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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Seal Cove,
Fortune Bay District
{168 Persons in 35 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (April 2006 by Don Tate)

This community and several others had the day of birth included. The pages were very difficult to read and the day of the month even harder. The dates posted on the page are the best interpretation of the entry on the original page. Any additional information is welcomed. Please feel free to send in your questions and I will check them out with the original pages to help make these pages more accurate. Thanks -- Don

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 247                  
1 1CONNOCK John MHead Married 1862 May 10th59 England
  CONNOCK Annie FWife Married 1851 Mar 4th 70 Hermitage
  2CONNOCK Frank MHead Married 1897 Jun 28th 24 Seal Cove
  CONNOCK Sarah FWife Married 1898 Dec 27th 23 Seal Cove
  CONNOCK John W. MSon Single 1918 Mar 29th 3 Seal Cove
2 3WELLS Robt MHead Married 1884 Jul 31st 37 Dawson's Cove
  WELLS Sarah FWife Married 1882 Sep 27th 38 Seal Cove
  WELLS Dora L. FDaughterSingle 1905 Sep 27th 15 Seal Cove
  WELLS Mary D. FDaughterSingle 1912 Nov 27th 9 Seal Cove
  WELLS Earnest MSon Single 1909 Dec 23rd 12 Seal Cove
  WELLS Ronald John M. MSon Single 1918 Nov 15th 3 Seal Cove
  WELLS Clarence G.MSon Single 1920 Jan 14th 1 Seal Cove
3 4SMITH William MHead Married 1882 Sep 5th 38 Seal Cove
  SMITH Sarah FWife Married 1879 Jun 5th 42 Crew Harbor
  SMITH Effie FDaughterSingle 1908 Aug 27th 12 Seal Cove
  SMITH George MSon Single 1910 Oct 18th 10 Seal Cove
4 5LOVELESS John (Morgan)MHead Married 1872 Jun 26th 49 Grole
  LOVELESS Annie FWife Married 1879 Jun 23rd 42 Grole
  LOVELESS MorganMSon Single 1902 Sep 6th 18 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS John MSon Single 1904 Oct 17th 16 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS ArthurMSon Single 1911 Jun 10th 10 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Alex MSon Single 1913 Jul 6th 8 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS SusannaFDaughterSingle 1908 Oct 11th 12 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS TryphenaFDaughterSingle 1918 Aug 20th 2 Seal Cove
5 6SMITH Job MHead Married 1883 May 13th 38 Seal Cove
  SMITH Jessie FWife Married 1876 Mar 19th 45 Fortune
  HICKMAN George AlbertMSson Single 1910 Nov 9th 11 Fortune
6 7LOVELESS WilliamMHead Married 1884 Dec 12th 36 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Sarah E.FWife Married 1883 Nov 19th 37 Hermitage
  LOVELESS Reginald FMSon Single 1908 Jun 24th 13 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Simeon H. MSon Single 1909 Sep 24th 11 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Eric MSon Single 1913 Oct 11th 7 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Robt B.MSon Single 1918 Mar 8th 3 Seal Cove
PAGE 248                  
  LOVELESS Maudie L.FDaughterSingle 1916 Dec 22nd 5 Seal Cove
  STICKLAND SarahF Servant Single No Entry No Entry 70? Grole
7 8LOVELESS James MHead Married 1896 Oct 19th 24 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Mary F MotherWidow 1851 Feb 19th 70 Pass Island
  LOVELESS Geo. R.M Brother Single 1893 Feb 17th 28 Seal Cove
  9LOVELESS JosephM HeadSingle 1881 Oct ? 39 Seal Cove
8 10LOVELESS WalterMHead Married 1893 Sep 12th 28 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Sarah FWife Married 1897 Jan 5th 24 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Maxwell HMSon Single 1918 May 23th 3 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS TryphenaFDaughterSingle 1920 Aug 28th 9m Seal Cove
9 11RIDEOUT Joseph MHead Married 1870 Jan 12th 51 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Dinah FWife Married 1880 Nov 11th 41Dawson's Cove
  RIDEOUT Myrtle FDaughterSingle 1905 Jul 14th 16Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Olive FDaughterSingle 1907 Aug 22nd13 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Wesley MSon Single 1909 Jun 5th 12 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT FreemanMSon Single 1912 Dec 10th 9 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Melton MSon Single 1916 Jul 4th 5 Seal Cove
10 12 MEAD John MHead Married 1872 Mar 24th 49 Grole
   MEAD Sarah FWife Married 1877 Nov 8th 44 Seal Cove
   MEAD Robert MSon Single 1907 Jun 10th 13 Seal Cove
