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Newfoundland 1921 Census
St. John's West District


{ 226 Individuals 43 Families}
Pages 477-483
Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Rela. Status Birth Mo Birth Yr Age Birth Place
PAGE 477                    
1 1 CRAMP John M Head Single 1860 Oct61 Freshwater Valley
    CRAMP Annie F Sister Single 1869 April52 Freshwater Valley
2 2 CORISH Philip M Head Married 1874 Oct47 Freshwater Valley
    CORISH Ellen F Wife Married 1881 March40 Kilbride
    CORISH Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1910 April11 Freshwater Valley
    CORISH Katherine F Daughter Single 1911 May10 St. John's
    CORISH Bridget F Daughter Single 1913 Jan8 St. John's
    CORISH Andrew M Son Single 1915 Aug6 Freshwater Rd
    CORISH Ellen F Daughter Single 1916 Jan5 Freshwater Rd
    CORISH John M Son Single 1919 Oct2 Freshwater Rd
3 3 SMITH William R M Head Married 1881 Sept40 Trinity
    SMITH Ida May F Wife Married 1885 Jan36 St. John's
    SMITH Edward E M Son Single 1906 July15 St. John's
    SMITH Robert M Son Single 1909 July12 St. John's
    SMITH Lora F Daughter Single 1911 Jan10 St. John's
    SMITH James M Son Single 1913 Feb8 St. John's
    SMITH Horton M Son Single 1914 Aug7 St. John's
    SMITH Hazel F Daughter Single 1917 Feb4 St. John's
    SMITH Marguerite F Daughter Single 1918 Nov3 St. John's
    SMITH Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1921 April6 mo St. John's
4 4 O'NEIL Bridget F Head Single 1881 Indef40 Freshwater
    CARNELL Linard M Indef Single 1896 ?25 St. John's
5 5 EAGEN Mary F Head Widow 1856 No Entry65 Freshwater
    EAGEN Daniel M Son Single 1881 No Entry40 Freshwater
6 6 GLADNEY Patrick M Head Married 1880 Aug41 Cove Road
    GLADNEY Mary A. F Wife Married 1877 Oct44 Freshwater
  7 HISCOCK George M Head Married 1897 June24 Burgeo
    HISCOCK Mabel F Wife Married 1891 Dec30 Cove Road
    HISCOCK Frank M Son Single 1913 Jan8 St. John's
7 8 MILLER John M Head Married 1891 Oct30 Portical (sic) Cove
    MILLER Elizabeth F Wife Married 1895 No Entry26 Scotland 1917
8 9 NOSEWORTHY Frank M Head Married 1891 July30 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Elsie F Wife Married 1893 May28 St. John's
PAGE 478                    
    NOSEWORTHY Cyril M Son Single 1914 June7 St. John's
    NOSEWORTHY Joan F Daughter Single 1919 Jan2 St. John's
9 10 DILLON Catherine F Head Widow 1881 July40 Portugal Cove
    DILLON Walter M Son Single 1904 Aug17 Freshwater Valley
    DILLON Margaret F Daughter Single 1905 July16 Freshwater Valley
    DILLON John M Son Single 1907 May14 Freshwater Valley
    DILLON James M Son Single 1910 June11 Freshwater Valley
    DILLON Mary F Daughter Single 1911 Sept10 Freshwater Valley
    DILLON Kathleen F Daughter Single 1915 Sept6 Freshwater Valley
  11 COEFIELD James M Head Married 1875 June 46 Freshwater Valley
    COEFIELD Elizabeth F Wife Married 1871 June50 England 1916
10 12 DILLON Mary Ellen F Head Single 1856 May65 Thorburn Rd
    MURPHY Catherine F Sister Widow 1858 July63 Thorburn Rd
11 13 FINN Mary F Head Widow 1856 Aug65 St. John's
    FINN William M Son Single 1896 Oct35 Goulds
    FINN Thomas M Son Single 1891 March 30 Goulds
    FINN James M Son Single 1896 Oct26 Goulds
12 14 THISTLE David M Head Married 1865 March56 Hr Grace
    THISTLE Bessie F Wife Married 1865 Aug56 Hr Grace
    THISTLE Walter Leslie M Son Single 1895 April26 Whitbourne
    THISTLE Blanche F Daughter Single 1897 April24 Whitbourne
