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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Sandy Point,
Bay St. George District
{461 Persons in 83 Households}

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Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 225                    
348 382 YOUNG John HMHead Married 1861Feb60 Fishells
  YOUNG EllenFWife Married 1863 Jan 58 Sandy Point
  383 YOUNG JohnMHead Married 1886Sept35 Sandy Point
  YOUNG MaryFWife Married 1889Aug32 Stephenville
  YOUNG AlbertMSon Single 1920Nov1 Sandy Point
  PREJOHN JohnMBoarder Widower 1843 No Entry 78 France
349 384 SHEPPARD MeddyMHead Married 1871April50 Sandy Point
  SHEPPARD AnnieFWife Married 1876Aug45 Bay of Islands
  SHEPPARD JosephMSon Single 1905July16 Sandy Point
  SHEPPARD EdwardMSon Single 1907Oct14 Sandy Point
  SHEPPARD AgnesFDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 Sandy Point
  SHEPPARD MederickMSon Single 1912Nov8 Sandy Point
  SHEPPARD AustinMSon Single 1914Nov6 Sandy Point
  SHEPPARD AlbertMSon Single 1917July4 Sandy Point
350 385 BARRY WilliamMHead Married 1846Oct74 Sandy Point
  BARRY SelinaFWife Married 1856Sept65 Bay Islands
  BARRY JohnMGrand SonSingle 1907Nov13 S Point
  YOUNG MaggieFAuntWidow1837May84 Burgeo
  386 (sic) BARRY DavidMHead Married 1899Mar22 Sandy Point
  BARRY AgnesFWife Married 1898Oct22 Boswarlas
351 386 (sic) YOUNG AdelaideFHeadWidow1862Sept59 Sandy Point
  387 YOUNG MichealMHead Married 1879Mar42 Sandy Point
  YOUNG EthelFWife Married 1898April23 Flat Bay
  YOUNG Annie DFDaughterSingle 1916May5 Sandy Point
  YOUNG Charles A MSon Single 1918Oct2 Sandy Point
  YOUNG CelestinaFDaughterSingle 1920April1 Sandy Point
  YOUNG GertrudeFCousinSingle 1909Jan12 Sandy Point
352 388 YOUNG John AMHead Married 1868 No Entry 53 Sandy Point
  YOUNG MaryFWife Married 1871 No Entry 50 Matts Point
  YOUNG JohnMSon Single 1901Mar20 Matts Point
  YOUNG SusanFDaughterSingle 1908July13 Matts Point
  YOUNG Mary MF Daughter Single 1915July6 Sandy Point
  YOUNG Charles A MSon Single 1916July5 Sandy Point
PAGE 226                    
  YOUNG GeorgeMSon Single 1918July3 Sandy Point
353 389HALBOT HenryMHead Married 1877 Jan44 Sandy Point
  HALBOT LucyFWife Married 1889Jan33 St. Georges
  HALBOT MaggieFDaughterSingle 1904Feb17 Sandy Point
  HALBOT EvelynFDaughterSingle 1905April16 Sandy Point
  HALBOT ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1910July11 Sandy Point
  HALBOT AngelinaFDaughterSingle 1913 June8 Sandy Point
  HALBOT ErnestMSon Single 1915May6 Sandy Point
  HALBOT HenryMSon Single 1917Oct3 Sandy Point
354 390DUHART AdolphMHead Married 1873Mar48 Bank Head
  DUHART MaggieFWife Married 1853Dec67 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN AlfredM Step Grand SonSingle 1912April9 Sandy Point
355 391LIZZIGAN AlfredMHead Married 1878Oct42 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN MaryFWife Married 1880 June41 Exploits
  LIZZIGAN JosephMSon Single 1904July17 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN Tim AMSon Single 1906Aug15 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN ClementMSon Single 1910May11 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN AdolphMSon Single 1913June8 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN ArthurMSon Single 1915Sept6 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN DavidMSon Single 1918Feb 3 Sandy Point
  392LIZZIGAN WilliamMHead Married 1901Jan20 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN VioletFWife Married 1901July20 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN MartinMSon Single 1921Feb7M Sandy Point
