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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Point Enragee,
Fortune Bay District
{149 Persons in 28 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (April 2006 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Birth Place
PAGE 22                    
128 145 HOLLEY Albert MHead Married 1883 Dec 37 Point Enragee
  HOLLEY Elizabeth F Wife Married 1898 Nov 22 Point Enragee
  HOLLEY Mary A. F MotherWidow1856 Nov 64 Point Enragee
  HOLLEY Robert MBrother Single 1883 May 37 Point Enragee
  HOLLEY Charles G.MSon Single 1909 Dec 11 Point Enragee
  HOLLEY Louis MSon Single 1912 Jan 9 Point Enragee
  HOLLEY Emily G. F DaughterSingle 1917 Mar 4 Point Enragee
  HOLLEY Raymond MSon Single 1919 Jan 2 Point Enragee
129 146 STROWBRIDGE AlbertMHead Widower 1879 Apr 42 Point Enragee
PAGE 23                    
  STROWBRIDGE SamuelM BrotherWidower 1886 Oct 34 Point Enrage
  STROWBRIDGE AlfredMSon Single 1913 Oct 7 Point Enragee
130 147MAY Isaac MHead Married 1879 Jul 42 Point Enrage
  MAY Emily FWife Married 1883 Dec 37 Point Enragee
  MAY Marg?? A MSon Single 1907 Nov 13 Point Enragee
  MAY Susie FDaughter Single 1909 Jan 12 Point Enragee
  MAY Hubert MSon Single 1911 Nov 9 Point Enragee
  MAY Leo M Son Single 1913 Nov 7 Point Enragee
  MAY Harvey M Son Single 1917 Aug 4 Point Enragee
  MAY Mabel FDaughter Single 1919 Nov 1 Point Enragee
131 148MAY Robert MHead Married 1858 Feb 63 Point Enrage
  MAY Charlotte FWife Married 1862 Sep 59 Point Enragee
132 149HOLLEY James MHead Married 1877 Oct 43 Point Enrage
  HOLLEY Fressa ? FWife Married 1889 Jul 32 Grand John
  HOLLEY Claton MSon Single 1919 Nov 1 Point Enrage
  HOLLEY Alexander M Son Single 1921 Jun 2m Point Enragee
133 150MILES Philip MHead Married 1865 Aug 56 Point Enrage
  MILES Charlotte FWife Married 1871 Aug 50 Little Bay West
134 151KEEPING John R MHead Married 1894 Oct 27 Point Enrage
  KEEPING Adelaide FWife Married 1896 Sep 25 Point Enragee
  KEEPING Merdich ? MSon Single 1917 Oct 3 Point Enragee
  KEEPING Stanley M Son Single 1920 Sep 1 Point Enragee
135 153 (sic) BIRD George MHead Widower 1863 Oct 57 Grand John
  BIRD Eli J MSon Married 1887 Apr 34 Point Enrage
  BIRD Clara A F Daughter in Law Married 1892 Jul 29 Recontre E
  BIRD Jessie M Grand Child Single 1912 Nov 8 Point Enrage
  BIRD Allan MGrand Child Single 1914 Nov 6 Point Enragee
  BIRD Hilda M FGrand Child Single 1916 Jun 5 Point Enragee
  BIRD Ralph MGrand Child Single 1918 Nov 2 Point Enragee
  BIRD Marion FGrand Child Single 1920 Nov 10m Point Enragee
136 154HARDIMAN James MHead Married 1856 Dec 64 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Susanah FWife Married 1863 Sep 58 Bay L'Argent
  HARDIMAN Allan M MSon Single 1899 Jun 22 Grand John
PAGE 24                    
  HARDIMAN Alfies M Son Single 1905 Jun 16 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Frank M Son Single 1910 Sep 11 Grand John
137 156MAY Thomas MHead Married 1861 Jan 60 Point Enrage
  MAY Rachel FWife Married 1866 Jun 55 Point Enragee
  MAY John S MSon Married 1891 Apr 30 Point Enragee
  MAY Sarah F Daughter in Law Married 1897 Apr 24 Grand John