    THISTLE Adia May F Daughter Single 1901 May20 St. John's
13 15 DUFF Edward Sr M Head Married 1870 April51 Freshwater Rd
    DUFF Bridget F Wife Married 1877 March44 Freshwater
    DUFF Patrick M Son Single 1900 Sept21 Freshwater Rd
    DUFF Michael M Son Single 1903 Aug18 Freshwater Rd
    DUFF Edward M Son Single 1906 Dec15 Freshwater Rd
    DUFF Bridget F Daughter Single 1908 April13 Freshwater Rd
    DUFF Thomas M Son Single 1913 June 8 Freshwater Rd
14 16 MCGRATH James M Head Married 1876 Oct45 St. John's W
    MCGRATH Monica F Wife Married 1868 July53 Freshwater
15 17 DUFF Edward Jr M Head Married 1870 Sept51 Freshwater
    DUFF Ellen F Wife Married 1871 Jan50 St. John's
PAGE 479                    
16 18 POWER Patrick M Head Married 1883 Oct38 St. John's E
    POWER Elizabeth F Wife Married 1885 April 36 St. John's W
    POWER Thomas M Son Single 1807 March14 St. John's W
    POWER James M Son Single 1911 June10 St. John's W
    POWER Mary F Daughter Single 1917 July4 St. John's W
    POWER Cyril M Son Single 1920 Dec1 1/2 St. John's W
    POWER Gertrude F Daughter Single 1921 March 6 mo St. John's W
17 19 MURRAY Peter M Head Married 1872 June49 Freshwater
    MURRAY Mary F Wife Married 1872 May49 Mondys Pond
    MURRAY Luke M Son Single 1902 Aug19 Freshwater
18 20 FAHEY Patrick M Head Married 1887 Sept34 Placentia
    FAHEY Catherine F Wife Married 1888 March33 Mount Pearl
    FAHEY Andrew M Son Single 1918 Sept3 Kilbride
    FAHEY Lawrence M Son Single 1920 June 1 yr, 3 mo Freshwater
    FAHEY Bearned (sic) M Son Single 1921 Sept1 mo Freshwater
19 21 FAHEY Edward M Head Married 1891 May30 Placentia
    FAHEY Emily F Wife Married 1892 Feb29 Machester England
    FAHEY Ronald M Son Single 1918 May3 St. John's
20 22 HUSSEY John M Head Married 1892 Sept29 St. John's
    HUSSEY Elizabeth F Wife Married 1895 Jan26 Catalina
    HUSSEY Isaac M Son Single 1921 March 2 mo (?) Freshwater
    HUSSEY James M Son Single 1921 Sept2 wk Freshwater
    HUSSEY John M Grandfather Widow 1846 April 75 Port De Grave
  23 HUSSEY Thomas M Head Married 1884 July37 Clarks Beach
    HUSSEY Ada F Wife Married 1885 Dec36 St. John's
    HUSSEY Edith F Daughter Single 1923 (sic) No Entry 18 Mo (sic) Freshwater
    HUSSEY Jane F Sister Single 1895 Jan26 St. John's
    DUFFETT James M Brother Single 1901 Oct20 Catalina
21 24 FISHER Robert G M Head Married 1886 June35 St. John's
    FISHER Melia A F Wife Married 1886 Sept35 St. John's
    FISHER Sarah S F Daughter Single 1908 April 13 St. John's
    FISHER Fredrick George M Son Single 1909 Oct12 St. John's
    FISHER Dorothy M F Daughter Single 1911 July10 St. John's
PAGE 480                    
    FISHER Ada May F Daughter Single 1913 Sept8 St. John's
    FISHER Francis J. M Son Single 1915 No Entry6 St. John's
    FISHER Willie M Son Single 1917 No Entry4 St. John's
    FISHER Eva Blanch F Daughter Single 1905 (sic) No Entry 16 mo (sic) St. John's
22 25 PARRELL Thomas M Head Married 1891 Nov30 St. John's W
    PARRELL Elizabeth F Wife Married 1895 Oct26 St. John's
    PARRELL Frank M Son Single 1915 Dec6 St. John's
    PARRELL Thomas M Son Single 1916 May5 Freshwater
    PARRELL Peter M Son Single 1918 July3 Freshwater
    PARRELL Mary F Daughter Single 1919 Oct2 Freshwater
    PARRELL Mike M Son Single 1921 Sept1 mo Freshwater
23 26 COURISH John M Head Married 1882 Aug39 Freshwater
    COURISH Mary Ellen F Wife Married 1882 Aug39 St. John's
