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Newfoundland 1921 Census
South River, (Port de Grave District)
{270 people, 63 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2005 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 101                    
320 361WALSH BridgetFHead Widow 1884Sept 37 Goulds
  WALSH PatrickMSon Single 1907Jan 14 Burns ? Head
  WALSH AnastaciaFDaughterSingle 1909Jan 12 Burns ? Head
  REID Aron?MHead Widower 1858Sept 63 South River
PAGE 108                    
159 169RICHARDS JohnMHead Married 1884Oct 36 South River
  RICHARDS ClaraFWife Married 1888Aug 33 South River
  RICHARDS AnnieFDaughterSingle 1910Aug 11 South River
  RICHARDS EthelFDaughterSingle 1912July 9 South River
160 170RICHARDS ElizaFHead Widow 1857Aug 64 Clarks Beach
  RICHARDS MaryFSIL Single 1848Jan 73 South River
161 171MORGAN BenjaminMHead Married 1852Aug 69 Salmon Cove
  MORGAN EmilineFWife Married 1854Aug 67 Salmon Cove
  MORGAN AnnieFDaughterSingle 1882Aug 39 South River
  172MORGAN WilfredMHead Married 1888Sept 32 South River
  MORGAN VioletFWife Married 1898Apr 23 Clarks Beach
  MORGAN ClarissaFDaughterSingle 1919Jan 2 South River
162 173BOONE AzariahMHead Married 1859Aug 62 South River
  BOONE SarahFWife Married 1859Sept 61South River
  BOONE HarveyMSon Single 1904Sept 16 South River
163 174BUTLER JosephMHead Married 1847Jan 74 South River
  BUTLER AbigailFWife Married 1860Oct 60 Coleys Point
  BUTLER FredrickMHead Married 1900July 21 South River
  BUTLER MayFWife Married 1902Apr 19 South River
  BUTLER Raena ? FDaughterSingle 1920Nov 8m South River
164 175BOONE EbenezerMHead Married 1845Oct 75 South River
  BOONE RebeccaFWife Married 1847Apr 74 Cupids
PAGE 109                    
  177BOONE JosephMHead Married 1878Jan 43 South River
  BOONE MaryFWife Married 1879Oct 41 North River
  BOONE AbramMSon Single 1905Jan 16 South River
  BOONE AlfredMSon Single 1906Nov 14 South River
165 178BUTLER SarahFHead Widow 1842June 79 Bareneed
  179BUTLER JaneFHead Widow 1881Feb 40 Clarks Beach
166 180WARFORD JohnMHead Married 1880Apr 41 South River
  WARFORD MinnieFWife Married 1885Dec 36 South River
  WARFORD JohnMSon Single 1906Feb 15 South River
  WARFORD HenryMSon Single 1907Oct 13 South River
  WARFORD GordonMSon Single 1913Jan 8 South River
  WARFORD AliceFDaughterSingle 1919Apr 2 South River
167 181ANDREWS WilliamMHead Married 1874June 47 Salmon Cove
  ANDREWS SusannaFWife Married 1876Jan 45 Brigus
  ANDREWS WilliamMSon Single 1901Jan 20 South River
  ANDREWS MaryFDaughterSingle 1907Aug 14 South River
  ANDREWS HaroldMSon Single 1908July 13 South River
  ANDREWS ReginaldMSon Single 1914July 7 South River
  ANDREWS MalcolmMSon Single 1918July 3 South River
168 182BOONE SolomonMHead Married 1856Nov 64 South River
  BOONE EmilyFWife Married 1859July 62 Coleys Point
  BOONE FleamanMAdpt. Single 1902Sept 18 Bay Roberts
  BOONE JarettFAdpt. Single 1906Sept 14 Hanover, USA
  BOONE GeorgeMAdpt. Single 1912June 9 Hanover, USA
169 183BOONE AnnieFHead Widow 1856Apr 65 Coleys Point