138 157HARDIMAN John G MHead Married 1885 May 36 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Martha FWife Married 1886 Apr 35 Grand John
  MATTHEWS Lizzie F Visitor Single 1897 Oct 23 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Susanah FDaughterSingle 1907 Sep 14 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Henry J MSon Single 1906 Oct 15 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Hilda FDaughter Single 1909 May 12 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Fressa ? F Dau Single 1911 Sep 10 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Rigels MSon Single 1913 Jan 8 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Charles M Son Single 1915 Aug 6 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Cecil M Son Single 1916 Dec 4 Grand John
  HARDIMAN Florence FDaughter Single 1919 Sep 2 Grand John
139 158CAINES John MHead Married 1858 Feb 63 Point Enrage
  CAINES Elizabeth FWife Married 1867 Dec 53 Point Enragee
140 159CAINES Eli J MHead Married 1896 Jun 25 Point Enrage
  CAINES Susanah FWife Married 1896Aug 25 Point Enragee
  CAINES Archibald MSon Single 1919 Dec 2 Point Enragee
  CAINES Sarah A F Sister Single 1901 Apr 20 Point Enragee
  CAINES Aaron J M Nephew Single 1918 Dec 2 Point Enragee
141 160MAY Charles MHead Married 1877 Jan 44 Point Enrage
  MAY Eliza L. FWife Married 1890 Apr 31 Point Enragee
  MAY Caroline FDaughterSingle 1909 Apr 12 Point Enragee
  MAY Leah F Dau Single 1912 Nov 8 Point Enragee
  MAY Maud F Dau Single 1915 Mar 6 Point Enragee
  MAY Cecil MSon Single 1917 Mar 4 Point Enragee
  MAY Adelaide FDaughter Single 1919 Apr 2 Point Enragee
  MAY Esther F Dau Single 1921 Jul 2m Point Enragee
142 161MAY Robert MHead Married 1872 Jan 49 Point Enrage
PAGE 25                    
  MAY Susanah FWife Married 1875 Aug 46 Point Enragee
  WALTERS JennineFAunt Widow 1845 Jun 76 Point Enragee
  MAY Rachel J FDaughterSingle 1902 Jan 19 Point Enragee
  MAY Earnest MSon Single 1903 Aug 18 Point Enragee
  MAY Lambert M Son Single 1905 May 16 Point Enragee
  MAY Charlotte FDaughter Single 1909 Jul 12 Point Enragee
  MAY Lucy F Dau Single 1913 Jun 8 Point Enragee
  MAY Wilfred MSon Single 1917 May 4 Point Enragee
143 162MAY William J MHead Single 1877 Jun 44 Point Enrage
  MAY Ellen F MotherWidow1854 Feb 67 Point Enragee
  MAY Margin M BrotherMarried 1888 Nov 32 Point Enragee
  MAY Elsie F Son in Law Married 1901 May 20 Point Enragee
  WALTERS Effie F Ad Daugh Single 1916 Aug 5 Point Enragee
144 165 (sic) MAY Isaac MHead Married 1865 Aug 56 Point Enrage
  MAY Priscilla FWife Married 1872 Jun 49 Point Enragee
145 165WALTERS SamuelMHead Married 1880 Oct 40 Point Enrage
  WALTERS PhebieFWife Married 1889 Dec 31 Point Enragee
  WALTERS GladysFDaughterSingle 1911 Apr 10 Point Enragee
  WALTERS Earnest J. MSon Single 1916 Sep 5 Point Enragee
  WALTERS RobertM Son Single 1921 Apr 4m Point Enragee
145 166MAY William MHead Widow 1860 Jun 61 Point Enrage
  MAY Thomas MSon Married 1892 May 29 Point Enragee
  MAY Susanah F Daughter in Law Married 1892 Jun 29 Point Enragee
  MAY Walter MGrand Child Single 1914 Sep 7 Point Enragee
  MAY Reta FGrand Child Single 1916 Oct 4 Point Enragee