356 393YOUNG ThomasMHead Married 1871 No Entry 50 Sandy Point
  YOUNG AnnieFWife Married 1870 No Entry 51 Port aux Basques
  YOUNG JaneFDaughterSingle 1902June19 Sandy Point
  YOUNG WillieMSon Single 1906Sept15 Sandy Point
  YOUNG CharlesMSon Single 1909May12 Sandy Point
  YOUNG ViolaFDaughterSingle 1913Oct8 Sandy Point
PAGE 227                    
357 394PERRIER FredMHead Married 1864Dec56 Sandy Point
  PERRIER TrisaFWife Married 1866Sept55 Sandy Point
  PERRIER EuniceFDaughterSingle 1903Oct17 Sandy Point
  BOYDEN DoraFGrand Daughter Single 1913Dec7 Sandy Point
358 395YOUNG FrancesMHead Married 1886June35 Sandy Point
  YOUNG ElizabethFWife Married 1897Aug24 Xing
  YOUNG MarjorieFDaughterSingle 1917June4 Sandy Point
  YOUNG Annie MF Daughter Single 1919May2 Sandy Point
359 396COLSON WilliamMHead Married 1856 No Entry 65 Norway 1890
  COLSON RosieFWife Married 1860 No Entry 61 Little Bay
  COLSON EdwardMSon Single 1899 No Entry 22 Sandy Point
  COLSON RalphMSon Single 1901 No Entry 20 Sandy Point
  397COLSON PeterMHead Married 1897July24 Sandy Point
  COLSON BeatriceFWife Married 1897May 24Fortune Bay
  COLSON EdwardMSon Single 1917Dec3 Sandy Point
  COLSON PeterMSon Single 1919July2 Sandy Point
  COLSON No Entry MSon Single 1921Aug3W Sandy Point
360 398GARINER HannahFHeadWidow1866Feb55 Sandy Point
361 399GALLANT SandyMHead Widower 1866Feb55 Sandy Point
  400LIZZIGAN John EMHead Married 1883Mar38 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN AdaFWife Married 1897Sept 24 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN Mary M. FDaughterSingle 1917 June 4 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN TheresaFDaughterSingle 1919 June 2 Sandy Point
  LIZZIGAN LauraFDaughterSingle 1910April11 Sandy Point
362 401CASHIN ArthurMHead Married 1867Sept54 Sandy Point
  CASHIN TheresaFWife Married 1885Dec35 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE BramwellMStep SonSingle 1913Mar8 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE ChesleyFStep SonSingle 1914July7 Sandy Point
  CASHIN No EntryFDaughterSingle 1921Sept1D Sandy Point
363 402GARINER AlbertMHead Married 1861Sept60 Sandy Point
  GARINER MercyFWife Married 1860June61 Bay Islands
  GARINER AustinMSon Single 1904Jan17 Sandy Point
  SWYRES JohnMHead Married 1891Jan30 Sandy Point
PAGE 228                    
  SWYRES AdaFWife Married 1892 Apr29 Sandy Point
  SWYRES AlbertMSon Single 1818Sept3 Sandy Point
  SWYRES AlphonsusMSon Single 1820Dec 9 M Sandy Point
364 404GARNIER FrankMHead Married 1856Aug65 Sandy Point
  GARNIER FloriceFWife Married 1861May60 St. Georges
  BENOIT GeraldMGrand SonSingle 1905Mar16 Sandy Point
365 405HIRST Edward C. MHead Married 1847 Apr74No Entry
  HIRST FannyFWife Married 1856Dec65 Hr. Grace
  HIRST HildaFDaughterSingle 1894Dec27 S Point
  406TEMPLE John V. MHead Married 1894Feb27 S Point
  TEMPLE EvelynFWife Married 1892Sept29 S Point
  TEMPLE AlgarMSon Single 1917Sept 4 S Point
366 407SHIRES FrederickMHead Married 1865 Oct56 England
  SHIRES HenriettaFWife Married 1878Feb43 Sandy Point
  SHIRES FlorenceFDaughterSingle 1903Aug18 Sandy Point
  SHIRES ArthurMSon Single 1905Sept16 Sandy Point
  SHIRES IdaFDaughterSingle 1910Dec10 Sandy Point
367 408TILLEY AbramMHead Married 1874April47 Killigrews
  TILLEY MaryFWife Married 1875Sept46 Robinsons
  TILLEY GordonMSon Single 1899Sept22 Robinsons
  TILLEY W. ChesterMSon Single 1906June15 Robinsons
  TILLEY Minnie AFDaughterSingle 1909Dec 12Robinsons
  TILLEY JoyceFDaughterSingle 1911 Jan10 Sandy Point
  TILLEY EffieFDaughterSingle 1913Mar8 Sandy Point