   MEAD Wilfred MSon Single 1916 Oct 13th 4 Seal Cove
   MEAD Alma FDaughterSingle 1909 May 9th 11 Seal Cove
11 13LOVELESS John (Josiah)MHead Married 1896 Sep 19th 24 Harbor Breton
  LOVELESS MaggieFWife Married 1900 Aug 18th 20 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS JosiahMSon Single 1921 May 24th 3m Seal Cove
12 14LOVELESS William. (Josiah)MHead Married 1885 Jun 13th 36 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS BeatriceFWife Married 1897 Jul 16th 24 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Emma M.FDaughterSingle 1913 Sep 15th 7 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Olive FDaughterSingle 1916 Aug 23rd 5 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS MarthaFDaughterSingle 1920 Jun 19th 2m Seal Cove
  LOVELESS JosiahMSon Single 1919 Sep 29th ? 2 Seal Cove
  15LOVELESS Josiah Jr. MHead Married 1846 Apr 17th ? 74 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS MarthaFWife Married 1856 Sep 27th 64 Seal Cove
13 16LOVELESS Morgan (Jas/Jos) ? MHead Married 1886 Apr 28th 35 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Alice FWife Married 1887 Jul 12th 34 Grole
  LANGDOWN ChesleyM Cousin Single 1908 Aug 22nd 13 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Elsie FDaughterSingle 1912 Jun 9th 9 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS BridieFDaughterSingle 1919 Jun 6th 2 Seal Cove
14 17LANGDOWN WilliamMHead Married 1891 Jul 18th 30 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN Eliza FWife Married 1894 Jan 27th 26 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN FrancisFDaughterSingle 1916 May 23rd 5 Seal Cove
15 18BUNGY George MHead Married 1891 Jul 17th30 Seal Cove
  BUNGY Annie FWife Married 1894 May 18th 27 Hermitage
  BUNGY Violet FDaughterSingle 1914 May 28th 7 Seal Cove
  BUNGY Edith FDaughterSingle 1916 May 19th 5 Seal Cove
  BUNGY Blanche FDaughterSingle 1919 Jun 4th 2 Seal Cove
16 19RIDEOUT James (Robt.)MHead Married 1885 Jan 25th 36 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT CrissieFWife Married 1887 Sep 16th 34 Dawson's Cove
  RIDEOUT Cassie FDaughterSingle 1913 Feb 1st 8 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Bridie FDaughterSingle 1916 Jul 6th 5 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Cyril MSon Single 1919 Jan 4th 2 Seal Cove
  20RIDEOUT Esther FHeadWidow 1847 Sep 18th 74 Seal Cove
17 21BUNGY Cecil MHead Single 1902 Jan 10th 19 Seal Cove
  BUNGY Emma FMothWidow 1867 Dec 12th 12 Seal Cove
  BUNGY Alex MBrot Single 1905 Mar 17th 16 Seal Cove
  BUNGY Eva FNiec Single 1905 Mar 16th 16 Great Harbor
  LANGDOWN Sarah FGmotWidow 1837 Nov 15th 84 Seal Cove
18 22LANGDOWN JosephMHead Married 1877 Apr 2nd 44 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN Emma FWife Married 1877 Apr 15th 44 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN EdwardMSon Single 1900 Mar 11th 21 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN James MSon Single 1906 Jun 15th 15 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN GeorgeMSon Single 1908 Aug 23rd 12 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN AlbertMSon Single 1919 Dec 4th 1 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN TyrphinaFDaughterSingle 1902 Mar 6th 19 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN Sarah FDaughterSingle 1910 Mar 10th 10 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN Ethel FDaughterSingle 1914 Mar ? 18th 7 Seal Cove
PAGE 250                  
  LANGDOWN GladiceFDaughterSingle 1917 May 23rd 4 Seal Cove
19 23BUNGY James MHead Married 1888 Dec 23rd 33 Seal Cove
  BUNGY Flora B. FWife Married 1897 May 10th 24 Seal Cove
  BUNGY ArchibaldMSon Single 1918 Dec 7th 3 Seal Cove
20 24LOVELESS ArthurMHead Married 1884 Sep 29th 37 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Rose AnnaFWife Married 1891 Sep 30th30 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Mary G.FDaughterSingle 1911 Aug 29th 9 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Edward J.MSon Single 1914 Mar 9th 7 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Albert R.MSon Single 1918 Feb 4th 3 Seal Cove
21 25LOVELESS John (Jonas)MHead Married 1883 May 26th 38 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS AmeliaFWife Married 1884 May 6th 37 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Martha P.FDaughterSingle 1914 Aug 28th 7 Seal Cove
