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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Port Saunders,
St. Barbe District
{191 Individuals in 32 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (November 2007 by Don Tate)

* Listed as servant with family of Kenneth Sheppard in Brig Bay
Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Relation Status Birth Yr Birth Month Age Birth Place
PAGE 108                    
1 1 HOUSE Abraham M Head Married 1846 Oct 74 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Elizabeth F Wife Married 1866 Feb 55 Bonne Bay
    HOUSE Abraham Jr M Grand Son Single 1905 Dec 15 Port Saunders
2 2 PERRY John M Head Married 1873 Feb 48 Port Saunders
    PERRY Mary Ann F Wife Married 1881 Nov 39 Daniels Harbour
    PERRY Frances M Son Single 1899 Sept 21 Daniels Harbour
    PERRY Bertram M Son Single 1902 Jan 19 Daniels Harbour
3 3 RYAN John M Head Married 1890 Oct 30 Port Saunders
    RYAN Elsie F Wife Married 1903 March 18 Port Saunders
4 4 PATEY Theophilus M Head Married 1864 May 57 Cooks Harbour
    PATEY Sarah F Wife Married 1873 May 48 Port Saunders
    PATEY Leonard M Son Single 1899 Sept 21 River of Ponds
    PATEY Hibbert M Son Single 1902 Oct 18 River of Ponds
    PATEY Stanley M Son Single 1906 June 15 River of Ponds
    PATEY Evangeline F Daughter Single 1908 Oct 12 River of Ponds
    PATEY Woodrow M Son Single 1919 April 2 Port Saunders
5 5 LAVERS William J M Head Widower 1879 May 42 Port au Choix
    LAVERS Catherine F Mother Widow 1853 March 68 Carrols Cove, Lab
    LAVERS Muriel F Daughter Single 1907 June 14 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Philip M Son Single 1909 Feb 12 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Hazel F Daughter Single 1912 March 9 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Earl M Son Single 1915 July 6 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Lawrence M Son Single 1918 March 3 Port Saunders
6 6 PIKE Charles E M Head Married 1883 May 38 Bonne Bay
    PIKE Anna F Wife Married 1886 Dec 34 Port Saunders
    PIKE Edmund M Son Single 1909 March 12 Port Saunders
    PIKE Roy M Son Single 1911 May 10 Port Saunders
    PIKE Alfreda F Daughter Single 1913 May 8 Port Saunders
    PIKE Albert M Son Single 1917 April 4 Port Saunders
    PIKE Ellen F Daughter Single 1919 Feb 2 Port Saunders
PAGE 109                    
7 7 HOUSE John M Head Married 1874 April 47 Bell Burns
    HOUSE Maria F Wife Married 1879 Oct 41 Port au Choix
    HOUSE Ashur M Son Single 1902 March 19 Bell Burns
    HOUSE Edmund M Son Single 1906 April 15 Bell Burns
    HOUSE Eva F Daughter Single 1908 Sept 12 River of Ponds
    HOUSE Fanny F Daughter Single 1911 Feb 10 River of Ponds
    HOUSE Alma F Daughter Single 1913 Feb 8 Port Saunders
    HOUSE Ella F Daughter Single 1915 July 6 Port Saunders
    HOUSE Mary F Daughter Single 1919 Aug 1 Port Saunders
  8 HOUSE Arthur M Head Married 1898 April 23 Bell Burns
    HOUSE Nellie F Wife Married 1898 April 23 Coat Bridge, Scot 1919
    HOUSE David M Son Single 1919 July 2 Port Saunders
    HOUSE Margaret F Daughter Single 1921 May 3M Port Saunders
8 9 BUTT John M Head Married 1856 Sept 64 Carbonear
    BUTT Philisetas F Wife Married 1865 Sept 55 Port au Choix
    BUTT Denis M Son Single 1903 Nov 17 Port Saunders
    BUTT William M Son Single 1900 July 21 Port Saunders
    BUTT Bridget F Daughter Single 1898 Nov 22 Port Saunders
9 10 PLOWMAN Henry M Head Married 1880 May 41 St Johns Island
    PLOWMAN Mary F Wife Married 1891 Aug 29 River of Ponds
    PLOWMAN Mary J F Mother Widow 1859 Aug 61 St Johns Island
    PLOWMAN Maud F Daughter Single 1916 April 5 Kings Cove
    PLOWMAN Edward M Brother Single 1896 Feb 25 Port Saunders
10 11 WILTON Hedley M Head Married 1888 Dec 32 Bonne Bay
    WILTON Florence F Wife Married 1898 Aug 22 Spaniards Bay
    WILTON William M Son Single 1920 Sept 10M Port Saunders
11 12 CAINES Michael M Head Widower 1861 Feb 60 St Johns Island
    CAINES Walter M Son Single 1897 March 24 Port Saunders
    CAINES Isaac M Son Married 1894 Aug 26 Port Saunders
    CAINES Florence F Daughter Single 1898 Aug 22 Port Saunders
    CAINES Susanna F Daughter in Law Married 1896 Nov 24 Bishops Cove, CB
    LAVERS Maud F Servant Single 1899 Dec 21 Port Saunders
PAGE 110                    
12 13 CAINES Richard M Head Married 1883 Dec 37 Gagamelle
