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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Fortune Bay District
{283 Persons in 60 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (April 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 92                    
151 166HARDY WalterMHead Married 1883Sept38 Barrow
  HARDY PhoebeFWife Married 1896Jan25 Rencontre
  HARDY AlfredMSon Single 1910Sept11 Rencontre
  HARDY Wm CMSon Single 1913Aug8 Rencontre
  HARDY AmosMSon Single 1915Mar6 Rencontre
  HARDY HildaFDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 Rencontre
152 167HARDY ThosMHead Married 1879Sept49 Barrow
  HARDY LydiaFWife Married 1886June35 Rencontre
  HARDY Walter ??MSon Single 1908Mar13 Rencontre
  HARDY SusanFDaughterSingle 1911July10 Rencontre
PAGE 93                    
  HARDY Wm CMSon Single 1915Oct5 Rencontre
  HARDY CarolineFDaughterSingle 1918Nov3 Rencontre
  HARDY AnnieFDaughterSingle 1920July1 Rencontre
153 168MULLINS AlfredMHead Married 1847April74 Rencontre
  MULLINS HannahFWife Married 1860Feb61 Rencontre
  MULLINS WmMSon Single 1900Oct20 Rencontre
  MULLINS AngeloMSon Single 1902Dec18 Rencontre
 169MULLINS Auf ??MHead Married 1894April27 Rencontre
  MULLINS CarolineFWife Married 1896July25 Rencontre
  MULLINS ErnestMSon Single 1906July5 Rencontre
  MULLINS GeoMSon Single 1918Sept3 Rencontre
154 170STONE ChasMHead Married 1858Sept63 Rencontre
  STONE SarahFWife Married 1865June56 Rencontre
  BAKER EdwardM Brother Widower 1874Jan47 Rencontre
155 171BAKER GeoMHead Married 1858Sept63 Rencontre
  BAKER AmeliaFWife Married 1875Aug46 New Harbour
  BAKER Louis ? MSon Single 1899Dec21 Rencontre
  BAKER StanleyMSon Single 1907June14 Rencontre
 172BAKER AlbertMHead Married 1895June26 Rencontre
  BAKER JessieFWife Married 1899July22 Bay du Nord
156 173BAKER JohnMHead Married 1861Dec58 Rencontre
  BAKER HarrietFWife Married 1872April49 New Hr. H B
  BAKER AubreyMSon Single 1900Feb21 Rencontre
  BAKER NelsonMSon Single 1906Feb15 Rencontre
  BAKER Wm J.MSon Single 1909Jan12 Rencontre
  BAKER Leah FDaughterSingle 1913Aug8 Rencontre
 174PAULS PhillMHead Married 1894Jan27 Fox Cove
  PAULS Sherri ??FWife Married 1897April24 Rencontre
  PAULS CyrilMSon Single 1920Nov10m Rencontre
157 175COFFIN ClarenceMHead Married 1894Dec26 Rencontre
  COFFIN EmilyFWife Married 1892Aug24 Rencontre
  COFFIN Annie FDaughterSingle 1917May4 Rencontre
  COFFIN CatherineFDaughterSingle 1920July1 Rencontre
PAGE 94                    
158 176FOOTE John KMHead Widower 1869Dec63 Rencontre
  FOOTE SusanFDaughterSingle 1902April19 Rencontre
  FOOTE ElyaFDaughterSingle 1897May24 Rencontre
  FOOTE JoshuaMSon Single 1899April22 Rencontre
159 177FOOTE GeoMHead Married 1865Sept56 Rencontre
  FOOTE SelinaFWife Married 1876April45 Corbin
  FOOTE JohnMSon Single 1899April22 Rencontre
  FOOTE AllenMSon Single 1906Mar15 Rencontre
  FOOTE JessieFDaughterSingle 1909Sept12 Rencontre
  FOOTE RetaFDaughterSingle 1911Sept 10Rencontre
  FOOTE ClydeMSon Single 1912Aug9 Rencontre
 178COLLIS ErnestMHead Married 1894Mar24 Rencontre
  COLLIS May A.FWife Married 1901July20 Rencontre
  COLLIS AlethisFDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 Rencontre
160 179COFFIN GeoMHead Married 1860Feb61 Rencontre