  TILLEY IdaFDaughterSingle 1915July6 Sandy Point
368 409KEATING JohnMHead Married 1851May70 Channel
  KEATING RosanaFWife Married 1861Aug60 Sandy Point
  410GARNIER JosephMHead Married 1889Sept32 Sandy Point
  GARNIER AnnieFWife Married 1895Sept26 Sandy Point
369 411DUPHNAIS MariaFHeadWidow1863April58 Sandy Point
  DUPHNAIS JohnMSon Single 1893Dec 28Sandy Point
370 412PIEROWAY FrankMHead Married 1892Jan29 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY Ulrica?FWife Married 1894July27 Sandy Point
PAGE 229                    
  PIEROWAY Albert MSon Single 1916Aug5 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY EdwardMSon Single 1917Aug4 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY VeraFDaughterSingle 1919Sept2 Sandy Point
371 413FORWARD Frank LMHead Married 1874April47 Burgeo
  FORWARD MyraFWife Married 1894July27 Bay Roberts
  FORWARD Frank LMSon Single 1916May5 Sandy Point
  FORWARD Augustus LMSon Single 1918Feb 3 Sandy Point
  FORWARD OlgaFDaughterSingle 1920Feb 1 Sandy Point
  PARSONS EdithFServant Single 1905April16 Sandy Point
372 414MESSERVEY AlexanderMHead Married 1863Nov57 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY TheresaFWife Married 1887July34 Matts Point
  MESSERVEY MaryFDaughterSingle 1908Nov12 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY RichardMSon Single 1910Dec10 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY WallaceMSon Single 1913May8 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY SamMSon Single 1918May3 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY ChesleyMSon Single 1919Sept2 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY IdaFDaughterSingle 1921Feb6M Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY JaneFMotherWidow1836Oct84 Sandy Point
373 415MESSERVEY GeorgeMHead Married 1860Aug61 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY SarahFWife Married 1860May61 Fortune Bay
  MESSERVEY WillisMSon Single 1897Oct23 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY ArthurMSon Single 1903May18 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY AlbertMSon Single 1903May18 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY GeorgieFDaughterSingle 1995July26 Sandy Point
374 416PIEROWAY JosephMHead Married 1860Feb61 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY MaryFWife Married 1864Dec56 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY HazelFDaughterSingle 1903Aug18 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY HenryMSon Single 1904Jan17 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY CharlesMSon Single 1906June15 Sandy Point
375 417BERRY ReginaldMHead Married 1887April34 St. John's
  BERRY AmeliaFWife Married 1890Aug31 St. Georges
  BERRY LeslieMSon Single 1909Aug12 Sandy Point
  BERRY CadellaFDaughterSingle 1910July11 Sandy Point
PAGE 230                    
  BERRY PercyMSon Single 1912Mar9 Sandy Point
  BERRY RaymondMSon Single 1914July7 Sandy Point
  BERRY ElwinMSon Single 1916July5 Sandy Point
  BERRY LillyFDaughterSingle 1917Nov3 Sandy Point
  BERRIE FlorrieFDaughterSingle 1920Mar1 Sandy Point
  BARRY Alice MaudFMotherWidow1865May56 Sandy Point
376 418MESSERVEY MillageMHead Married 1874June47 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY Fanny G FWife Married 1877May44 Hr. Grace