    CAINES Mary L F Wife Married 1888 Feb 33 Port au Choix
    CAINES Gordon M Son Single 1915 Aug 5 Port au Choix
    CAINES Isaac M Son Single 1917 May 4 Port Saunders
    CAINES Dulcie F Daughter Single 1919 Nov 1 Port Saunders
    CAINES Manuel T M Cousin Single 1884 No Entry 37 Doctors Brook
13 14 RYAN Michael M Head Married 1888 June 33 Port au Choix
    RYAN Catherine F Wife Married 1891 Oct 29 W St Modiste,Lab
    RYAN Maggie F Daughter Single 1913 Nov 7 Port Saunders
    RYAN Madeline F Daughter Single 1915 Nov 5 Port Saunders
    RYAN Agnes F Daughter Single 1919 Jan 2 Port Saunders
    RYAN James M Son Single 1917 Sept 3 Port Saunders
    RYAN Cecilia F Daughter Single 1921 July 11D Port Saunders
14 15 RYAN James M Head Married 1850 March 71 Turks Gut
    RYAN Agnes F Wife Married 1860 March 61 Port au Choix
    RYAN Felix M Son Single 1901 June 20 Port Saunders
    RYAN Charlie M Cousin Single 1908 Aug 12 Port Saunders
    RYAN Lawrence M Grand Son Single 1914 Aug 6 Port Saunders
15 16 CAINES John M Head Married 1887 June 34 Port Saunders
    CAINES Georgina F Wife Married 1893 Jan 28 Bonne Bay
    MUDGE Lily M F Niece Single 1906 May 15 Bonne Bay
16 17 RUMBOLT Henry M Head Married 1860 March 61 Ferrole
    RUMBOLT Mary W Wife Married 1866 April 55 Gagamelle
    RUMBOLT Leo M Son Single 1890 Jan 31 Port au Choix
    RUMBOLT Lewis M Son Single 1893 Sept 27 Port au Choix
    RUMBOLT Henry Jr M Son Single 1895 Aug 25 Port au Choix
    RUMBOLT Eugene M Son Single 1897 Aug 23 Port au Choix
    RUMBOLT Sydney M Son Single 1903 Feb 18 Port Saunders
    RUMBOLT Maggie F Daughter Single 1899 May 22 Port au Choix
    RUMBOLT Dolrosa F Daughter Single 1901 March 20 Wakeleys Cove
    MAHER Mary F Cous Single 1916 Aug 4 Port au Choix
PAGE 111                    
17 18 LAVERS John M Head Married 1874 Jan 47 Port au Choix
    LAVERS Francis F Wife Married 1881 April 40 Bonne Bay
    LAVERS Stanley M Son Single 1901 May 20 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Alice F Daughter Single 1903 July 18 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Laura F Daughter Single 1906 Nov 14 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Lucy F Daughter Single 1908 June 13 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Alma F Daughter Single 1910 April 11 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Maisie F Daughter Single 1911 Nov 9 Port Saunders
    LAVERS John Jr M Son Single 1914 June 7 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Theresa F Daughter Single 1915 Nov 5 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Wilson M Son Single 1917 June 4 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Eveline F Daughter Single 1920 July 11M Port Saunders
18 19 COLES George M Head Married 1867 Feb 54 Flowers Cove
    COLES Agnes F Wife Married 1873 March 48 Port au Choix
    COLES William M Son Single 1895 Feb 26 Kings Cove
    COLES Pius M Son Single 1897 Dec 23 Port Saunders
    COLES Gertrude F Daughter Single 1903 Nov 17 Kings Cove
    DEAN Nellie F Niece Single 1910 June 11 Bonne Bay
  20 WHITE John M Head Married 1895 Oct 25 Burin
    WHITE Louise F Wife Married 1896 March 25 Kings Cove
    WHITE Pius M Son Single 1918 July 3 Port Saunders
    WHITE Lizeta (sic) F Daughter Single 1920 Jan 1 Port Saunders
    WHITE Henrietta F Daughter Single 1921 July 14D Port Saunders
19 21 CAINES William M Head Married 1879 April 42 Eddies Cove
    CAINES Mary F Wife Married 1878 June 43 Port au Choix
    CAINES Euphrisa F Daughter Single 1903 April 18 Sandy Cove
    CAINES Augustus M Son Single 1906 Sept 14 Port Saunders
    CAINES Lily F Daughter Single 1908 Nov 12 Port Saunders
    CAINES Madeline F Daughter Single 1911 July 10 Port Saunders
    CAINES Marcella F Daughter Single 1916 May 5 Port Saunders
    CAINES Mildred F Daughter Single 1918 Oct 2 Port Saunders
    CAINES Monica F Daughter Single 1918 Oct 2 Port Saunders
    CAINES Anthony M Son Single 1913 April 8 Port Saunders
PAGE 112                    
20 22 DOBBIN Michael M Head Married 1882 Jan 39 Bonne Bay
    DOBBIN Alice F Wife Married 1883 March 38 Port Saunders
    DOBBIN William M Son Single 1904 Sept 16 Port Saunders
    DOBBIN Douglas M Son Single 1910 Dec 10 Port Saunders
    DOBBIN Pius M Son Single 1913 July 8 Port Saunders