  COFFIN AgnesFWife Married 1879Aug49 Stones Cove
  COFFIN HildaFDaughterSingle 1902Oct18 Rencontre
  COFFIN WmMSon Single 1904June17 Rencontre
161 180MULLINS Benj.MHead Widower 1845April76 Rencontre
  MULLINS Benj. Jr.MSon Single 1898Jan23 Rencontre
162 181KEEPING PhillipMHead Married 1894May27 Rencontre
  KEEPING FloraFWife Married 1898Nov22 Stones Cove
  KEEPING Wyldren ?MSon Single 1917Nov4 Rencontre
  KEEPING Cyril M.MSon Single 1920Oct10m Rencontre
163 182KEEPING Benj.MHead Married 1851Nov70 Rencontre
  KEEPING HarriettFWife Married 1854May67 Rencontre
  KEEPING GeoMSon Single 1890Oct30 Rencontre
164 183MULLINS AbnerMHead Married 1894Oct27 Rencontre
  MULLINS EthelFWife Married 1898Sept23 Rencontre
165 184KEEPING JohnMHead Married 1887Sept34 Rencontre
  KEEPING ElizaFWife Married 1889Aug32 Rencontre
  KEEPING Everett ?MSon Single 1909Aug12 Rencontre
  KEEPING SimonMSon Single 1912Nov7 Rencontre
PAGE 95                    
  KEEPING OliveFDaughterSingle 1916Aug5 Rencontre
  KEEPING ChesleyMSon Single 1919Sept2 Rencontre
  KEEPING Benj.MSon Single 1920Jan8m Rencontre
166 185KEEPING Wm J.MHead Married 1863Sept58 Rencontre
  KEEPING AnnFWife Married 1865Sept56 Rencontre
  KEEPING ArthurMSon Single 1896Dec25 Rencontre
167 186ANDERSON EdwardMHead Married 1890Mar31 Burgeo
  ANDERSON SusanFWife Married 1889July38 Rencontre
  ANDERSON HazelFDaughterSingle 1913Sept8 Rencontre
  ANDERSON GeoMSon Single 1915July6 Rencontre
  ANDERSON MaryFDaughterSingle 1917Aug4 Rencontre
168 187KEEPING JamesMHead Married 1893Sept28 Rencontre
  KEEPING Effie B.FWife Married 1887Aug24 Rencontre
  KEEPING GladysFDaughterSingle 1915Dec5 Rencontre
  KEEPING MadgeFDaughterSingle 1917July4 Rencontre
  KEEPING ClydeMSon Single 1919July2 Rencontre
169 188MULLINS JohnMHead Married 1857Sept64 Rencontre
  MULLINS JuliaFWife Married 1868Aug53 Rencontre
  MULLINS ThosMSon Single 1896Mar25 Rencontre
  MULLINS JohnMSon Single 1898Dec22 Rencontre
  MULLINS Richd.MSon Single 1902May19 Rencontre
  MULLINS EmilyFDaughterSingle 1904July17 Rencontre
  MULLINS SusanFDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Rencontre
170 189MULLINS ArchMHead Married 1889Aug32 Rencontre
  MULLINS EllenFWife Married 1895Mar26 Rencontre
  MULLINS LeonardMSon Single 1913Jan8 Rencontre
  MULLINS Geo H.MSon Single 1915Jan6 Rencontre
  MULLINS AbnerMSon Single 1917Jan4 Rencontre
  MULLINS BerthaFDaughterSingle 1919Oct1 Rencontre
171 190MULLINS JosephMHead Married 1861Jan60 Rencontre
  MULLINS EmilyFWife Married 1876July 45Rencontre
  MULLINS AngusMSon Single 1900April21 Rencontre
  MULLINS Stells FDaughterSingle 1906Nov14 Rencontre
PAGE 64                    
  MULLINS AmieFDaughterSingle 1906Nov14 Rencontre
  MULLINS AdaFDaughterSingle 1908June13 Rencontre
  MULLINS RolandMSon Single 1912Mar12 Rencontre
172 191MULLINS John J.MHead Married 1892July29 Rencontre
  MULLINS AliceFWife Married 1899May22 Barrow
  MULLINS RussellMSon Single 1919Aug2 Rencontre
  MULLINS Mary A.FDaughterSingle 1921July1m Rencontre
173 192SHEPHERD Wm AMHead Married 1885Dec35 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD PhoebeFWife Married 1895April26 Pools ?? Cove