  184BOONE EsauMHead Married 1890Dec 30 South River
  BOONE AnnieFWife Married 1898July 23 Goulds
170 185BOONE ThomasMHead Married 1854Oct 66 South River
  BOONE MargaretFWife Married 1856Dec 65 Turnavick, Lab
  BOONE ThomasMSon Single 1889Nov 31 South River
PAGE 101                    
  EDDY Roland (?)MSon Single 1894Aug 27 South River
  LYALL Wealthyness?FNiece Single 1900Sept 21 No Entry
PAGE 109 Continued                  
171 186BOONE AbramMHead Married 1877Jan 44 South River
  BOONE AnnieFWife Married 1882Oct 38 Clarks Beach
  BOONE JackMSon Single 1904Feb 17 South River
PAGE 110                    
  BOONE FrankMSon Single 1905Nov 15 South River
  BOONE DorisFDaughterSingle 1910Nov 10 South River
  BOONE LauraFDaughterSingle 1913Feb 8 South River
  BOONE RalphMSon Single 1914Sept 6 South River
  BOONE FloraFDaughterSingle 1917Sept 3 South River
  BOONE HelenFDaughterSingle 1917Sept 3 South River
172 187BOONE ThomasMHead Married 1841Feb 80 South River
  BOONE ElizabethFWife Married 1845Nov 75 South River
  188BOONE NoahMHead Married 1876Aug 45 South River
  BOONE EmmaFWife Married 1881Nov 39 Bareneed
  BOONE HazelFDaughterSingle 1905Aug 16 South River
  BOONE WilfredMSon Single 1912Oct 8 South River
  BOONE JackMSon Single 1912Oct 8 South River
  BOONE EarnestMSon Single 1916July 5 South River
173 189BOONE WilliamMHead Married 1860Oct 60 South River
  BOONE ElizabethFWife Married 1861Jan 60 North River
  BOONE AbramMSon Single 1889July 32 South River
174 190WILSON JosephMHead Married 1890Dec 30 South River
  WILSON ElsieFWife Married 1895July 26 South River
  WILSON EvaFDaughterSingle 1917Jan 4 South River
  WILSON GraceFMother Widow 1850Apr 71 South River
175 191BURNS JohnMHead Married 1873Oct 47 Springfield
  BURNS AgnesFWife Married 1876May 45 South River
  BURNS Edward MSon Single 1903Dec 17 Boston
  BURNS JamesMSon Single 1908Feb 13 South River
  BURNS ClarenceMSon Single 1913Sept 7 South River
  HURLEY MargaretFMother in Law Widow 1835July 86 South River
176 192WILSON WilliamMHead Married 1883Dec 37 South River
  WILSON EmilyFWife Married 1884Aug 37 Bareneed
  WILSON WilliamMSon Single 1907Jan 14 Sydney
  WILSON EricMSon Single 1909June 12 South River
  WILSON IsaacMSon Single 1910Sept 10 South River
  WILSON GeorgeMSon Single 1913Jan 8 South River
PAGE 111                    
  WILSON FlorenceFDaughterSingle 1920June 1 South River
177 193NEVILLE PatrickMHead Married 1862Aug 59 South River
  NEVILLE ElizabethFWife Married 1877Oct 43 North River
  NEVILLE CharlottFDaughterSingle 1898Oct 22 North River
  NEVILLE FrankMSon Single 1913July 9 South River
178 194NEVILLE NicholasMHead Married 1891Jan 30 South River
  NEVILLE Elizabeth FWife Married 1894Nov 26 Goulds
179 195NEVILLE MartinMHead Married 1857Sept 63South River
  NEVILLE MaryFWife Married 1855Sept 65 North River
  NEVILLE WilliamMSon Single 1897Feb 24 South River
  NEVILLE JosephineFDaughterSingle 1900Sept 20 South River
180 196TAYLOR RobertMHead Married 1882Apr 39 Cupids
  TAYLOR AlfredaFWife Married 1884Oct 36 Bareneed