  MESSERVEY CharlesMSon Single 1899June22 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY Elwin CMSon Single 1901Nov20 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY AlbertMSon Single 1902Oct18 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY FredMSon Single 1903Nov17 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY Amy GFDaughterSingle 1906Feb15 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY RexMSon Single 1911May10 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY VinneyFDaughterSingle 1913Nov7 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY EnaFDaughterSingle 1915July6 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY TrixieFDaughterSingle 1915July6 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY RetaFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY GordonMSon Single 1919Nov1 Sandy Point
377 419RENOUF AlfredMHead Married 1875Feb46 Cape St. George
  RENOUF SusanFWife Married 1883 No Entry35 Rattling Brook
  RENOUF TheresaFDaughterSingle 1902Oct18 Sandy Point
  RENOUF EdithFDaughterSingle 1904 No Entry 17 Sandy Point
  RENOUF MaryFDaughterSingle 1906Jan15 Sandy Point
  RENOUF ViolaFDaughterSingle 1909Oct11 Sandy Point
  RENOUF GertieFDaughterSingle 1912June9 Sandy Point
  RENOUF ReginaFDaughterSingle 1915April6 Sandy Point
  RENOUF WillieMSon Single 1917May4 Sandy Point
  RENOUF VenitiaFDaughterSingle 1920June1 Sandy Point
  RENOUF JuliaFMotherWidow1857April64 Main River
378 420HALBOT AdolphMHead Married 1859May62 Sandy Point
  HALBOT MaryFWife Married 1867Dec53 Placentia Bay
  HALBOT IsidoreFDaughterSingle 1898Jan23 Sandy Point
PAGE 231                    
  HALBOT ModestFDaughterSingle 1991July20 Sandy Point
  HALBOT EdwardMSon Single 1903May18 Sandy Point
  HALBOT AlfredMSon Single 1906April15 Sandy Point
  HALBOT AdolphMSon Single 1907May14 Sandy Point
  HALBOT MaryFDaughterSingle 1911Sept10 Sandy Point
379 421HALBOT KathleenFHeadWidow1863Aug58 Sandy Point
  HALBOT ArthurMSon Single 1897Oct23 Sandy Point
  HALBOT SauraFDaughterSingle 1907Sept14 Sandy Point
380 422SEAWARD IreneFHeadWidow1856April65 Sandy Point
  SEAWARD RufusMSon Single 1876July45 Sandy Point
  SEAWARD CharlesMSon Single 1891Feb30 Sandy Point
  423SEAWARD WilliamMHead Married 1889May42 Sandy Point
  SEAWARD PhebeFWife Married 1891Mar30 Bay Islands
  SEAWARD DorothyFDaughterSingle 1913June8 Sandy Point
  SEAWARD S DanfordMSon Single 1916Feb 5 Sandy Point
  SEAWARD EileenFDaughterSingle 1918April3 Sandy Point
381 424MESSERVEY JaneFHeadWidow1879Dec51 St. Georges
  MESSERVEY BenjaminMSon Single 1901Nov19 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY HerbertMSon Single 1907 Nov14 Sandy Point
382 425SWYRES FrankMHead Married 1883Aug38 Sandy Point
  SWYRES IreneFWife Married 1893Sept28 Sandy Point
  SWYRES DorcasFDaughterSingle 1919May2 Sandy Point
383 426VINCENT CharlesMHead Married 1878Aug43 Sandy Point
  VINCENT JessieFWife Married 1880Sept41 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY CarrieF Adopted Daughter Single 1907Feb14 Sandy Point
384 427Mc FATRIDGE DanMHead Married 1880Oct40 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE StellaFWife Married 1889Mar32 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE DollinaFDaughterSingle 1909Aug12 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE AlmaFDaughterSingle 1914June7 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE MinnieFDaughterSingle 1917June4 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE GlendonMSon Single 1919Oct 11 M Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE SybilFNeice Single 1900Oct20 Sandy Point
385 428BOYDEN RoseFHeadWidow1865Oct55 St. John's
PAGE 232                    
  BOYDEN DelphiMSon Single 1902July18 Sandy Point
386 429SHAW JosephMHead Married 1881 No Entry 40 Sandy Point
  SHAW JaneFWife Married 1898 No Entry 23 Robinsons
  SHAW CharlesMSon Single 1913 No Entry 8 Sandy Point