    COURISH Kathleen F Daughter Single 1916 June5 St. John's
    COURISH Margaret F Daughter Single 1918 Nov3 Freshwater
    COURISH Mary Ann F Daughter Single 1917 (sic) June 4 mo (sic) Freshwater
    NELSON Mary Ann F Mother Widow 1846 July75 Portigal (sic) Cove
24 27 NELSON John M Head Married 1883 Oct38 St. John's E
    NELSON Ethel F Wife Married 1893 Aug28 St. John's E
    NELSON Peter M Son Single 1912 Oct9 St. John's E
    NELSON George M Son Single 1916 Nov5 St. John's E
    NELSON Leonard M Son Single 1917 Nov4 Freshwater
    NELSON Thomas M Son Single 1919 May2 Freshwater
    NELSON Albert M Son Single 1920 Nov11 mo Freshwater
25 28 RYAN Ellen F Head Widow 1865 May56 Belle Isle
    RYAN James M Son Single 1901 Feb20 Freshwater
    RYAN Thomas M Son Single 1902 Feb19 Freshwater
26 29 RYAN William M Head Married 1898 Nov23 Freshwater
    RYAN Ellen F Wife Married 1895 Sept26 Topsail Rd
    RYAN Mary F Daughter Single 1917 Dec4 St. John's


27 30 PUTT Philip M Head Married 1866 No Entry55 Goulds K Bride
    PUTT Mary F Wife Married 1851 Feb 70 Gull Island NDBay
    PRESTON Harold M Nephew Single 1901 Sept20 Boston 1906
PAGE 481                    
    PRESTON Edmon M Nephew Single 1904 March 17 Boston Summerville 1906
28 31 STREET John M Head Married 1891 No Entry30 St. John's
    STREET Rose F Wife Married 1891 June30 Placentia
    STREET Frank M Son Single 1914 June7 St. John's
    STREET Lillia F Daughter Single 1916 July5 St. John's
    STREET Gordon M Son Single 1920 No Entry 17 mo St. John's
29 32 MCDONALD James M Head Married 1870 No Entry51 Cove Rod E End
    MCDONALD Mary A. F Wife Married 1871 No Entry50 St. John's
    MCDONALD William M Son Single 1891 No Entry30 St. john's
    MCDONALD Michael M Son Married 1895 Aug26 St. John's
    MCDONALD Catherine F Wife Married 1897 April24 St. John's
    MCDONALD Mary F Daughter Single 1919 May2 St. John's
    MCDONALD Patrick M Son of James Single 1903 March 18 St. John's
NOTE: Originally written as Augustus and later crossed out and Patrick written in.
    MCDONALD Mary F Daughter of James Single 1901 June20 St. John's
30 33 WHALEN Elizabeth F Mother Widow 1839 Aug82 Tor Bay
    MURRAY Margaret F Daughter Widow 1883 Oct38 Freshwater
31 34 CAMPBELL Richard M Head Married 1883 Oct38 St. John's
    CAMPBELL Elizabeth F Wife Married 1883 Oct38 Catalina
    CAMPBELL Sarah F Mother Widow 1843 Oct78 St. John's
    CAMPBELL Annie F Daughter Single 1906 Sept15 St. John's
    CAMPBELL Augustine M Son Single 1907 Nov14 St. John's
    CAMPBELL Reginald M Son Single 1909 Aug12 St. John's
    CAMPBELL Bernice F Daughter Single 1911 June10 St. John's
    CAMPBELL Robert M Son Single 1916 June5 St. John's
    CAMPBELL Loraine F Daughter Single 1918 July3 St. John's
    CAMPBELL Richard M Son Single 1920 Nov1 St. John's
32 35 HAFEY Richard M Head Married 1872 Jan49 Wishing Well Rd
    HAFEY Alice F Wife Married 1881 Oct40 Hr Grace
    HAFEY Mary Ellen F Daughter Single 1902 July19 Wishing Well Rd
    HAFEY William M Son Single 1903 Sept18 St. John's
    HAFEY John M Son Single 1904 Nov17 St. John's
    HAFEY Agnes F Daughter Single 1906 May15 St. John's
    HAFEY Annie F Daughter Single 1907 Dec14 St. John's
PAGE 482                    
    HAFEY Patrick M Son Single 1911 Dec10 St. John's
    HAFEY Marguerite F Daughter Single 1913 Oct8 St. John's
    HAFEY Gertrude F Daughter Single 1915 Nov6 St. John's
    HAFEY Mary F Daughter Single 1917 Aug4 St. John's
    HAFEY Alice F Daughter Single 1920 Nov1 St. John's