  TAYLOR WilliamMSon Single 1907Dec 13 South River
  TAYLOR HaroldMSon Single 1910Nov 10 South River
181 197TAYLOR WilliamMHead Married 1856Aug 65 Cupids
  TAYLOR SusanFWife Married 1850Sept 70 South River
  198TAYLOR HarveyMHead Married 1893Jan 28 South River
  TAYLOR MaryFWife Married 1896July 25 Port-de-Grave
182 199TAYLOR WilliamMHead Married 1882Sept 38 South River
  TAYLOR LeddiaFWife Married 1888Oct 32 Salmon Cove
  TAYLOR WilliamMSon Single 1909Sept 11 South River
183 200TAYLOR JamesMHead Married 1859July 62 Cupids
  TAYLOR EmilyFWife Married 1861Jan 60 South River
  201TAYLOR JohnMHead Married 1894Nov 26 South River
  TAYLOR EdithFWife Married 1897Dec 23 North River
  TAYLOR LillyFDaughterSingle 1921May 3m South River
184 202TAYLOR HenryMHead Widower 1850Oct 70 Cupids
  203TAYLOR PercieMHead Married 1885Feb 36 South River
  TAYLOR DrucillaFWife Married 1885Jan 36 Port-de-Grave
  TAYLOR GertieFDaughterSingle 1908Aug 13 South River
  TAYLOR EmmaFDaughterSingle 1910Aug 11 South River
  TAYLOR ElizaFDaughterSingle 1913Jan 8 South River
PAGE 112                    
  TAYLOR NormanMSon Single 1914Feb 7 South River
  TAYLOR RonaldMSon Single 1915Oct 5 South River
  TAYLOR AdalineFDaughterSingle 1918Feb 3 South River
185 204SMITH JohnMHead Married 1870Oct 50 Salmon Cove
  SMITH MaryFWife Married 1871Oct 49 Port-de-Grave
  SMITH BlancheFDaughterSingle 1898Nov 22 South River
  SMITH CyrilMSon Single 1906July 15 South River
  SMITH ClarenceMSon Single 1917Dec 13 South River
  SMITH EnaFDaughterSingle 1913Aug 8 South River
  205SMITH WilliamMHead Married 1897Jan 24 South River
  SMITH BlancheFWife Married 1899Oct 21 South River
186 206HUSSEY RobertMHead Married 1868Aug 53 South River
  HUSSEY HelenFWife Married 1867Jan 54 South River
  HUSSEY IsaacMSon Single 1903July 18 South River
187 207DUNN PatrickMHead Married 1890Jan 31 South River
  DUNN MargaretFWife Married 1893Sept 27 Holyrood
  DUNN GeorgeMSon Single 1917Feb 4 South River
  DUNN PeggieFDaughterSingle 1919Sept 2 South River
188 208EDDY GeorgeMHead Married 1870Sept 50 South River
  EDDY EmilyFWife Married 1870Sept 50 North River
  EDDY WilliamMSon Single 1901Feb 20 South River
  EDDY LaviniaFDaughterSingle 1904Jan 17 South River
  EDDY LucillaFDaughterSingle 1909July 12 South River
  EDDY WalterMSon Single 1913Jan 8 South River
189 209EDDY JohnMHead Married 1855Oct 65 Brigus
  EDDY NaomiFWife Married 1853Sept 67Brigus
  EDDY JohnMAdopted Son Single 1903Nov 17 South River
190 210SMITH LeonardMHead Married 1871Feb 50 Salmon Cove
  SMITH RebeccaFWife Married 1870Sept 50 South River
  SMITH JohnMSon Single 1894Aug 27 South River
  SMITH HaroldMSon Single 1904Feb 17 South River
  SMITH EthelFDaughterSingle 1906Jan 15 South River
191 211LAWRENCE FlorenceFHead Widow 1862Oct 58 Salmon Cove
PAGE 113                    
  BOONE ArthurMSon Single 1892Sept 28 South River
  BOONE ChristopherMSon Single 1898July 23 South River
  BOONE SusieFDaughterSingle 1900Sept 20 South River
192 212CUMINGS WilliamMHead Married 1861Feb 60 North River