22 26RIDEOUT James (James)MHead Married 1863 Oct 28th 57 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT SusannaFWife Married 1864 Oct 10th 56 Seal Cove
  27LOVELESS Simeon (Jas)MHead Married 1890 Apr 4th 31 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Lydia FWife Married 1894 Oct 22nd 26 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS LeslieMSon Single 1916 Jun 17th 5 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS HaroldMSon Single 1919 Apr 15th 1 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Ivy FDaughterSingle 1918 Jul 9th 3 Seal Cove
23 28LOVELESS HerbertMHead Single 1897 Mar 9th 24 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS CharlieM Brother Single 1891 Jan 4th 30 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS SimeonM Brother Single 1887 Mar 9th 34 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS ElizabethF MotherWidow 1853 Nov 5th 67 Jersey Harbor
24 29FORSEY John A. MHead Single 1905 Dec 9th 16 Seal Cove
  FORSEY Harold M Brother Single 1910 Jun 20th11 Seal Cove
  FORSEY GertrudeF Sister Single 1914 Apr 14th 7 Seal Cove
  FORSEY CarolineF Sister Single 1899 Sep 15th 21 Seal Cove
  FORSEY Emma F MotherWidow 1863 Jan 26th 63 Seal Cove
  FORSEY Winnie F Mother (sic) Single 1907 May 24th14 Seal Cove
25 30LANGDOWN John MHead Married 1868 Feb 2nd 53 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN Fanny FWife Married 1872 Sep ? 49 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN James MSon Single 1893 Jun 11th 27 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN BertrumMSon Single 1900 Dec 16th 20 Seal Cove
PAGE 251                  
  LANGDOWN LawerenceMSon Single 1908 Oct 7th 12 Seal Cove
  LANGDOWN Mary F NeiceSingle 1902 May 7th 18 Seal Cove
26 31HARRIS Peter MHead Married 1881 Dec 9th 40 Great Harbor
  HARRIS Emily FWife Married 1884 Apr 15th 37 Grole
  HARRIS Robt. MSon Single 1908 Oct 20th 13 Southern Harbor
  HARRIS Andrew MSon Single 1910 Aug 22nd 10 Southern Harbor
  HARRIS Edgar MSon Single 1918 Sep 11th 2 Southern Harbor
  HARRIS Mary E. FDaughterSingle 1905 May 12th 6 Southern Harbor
27 32LOVELESS Simeon (Jas/Jos) ? MHead Married 1854 Dec 26th 65 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS MarthaFWife Married 1859 May 20th 62 Pass Island
  LOVELESS EdwardMSon Single 1897 Aug 11th 24 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Alex MSon Single 1904 Mar 19th 17 Seal Cove
  HARRIS Jane F Servant Single 1905 Oct 18th 16 Great Harbor
28 33RIDEOUT Morgan MHead Married 1867 Mar 12th 53 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Fanny FWife Married 1874 Jan 29th 47 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Flossie A.FDaughterSingle 1902 Jan 29th 19 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT John R.MSon Single 1895 Jul 29st 26 Seal Cove
  RIDEOUT Edward C.MSon Single 1903 Mar 6th 17 Seal Cove
29 34LOVELESS Joseph (Will)MHead Married 1867 Aug 5th 54 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Sarah FWife Married 1875 Sep 9th 45 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Maud FDaughterSingle 1905 Dec 15th 16Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Pearl FDaughterSingle 1907 Sep 1st 14 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS Winnifred W. FDaughterSingle 1913 Dec 1st 8 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS StanleyMSon Single 1908 May 31st 13 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS William G.MSon Single 1917 Sep 23rd 3 Seal Cove
30 35FORSEY John (John)MHead Married 1866 Sep 27th 55 Fortune
  FORSEY MariaFWife Married 1873 Dec 3rd 48 Pass Island
  FORSEY Arthur MSon Single 1899 Apr 15th 22 Billy's Point
  FORSEY Marry MSon Single 1901 Mar 15th 20 Billy's Point
  FORSEY Freeman MSon Single 1903 Jun 17th 18Billy's Point
  FORSEY John W. MSon Single 1906 Mar 7th 15 Billy's Point
  FORSEY Fred MSon Single 1918 Jan 11th 3 Billy's Point
31 36LOVELESS John (Will)MHead Married 1873 Sep 2nd 47 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS MarthaFWife Married 1884 Sep 17th 36 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS John W.MSon Single 1915 Oct 6th 5 Seal Cove
  LOVELESS BessieMSon Single 1912 Dec 15th 8 Seal Cove

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Bill Crant, Elmsdale, NS, Canada

Posted Feb. 16, 1999

Verified to Original Pages (April 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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