  SHAW GeorgeMSon Single 1919 No Entry 2 Sandy Point
387 430PARSONS JamesMHead Married 1865Aug56 Sandy Point
  PARSONS MaryFWife Married 1862Dec59 Sandy Point
388 431BAMFIELD William JamesMHead Widower 1863July58 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD CharlesMSon Single 1900Sept21 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD EvelynFDaughterSingle 1904Jan17 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD HiliardMSon Single 1907Oct14 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD AdaFDaughterSingle 1910Jan11 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD IsraelMSon Single 1912May9 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD FillatreMSon Single 1915Mar6 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD NoraFDaughterSingle 1917Jan 4 Sandy Point
389 432BUTLER E A (Rev)MHead Married 1872Mar49 Kelligrews
  BUTLER CarolineFWife Married 1876Oct44 Betts Cove NDB
  BUTLER Molly E. FDaughterSingle 1902July19 Fogo
  BUTLER Jean EFDaughterSingle 1904Oct16 Fogo
  BUTLER TempleMSon Single 1908Feb13 Fogo
  BUTLER WilliamMSon Single 1910July11 Fogo
  BUTLER VincentMSon Single 1911Nov9 Sandy Point
  BUTLER JohnMSon Single 1917Feb 4 Sandy Point
  BUTLER ClareFDaughterSingle 1919July2 Sandy Point
PAGE 238                    
  TEMPLE HannahFMother in LawWidow1852 No Entry 69 England 1873
PAGE 232 Continued                  
390 433RENOUF SusanaFHeadWidow1855July66 No Entry
  SWYRES MargaretFDaughterWidow1877Sept44 Sandy Point
  SWYRES CassieFGrand DaughterSingle 1905Dec15 Sandy Point
  SWYRES PercyMGrand SonSingle 1909July12 Sandy Point
391 434GOODLAND GeorgeMHeadWidow1857Aug64 Bonavista
  GOODLAND ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1890Mar31 Sandy Point
  GOODLAND CharlesMSon Single 1897Aug24 Sandy Point
392 435PARSONS George HMHead Married 1870Sept51 Sandy Point
  PARSONS Adelade AFWife Married 1854Sept67 Sandy Point
  436PARSONS ErnestMHead Married 1891Aug30 Sandy Point
PAGE 233                    
  PARSONS Alice MF Wife Married 1899 Jan22 Sandy Point
  PARSONS ArnoldMSon Single 1921Jan8M Sandy Point
393 437PARSONS JohnMHead Married 1854July67 Sandy Point
  PARSONS Elizabeth J. FWife Married 1866Mar55 Sandy Point
  PARSONS EdmundMSon Single 1898Aug23 Sandy Point
  PARSONS AlexandriaFDaughterSingle 1902Jan19 Sandy Point
394 438CHINN GeorgeMHead Married 1868Dec52 Sandy Point
  CHINN MatildaFWife Married 1878June43 Sandy Point
  CHINN CharlesMSon Single 1910April11 Sandy Point
  CHINN HaywardMSon Single 1915Oct5 Sandy Point
395 439SWYRES MaryFHeadWidow1861Dec59 Sandy Point
  THOMAS PaulMBrother Widower 1859July62 Sandy Point
396 440SWYRES JosephMHead Married 1881Aug40 Seal Cove
  SWYRES CatherineFWife Married 1886June35 Rattling Brook
  SWYRES NormanMSon Single 1905July16 Sandy Point
  SWYRES MayFDaughterSingle 1907July14 Sandy Point
  SWYRES ChesleyMSon Single 1911Dec10 Sandy Point
  SWYRES DouglasMSon Single 1914Dec6 Sandy Point
  SWYRES Mac.MSon Single 1917Jan 4 Sandy Point
  SWYRES AnnieFDaughterSingle 1920April1 Sandy Point
397 441CHINN Ulric ? MHead Married 1872Nov48 Sandy Point
  CHINN JaneFWife Married 1882Mar39 St. John's
  CHINN JohnMSon Single 1905 June16 Sandy Point
  CHINN HerbertMSon Single 1907Feb14 Sandy Point
  CHINN HermainMSon Single 1909July12 Sandy Point
  CHINN WhilimenaFDaughterSingle 1910Oct10 Sandy Point
  CHINN LilaFDaughterSingle 1913Feb 8 Sandy Point
  CHINN AnnieeFDaughterSingle 1914Feb 7 Sandy Point
  CHINN WallaceMSon Single 1915Oct5 Sandy Point
  CHINN GarfieldMSon Single 1919Jan 2 Sandy Point
  CHINN IsabellaFDaughterSingle 1921Aug1M Sandy Point