  CUMINGS MaryFWife Married 1858Aug 63 South River
  CUMINGS JamesMSon Single 1901Nov 19 South River
193 213HUSSEY AlexanderMHead Married 1879Jan 42 South River
  HUSSEY EstherFWife Married 1878Oct 42 Dock
  HUSSEY RitaFDaughterSingle 1905Feb 16 South River
  HUSSEY MyraFDaughterSingle 1906Nov 14 South River
  HUSSEY MaryFDaughterSingle 1908July 13 South River
  HUSSEY FrankMSon Single 1910June 11 South River
  HUSSEY KermitMSon Single 1911Jan 10 South River
  HUSSEY GladysFDaughterSingle 1914Jan 7 South River
  HUSSEY GordonMSon Single 1915July 6 South River
  HUSSEY GeorgeMSon Single 1916July 5 South River
  HUSSEY MaryFMother Widow 1845Aug 76 South River
  214BATTEN EdwardMHead Widower 1868Sept 52 Port-de-Grave
  BATTEN HaroldMSon Single 1912Nov 9 Springfield
194 215DUNN GeorgeMHead Married 1849Oct 71 Cupids
  DUNN BridgetFWife Married 1855July 66 South River
195 216FLYNN PhilipMHead Married 1873Feb 48 South River
  FLYNN KatheleneFWife Married 1881Dec 39 Springfield
  FLYNN PhilipMSon Single 1915Jan 6 South River
196 217RUMBOLT JamesMHead Married 1852Nov 68 Labrador
  RUMBOLT MaryFWife Married 1854Oct 66 South River
197 218WILSON ThomasMHead Married 1875Feb 46 South River
  WILSON SarahFWife Married 1883Feb 38 South River
  WILSON MinnieFDaughterSingle 1906Oct 14 South River
  WILSON DorothyFDaughterSingle 1910July 11 South River
198 219CANNING SamuelMHead Married 1869Oct 51 South River
  CANNING TabiathaFWife Married 1868Sept 52 Brigus
  CANNING HoraceMSon Single 1900Oct 20 South River
PAGE 114                    
  CANNING GladysFDaughterSingle 1903Dec 17 South River
  CANNING ElredMSon Single 1905Sept 15 South River
199 220BOONE LouisaFHead Widow 1858Apr 63 Bay Roberts
  BOONE MalcolmMSon Single 1900Jan 21 South River
  BOONE AgustusMSon Single 1901Aug 20 South River
  BOONE HerbertMSon Single 1902July 19 South River
200 221FRANEY ThomasMHead Married 1867Oct 53 Bay Roberts
  FRANEY MaryFWife Married 1884Apr 37 North River
  FRANEY MaryFDaughterSingle 1908Sept 12 North River
201 222MARSHALL AbramMHead Married 1878Oct 42 South River
  MARSHALL FloraFWife Married 1888Sept 32 Island Cove
  MARSHALL AbramMSon Single 1907Jan 14 South River
  MARSHALL SadieFDaughterSingle 1908Oct 12 South River
  MARSHALL LewisMSon Single 1912May 9 Blake Town
  MARSHALL ChesleyMSon Single 1914Aug 7 South River
  MARSHALL ViolaFDaughterSingle 1918May 3 Glace Bay, Can
202 223HUSSEY FredrickMHead Married 1888Apr 33 South River
  HUSSEY VioletFWife Married 1892Jan 29 Brigus
  HUSSEY VallanceMSon Single 1913Jan 8 South River
  HUSSEY MelviaFDaughterSingle 1914Oct 6 South River
  HUSSEY UlahFDaughterSingle 1916Aug 5 South River
  HUSSEY LloydMSon Single 1918Aug 3 South River
PAGE 101                    
  HUSSEY Edith FSis Single 1893Sept 28 South River
PAGE 114 Continued                  
  224HUSSEY MaryFHead Widow 1854Oct 66 Clarks Beach
203 225REID ArchMHead Married 1866Jan 55 South River
  REID SusannahFWife Married 1868July 53 Cupids
  REID BlancheFDaughterSingle 1900Sept 20 South River
