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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Burin District)
{126 Persons in 25 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (February 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 159                    
1 1 BUTLER Hannagh FHeadWidow1851 May 70 Burin
  BUTLER Edith FDaughterSingle1890 Aug 31 Burin
  BUTLER Lillian FDaughterSingle1896 Jun 25 Burin
  BUTLER John MSonSingle1899 Sep 21 Burin
  JOYCE Julia FVisitorWidow 1847 Oct 73 Burin
2 2 BUTLER Hanigas FHeadWidow1887 May 34 Burin
  BUTLER John W. MSonSingle1907 Aug 14 Burin
  BUTLER Hanagh FDaughterSingle1910 Jul 11 Burin
  BUTLER Jessie A. FDaughterSingle1913 Jul 8 Burin
  BUTLER George R. MSonSingle1914 Sep 6 Burin
3 3 MAYO Albert MHeadMarried 1889 (sic) Dec 39 (sic) Burin
  MAYO Rhoda FWifeMarried 1889 (sic) Sep 39 (sic) Burin
  MAYO Arthur G. MSonSingle1916 Oct 4 Burin
  MAYO Alister B. MSonSingle1920 Feb 1 Burin
  SHAW Sarah FMother in LawWidow1848 Dec 72 Burin
  SHAW Lillian Fsil.Single1892 Sep 28 Burin
4 4 COADY Richard MHeadMarried1871 Aug 50 Renews
   COADY Ellen FWifeMarried1871 Dec 49 Burin
   COADY William G. MSonSingle1894 Sep 26 Burin
   COADY John R. MSonSingle1903 Aug 18 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Kate FMother in LawWidow1831 Aug 90 Burin
5 5 DRAKE John MHeadMarried1881 Aug 40 Burin
  DRAKE Susan FWifeMarried1892 Oct 28 Burin
  DRAKE William G.. MSonSingle1920 Jan 1 Burin
6 6 MALLOY Francis FHeadWidow1888 Apr 33 Burin
  MALLOY Thos. R. MSonSingle1907 Aug 14 Burin
  MALLOY Susan FDaughterSingle1911 Sep 11 Burin
PAGE 160                    
  MALLOY Mary FDaughterSingle1912 Jun 9 Burin
  MALLOY Sarah FDaughterSingle1914 Nov 6 Burin
7 7 COOK William MHeadMarried1860 Nov 60 Burin
  COOK Mary Anne FWifeMarried1871 Jun 50 Burin
8 8STRONG Thomas MHeadMarried1862 Aug 59 Burin
  STRONG Ellen FWifeMarried1865 Sep 55 Burin
  STRONG Gertrude M.FDaughterSingle1893 Sep 27 Burin
  STRONG Fredrick MSonSingle1900 Nov 20 Burin
9 9LUNDRIGAN Michael MHeadMarried1900 Aug 21 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Totoria ? FWifeMarried 1902Jan 19 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN William H.MSonSingle1920 Aug 1 Burin
10 10SEGOR Herbert MHeadMarried1878 Jun 43 Burin
  SEGOR Mary Anne FWifeMarried1881 Apr 40 Burin
  SEGOR William A. MSonSingle1903 Jul 18 Burin
  SEGOR Emily A. FDaughterSingle1906 Nov 14 Burin
  SEGOR Gorden MSonSingle1908 Dec 12 Burin
  SEGOR Rhoda J FDaughterSingle1910 Oct 10 Burin
  SEGOR Herbert R. MSonSingle1914 Jun 7 Burin
  SEGOR Helena FDaughterSingle 1917Dec 3 Burin
  SEGOR Oelin R. MSonSingle1920 May 1 Burin
11 11LUNDRIGAN Thomas MHeadMarried1856 Apr 65 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Mary FWifeMarried1863 Feb 58Burin
12 12ISAACS Robert MHeadMarried1858 Feb 63Burin
  ISAACS Francis FWifeMarried1863 Jan 58 Burin
  ISAACS James MSonSingle1900 Nov 20 Burin
  ISAACS Harold MSonSingle1902 Oct 18 Burin
  ISAACS Walter MSonSingle1906 Nov 14 Burin
  ISAACS Violet FDaughterSingle1904 May 17 Burin
13 13 DEER William MHeadMarried1893 Oct 27 Burin
   DEER Elise May FWifeMarried1894 Jul 27 Burin
   DEER Ruvina FDaughterSingle1917 Sep 3 Burin
   DEER Robert MSonSingle1918 Nov 2 Burin
PAGE 161                    
14 14 HODDER JamesMHeadMarried 1872 May 49 Marystown
   HODDER Harriett FWifeMarried1876 May 45 Burin
   HODDER Thomas MSonSingle1899 Jun 22 Burin
   HODDER Elizabeth FDaughterSingle1901 Nov 19 Burin
   HODDER FrancesFDaughterSingle1905 Jun 16 Burin
   HODDER John MSonSingle1907 Jul 14 Burin
   HODDER Myrtle FDaughterSingle1909 Jun 12 Burin
   HODDER Samuel MSonSingle1910 Jun 11 Burin
   HODDER Melia FDaughterSingle1912 Apr 9 Burin
   HODDER William MSonSingle1915 Jul 6 Burin
   HODDER Maxwell MSonSingle1918 Aug 3 Burin
15 15ISAACS ThomasMHeadMarried1895 Jan 23 Burin
  ISAACS Julia FWifeMarried1896 Jun 25 Walestide Scotl.
