Nov5 St. George's
236253FILLATRE John F.MHead Married 1869May52 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE LauraFWife Married 1876Mar45 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE GeraldMSon Single 1901July20 St. George's
PAGE 249                    
  FILLATRE LelaFDaughterSingle 1905Jan16 St. George's
  FILLATRE CyrilMSon Single 1909July12 St. George's
  FILLATRE AnnieFDaughterSingle 1912June9 St. George's
  FILLATRE MaxMSon Single 1914Nov7 St. George's
  FILLATRE SamuelMSon Single 1918June3 St. George's
237256BENOIT Willie G.MHead Married 1891 No Entry 30 St. George's
  BENOIT MargaretFWife Married 1896April25Stephenville
  BENOIT DorothyFDaughterSingle 1918June3 St. George's
  BENOIT George A.MSon Single 1919Sept2 St. George's
  BENOIT Gorden J.MSon Single 1921Aug1M St. George's
238255BENOIT Edward Sr.MHead Married 1843 No Entry 78 St. George's
  BENOIT MaryFWife Married 1862Aug59 Sandy Point
  BENOIT IsraelMHead Married 1896Nov25 St. George's
  BENOIT MaggieFWife Married 1900May21 Port au Port
 257BENOIT WilliamMHead Married 1873 No Entry 48 Port au Port
  BENOIT MarthaFWife Married 1880April41 Port au Basques
  BENOIT JohnMSon Single 1902Dec18 Port au Port
  BENOIT LaurenceMSon Single 1906Nov15 Port au Port
  BENOIT JosieFDaughterSingle 1907Sept14 Port au Port
  BENOIT AlbertMSon Single 1909Sept12 Port au Port
  BENOIT Arthur J.MSon Single 1912May9 Port au Port
  CARNACT AnnieFDaughterMarried 1899April22 Port au Port
239258YOUNG HiliardMHead Married 1899Nov22 Flat Bay
  YOUNG MaryFWife Married 1898Feb23 St. George's
  YOUNG JosephMSon Single 1920July1 St. George's
240259BENOIT NarcisseMHead Married 1886Feb35 Port au Port
  BENOIT ClementineFWife Married 1898Oct23 Port au Port
  BENOIT FrankMSon Single 1912Dec9 Port au Port
  BENOIT HaroldMSon Single 1913Aug8 Port au Port
  BENOIT BenedictMSon Single 1917Dec3 Port au Port
  BENOIT BerthinaFDaughterSingle 1920July1 Port au Port
241260KENDALL ArthurMHead Married 1872Sept49 Codroy
  KENDALL LouisaFWife Married 1874Mar47 Sandy Point
PAGE 250                    
  KENDALL WalterMSon Single 1901June20 St. George's
  KENDALL DinahFDaughterSingle 1902July19 St. George's
  KENDALL MaryFDaughterSingle 1903Nov17 St. George's
  KENDALL AlbertMSon Single 1906June15 St. George's
  KENDALL AnnieFDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 St. George's
242261SWYRES James P.MHead Married 1883Aug35 Sandy Point
  SWYRES JosephineFWife Married 1885April36 St. George's
  SWYRES NinaFDaughterSingle 1908Nov13 St. George's
  SWYRES HazelFNieceSingle 1912Oct8 Robinson
  SWYRES RoyMSon Single 1919Oct1 St. George's
  MESSERVEY GeorgeMUncle Single 1843Mar78 Sandy Point
243262BENOIT John E.MHead Married 1882Sept39 St. George's
  BENOIT ElizabethFWife Married 1892Jan29 St. George's
  BENOIT Richard N.MSon Single 1908Dec12 St. George's
  BENOIT ColunbusMSon Single 1910Dec10 St. George's
  BENOIT RobertMSon Single 1912Nov8 St. George's
  BENOIT EdithFDaughterSingle 1914July7 St. George's
  BENOIT Edwd RolandMSon Single 1917Mar4 St. George's
  BENOIT AustinMSon Single 1918Aug3 St. George's
  BENOIT StanleyMSon Single 1920Jan1 St. George's
  BENOIT JohnMUncle Single 1837May84 St. George's
  CONNOLLY ThosMCousin Single 1900April21 St. George's
244263MORRIS WilliamMHead Widower 1847Jan74 Sandy Point
245264BURCHELL WilliamMHead Married 1869Feb52 Rattling Brook
  BURCHELL ClaraFWife Married 1898May23 Brooms Bottom
  BURCHELL FrankMSon Single 1903Dec17 St. George's
  BURCHELL RosieFDaughterSingle 1916 No Entry 5 Brooms Bottom
  BURCHELL GeorgeMSon Single 1919Aug2 St. George's
246265BENOIT AlbertMHead Married 1880 No Entry 41 Port au Port
  BENOIT MaryFWife Married 1898Aug23 Cape St. George
  BENOIT MargueriteFDaughterSingle 1909June12 Port au Port
  BENOIT WalterMSon Single 1911July10 Port au Port
  BENOIT MauderineFDaughterSingle 1914May7 Port au Port
PAGE 251                    
  BENOIT TheresaFDaughterSingle 1916Feb5 Port au Port
 266RYAN JosephMHead Married 1896Jan25 Port au Port