  REID FredrickMSon Single 1903June 18 South River
  REID HoraceMSon Single 1906May 15 South River
204 226BUTLER ChristopherMHead Married 1882Nov 38 South River
  BUTLER ElizabethFWife Married 1883Aug 38 St. John's
205 227BOONE FredrickMHead Single 1898Nov 22 South River
  BOONE SarahFSister Single 1902Jan 19 South River
206 208BOONE AzariahMHead Married 1890Apr 31 South River
PAGE 115                    
  BOONE MaryFWife Married 1891July 30 Dock
  BOONE WinnieFDaughterSingle 1911Dec 9 South River
  BOONE AnnieFDaughterSingle 1916Apr 5 South River
  BOONE AbramMSon Single 1917Nov 3 South River
  BOONE KatheleneFDaughterSingle 1918Oct 2 South River
207 229FITZGERALD EdwardMHead Married 1858Dec 62 Western Bay
  FITZGERALD KatheleneFWife Married 1859Apr 62 North River
  FITZGERALD CyrilMSon Single 1905July 16 South River
  230FITZGERALD JohnMHead Married 1893Oct 28 South River
  FITZGERALD BessieFWife Married 1893Nov 27 Port-de-Grave
208 232FITZGERALD EdwardMHead Married 1891Jan 30 South River
  FITZGERALD LucyFWife Married 1894Jan 27 North River
209 232BUTLER JohnMHead Widower 1873Aug 48 South River
  BUTLER WilliamMSon Single 1901Oct 20 South River
  BUTLER FrancesFDaughterSingle 1914Dec 6 South River
210 233NEVILLE EdwardMHead Married 1892Sept 29 South River
  NEVILLE BrideFWife Married 1894Dec 26 Cupids
  NEVILLE NicholasMSon Single 1920Nov 10m Cupids
211 234NEVILLE NicholasMHead Married 1866Sept 55 South River
  NEVILLE MargaretFWife Married 1871Aug 50 North River
  NEVILLE FrancesFDaughterSingle 1894June 27 North River
212 235WARFORD JacobMHead Married 1889Oct 31 South River
  WARFORD EthelFWife Married 1896Dec 24 South River
  WARFORD AbramMSon Single 1914Oct 6 South River
  WARFORD DorisFDaughterSingle 1919Oct 1 South River
  WARFORD EthelFDaughterSingle 1921June 3m South River
213 236WELLS ThomasMHead Married 1875Jan 46 Salmon Cove
  WELLS LiddiaFWife Married 1882Dec 38 Springfield
  WELLS HaroldMSon Single 1905Jan 16 South River
  WELLS DesmaFDaughterSingle 1907Nov 13 South River
  WELLS RaymondMSon Single 1913Aug 8 South River
  WELLS EnidFDaughterSingle 1920June 1 South River
214 237RICHE WilliamMHead Married 1853Sept 68 South River
PAGE 116                    
  RICHE DianaFWife Married 1851July 70 Cupids
215 238SEVERN FrankMHead Married 1875June 46 Weston
  SEVERN FlorenceFWife Married 1880Sept 41 St. John's
  SEVERN ClaudineFDaughterSingle 1907May 14 Brooklyn
  SEVERN EllalineFDaughterSingle 1909Feb 12 Port-de-Grave
  SEVERN AlfredMSon Single 1913Aug 8 Port-de-Grave
  SEVERN FlorenceFDaughterSingle 1918July 3 South River
  SEYMORE JessieFAunt Widow 1855Sept 66 Harbour Grace
216 239MORGAN JohnMHead Single 1896July 25 South River
  MORGAN WalterMBrother Single 1891Aug 30 South River

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown, Halifax, NS

Posted 25 Aug, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (November 2005 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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