    DOBBIN John M Son Single 1914 July 7 Port Saunders
    DOBBIN Benedict M Son Single 1916 May 5 Port Saunders
    DOBBIN Maggie F Daughter Single 1918 Nov 2 Port Saunders
    DOBBIN Mary F Daughter Single 1921 March 4M Port Saunders
21 23 GARLAND W. M Head Married 1858 Jan 63 Flower Isl Cove
    GARLAND Isabella F Wife Married 1858 July 63 St John's
    GARLAND Harold M Son Single 1890 Oct 30 Little Bay, NDB
    GARLAND Walter A. M Son Single 1892 Oct 28 Little Bay, NDB
    GARLAND Myrtle I. F Daughter Single 1894 Sept 26 Little Bay, NDB
    GARLAND Stella F Daughter Single 1896 Aug 24 Pilleys Island
22 24 HINKS Arthur M Head Married 1887 Jan 34 Port au Port
    HINKS Catherine F Wife Married 1889 Dec 31 Port au Choix
    HINKS Mary E F Daughter Single 1909 May 12 Port Saunders
    HINKS Blanche F Daughter Single 1911 May 10 Port Saunders
    HINKS Eileen F Daughter Single 1913 Dec 7 Port Saunders
    HINKS Arthur M Son Single 1915 Sept 5 Port Saunders
    HINKS Stella F Daughter Single 1918 Nov 2 Port Saunders
    HINKS Walter M Son Single 1921 Jan 6M Port Saunders
23 25 LAVERS Robert M Head Married 1897 March 24 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Jane F Wife Married 1901 April 20 Bay of Islands
    LAVERS Kathleen F Daughter Single 1920 Oct 9M Bay of Islands
24 26 LAVERS Arthur M Head Married 1871 April 50 Bonne Bay
    LAVERS Agnes F Wife Married 1879 Jan 42 Port au Choix
    RUMBOLT William M Father in Law Widower 1852 Jan 69 Ferrole
    LAVERS Isidore M Son Single 1901 Sept 19 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Rachel F Daughter Single 1903 Oct 17 Port Saunders
    LAVERS York M Son Single 1905 Sept 15 Port Saunders
PAGE 113                    
    LAVERS Sherlock M Son Single 1908 Sept 12 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Macavoy M Son Single 1913 Aug 7 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Gertrude F Daughter Single 1918 June 3 Port Saunders
    CAINES Albin J M Nephew Single 1875 March 46 St Johns Island
25 27 PATEY Jesse A M Head Married 1860 April 61 Griguet (sic)
    PATEY Mary Ann F Wife Married 1874 Nov 46 Port Saunders
    PATEY Edward M Boarder Single 1885 Aug 35 Yarmouth, NS
    PATEY Thomas M Nephew Single 1905 Sept 15 River of Ponds
    PATEY Catherine F Daughter Single 1903 Jan 18 River of Ponds
    PATEY Ruth F Daughter Single 1908 Nov 12 River of Ponds
    PATEY Jessie F Daughter Single 1911 Dec 9 Port Saunders
  28 HOUSE Henry M Head Married 1900 Sept 20 Bell Burns
    HOUSE Lily F Wife Married 1900 Nov 20 River of Ponds
    HOUSE Mary F Daughter Single 1920 July 1 Port Saunders
26 29 HOUSE Henry J M Head Married 1879 April 42 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Amy F Wife Married 1885 Jan 36 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Mary Ann F Daughter Single 1903 Sept 17 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE John M Son Single 1905 Oct 15 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Hannah F Daughter Single 1908 March 13 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Henry Jr M Son Single 1910 May 11 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Seth M Son Single 1912 May 9 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Eliza F Daughter Single 1913 Aug 7 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Alma F Daughter Single 1917 Nov 3 Daniels Harbour
    HOUSE Harold M Son Single 1920 July 1 Port Saunders
27 30 PIKE John C M Head Married 1850 June 71 Harbour Grace
    PIKE Elizabeth F Wife Married 1852 Dec 68 Bonne Bay
PAGE 149                    
139 168 LAVERS William J M Head Married 1860 March 60 Port au Choix
    LAVERS Eliza F Wife Married 1867 Jan 54 Bay of Islands
    LAVERS Winnie F Daughter Single 1903 Sept 17 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Jesse M Son Single 1906 June 15 Port Saunders
    LAVERS Agnes F Daughter Single 1917 July 4 Port Saunders
    LAVERS William C M Son Single 1890 Nov 30 Port au Choix
PAGE 149                    
Not Numbered Not Numbered DOBBIN Leslie M Head Single 1900 Dec 20 Port Saunders

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Gordon Lane and Wanda Cole

Posted 12 June, 1998

Updated July 2, 1999 by Bill Crant

Verified to Original Pages (November 2007 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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