398 442HYNES SamuelMHead Married 1864Oct56 Sandy Point
  HYNES BeatriceFWife Married 1868Oct52 No Entry
PAGE 234                    
  HYNES StanleyMSon Single 1895Feb26 Sandy Point
  HYNES RuthFDaughterSingle 1901Aug20 Sandy Point
  HYNES FrankMSon Single 1903Feb18 Sandy Point
  HYNES EdithFDaughterSingle 1906Feb15 Sandy Point
  HYNES OliveFDaughterSingle 1908Jan13 Sandy Point
  HYNES AlmaFDaughterSingle 1911Jan10 Sandy Point
399 443FILLATRE FrancisMHead Single 1883Aug38 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE GilbertMBrother Single 1888 May33 Sandy Point
400 444FILLATRE WilliamMHead Married 1873Nov48 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE IreneFWife Married 1875June46 Codroy
  FILLATRE HerbertMSon Single 1903 Nov18 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE RubyFDaughterSingle 1904May17 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE SybilFDaughterSingle 1906Mar15 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE FaithFDaughterSingle 1908May13 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE CyrilMSon Single 1912Feb 9 Sandy Point
  FILLATRE CharlesMSon Single 1916May5 Sandy Point
  KENDALL JohnMFather in Law Widower 1843Aug78 Hermitage Bay
401 445SWYRES SamuelMHead Married 1872Aug49 Sandy Point
  SWYRES JaneFWife Married 1889April32 Robinsons
  SWYRES GwendolynFDaughterSingle 1915Dec5 Robinsons
  SWYRES JamesMSon Single 1919Sept2 Robinsons
402 446SWYRES HaroldMHead Married 1891 No Entry30 Sandy Point
  SWYRES MaudFWife Married 1899 No Entry22 Sandy Point
  SWYRES SusanFMotherWidow1856 No Entry 65 Sandy Point
403 447PENNELL SusanFHeadWidow1864Sept57 Robinsons
  PENNELL CharlesMSon Single 1885Dec35 Sandy Point
  PENNELL BertieMSon Single 1893Sept28 Sandy Point
  PENNELL CarrieFDaughterSingle 1898Sept23 Sandy Point
  PEIROWAY CharlesM Adopted Son Single 1909Mar12 Sandy Point
404 448SWYRES BennettMHead Married 1877Oct43 Sandy Point
  SWYRES KateFWife Married 1896June25 Robinsons
  SWYRES DanMSon Single 1905June16 Sandy Point
  SWYRES HaywardMSon Single 1906Nov14 Sandy Point
PAGE 235                    
  SWYRES CharlesMSon Single 1916Nov5 Sandy Point
  SWYRES LizzieFDaughterSingle 1917Nov3 Sandy Point
  SWYRES HerbertMSon Single 1919Jan 2 Sandy Point
405 449HULAN WhilougbyMHead Married 1888Aug33 Robinsons
  HULAN LauraFWife Married 1894Sept27 Sandy Point
  HULAN MancellaFDaughterSingle 1914Nov6 Sandy Point
406 450PARSONS John EMHead Married 1853Dec67 Sandy Point
  PARSONS ElizabethFWife Married 1871Aug50 Sandy Point
  PARSONS DanMSon Single 1903June18 Sandy Point
  PARSONS MarjorieFDaughterSingle 1909May12 Sandy Point
  PARSONS LizzieFDaughterSingle 1913Feb 8 Sandy Point
407 451Mc LEAN BennettMHead Married 1872June 49 St. Georges
  Mc LEAN MaudFWife Married 1886May35 St. John's
  Mc LEAN Lochlin ? MSon Single 1907April14 Sandy Point
  Mc LEAN DanMSon Single 1911Sept10 Sandy Point
  Mc LEAN WinstonMSon Single 1912April9 Sandy Point
  Mc LEAN OtisMSon Single 1919July2 Sandy Point
  Mc LEAN LauraFDaughterSingle 1914Aug7 Sandy Point
  Mc LEAN AnnieFDaughterSingle 1916June5 Sandy Point
  Mc LEAN No EntryMSon Single 1921Aug2W Sandy Point
408 452PARSONS EdmundMHead Married 1857 No Entry64 Sandy Point
409 453BAMFIELD JosephMHead Married 1871Aug 53Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD Martha J. FWife Married 1877Dec43 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD GeorgeMSonWidow1897Jan24 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD RoyMSon Single 1901Feb20 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD BessieFDaughterSingle 1911May11 Sandy Point