  RYAN StellaFWife Married 1901Mar20 Port Saunders
  RYAN NellieFDaughterSingle 1918Aug3 Port Saunders
  RYAN PeterMSon Single 1921Feb8M St. George's
247267LYNTHORNE ArchMHead Married 1885Nov36 St. Anthony
  LYNTHORNE EmmaFWife Married 1883Nov34 St. George's
  LYNTHORNE ChasMSon Single 1906Oct14 St. George's
  LYNTHORNE JessieFDaughterSingle 1908Dec12 St. George's
  LYNTHORNE VioletFDaughterSingle 1911Jan10 St. George's
  LYNTHORNE HaroldMSon Single 1913April8 St. George's
  LYNTHORNE ChesleyMSon Single 1916Feb5 St. George's
  LYNTHORNE SamuelMSon Single 1917Feb4 St. George's
  LYNTHORNE IdaFDaughterSingle 1921Feb8M St. George's
248268MERCER JohnMHead Married 1856Dec65 Kelligrews
  MERCER MaryFWife Married 1874April47 Kelligrews
  MERCER AlbertMSon Single 1899Feb22 St. George's
  MERCER SadieFDaughterSingle 1899Feb22 St. George's
  MERCER JaneFDaughterSingle 1901Oct20 St. George's
  MERCER JamesMSon Single 1906Sept15 St. George's
  MERCER MaryFDaughterSingle 1915Aug6 St. George's
249269TULK RalphMHead Married 1894Dec26 Musgrave Fogo
  TULK WinifredFWife Married 1898Feb23 St. George's
250270VINCENT WilliamMHead Married 1867Aug54 Main River
  VINCENT MaryFWife Married 1878Aug43 Sandy Point
  VINCENT ArthurMSon Single 1896June25 Sandy Point
  VINCENT HowardMSon Single 1901Dec19 St. George's
  VINCENT BellaFDaughterSingle 1903Nov17 St. George's
  VINCENT HaywardMSon Single 1906May15 St. George's
  VINCENT GussieMSon Single 1909Sept12 St. George's
  VINCENT VioletFDaughterSingle 1912May9 St. George's
  VINCENT CharlesMSon Single 1914June7 St. George's
  VINCENT RalphMSon Single 1915Sept6 St. George's
PAGE 252                    
  VINCENT MadelineFDaughterSingle 1918July3 St. George's
251271TULK ArchibaldMHead Married 1890Feb31 Ladle Cove Fogo
  TULK EvaFWife Married 1886July35 Lumsden Fogo
  TULK HarryMSon Single 1911Mar10 Millertown
  TULK CyrilMSon Single 1913Dec8 Millertown
  TULK GordonMSon Single 1915Feb6 St. George's
252272BENOIT JosephMHead Married 1890Oct30 Matts Point
  BENOIT MaryFWife Married 1897May24 Cape St. George
  BENOIT DavidMSon Single 1917Dec4 St. George's
  BENOIT GeneviveFDaughterSingle 1920June1 St. George's
253273BENOIT MeddyMHead Married 1886Dec35 Port au Port
  BENOIT MaryFWife Married 1896Mar25 Port au Port
  BENOIT JosephMSon Single 1914Nov7 Port au Port
  BENOIT WillieMSon Single 1916June5 Port au Port
  BENOIT AlbertMSon Single 1917Sept4 Port au Port
  BENOIT AloysiusMSon Single 1919Mar2 Port au Port
  BENOIT StanleyMSon Single 1920Aug1 Port au Port
254274HANDRIGAN EdwdMHead Married 1857Sep 60? Kilbride
  HANDRIGAN AmeliaFWife Married 1861Apr 50Tors Cove Ferryland
  HANDRIGAN WilliamMSon Single 1900Jan21 St. John's
  HANDRIGAN StellaFDaughterSingle 1905Nov15 St. George's
  HANDRIGAN BrideFDaughterSingle 1908May13 St. George's
  HANDRIGAN MargaretFDaughterSingle 1914Jan7 St. George's
  HANDRIGAN KathleenFDaughterSingle 1915Aug6 St. George's
255275RYAN MatthewMHead Married 1877Aug44 St. John's East
  RYAN ClariceFWife Married 1886Feb35 Matts Point
  RYAN EuniceFAdopted Daughter Single 1911Feb10 Matts Point
256276RENOUF JosephMHead Married 1876 No Entry 45 Sandy Point
  RENOUF MaryFWife Married 1897 No Entry 24Stephenville Crossing
  RENOUF MaggieFDaughterSingle 1916Oct4 St. George's
  RENOUF KathleenFDaughterSingle 1919May2 St. George's
257277BENOIT ThomasMHead Married 1876 No Entry 45 Burgeo
  BENOIT AnnieFWife Married 1881 No Entry40 Burgeo
PAGE 253                    
  BENOIT StephenMSon Single 1909May12 Burgeo
  BENOIT PaulMSon Single 1911June10 Burgeo
  BENOIT JamesMSon Single 1913Mar8 St. George's
  JOE JackMBrother in Law Single 1885June36 Burgeo
  BENNET EdwinMNot in Family Single 1863 No Entry58 St. George's
* Not in Family OK change Supervisor

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Cyril DuBourdieu, Kippens, NF, Canada
Wayne P. Bennett, Buchans, NF, Canada

Posted May 28, 1998

Updated July 10, 1999 by Bill Crant

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