  SHEPHERD NinaFDaughterSingle 1916June5 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD Samuel ??MSon Single 1920Sept11m Rencontre
174 193 SHEPHERD John MHead Married 1883 Oct 37 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD Margaret FWife Married 1884 Jan 37Rencontre
  SHEPHERD Richard ? FDaughterSingle 1913 Aug 8 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD Geo S MSon Single 1911 Oct 9 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD Eliz F Mother Widow 1857 Aug 70 Rencontre
175 194SHEPHERD Laurence MHead Married 1845Sept76 Blanchette
  SHEPHERD Mary J.FWife Married 1854July67 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD JamesMSon Single 1897July24 Rencontre
176 195MULLINS Benj.MHead Married 1864Jan57 Rencontre
  MULLINS MargaretFWife Married 1873Nov47 Brunette
  MULLINS JuliaFDaughterSingle 1904Dec16 Rencontre
  MULLINS WhillabyMSon Single 1906July15 Rencontre
  MULLINS ChasMSon Single 1909July12 Rencontre
  BULLEN MarthaFNiece Single 1914Aug7 Rencontre
177 196COFFIN WmMHead Married 1856Aug65 Rencontre
  COFFIN MaryFWife Married 1861Dec60 Hackers Hr.
178 197BAKER WmMHead Widower 1856Aug65 Sagona
  BAKER HenriettaFDaughterSingle 1896Sept23 Rencontre
 198BAKER WmMHead Married 1888Dec32 Lally Cove
  BAKER SelenaFWife Married 1890Aug 31Rencontre
  BAKER NelsonMSon Single 1915Dec5 Rencontre
  BAKER Daisey ?FDaughterSingle 1920Dec8m Rencontre
PAGE 65                    
  BAKER FrancisF Servant Single 1908Aug13 Lally Cove
179 199MULLINS RichardMHead Married 1858May63 Rencontre
  MULLINS FannyFWife Married 1868June53 Bay du Nord
  MULLINS JacobMSon Single 1898Dec22 Rencontre
  MULLINS EllenFDaughterSingle 1905June16 Rencontre
180 200MULLINS JosephMHead Married 1891Dec29 Rencontre
  MULLINS EstherFWife Married 1891Aug24 Rencontre
  MULLINS LillianFDaughterSingle 1918Jan3 Rencontre
  MULLINS RhodaFDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 Rencontre
  MULLINS Frances M FDaughterSingle 1921July1m Rencontre
181 201JAMES AugustusMHead Married 1865May56 New Hr. HB
  JAMES Mary AFWife Married 1875Sept45 Rencontre
  JAMES Benj.MSon Single 1896July25 Rencontre
  JAMES AlbertMSon Single 1898Dec22 Rencontre
  JAMES MargaretFDaughterSingle 1902Aug19 Rencontre
  JAMES AmeliaFDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Rencontre
182 202SHEPHERD Wm JM Head Married 1874Nov46 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD Rose A.FWife Married 1884Sept37 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD Trefenia ?FDaughterSingle 1903July18 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1904Jan17 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD AndrewMSon Single 1907Oct13 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD JamesMSon Single 1911Oct10 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD AgnesFDaughterSingle 1916Nov4 Rencontre
183 203LACE WmMHead Married 1865Sept56 Rencontre
  LACE SusanFWife Married 1873May48 Grand La Pierre
  LACE SimonMSon Single 1902Mar19 Rencontre
  LACE EdwardMSon Single 1905April16 Rencontre
  LACE EmilyFDaughterSingle 1907April14 Rencontre
  LACE JohnMSon Single 1910May11 Rencontre
  LACE FlorenceFDaughterSingle 1912Aug9 Rencontre
  LACE MyrtleFDaughterSingle 1914Jan7 Rencontre
184 204BRYNE GeoMHead Married 1881Feb40 Whosp Cost???