  BAMFIELD MayFDaughterSingle 1912April9 Sandy Point
410 454RENOUF JohnMHead Married 1855Oct65 Sandy Point
  RENOUF ElizabethFWife Married 1858Oct62 Robinsons
  PIEROWAY MableFGrand DaughterSingle 1906July15 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY AnnieFGrand DaughterSingle 1913Mar8 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY RonaldMGrand SonSingle 1915Aug6 Sandy Point
411 455RENOUF EdwinMHead Married 1898Jan23 Sandy Point
PAGE 236                    
  RENOUF MildredFWife Married 1901Nov19 Sandy Point
  RENOUF RetaFDaughterSingle 1919Feb 2 Sandy Point
411 (sic) 456SWYRES WalterMHead Married 1864 No Entry 57 Sandy Point
  SWYRES AdaFWife Married 1878 No Entry 43 Sandy Point
  SWYRES EdwdMSon Single 1904 No Entry 17 Sandy Point
  SWYRES MillyFDaughterSingle 1905 No Entry 16 Sandy Point
  SWYRES HagelFDaughterSingle 1910 No Entry 11 Sandy Point
  SWYRES VerenaFDaughterSingle 1917 No Entry 4 Sandy Point
  HUNT GeorgeMFather in Law Widower 1841 No Entry 70 Stephenville
412 457Mc FATRIDGE HenryMHead Married 1867Dec53 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE JaneFWife Married 1879Aug 52 Robinsons
  Mc FATRIDGE MaryFDaughterSingle 1898Feb23 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1900April21 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE DoraFDaughterSingle 1903July18 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE EdithFDaughterSingle 1906Dec14 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE EdwardMSon Single 1908May12 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE ChesleyMSon Single 1912Aug9 Sandy Point
  Mc FATRIDGE SamuelMBrother Single 1876Jan45 Sandy Point
413 458RENOUF PhilipMHead Married 1843Feb78 Sandy Point
  RENOUF RosanaFWife Married 1851Aug70 Sandy Point
  459RENOUF AlbertMHead Married 1890April31 Sandy Point
  RENOUF LauraFWife Married 1895Jan26 Sandy Point
  RENOUF MargaretFDaughterSingle 1918Oct2 Sandy Point
414 460PARSONS CharlesMHead Married 1876 Mar 51 Sandy Point
  PARSONS ClaraFWife Married 1874June47 Sandy Point
  PARSONS WalterMSon Single 1895May26 Sandy Point
  PARSONS HaroldMSon Single 1897July24 Sandy Point
  PARSONS HaywardMSon Single 1900April21 Sandy Point
  PARSONS FrancesFDaughterSingle 1905Feb16 Sandy Point
  PARSONS GordonMSon Single 1908 May13 Sandy Point
  PARSONS WarrenMSon Single 1911 June10 Sandy Point
  PARSONS AinnieFDaughterSingle 1914Mar7 Sandy Point
PAGE 237                    
415 461PARSONS WallaceMHead Married 1874Feb47 Sandy Point
  PARSONS JosephineFWife Married 1876Dec45 Sandy Point
  PARSONS Edwd LMSon Single 1907Oct13 Sandy Point
  PARSONS KathleenFDaughterSingle 1910June11 Sandy Point
  PARSONS IdaFDaughterSingle 1912Dec8 Sandy Point
  PARSONS AdaFDaughterSingle 1914Oct6 Sandy Point
  PARSONS JeanFDaughterSingle 1917Aug4 Sandy Point
416 462PIEROWAY AlfredMHead Married 1865Nov55 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY JosephineFWife Married 1866Feb55 Placentia
  PIEROWAY StellaFDaughterSingle 1895Sept26 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY GraceFDaughterSingle 1896Dec24 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY BerthaFDaughterSingle 1899June22 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY AldaFDaughterSingle 1904June17 Sandy Point
417 463MESSERVEY AlfredMHead Widower 1863Sept 58Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY EdithFDaughterSingle 1897Sept24 Sandy Point