33 36 REID Arthur M Head Married 1892 Sept29 St. John's
    REID Hilda F Wife Married 1896 April25 St. John's
    REID Mona F Daughter Single 1914 Sept7 St. John's
    REID George M Son Single 1916 Jan5 St. John's
    REID Estella F Daughter Single 1917 Oct4 St. John's
    REID Jessie F Daughter Single 1919 Jan2 St. John's
    DUNCAN Mary F Guardian Widow 1851 Dec60 St. John's
34 37 JUDGE Joseph M Head Married 1861 July50 St. John's
    JUDGE Amelia F Wife Married 1873 Jan48 St. John's
    JUDGE John M Son Single 1906 May15 Bonavista
    JUDGE Stella F Daughter Single 1902 May19 St. John's
35 38 PARSONS George M Head Married 1856 June65 Bay Roberts
    PARSONS Seloner F Wife Married 1864 July57 Port De Grave
    PARSONS Albert M Son Single 1899 Oct22 St. John's
    PARSONS Ches (sic) M Son Single 1902 March19 St. John's
    PARSONS Annie F Daughter Single 1905 Jan16 St. John's
  39 VAUGHN Allen M Head Married 1895 No Entry26 Island Cove
    VAUGHN Alice F Wife Married 1896 No Entry25 St. John's W
    VAUGHN Mary F Daughter Single 1915 Sept6 St. John's
    VAUGHN Willie M Son Single 1917 June4 St. John's
    VAUGHN Chesley M Son Single 1919 Nov2 St. John's
    VAUGHN May F Daughter Single 1920 Nov1 St. John's
37 40 BASTOW Archival (sic) M Head Married 1886 Feb35 Kilbride
    BASTOW Rachial (sic) F Wife Married 1881 Feb40 Clarks Beach
    BASTOW Thomas M Son Single 1915 Aug6 St. John's
    BASTOW Lilia F Daughter Single 1915 Aug6 St. John's
    BASTOW Florence F Daughter Single 1918 Feb3 St. John's
    BASTOW Gladys F Daughter Single 1917 (sic) July 4 mo (sic) Pennywell Rd
PAGE 483                    
38 41 BASTOW Francis M Head Married 1862 April 59 St. John's E
    BASTOW Lavenia F Wife Married 1864 March 57 Bay Roberts
    BASTOW Fredrick R M Son Married 1883 Jan38 St. John's W
    BASTOW Norman M Son Single 1900 May21 Hoyls? Town
    BASTOW Reginald M Son Single 1888 Feb33 Cove Road
    BASTOW Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1901 May20 Pennywell Rd
    BASTOW Emily F Wife of Fredrick Married 1893 No Entry28 No Entry
    BASTOW Raymond M Son of Fredrick Single 1920 April 18 mo No Entry
39 42 FLEET William M Head Married 1876 Feb45 St. John's
    FLEET Mary F Wife Married 1876 Jan45 St. John's
    FLEET William S Son Single 1906 July15 St. John's
    FLEET John M Son Single 1907 July14 St. John's
    FLEET Harold M Son Single 1909 Nov12 St. John's
    FLEET Elener (sic) F Daughter Single 1915 Aug6 St. John's
    FLEET George M Son Single 1916 May5 St. John's
40* 43* DUNN Rebecca F Head Widow 1847 May74 Tilting Hbr
    DUNN William M Son Married 1886 June35 Mondays Pond
    DUNN Mary F Wife Married 1888 Jan33 St. John's
    DUNN Patrick M Son Single 1908 April 13 Monday Pond
    DUNN Caroline F Daughter Single 1910 March11 Monday Pond
    DUNN Frank M Son Single 1913 Sept 8 Monday Pond
    DUNN John M Son Single 1915 Dec6 Monday Pond
    DUNN Retha F Daughter Single 1919 Jan2 Monday Pond
    DUNN William M Son Single 1921 Sept 1 mo Monday Pond
*Note: This entire dwelling/family has been crossed out (40-43)
40 43 PUTT Maurice M Head Married 1886 July35 Goulds F District
    PUTT Sarah F Wife Married 1894 No Entry27 Goulds FDistrict
    PUTT Mary A. F Daughter Single 1919 Jan2 Freshwater
    PUTT George J M Son Single 1920 Dec10 mo Freshwater

Transcription by Lenora Furey (March 2009)


Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

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