  ISAACS William MSonSingle1918 Jul 3 Walestide Scotl.
  16ISAACS John R.MHeadMarried1891 Nov 29 Burin
  ISAACS Agnes FWifeMarried1896 Dec 24Walestide Scotl.
  ISAACS John R. MSonSingle1920 Dec 8mos Burin
  MARKS Emily FsdauSingle1918 Jun 3 Winchester Engl.
16 17LUNDRIGAN Bridget FHeadWidow1878 Dec 42 Marystown
  LUNDRIGAN ElizabethFDaughterSingle1903 Dec 17 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Patrick MSonSingle1905 Jun 16 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN John MSonSingle1907 Jul 14 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Mary FDaughterSingle1909 Mar 12 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Francis FDaughterSingle1910 Oct 10 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Roseanne FDaughterSingle1913 Aug 8 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Thomas MSonSingle1914 Aug 7 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Robert MSonSingle1916 Aug 5 Burin
17 18LUNDRIGAN William MHeadMarried1867 Oct 53 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN WinnifredFWifeMarried1877 Aug 43 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Thomas MSonSingle1902 Jul 19 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Patrick MSonSingle1903 Oct 17 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Roseanne FDaughterSingle1905 Jul 16 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Izabella FDaughterSingle1909 Jul 12 Burin
PAGE 162                    
  LUNDRIGAN David MSonSingle1911 Jul 10 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN WillilamlMSonSingle1912 Sep 8 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN John MSonSingle1915 Sep 5 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Alice FDaughterSingle1914 May 7 Burin
  LUNDRIGAN Bernard MSonSingle1918 Nov 2 Burin
18 19ISAACS Phebe FHeadWidow1885 Sep 35Burin
  ISAACS Rosanna FDaughterSingle1908 May 13 Burin
  ISAACS Francis C. FDaughterSingle1910 Jan 11 Burin
  ISAACS Hannagh FDaughterSingle1910 Oct 10 Burin
  ISAACS Lillian FDaughterSingle1913 Feb 8 Burin
  ISAACS Dulcy G. FDaughterSingle1919 May 2 Burin
19 20 BRUSHETT Elizabeth FHeadWidow1862 Sep 58 Burin
  21 BRUSHETT John MHeadMarried1886 Aug 35 Burin
   BRUSHETT Emily FWifeMarried1893 Oct 27Marystown
20 22BRINTON Geroge G. MHeadMarried1891 Nov 29 Burin
  BRINTON Susanna FWifeMarried1893 Nov 27 Carboniers
  BRINTON Mary F. FDaughterSingle1917 Apr 4 Boston, Mass.
  BRINTON Golda E. FDaughterSingle1918 Feb 2 Burin
21 23BRINTON Francis FHeadWidow1865 Apr 56 Burin
  BRINTON Richard MSonSingle1894 Oct 26 Burin
  BRINTON Susan F dauSingle1900 Apr 21 Burin
  BRINTON Paula FDaughterSingle1903 Aug 18 Burin
  BRINTON Mary FDaughterSingle1905 Oct 15 Burin
22 24BRINTON William MHeadMarried1889 Oct 31 Burin
  BRINTON Mary F. FWifeMarried1893 Jun 28 Burin
  BRINTON George W. MSonSingle1913 Sep 7 Burin
  BRINTON Leonard MSonSingle1916 Aug 5 Burin
  BRINTON Jessie FDaughterSingle1917 Nov 3 Burin
  BRINTON Albert MSonSingle1920 Jun 1 Burin
PAGE 245                    
66 HARNETT George MHead Widower 1870 May 51 Lord's Cove
  HARNETT Maggie F DaughterMarried 1902 Oct 18 Salmonier
  HARNETT Catherine. FDaughter Single 1911 May 10 Salmonier
  HARNETT George MSon Single 1914 Nov 56Salmonier
  MADDIGAN Ann F Aunt Widow 1841 Aug 80 Lamaline

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Hope Hillier Michael and Jerry Michael, Rockville, MD, USA

Posted May 21, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (January 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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