418 464MESSERVEY Niron ? MHead Married 1865Nov55 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY BeatriceFWife Married 1869Oct51 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY WalterMSon Single 1894Feb27 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY ArthurMSon Single 1899Feb22 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY MorganMSon Single 1902Mar19 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY JohnMSon Single 1904Oct16 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY CarrieFDaughterSingle 1908June13 Sandy Point
419 465PARSONS LouisMHead Married 1866Jan55 Sandy Point
  PARSONS Jane AFWife Married 1868Aug53 Sandy Point
  PARSONS FredMSon Single 1896Aug25 Sandy Point
420 466LATHMAN JohnMHead Married 1881 No Entry 40 Sandy Point
  LATHMAN TheresaFWife Married 1883 No Entry 38 Placentia
421 467BOYDEN LyleMHead Married 1886Sept35 Sandy Point
  BOYDEN MaryFWife Married 1892Mar29 Sandy Point
  BOYDEN RoyMSon Single 1911Oct9 Sandy Point
  BOYDEN IdaFDaughterSingle 1915Sept6 Sandy Point
  BOYDEN AngusMSon Single 1916Oct4 Sandy Point
422 468Le ROUX RalphMHead Married 1885Jan36 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX Etta ? FWife Married 1885Jan36 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX FrancesFDaughterSingle 1905June16 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX JosephineFDaughterSingle 1907Feb14 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX EthelFDaughterSingle 1909Jan12 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX AdaFDaughterSingle 1913May8 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX GordonMSon Single 1920Nov9M Sandy Point
423 469MESSERVEY HerbertMHead Married 1887April34 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY WinnieFWife Married 1892Nov29 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY AgathaFDaughterSingle 1913Dec7 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY MurielFDaughterSingle 1915Sept6 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY CliftonMSon Single 1917Jan 4 Sandy Point
  MESSERVEY HenriettaFDaughterSingle 1919Nov1 Sandy Point
  PIEROWAY WalterM Adopted Son Single 1903Dec17 Sandy Point
424 470NICOLLE Albert WMHead Married 1865 No Entry 56 No Entry
  NICOLLE Mrs A W ? FWife Married 1869 No Entry 52 No Entry
  NICOLLE WalterMSon Single 1901 No Entry 20 No Entry
425 471ALEXANDER OliverMHead Widower 1853Mar68 Sandy Point
NOTE: The following two families were added over the Supervisor's Signature at a later date in the census process.
427 477RENOUF John RMHead Married 1876Nov45 Sandy Point
  RENOUF MaudFWife Married 1877Nov44 Sandy Point
  RENOUF GeraldMSon Single 1905Oct16 Sandy Point
  RENOUF AdaFDaughterSingle 1907Nov14 Sandy Point
  RENOUF SybilFDaughterSingle 1911Dec10 Sandy Point
  RENOUF BenjaminMSon Single 1914Jan 7 Sandy Point
  RENOUF HaroldMSon Single 1917June4 Sandy Point
428 478Le ROUX WilfredMHead Married 1872Feb49 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX AlberthaFWife Married 1875Dec46 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX WilfredaFDaughterSingle 1897Oct24 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX HildaFDaughterSingle 1902Aug19 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX EdwardMSon Single 1904June17 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX MaudFDaughterSingle 1906Oct15 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX JessieFDaughterSingle 1909Aug12 Sandy Point
  Le ROUX BessieFDaughterSingle 1913Dec8 Sandy Point

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Brian Duffy Jr., Kippens, NF, Canada

Posted Posted 2 June, 1998

Updated July 10, 1999 by Bill Crant

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

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