  BRYNE LillianFWife Married 1887Nov33 Rencontre
PAGE 66                    
  BRYNE WmMSon Single 1908Mar13 Rencontre
  BRYNE GeoMSon Single 1910July11 Rencontre
  BRYNE LeonardMSon Single 1912June9 Rencontre
  BRYNE John L.MSon Single 1914Aug7 Rencontre
  BRYNE SarahFDaughterSingle 1918Aug3 Rencontre
185 205KEARLEY EdwardMHead Married 1873Jan48 English Hr.
  KEARLEY CatherineFWife Married 1880May41 Rencontre
  KEARLEY EdwardMSon Single 1899Nov21 Rencontre
  KEARLEY Avalina ? FDaughterSingle 1903July18 Rencontre
  KEARLEY IveyFDaughterSingle 1905Aug16 Rencontre
  KEARLEY ClarenceMSon Single 1910Nov10 Rencontre
  KEARLEY John B.MSon Single 1917Nov3 Rencontre
186 206LACE MadelineFWidowSingle 1893Nov28 Lally Cove
  LACE GeoMSon Single 1912Sept9 Rencontre
  LACE NormanMSon Single 1915Sept6 Rencontre
  LACE GretaFDaughterSingle 1916Oct4 Rencontre
  LACE AnnieFDaughterSingle 1919Aug2 Rencontre
  LACE JohnMSon Single 1920Dec8m Rencontre
  LACE Chrs.M Brother in Law Single 1869Aug52 Rencontre
187 207PRICE JeremiahMHead Married 1871Jan50 Rencontre
  PRICE Urmie ? FWife Married 1861Sept60 Stones Cove
188 208SHEPHERD AaronMHead Married 1875Aug46 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD ElizaFWife Married 1885Feb55 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD HerbertMSon Single 1909Jan12 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD ClaytonMSon Single 1912Jan9 Rencontre
  SHEPHERD IdaFDaughterSingle 1914Aug7 Rencontre
189 209PIKE Haldren ??MHead Married 1875Nov45 St. Lawerence
  PIKE ElizabethFWife Married 1881Aug40 Rencontre
  PIKE ReginaldMSon Single 1906Aug15 Rencontre
  PIKE Wm C.MSon Single 1911Aug10 Rencontre
  PIKE Albert G.MSon Single 1913Aug8 Rencontre
  PIKE SimeonMSon Single 1918 Feb ? 2 Rencontre
  HAMAN?? Jeanett ??F Servant Single 1904June17 Rencontre
PAGE 67                    
190 210COLLIS Edwn. G.MHead Married 1866Sept55 Trinity
  COLLIS MarieFWife Married 1865May56 Rencontre
  COLLIS IreneFDaughterSingle 1899Aug22 Rencontre
  COLLIS JessieFDaughterSingle 1903Aug18 Rencontre
  COLLIS RichdMSon Single 1905July16 Rencontre
191 211 RIELLY JohnMHead Married 1881Oct39 Burgeo
   RIELLY MaudFWife Married 1892Jan32 Rencontre
   RIELLY EvaFDaughterSingle 1914Aug7 Rencontre
   RIELLY JohnMSon Single 1916Nov4 Rencontre
   RIELLY CelaFDaughterSingle 1918Nov2 Rencontre
   RIELLY LorenaFDaughterSingle 1921July2 Rencontre
192 212MULLINS GeoMHead Married 1881Aug40 Rencontre
  MULLINS LucyFWife Married 1886July35 Rencontre
  MULLINS PhoebeFDaughterSingle 1908Feb13 Rencontre
  MULLINS MabelFDaughterSingle 1910Aug11 Rencontre
  MULLINS CharlotteFDaughterSingle 1914Sept7 Rencontre
  MULLINS Georg.FDaughterSingle 1917Mar4 Rencontre
  MULLINS Wm B.MSon Single 1919Aug2 Rencontre
193 213VALIS ThosMHead Widower 1866May53 Rencontre
194 214HARTIGAN WmMHead Married 1859Feb62 Placentia
  HARTIGAN EsterFWife Married 1859June62 Trepassy
  HARTIGAN JohannaFDaughterSingle 1893June28 Rencontre
  HARTIGAN JohnMSon Single 1897June24 Rencontre
  HARTIGAN RaymondMSon Single 1900Feb21 Rencontre
  MYRICK CatherineFNiece Single 1907Dec13 Cape Race
195 215HARTIGAN NicholasMHead Married 1862Feb59 Placentia
  HARTIGAN FrancesFWife Married 1867Nov53 Trepassy
196 216HARTIGAN EllenFHeadWidow1872Mar49 Belleoram
  HARTIGAN CelestineMSon Single 1899Dec21 Rencontre
  HARTIGAN RetaFDaughterSingle 1902July19 Rencontre