  MAY William J MGrand Child Single 1918 Sep 3 Point Enragee
  MAY Lillian FGrand Child Single 1921 Aug 1/2 M Point Enragee
146 167MAY Abraham J MHead Married 1878 Jan 43 Point Enrage
  MAY Esther A. FWife Married 1887 Apr 34 Point Enragee
  MAY John R MSon Single 1906 Dec 14 Point Enragee
  MAY Earnest W. M Son Single 1909 Aug 12 Point Enragee
  MAY Thomas M Son Single 1911 Aug 10 Point Enragee
  MAY Presilla MFDaughter Single 1913 Jul 8 Point Enragee
PAGE 26                    
  MAY Florence F Daughter Single 1919 Jan 2 Point Enragee
  MAY HenriettaF Daughter Single 1920 Sep 1 Point Enragee
147 168MAY William L MHead Married 1890 May 31 Point Enrage
  MAY Aggness (sic) FWife Married 1899 Oct 21 Rencontre E
  MAY Evelyn FDaughterSingle 1920 Aug 1 Point Enrage
148 169MAY Aaron MHead Married 1861 Jan 60 Point Enrage
  MAY Mary J FWife Married 1862 Feb 59 Point Enragee
  MAY James MSon Single 1894 Jan 27 Point Enragee
  MAY Abraham M Son Single 1899 May 22 Point Enragee
  MAY Elizabeth FDaughter Single 1892 Jul 29 Point Enragee
  MAY Frederich MSon Single 1901 Sep 20 Point Enragee
149 170BURBAGE ArthurMHead Married 1879 Apr 42 Point Enrage
  BURBAGE BerthaFWife Married 1878 Jan 43 Point Enragee
  MILES WilliamM AdoptedSingle 1909 Oct 11 Point Enragee
150 171STROWBRIDGE AndrewMHead Married 1889 Oct 31 Point Enrage
  STROWBRIDGE Annie MFWife Married 1894 Jun 27 Point Enragee
  STROWBRIDGE PresillaF MotherWidow1867 Jun 54 Point Enragee
  STROWBRIDGE SamuelM Brother Single 1893 May 28 Point Enragee
  STROWBRIDGE Onslow ? MSon Single 1920 Nov 9m Point Enragee
151 172MAY George MHead Married 1879 Aug 42 Point Enrage
  MAY ElizabethFWife Married 1887 Apr 34 Grand John
  MAY Levi M BrotherSingle 1870 Jan 51 Point Enrage
  MAY Mary S FDaughter Single 1909 Oct 11 Point Enragee
  MAY William JMSon Single 1911 Oct 9 Point Enragee
  MAY Eiasem ? M Son Single 1913 Jul 8 Point Enragee
  MAY Alfies M Son Single 1915 Jul 6 Point Enragee
  MAY Sabrena FDaughter Single 1917 Aug 4 Point Enragee
  MAY Ida F Dau Single 1919 Aug 2 Point Enragee
  MAY John H MSon Single 1921 Aug 1m Point Enragee
152 173STROWBRIDGE LambertMHead Single 1871 Dec 49 Point Enrage
  STROWBRIDGEElizabethF Step Sister Single 1872 Jun 59 Point Enragee
153 174STROWBRIDGE WilliamMHead Widower 1858 Dec 62 Point Enrage
  STROWBRIDGE Jacob JMSon Widower 1885 Oct 35 Point Enragee
PAGE 27                    
154 175MAY George MHead Widower 1879 Oct 41 Point Enrage
155 176WALTERS EarnestMHead Widower 1882 Nov 38 Point Enrage
  WALTERS RachelFMthr Widow1854 Sep 67 Point Enragee
  WALTERS SamuelMSon Single 1907 Dec 13 Point Enragee
  WALTERS Eli M Son Single 1910 Sep 11 Point Enragee
  WALTERS JohnM Son Single 1911 Aug 10 Point Enragee
  WALTERS WinnifredFDaughter Single 1913 Jun 8 Point Enragee
Effie's name is lined out and was not used in the census
  WALTERS EffieF Daughter Single 1916 Aug 5 Point Enragee

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Gordon Lane

Posted Jul 17, 1998

Verified to Original Pages (April 2006 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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