  HARTIGAN CarolineFDaughterSingle 1904Sept17 Rencontre
  HARTIGAN ElizabethFDaughterSingle 1906Aug15 Rencontre
  HARTIGAN LarryMSon Single 1908Sept13 Rencontre
PAGE 68                    
  HARTIGAN MaryFDaughterSingle 1911May10 Rencontre
  HARTIGAN EricMSon Single 1912April9 Rencontre
197 217PITTMAN PrecillaFHeadWidow1868Jan53 Rencontre
  PITTMAN LeoMSon Single 1892Aug29 Rencontre
  PITTMAN AlphonseMSon Single 1895Oct25 Rencontre
198 218GIOVANINNI HenryMHead Married 1875Mar46 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI MayFWife Married 1873Mar48 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI Cass. ?MSon Single 1906June15 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI CatherineFDaughterSingle 1907June14 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI AlbertaMSon Single 1909Dec11 Rencontre
199 219GIOVANINNI JohnMHead Married 1881Oct39 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI MaryFWife Married 1883June38 Bay du Norde
  GIOVANINNI Leonie ?FDaughterSingle 1909Nov11 St. Pierre, Mig
  GIOVANINNI AgnesFDaughterSingle 1911Jan10 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI ZelaFDaughterSingle 1915Aug6 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI JohnMSon Single 1921Jan 7m ? Rencontre
200 220GIOVANINNI StephenMHead Married 1874Aug47 Italy *187?
  GIOVANINNI AliceFWife Married 1883May38 Sound Isl. P.B.
  GIOVANINNI PeterMSon Single 1900Aug21 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI WmMSon Single 1903Sept18 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI MarieFDaughterSingle 1908Aug13 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI EllenFDaughterSingle 1910Oct10 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI AdolpheMSon Single 1913Dec7 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI HaroldMSon Single 1915Dec6 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI HumbertMSon Single 1917Dec3 Rencontre
  GIOVANINNI VioletFDaughterSingle 1919Nov1 Rencontre
201 221OAKEY WmMHead Married 1883Feb38 Rencontre
  OAKEY Mary B.FWife Married 1889Nov31 English Hr. E.
  OAKEY IgnatiusMSon Single 1909Aug12 Rencontre
  OAKEY VincentMSon Single 1911June10 Rencontre
  OAKEY PeterMSon Single 1913Oct8 Rencontre
  OAKEY Sarah E.FDaughterSingle 1914July7 Rencontre
202 222OAKEY JamesMHead Single 1869Nov57 Rencontre
PAGE 69                    
  NEWPORT SarahFSisterWidow1860Nov60 Placentia
 223 QUANN ? JosephMHead Married 1890Dec30 Sagona
   QUANN ? GertrudeFWife Married 1894Feb27 Rencontre
203 224OAKEY ThosMHead Married 1853Dec67 Placentia
  OAKEY MargaretFWife Married 1857Feb64 St. Mary's
  OAKEY VincentMSon Single 1898Dec22 Rencontre
  OAKEY PatrickMSon Single 1883June38 Rencontre
 225OAKEY ClaudeMHead Married 1895Aug26 Rencontre
  OAKEY MargaretFWife Married 1899April22 Terrenceville
  OAKEY Thos J.MSon Single 1921May5m Rencontre
204 226AUGOT FrankMHead Widower 1879Jan42 Hr. Breton
  AUGOT ErnestMSon Single 1909Nov11 Rencontre
  AUGOT BernardMSon Single 1917Oct3 Rencontre

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Denise Snooks Wilson, Leaf Rapids, MB, Canada

Posted Sept. 10, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (April 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Friday February 27, 2015 (Don Tate)

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